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So, all this week, I have been pecking away at fics to reply to some lonely prompts in need of ficcing. Don't hold it against them that they were posted in Dreamwidth, they still gave me some inspiration to kickstart my brain after it got itself into another rut (and I archived the fics to [ profile] mtxref_fic:

Torchwood, author's choice, why do the Weevils only come out at night?

Yami no Matsuei, Tsuzuki/Hisoka, fleeting beauty

Firefly, River, It's always night in space.

any, any, two characters played by the same actor are related (Inception/Shutter Island)

Author's choice, author's choice, Mpreg. (Yami no Matsuei, Tsuzuki/Muraki)

author's choice, author's choice, when duty contradicts desire (Torchwood: Children of Earth)

Any, any, it's always your favorite sins that do you in. (Yami no Matsuei, Muraki/Tsuzuki)

Author's choice, author's choice, mission report (Yami no Matsuei, mild Tatsumi/Tsuzuki)

Author's choice, author's choice, fucked up pairing (Yami no Matsuei, unrequited Satomi/Muraki)

Sandman, Death, five forms she has taken

Princess Tutu, Ahiru, what she used to daydream about

Yami no Matsuei, Tsuzuki/Hisoka, the fragrance of a cup of tea

Gankutsuou, Mercedes, on display
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Sorry for the angry entry that proceeded this one: I've had a bad week and I've been trying to get down from being at the boiling point, but every time I try to, something else comes along to set me off again.

My marathon of watching Stargate SG-1 is on hold for the moment: I'm up to Season 9, and I'm having a few problems with it. Mostly due to the new Big Bads, namely the Ori and their servants the Priors. I'm finding them a bit disappointing and irritating: while it's interesting that their mythos is somewhat based on Gnostic Christianity, it's also a bit irritating for that reason. I mean, I suppose there are some Christians who are going to point at it as a sign of demonizing Christianity, but I don't see it that way, really, since it's clearly not *actual* Christianity. God and/or Christ never get mentioned, and the only thing that could be problematic is the use of the term "Prior" for the chief acolytes of the Ori, but it's not enough to be a real problem, at least for me: considering the context, it's completely divorced from the real-world Earth use of the word. That isn't what's bothering me about the Ori: I guess it's something about the execution, but I can't put my finger on it. I might just have a case of series exhaustion, or it might just be the week I've been having, and so I've decided to to take a break from SG-1 till I feel ready to go back to it.

I will say this: I love how they drew Arthurian legend into the mix (which, if I ever bring Daniel Jackson to a Certain Mansion will get interesting, due to a Merlin being there...), and I utterly *love* Vala Mal Doran, the new gal they brought in: she's like Jack Harkness's twin sister who wandered in from the Firefly 'Verse.

Till I do get back to Stargate, I've gone back to rewatching some anime series that I cut my teeth on, specifically GitS:SAC (Someone tell me *not* to bring a trio of Tachikomas to the Mansion, as cute as they are: Togusa would be a much better fit, and I need someone in law enforcement to balance the rogues' gallery that I have in headspace).

I've also discovered that I'm out of anime recommendations and I'm looking for a few series to watch that I haven't seen before. To the anime fans on my f-list, what say you?? I have a list Here to give you an idea of what I've already seen.
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One of two character sketches that came to mind for this prompt. I might write the other half based on Gormenghast, but we'll see what my brain can come up with. But! this was fun, writing in this particular fandom for the first time.

Prompt: Prince Charming
Pairing: Utena Tenjou/Anthy Himemiya
Word count: 235

Read more... )
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It often seems I don't get as many fics posted as I would like to, due to being indisposed somehow or other. Several of these are longer than usual, and thus took longer to type than I wanted, but I still managed to get eight fics done:

Firefly, Mal, The first time he killed a man

Hetalia, Germany/Italy, He hates it when Italy sneaks into his bed.

Yami no Matsuei/Any, Muraki/Any, "You're my kind of guy 'cause I like your style and you sound as horrible as me. And I don't mind if you're unkind, you're reminding me of me."

Yami no Matsuei, Muraki/Oriya, Sometimes Muraki's twisted logic makes sense, and that's when Oriya begins to worry for his own sanity.

Gankutsuou, Franz/Albert, "But you still go back to him."

Firefly, River, Dances around Serenity

Supernatural/Pride and Prejudice, Dean/Castiel, Bennets, D/C accidentally land in the Bennets' timeline when they go back in time to trace the origins of a Campbell family artifact. Crack!fic with Mrs. B (who may eye Castiel as suitable for one of her daughters).

Any, any, this blood between us (Daybreakers)
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I've actually posted quite a few Tweets about it, but the Twitter extension on LJ has hiccuped and Twittenesis is suspended for some inexplicable reason.

In short: Saturday was my dad's 62nd birthday, and as he put it "I'm officially old." I keep telling him he isn't old until he starts nit-picking at the baggers in the store where I work.

Sunday was a fairly quiet day, but after last week, between an appointment with my therapist, various festivities and having to work part of Memorial Day weekend (ie. Everyone buying their picnic/barbecue stuff), I needed a quiet day.

And for the first time in a few years, I did not have to work Memorial Day: I actually got to see our town's Memorial Day Parade from start to finish, and despite the heat, I walked up the blocked-off part of Main Street (literally: I was walking down the center line as often as I could) as far as I could go before I met the parade. I got as far as St. William's Church (about a mile from our house) before I heard marching bands in the near distance. And so, after nipping into the church to say a prayer for the souls of all our departed soldiers, I found a shady spot under some trees and watched from there.

At one point, during the parade, there was a bit of a bottleneck which happened in front of me. Several of our town's soldiers and veterans ended up paused close to where I was standing, and I got to witness something interesting: several generations of soldiers, from an eighty year old man in a World War II uniform, a seventy-year old from the Korean War, a sixty-year old from Viet Nam, and some twenty and thirty-year olds from the Gulf Wars, chatting amongst themselves like brothers. Very simple, yet very touching.

Work yesterday ended up being as busy as a holiday: everyone who'd been away for the weekend was coming in to restock their home!

And this morning, I got awakened by a thunderstorm with marble-sized hailstones bonking off my window. I got up and scurried around the house, unhooking electronics that were not on surge protectors (Ie. The iPad, for some odd reason: I've since moved the charger to the surge protector for the TV). I enjoy a good thunderstorm, but getting woken by one, not so much.

Also, am back to watching Stargate SG-1, after finding it on It's hilariously bad and good at the same time, but it never really takes itself seriously, which is refreshing in a way. I swear O'Neill snarking at things is meant to be a bit of an Audience Surrogate for the folks who groan over it, while Jackson's gushing about stuff is ditto for the geeks who love it.

Also, have been watching Anime I'd Said I'd Never Watch, namely Black Butler and Axis Powers Hetalia... And enjoying them. Most of the reason for the swearing I wouldn't watch them? The extreme popularity was despair-inducing. It was impossible to go onto [ profile] dear_mun without seeing an army of Hetalia and Black Butler characters, which had me despairing of ever finding any canon mates for my YnM pups. There again...Black Butler is like what you'd get if you mooshed Hellsing and YnM together....

Dare I say, I have an idea for a Hetalia character: Rebecca "Becky" Corwin, aka. Massachusetts, a feisty, bookish gal with a fierce Boston accent and an impishly rebellious nature (Hey, she dumped her uncle England's tea into Boston Harbor, back in the day). No, she is not a blue-collar sports fan: that's one Massachusetts trope that I've seen someone do before with a Hetalia character, and it annoys me. We're not all rabid Red Sox/Bruins/Patriots fans who trash the street if the team wins.
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Mostly reality shows: TV court shows (which can sometimes have the most hilarious cases: watched one today involving a woman suing a guy for hard-selling her on some defective inflatable moonbouncy-things, like the inflatable castles you see at kid parties and some small carnivals), law-enforcement type things, ie. COPS, which my mother and I like to call "Stupid Criminal Tricks", due to the silly things perps will do to escape, like hiding under beds and in attics or in bushes to evade the police. Supernanny from time to time: some of the kids on there you just want to take over your knee and wallop.

Also, the DiC dub of Sailor Moon. I'm a die-hard watcher of dubbed anime, but that one is so bad, it makes me cringe from time to time.
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Just wrapping up my third rewatch of Revolutionary Girl Utena, and in between eps of that, while I waited for MegaVideo's timer to cool down, I started watching eps of Black Butler (I've been reading the manga off and on). I have a feeling Yana Toboso is a fan of Yami no Matsuei, since there are vague similarities: Sebastian could be Tsuzuki's more competent and more evil older brother while Ciel Phantomhive is like Hisoka's cousin from England. Grell Sutcliffe could be the insane demon spawn of Muraki, up to and including the moon turning red when he's getting his jollies. And then there was that Celestial Bureaucrat who reminded me of Tatsumi with an even bigger stick up his spine. I rather like the Gothic Anachronism Stew (Victorian England with cellphones, who knew??), and how it goes from manic to serious to cracky in a manner of moments.

Note to self: You are *not* picking up Sebastian and bringing him to the Mansion.
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Got a call from work: my boss had heard I wasn't feeling well, and he offered to let me have the day off. I'm still a bit feverish, so I decided to take it easy. Had some trouble sleeping since it was unusually warm last night and I just wasn't feeling well.

Still watching marathons of anime in the evening: currently focused on watching the hilarious "Kyo Kara Maou!" It's somewhat in the same vein as "Those Who Hunt Elves", only with a little bit of bromance/shounen-ai. It might seem like it's gently parodying the tropes of modern fantasy, but there is a serious storyline underneath it all. (And I'm now fighting the temptation to bring the bratty but ultimately really caring Wolfram Von Bleifield to a certain Mansion...)
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Hooo, where did that week go?

The past seven days have been peculiar: rainy days when I was curled up under the covers with a book, reading and snuggling with the twelve-inch Eeyore plushie which I adopted (while I was shoe-shopping with my mother at Kohl's). Work days when I just felt too tired to post, plus I doubt you really want to hear about the eedjit customers bitching about the rain, even though We NEEDED Rain BADLY. And days when I've been by tagging RP tags and watching marathons of anime.

Finished watching Revolutionary Girl Utena, and I think Ohtori Academy has Gormenghast beat for sheer weirdness per square foot. (Also trying not to crush on Akio; what is it with me and White Haired Pretty Boys??)

Finished watching Black Lagoon and enjoyed it way more than I expected I would. It was one of those cases of watching a series to familiarize myself with one RP character's canon and coming away from it as a bit of a fan. I may even pick up Rock as a character someday, though I know our Eda will be all over him (I love that, though, and hey, she's got every reason to hit on him: he's a good guy and a good catch).

Rewatching Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo, after watching it through once, and I have to say, this is one of my favorite adaptations, right next to the version with Jim Caviezel. The plot pretty much follows the plot of the original (aside from it being told largely from Albert's POV), but the conceits have been science fictionalized and given an often classic anime upgrade as well: the Chateau D'If becomes a futuristic prison IN SPACE, the Carnival in Rome becomes Carnival in a city on the Moon, Haydee becomes an exotic alien princess from a planet in "Eastern Space", and classic anime fans are gonna love the riff on the duel at the turning point of the narrative. And I utterly love the riff on Edmond Dantes (which put me in mind of an explanation I made on a creepy character whom I brought the Mansion); sure it puts it in the realm of fantasy, but hey, there's references to Dantes being somewhat vampire-like in the book, so it seems the writers and the director (who also did "The Animatrix: Second Renaissance", as I suspected, since it has the same 3D CGI background/cel-shaded characters scheme, though I suspect the wacky patterns in the costumes were rotoscoped in) decided to run with the idea. I've got the DVDs on order from Amazon (used), which is sheer proof of how much I love this anime.

Friday, after accidentally getting on the wrong bus, I ended up going downtown and hung out at Brew'd Awakenings, a small coffeehouse I've been meaning to hang out in to get some writing done, though they also have Wifi, which may not be a good thing, since I'm likely to tag instead of write. I did manage to get a couple more Gormenghast fics written there, including a character sketch of Mr. Flay and the Wild Thing, and a Fuschia/Prunesquallor ficlet that I'm still revising, since I'm not sure how well it turned out as I kept giggling and feeling awkward about it.

I live!

Aug. 14th, 2010 02:29 pm
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I've been on a bit of a hiatus from this journal, mostly because I've been busy, partly because I've been trying to let the dust settle after a kerfuffle earlier this week.

One thing that's kept me scurrying around doing errands, even when it was hot out: I needed a new pair of sandals badly, since the pair I was wearing simply were falling apart at the heels. But try finding a pair of *SENSIBLE SANDALS* these days when women seem to be wearing those flippy, frippy, strippy-strappy things that look like they're designed for tooling around the mall or showing off to ones galpals, and not necessarily walking a mile in. I don't/can't drive due to my sensory overload issues (trust me: I am all but a nervous wreck behind the wheel, plus cars are expensive to maintain), thus I buy shoes for their durability and comfort. Unfortunately I had to search through about five or six stores before I found a sensible style, similar to the pair I have. I did, however, get myself a few consolation prizes along the way, including: a Hello Kitty throw pillow with a black and white polka dot hairbow on one ear, and a black and white Hello Kitty throw blanket for the coming cold months, and... a bottle of TruBlood. Really! I have yet to drink it, and right now, it's sitting on my bookshelf, next to (I kid you not) a small crucifix!

Also, have been watching the 2009 version of "The Prisoner", featuring Jim Caviezel and Sir Ian McKellen (otherwise known to the [ profile] carpe_ho_ras gang as "11-12's canon"). Cue yours truly making jokes about "Jesus and Gandalf in the same TV series". I'm rather glad I'm only passingly familiar with the Patrick McGoohan version from the 1960s, as this helped me approach it with a blank slate, though there again, I tend to be open-hearted towards most adaptations, unless it's hopelessly wonky (viz. the 2001 version of "The Time Machine" and the Ralph Bakshi animated versions of "The Hobbit" and "The Lord of the Rings"). I enjoyed it immensely and am planning to rewatch it very soon: the visuals and the acting is utterly incredible. Still trying to figure a few things out, but that's what rewatches are for. Also, their use of some Beach Boys songs made me laugh (sort of a riff on the Patrick McGoohan version and its use of Beatles songs). I also found it rather interesting that 6 in both versions is played by a Catholic actor who's been known to turn down or request adjustments in roles which don't sit right with their comfort levels and their consciences; Patrick McGoohan rather famously turned down the role of James Bond because he wasn't comfortable with the character's more or less loose moral code, and Jim Caviezel has been known to gently insist that love scenes be toned down. (Note: this is by no means a judgment on love scenes in movies/TV; everyone has different comfort levels and consciences of varying sensitivities. I'm not always comfortable with certain things, so I just Look Away on certain bits. But I applaud actors who respect themselves by being true to their consciences, and I applaud directors who are willing to make adjustments in their creation in order to respect their actors.).

Also watching "Gankutsuou [The Count of Monte Cristo]", which I am thoroughly enjoying, even if the color scheme can make my eyes ache at times. The Count makes me think somewhat of a cross between a kinder, gentler Alucard and one of the elves from "Those Who Hunt Elves", while I'm having fun doing "Hey It's That Voice": the girl who voices Orihime in "Bleach" as Peppo, the guy who voiced Jet Black as one of the Count's manservants, Wendee Lee in several roles, the voice actress for the bitchy actress in the King of Swords arc of YnM in several other roles, Liam O'Brien aka. Hisoka from ditto as Albert's rival, Aramaki's VA as a random old man, and I think I might have heard Michael Ross (End of Evangelion!Fuyutsuki) in some random supporting part. To say nothing of increasingly ubiquitous Jonny Yong Bosch as Albert.

Of course this, coupled with re-rewatching the last two episodes of "Gormenghast" over the weekend, preparatory to intro'ing Titus Groan at the Mansion, has caused one headspace dweller to warn me that he's close to having an aneurysm over the sheer number of attractive young men that are in these series, particularly ones he's met at the Mansion.
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Unfortunately, I had to work yesterday, which put a gap in some of the festivities. I'd contemplated going to Salem today, but as it's raining, it wouldn't be as much fun, plus I'd rather wait a bit and save a little more money.

In the meantime, I've been celebrating in my own way: spent part of Thursday (my actual birthday) leisurely browsing in the Burlington Barnes & Noble: the crazy folks at Quirk Classics have unleashed another brilliant work: "Android Karenina", the Tolstoy classic now with steampunk robots! The clerk at the check out looked utterly horrified, which only made me smirk evilly. Also picked up a kind of sketch-book journal (to go with the "Smencils" -- scented pencils that my mom gave me), and a copy of Jeff Belanger's "World's Most Haunted Places". And from my dad, I am getting a new mattress (since the springs in my current one are cutting through the cover on the edges), and just not any mattress: a job-lots place in New Hampshire has been offering Tempurpedic mattresses, so we're getting one of those.

Also have been watching a lot of things, including a semi-marathon of Le Chevalier D'Eon -- pre-Revolutionary France with zombies and gender-bending, wow! -- and more episodes of Firefly. I'm planning to move on to the anime version of The Count of Monte Cristo, per Samina's recommendation ( :: Waves hi:: ) and most likely continue watching the mini-series version of Gormenghast: I've learned a lot of interesting things from the "making of" book, which I got via Amazon. Turns out Meryvn Peake and Benjamin Britten were working on an opera version, which was never completed due to Peake's illness. Also Sting wanted to produce either a movie or a rock opera based on the books. There are some interesting [ profile] carpe_ho_ras convergences which tie into these discoveries: Britten went on to write an opera version of Thomas Mann's "Death in Venice", and I have an unfinished -- and therefore unposted -- journal entry in which Muraki somewhat broodingly compares his obsession with Steerpike to a similar -- and fatal -- obsession which the main character of Death in Venice holds for a much younger man. Also, on the Muraki-SP fanmix which I'm tinkering with, I included Sting's "Every Breath You Take"... and I'm almost wondering if Sting might have unconsciously been thinking of Steerpike's rather voyeuristic tendencies when he wrote the lyrics. Hm. (I could just be Reading a Bit Too Much Into It the same way some of the people with odd allegorical ideas about the books do.)
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I've had rather a long day due to several things:

--Staying up to almost three this morning, watching the last handful of episodes of Princess Tutu. Yes, I watched a magical girl anime: it's incredibly well-done, light-hearted and sweet, but with enough dark elements to balance it properly; it's got fairy tale tropes all over the place, it's beautifully drawn and animated, it's got ballet in it (proof of how well-done this anime is: the ballet steps and hand gestures/mime are clearly drawn from real ballet), it's got a great soundtrack that blends all sorts of clips from classic ballet scores and classical music. WOW!!

And it's got an awesome, creepy, string-pulling villain who, if you think about it, would give someone *else* a run for his money when it comes to messing with people's lives. It's one thing to mess with people who are pretty much fellow players in the world you exist in. It's another thing to mess with people in a world that *you* created...

--Appointment with my therapist and another very good one: I'm shocked at how well I've been the past few months, in spite of everything that's going on.

--Going to a talk by Patrick Madrid, at St. William's, this time on global aging; his sense of humor is still as crazy as ever and he can still take a dry topic and make it interesting. I wished I could have told him some of my stories from the trenches and told him how I'm already seeing the effects (ie. the Mrs. Tollivers I've had to deal with). And his crazy wit, which borders on playful religious satire, still manages to blow right past those with Sense of Humor Deficiency Syndrome:

He was giving a series of talks at a parish which had a statue of Our Lady of Fatima in the church's garden, along with three little statues of the three seers of Fatima kneeling before it. Patrick Madrid turned to his assistant and said, "Wow, Catholicism is such a great religion: not only do we worship statues, even our statues worship statues!" (Referring of course to the common misunderstanding that Catholics worship the images of the Saints/Our Lady) He used the story as an ice-breaker for one of the talks he was giving at that parish, and later some wonk got up during the Q & A session and pointed out that this was proof that Catholics really do worship "graven images". Buh?? :: Laughs::
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But first, another "Hey, It's That Voice" moment: "Whoa... am I hearing this right or am I just that tired? Rukia's captain sure sounds like a Certain Shinigami Named Kurosaki, if his voice had changed a little more..." (Liam O'Brien, who voiced Hisoka in Yami no Matsuei, only this time his voice is a bit deeper, no doubt because he's not trying to sound like an Unfunny sixteen year old).

Also, I'd like to borrow one of Tsuzuki's twelve shikigami, specifically Touda, the fiery black serpent, to burn the captain of Squad 12 to cinders and beyond, since said shikigami is capable of burning even a death god to the final death and one would think the same would apply to Soul Reapers (Yeah, I yelled "Die in a fire!" at the screen a few times, corrected myself, then realized there was a cross-universe possibility...). I called this guy "The Even More Not So Good Doctor", and I wasn't kidding: he makes Muraki look like a nice guy by comparison. But then again, the YnM manga strongly hints that the Evil Albino may be a case of Love Makes You Evil; Dr. Noh is just plain ghastly and devoid of anything remotely or vaguely resembling humanity. I hope that's the last I see of him in this series; there's hating a villain because he's a bad guy, and then there's hating a villain because the character annoys you and seems two-dimensional and Dr. Noh is the latter case.

But on to the speculations. First: Abel Nightroad's sweet tooth. I somehow came up with the crazy theory that a certain daffy priest's sweet tooth might have a somewhat practical application. Might have something to do with calories being burned like mad when the nanomachines are shifting him from normal mode to Crusnik mode (conservation of mass and of energy and all that). But thirteen sugars in one cup of tea?! Someday I'm going to try and see what happens if you actually put thirteen sugars in a cup of tea (ie. do you really wind up with a cup full of soggy tea-colored sugar cubes as it's drawn in the anime?). I know Crusniks are basically test-tube-grown humans with nanomachines implanted into them, but I'm really curious about their physiology and genetics now.

Speculation the second: Muraki's glass eye. There's quite a bit of Wild Mass Guessing in the fandom. The most conservative guess is that it's a plain old glass eye (or a removable acrylic insert over a permanently implanted core made out of coral, which is how most real-world "glass" eyes are made). The wildest guess is that it could be a cybernetic implant (turns out there was a research team in Japan who really were testing out cybernetic eyes on human volunteers; it failed horribly and they shut down the project); I've even toyed with the notion that if it is cybernetic, it might be equipped with night vision (all the better to stalk his tender prey with...). In a moment of Occam's Razor, it occurred to me that it could might not even be an artificial eye, but a cloned eye, since his mentor and former professor is involved in cloning organs. What's never made clear is how he lost the eye, but I know a Sandman crossover featuring The Corinthian, which was so awesomely written that I've adopted it into my personal fan-mythos.

Speculation the third: zanpaktou vs. wacky female energy vampire armed with an assault rifle retrofitted with a crossbow on top. Cut for length )
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Which I may end up incorporating into the weird Yami no Matsuei/Bleach mash-ups that creep into my fanficcing, mostly because Mercy Falcone (my OFC) likes to come up with nicknames for people she either really likes or really detests and because I have a feeling Tsuzuki couldn't keep the names straight any more than I can, so no doubt he'd find nicknames useful and immensely funny. Hey, fan-names are par the course and all but part of the mythos: Ichigo called Uruhara "Mr. Hat-and-Clogs", after all. So far I have:

"Shin(j)igami" (for the whiny little one who was voiced by Spike "Shinji Ikari" Spencer; he even has a somewhat similar personality to Shinji's)

"Pinky and the Brawn" (To anyone who knows the series, this should be somewhat obvious for the dynamic duo in mind, but it fits too well not to use it)

"Eyebrow Wing-Dings" (another obvious one; his little rant about beauty and ugliness makes me want to dip him in duck sauce and throw him to a certain Depraved Bisexual. And since energy vampires are probably close to being considered living Hollows to the Soul Reapers, I may have a way to arrange -- or derange -- this....)

"Dr. Noh" or "The Even More Not So Good Doctor" (for the one whose face looks like a bad Noh mask inside a headpiece designed by Joan Miro)

"Captain Fanservice" or "Captain Cleavage" (for the female Soul Reaper with the uncharacteristically revealing top)

Also several characters incite me to say, "Were you drunk recently and did someone write on your face with a permanent ink marker while you were sleeping it off?"
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Just finished watching Trigun... yipes... I love an ending where Everyone is saved, even the antagonist of the piece.

Also, one shot in the final Knives-Vash gunbattle reminded me weirdly of the famous "gun to each other's heads" shot in the climactic Neo-Smith battle in the first Matrix movie. That can't be just a coincidence, since the Wachowski Brothers are known to be anime fans.

What's up with that random black cat who scurries through scenes or pops up randomly? She's gotten the nickname "Random Cat" from me. She's not annoying, but she does tend to induce a "Buh? Where'd she come from?" reaction from me.

I'm loving Nicholas D. Wolfwood: he's like what you'd get if you crossed Spike Spiegel with a cleaner-mouthed and less cynical version of Jesse L. Custer in Garth Ennis's "Preacher" series. Gotta love that cross-shaped hand-cannon!

And Legato's voice is driving me nuts in a good way. Something about it is familiar, not the voice actor, but the delivery. I've heard that complacent insidiousness before, but I can't think where.

It also amuses me to no end that the manga version was first published in the same magazine (Young King Ours) which ran the Hellsing manga, especially since Vash looks like he swiped his duster and glasses from Alucard. Some mischievous fan has probably fanartted this in a way that Lampshades this Turned Up to Eleven.

And I also come bearing a fic rec, featuring the first Bleach/Yami no Matsuei crossover that really worked for me -- and which plays off the obvious but hard to resist tactic of bringing the Two Shinigami Named Kurosaki together (and ho boy, they really are more similar than they might seem, though Ichigo is pretty much a Jerk with a Heart of Gold and Hisoka has the potential to go Knight Templar in a He Who Hunts Monsters sort of way, though I'm planning a fic where something happens which causes him to reassess his plans...): I bring you Cooperative Ventures by "Branch".
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Now to finish reorganizing the "writing" tag, though I'm taking a break, since there's about 200 entries to go through.

Started watching Trigun in earnest: gotta love Vash the Stampede, he's like Abel Nightroad's goofy kid brother who stole Alucard's red duster and orange sunglasses, then modded them a little. Also had more Hey, It's That Voice moments: Vash sounding like The Other Shinigami Named Kurosaki (Ichigo, in Bleach, which I need to get back to); Aramaki as yet another Random Old Guy; Meryl sounding suspiciously like Rit-chan from Those Who Hunt Elves, and a cameo of Mistress Celcia's VA from ditto.

One project that I ditched: adding more tropes to the Yami no Matsuei page on TVTropes. I realized there were way too many tropes (particularly eye-related ones) that fit Muraki too well and I got sick of it.

I also came up with a theory on the identity of the mysterious Edward McLeod, who voiced a certain crooked energy vampire: I remembered something from the commentary on the Evangelion DVDs, where Matt Greenfield came forward as the VA for Huyuuga, and described how he'd stepped in, under a stage name to fill the role when the guy they'd contracted just never showed up for the recording sessions. I wonder if something similar happened when they were dubbing YnM, only in this case, the VA who was supposed to voice Muraki ditched the role after he read through all the scripts, probably thinking to himself, "I can't voice this character, he's an evil [expletive][deleted] in every sense of the words!"

Also banging away on the last full chapter of the Twhinelite crossover: I'd started to write one bit that hinted that something might be going on between Tatsumi and Mercy while the boys were out chasing vampires and whiny girls, but then I remembered that Mercy had been out looking for Bella, though I suppose it's logical she could have gone back to the crummy hotel after she found Bella had gone missing from the hospital. Still, it was fun to imagine the boys' suspicions when one of them notices that the buttons of a certain meticulous fellow's vest are somehow buttoned crookedly...
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Okay, got that off my chest, and now I can focus on other things, like:

--"Deathwish", the fourth of the Cal Leandros novels. Oh my! I'm only on the second chapter, but I'm loving what Rob Thurman is doing, in splitting the POV between Cal and Niko. I like Niko: he's the rational, level-headed one who keeps Cal from spiraling into himself too far. And while I have a complete understanding and acceptance of Cal's outlook on life, it can get a little grating at times (maybe because I work with people who bitch about far less painful stuff than what this guy has gone through, so I have to detox or digest some of this before I can deal with his -- albeit justified -- bitching and moaning).

--Trinity Blood: Rage Against the Moon Book 1. Whoa... the violence is a lot more graphic than in the anime, but there again, I don't mind written gore as much as I get squicked by visual gore (even cel-shaded gore, if it involves humans; "The Animatrix: Second Renaissance" defines High Octane Nightmare Fuel for me and, Matrix fan that I am, that's one part of the series which I am unable to rewatch). I guess this makes me the reverse of Neil Gaiman, it would seem, per the story about how he earned the nickname "Scary Trousers" from Alan Moore.

--Rewatching Blood+, since I needed something going in the background when I finally banged out the last three fanfics early yesterday morning, and had a Hey It's That Voice moment crossed with an Expy: How many voice parts did Crispin Freeman take in this series? Not only did he voice Haji, he also voiced one of the antagonists of the piece, ie. Van Argiano, as well as a few random spear-carriers. Also Van looks eerily like he should be Muraki's long-lost twin (except he's narrower through the shoulders and chest and probably shorter as well), which makes me not feel so awkward that one of my Grigori in "Neon Enoch Evangelion" is also a Muraki Expy.
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For some strange reason (Okay, I was waiting till they went on sale), I neglected to get myself a calender for my room and for my other desk in the computer room. Mind you, the other desk is pretty much a catch-all for books/papers/coffee cups/computer components/etc, and I rarely actually use it for desk-like purposes such as sitting at it or writing on it. I have my Edith Wharton moments when I write best when I'm curled up in bed, or I do the writer-y thing and write in a coffee shop, or I make like my dad's work buddy "Dana"'s "Uncle Steve" (who is a very famous author from Maine; three guesses as to who he is...) and write at the keyboard.

Needless to say, I snagged one calender that I wanted and another that was a surprise. I'd spotted an origami page-a-day calender in the store front Barnes & Noble in downtown Lowell and planned to get that one; I lucked out and they had just one left when I went in this morning. Also picked up a copy of "The Historian" from their bargain table as well as a nifty journal with my favorite Edgar Allen Poe quote on the front: "All there is that we say or seem/Is but a dream within a dream". Not sure what I'll use it for, but I'll think of something.

I tried getting a Tolkien-themed calender from the calender shoplet in the Burlington Mall, but no such luck: someone beat me to it, which is the first time in a while (last year I got a Dresden Files calender featuring Chris McGrath's cover artwork). I scanned around for something good; the "TrueBlood" calenders had sold out, almost got a "Nightmare Before Christmas" calender, but I settled on a Death Note calender. If I can stand two different pics of Misa Amane for two different months. Not sure who I dislike more -- in a healthy way -- her or Light: Light at least is more complex and "in-te-res-ting", while I can never tell if Misa is really so ditzy that she's oblivious to what a jerk Light really is (wow, an in-universe fangirl who's all Draco In Leather Pants for the crooked guy), or if she's really as twisted as he is. Poor Ryuuk, he only gets one page. What can I say? I like shinigami, even when they're weird looking gothic skeleton-bird critters.

One thing I passed on was a Bleach calender: I like the concepts of the series, but the huuuuge cast of characters (especially when the team heads to the Soul Society) is dizzying. I can't keep the names straight with the faces of the Soul Reapers beyond Rukia. Thus I am trying to beat into submission that part of me which wants to start incorporating a few elements from Bleach into some of my Yami no Matsuei fics. This included an otherwise funny yet serious conversation between Tatsumi and Morgan Falcone (my OC) in which Morgan describes her teenaged daughter Allison (the both of them died in the same car accident; Allie didn't want to move on and leave her mother behind when Morgan was selected to work for the Ministry of Hades) trying to sneak over to the Soul Society because Allison thinks she wants to have a kid. I can't decide if Morgan is a borderline Mary Sue or if my Sue-dar is just being over-sensitive. But then again, when is the last time you saw a thirty-five year old Sue in fanfiction?

Trinity Blood fic to be posted in later tonight; I'm pleased at how well it turned out. And I completely surprised myself by managing to scribble out the Evangelion snowball fight fic I've been playing with for a while: it's nice to see these folks actually *enjoying* life for a change (even if that includes Gendo being his usual wet-blanket self in the middle of the snow-nanigans).
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Inventory last night: They did this differently than they have in previous years. Instead of having all of us gather in the back room and get our assigned aisle there, we had our assignments listed on a sheet near the time clock and when we punched in, we had to head right to our assigned aisles. Except I somehow wasn't on the list, so I had to consult "Joe the Angel" (ie. the assistant store manager) and get an assignment from him: I ended up in the cereal aisle counting organic/gluten-free oatmeal and such.

Today: Because of the snowstorm we had the past two days, people weren't in out shopping. Today they were. I'm in a bit of a cranky mood right now, but it's nothing that can't be cured by some random absurdness. Like people's LJ icons, and my mother asking me if we had any "tacky tacks" when she was looking for some thumbtacks. To which I replied, "Tacky tacks?! Are you implying that our tacks are cheap and ugly-looking and likely to come apart randomly?!" said mischievously.

Typing up an "A.I." fic, which is also the last of the requests/prompts, which will likely go live later tonight (read: "Just after midnight"). I'm undecided about cutting the second Evangelion fic from the 12 Days of Fanfic list: I'll probably type it/post it if I have time, and since I have tomorrow and Wednesday off, I may be able to squeeze it in. Wednesday is likely to be a bit of a fic-dump day, so brace yourselves (especially since I have at least two in mind that day).

Flurry the budgie is continuing to become more personable; he's making up his own sentences now: we definitely heard him say "You're a good parakeet" the other night. My mom says "You're a good bird" to him when he does something cute, but he somehow swapped out "bird" for "parakeet". The look on his face as we praised him for saying his first sentence was comical, as if he were thinking, "Huh? Why are people squeeing over me?" He's a very shy and modest little bird.

Doing a bit of "something old, something new" this week in terms of fannish stuff. The something new: I just started reading "Deathwish", the fourth of the Cal Leandros books by Rob Thurman; I keep chuckling over how much the series reminds me of what you'd get if you crossed "Supernatural" with the Dresden Files and threw it into a setting very like White Wolf's World of Darkness. The something old: I've also started rewatching Cowboy Bebop. Hey It's That Voice moments galore, including the voice of Aramaki from GitS:AC as a random old guy in a market; also had a moment where I jokingly said, "Hey, I know who Faye Valentine is: she's Haruhi Suzimiya, all grown up. Guess her hair and eye color changed because of the cryostorage." (Ie. Wendee Lee voiced both characters).
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It's snowing!! Well, we are supposed to have some unsettled weather over the next few days (up to and including a possible blizzard). It's very pretty to watch it come down.

I should be working on writing a fic involving Evangelion characters getting drunk and having dramatic/comedic arguments at New Year's (well, a few days after, since Third Impact/Instrumentality went down on New Year's Eve); instead I'm at the keyboard with several tabs open, including the highly addictive (on which I'm consolidating some tropes for an anime series or two...), an FF.N page, my InsaneJournal and An Archive Of Our Own (on which I am reading a Bleah/YnM crossover; the mental image of Tsuzuki and Hisoka dressed like Soul Reapers -- yum! Someone has to fanart that one!).

Finished watching the second season of Oh My Goddess! last night: Yet another Hey It's That Voice, this time it was Urd's demon mother Hild sounding eerily like the Major in Ghost In the Shell: Stand Alone Complex (same VA)

Not many New Year's Resolutions, except:

--I want to get some stories published for real in the New Year, however, I am terrified of getting my work rejected, plus the publishing industry has me horribly depressed, considering that they let certain horribly written books get published (I'm looking at *you*, Jenkins and LaHaye, and you too, Ms. Meyers :: Shows her metaphoric fangs:: )

--I am going to go for a walk every day to keep myself in shape and I will also get better about practicing my T'ai Ch'i form.

--I am going to keep posting something in this journal every day (even if it's an anime or fandom Teal Deer) and I am going to get better about replying to comments.

--I am going to do something about the pile of books beside my pillow, ie. Read Them. Even if this means the pile never really goes away.

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