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One of the many reasons I've been quiet on here, aside from posts full of Tweets delivered by Twitenesis, is that I have been hard at work migrating my [ profile] comment_fic entries to a shiny new fic journal which I call

[ profile] mtxref_fic

I did this because recently I discovered that a comm that I'd been part of years ago had been rather abruptly deleted and the one or two fics I'd posted on it had been lost with it. I decided that in the off chance that something similar happened to [ profile] comment_fic or some of the other comms I've written for, I should migrate my fics to some place more secure. I almost started posting the fics to my personal LJ, but I didn't want to flood people's flists. So! as a compromise, I created a fic journal and archived all my fics there which I hadn't put on my personal journal already. This is likely to become the new home for my [ profile] comment_fic entries (in fact, I posted an "Inception" fic there yesterday, in reply to a prompt that jumped out at me).

Feel free to friend it and go through the archives: I'll still be posting link dumps of Lonely Prompt Challenge Weekend fics to this journal, the fic itself will just be on the fic journal, rather than in another comm.

Also, yes, I'm a bit short on icons there: I'm working on getting more to represent the fandoms that I write for regularly.
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Or, When I was looking for new YnM fic, I did not mean the following...

I suspect I may be in reflexive biting mode due to a rough week full of unplowed sidewalks, crabby customers and a malfunctioning laptop. Otherwise I probably wouldn't be bitching about this. I should also remind myself that even Sue-thors have the right to post their stuff where people can read it, and they're likely running to AO3 to avoid the predations of the Grammar Einsatzgruppen who were getting fics on FF.N deleted en masse (I haven't been back to that site since I moved all the fics I wanted to save, and I'm leery some of my work may have fallen victim to their scorched-earth policy. Anyone heard anything more about those freaks?). However, people like myself reserve the right to cringe at it.

It's got all the capital sins of Sue-thor ficcage: Posting a page of gobbledy-goop as a placeholder before posting the actual fic? Check (The moment I saw that, I knew we were in for a bumpy ride). Misspelled title? Check. "I suck at summaries"-ness in the summary? Check. Lack of proofreading? Check. Character descriptions that read like Mary Sue RP character sheets? And they're smack in the middle of the first chapter? Check. Whiplash-inducing POV shifts? Check-a-rooney. Dialogue where you can't tell who's talking? Check. Mary Sue character who shares part of the poster's username? Check, goddammit. Warnings in the middle of the fic? Checkity. Mary Sue who's a result of a preternatural clown orgy? Check, by Enma! Misuse of the tag system that borders on abuse? Check (The main Mary Sue is named Sakura, which is the name of the heroine of Cardcaptor Sakura, thus it tags this as a false positive for a CCS-YnM crossover. It would be better if she'd tagged this as having an Original Female Character)
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It seems some group of wonks who call themselves the Literate Union have taken it on themselves to clean up all the badfic on FF.N. They've somehow hacked into and tweaked the site to add a bot that will arrange for the mass deletion of tons of fics, mostly for bad grammar, and they're also targeting M-rated fics wholesale, and there are reports that slash fic is being deleted "by the truckload".

I'm going to start moving the rest of my fics (or at the least, the "A.I." fics and the Matrix fics) to AO3 this week, not because of the proposed boycott of FF.N which the poster of that article has suggested, but as a security measure. I'm not perfect, and spell checks are not infallible.

Mind you, I'm all for correcting wonky grammar, but no one has the right to hack a site so that they can delete wonky-written fics en masse. Granted, there are slash fics out there that make even the most perverted member of my headspace collective cringe in disgust, but that does not give anyone the right to delete all slash en masse. I hate to think what this group would do to the Yami no Matsuei fanfics, since the bulk of that is slashy to some degree. And mature fics... I'm all for parental vigilance, but that is reserved to the actual parents, not some Media Watchdog Group that would erase anything higher than a PG rating from the face of the earth: adults need media that is geared toward their age bracket, too, even if that media isn't entirely "family friendly".

One reason I'm glad I've been posting my more recent work to AO3: they have a much better interface, much more understanding maintainers, and their tag system helps you know exactly what to expect in the fic...

If you have fics on FF.N, or you have friends that do, spread the word, warn them to move their fics before they're deleted, repost the link above to your LJ, FaceBook, Twitter, etc.
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None of this is liable to make much sense since I had a cruddy day, up to and including almost having a meltdown because a young man with Tourette's Syndrome was in the lane next to mine and I was overstimulated already. It wasn't his fault: it was the fault of the bad wiring in my head.

Had "one of those days" at work: despite the fact that everyone was going on about how nice it was outside (and it was very nice today: I didn't have to wear my scarf or my thermals for the first time in weeks), they all came crowding into the store. Buh? Shouldn't they be out enjoying the sunshine? (Unless they did that over the weekend and now they need to play catch-up on buying groceries)

Cut for fandom ranting, with possible triggers )
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"Those darn kids are embarrassing us again." -- Kozo Fuyutsuki, NGE Episode 9, "Both of you, dance like you want to win!"

If I could find a screencap of Fuyutsuki facepalming as Asuka and Shinji are yammering at each other, when he says the above line, I will be one happy fan.

Just ventured into the Pit of Voles to take a poke at the Evangelion section. It's gonna take some time to dig through, but I've been finding the usual madness:

--Rei/Asuka yuri fics. That's right. I suspect Rei is probably asexual (Come on, it's questionable if she's even *human*) and Asuka *defines* boy-crazy teenaged girl. Plus, Asuka hates Rei's guts. I suppose it's probably the "Rivals = TWOO WUB" equation.

--Random humor. The horror. The horror. Random humor writers (unless there is a definite method to the madness) deserve to be dissolved into a pool of LCL and not allowed to return!

--Resurrecting Kaji post EoE. Wasn't he shot by an unknown assassin (probably sent by SEELE, but definately someone he was expecting, though his "Aren't you a little late?" was probably nervous snarking) several days before Third Impact? Granted, Instrumentality seems to have affected people who died shortly before it went down (ie. the mysterious quantum Rei standing over Misato), but I think Kaji kicked the bucket several days before the fact.
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I'm feeling immensely better since yesterday: I'm not shaking as much as I was, but I'm off the adrenalin rush I was on all day and thus the pain is setting in: I feel like someone punched my left leg (where I got hit). Says my mom, "Well, you did, you got punched by a *car*." I managed three-quarters of my shift at work today before my leg decided it had had enough and nearly buckled under me. I'm resting now and just took a warm bath to ease the aches, and I'm curled up with a fairly new urban fantasy series that is tiding me over between Dresden Files books...

That would be the Cal Leandros series by Rob Thurman, and that's Cal and his half-brother Nikos in the icon for this entry. And yep, the same artist who does the covers for the Dresden Files, Chris McGrath, also does the cover artwork. I have to admit, it was the Jared Padalecki-lookalike on the cover (same model for Harry Dresden) that caught my attention when I first spotted the second book of the series, NightLife, in the Borders at the Burlington Mall. I was in between Dresden Files books, so I picked it up to tide me over. I've seen it compared to the Dresden Files (there is a passing cosmetic resemblence: two half-brothers who work as preternatural detectives in a large American city, one of them is in fact a preternatural being, but that's where the similarities end), but I'd say it's more like a cross between Supernatural and White Wolf's World of Darkness RPGs.

Now, it was a bit of a rocky start when I read the second book (couldn't find the first till I did a little digging): Cal is, to say the least, an acidicly snarky, self-loathing, at times almost emo fellow. At first, I wasn't sure if I liked him or not, but now that I'm reading the first book, Moonlight... I've got a better understanding of how he got that way. Having an abusive childhood, getting kidnapped by dark elf-like beings and spending two years of their time in their realm while two days go by in the human world, then finding out your father was one of those creatures is *not* going to make you a happy camper. Especially when every preternatural thing that crosses your path can smell that you're not as human as you look and isn't above rubbing your face in this fact.

Nor are you going to be a happy camper as a fan when you find that, as tiny as this fandom is, there already is slash for it. So far, I have not seen any Cal/Nikos incest (BLARGHH! I probably just cursed it into existence...), but I have seen Robin Goodfellow (yes, *THAT* Robin Goodfellow)/Cal slash. *Headdesk* Err, by all accounts Cal is a red-blooded guy, but I suspect the two years he spent in the realm of the Auphe involved a lot of torment, no doubt of the sexual kind. And even if his mind has it all on lockdown, the fact that it scared the crap out of Robin when he peeked under the hood of Cal's brain, hints that it was something that would put off someone as perpetually horny as Robin. Thus (as of now, could change as the series progresses), I don't think he's likely to try getting physical with anyone, not even the precognizent girl he likes, since he's probably too damaged to enjoy it. That and while Robin might like to twit the Leandros brothers to annoy them, I don't think he'll try getting physical with either of them any time soon. Much less Cal, for reasons already specified.

Hey, if I can grouse about bad fanfic, I'm doing well, non?
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And it's not even on the Pit of Voles, aka, either.

I've been scrimmaging around, looking for "Shark" fanfics (recently got my hands on a gently used copy of the Season 1 box set), and I haven't found a whole lot, at least not on ff.n. Seems a lot of people are taking their fanfics to LJ and other journal sites (I don't blame them), plus I found a small archive of just "Shark" fanfics...

And there's a whole, thankfully small section for "slash". Gaaagh... At least James Woods's character is spared the indignity -- that and seeing Stark slashed with anyone is aneurysm-inducingly horrible; plus seeing any James Woods slash would be like seeing my crazy friend Mark slashed, since he looks like he ought to be JW's kid brother. But we have to endure Jessica Devlin/Madelaine Poe femslash. I don't see the pairing at all; please to be keeping your private fantasies where they belong: in private.

Or worse: Madelaine/Julie Stark slash. I think Sebastian would probably slash (in a completely different order) anyone, male or female, who laid a dishonorable hand on his daughter (wonder if that's how her loser-drunk boyfriend disappeared from the series, aside from him being swallowed up by the writers' strike...). Especially since she's underage, though I'm hazy about the age of consent laws in California. Hell, would Sebastian really care about age of consent laws, if his daughter was involved (or anyone's daughter, since underneath his narcissicism, there really is a moral side to him...)? He'd find a way to make the "indecent congress with a minor" charges stick even if he had to use spit and/or used chewing gum.

I'm staying away from the "romance" section: probably wall-to-wall Stark/Devlin smut, anyway, and while I think James Woods is hot, despite being an older guy... I don't want to think about anything beyond a PG-13 rating involving him.

This is what I get for testing the waters to see how much of an audience there is for "Shark" fanfics...
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Edited for numerous technical glitches. Since GAFF has lost it's sparkle and I don't dare bring this to [ profile] fanficrants, I'm going to be posting anything GAFF-like here in my personal LJ.

Cut for opinionated content )
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The things that come to you when you're scrubbing the bathtub and trying to plot the next scene in the novel you're working on:

Cut for really squicky stuff and possible spoilers )
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I think I was trying to amuse myself in a wierd way when I thought of these possible horrors:

--Harry as a fluffy-bunny Pagan/Wiccan, and his equally fluffy Mary Sue twin-sister who's a high priestess. I must have been thinking of a horrid "Constantine" fic I sporked over on the late, lamented GAFF forum, which featured the snarky demon hunter in a similar cringe-inducing scenario. The fluffy-bunnies among the fanbrats seem to feel the need to patch paganism/Wicca into any fandom featuring magic, even if there's little to no evidence that it's there, or that any of the canon characters are of this religious persuasion: LOTR, Harry Potter, you name it. Mind you, I don't doubt some of the members of the White Council just might happen to be Pagan/Wiccan. Injun Joe is quite obviously an American Indian shaman. I sometimes get the odd feeling that the Merlin might be a Druid, don't ask me why. And I have wierd little images of Molly dabbling in Wicca of the fluffy bunny variety to piss off her parents. But Harry is an agnostic; he's not keen on religion and he's tenterhook-ish around the concept of God. I can't remember what the term was, but there's some fancy theological name for a person who believes that other people's G/god/s/ess/es exist, even if they themselves do not worship these entities; Harry is obviously that sort of person. And if I remember correctly from "Death Masks", someone (might have been Father Forthill) asks Harry when he's going to convert from paganism, and he has to remind this person he just does magic.

--Harry/Thomas slash. Cut for White Night spoilers )

(Note: if someone here likes the pairing, please don't think I'm bashing it. The concept, as with any incestuous slash pairing, gives me the heebee-jeebees.)

Thank God for the [ profile] dresdenfic community, which is mostly pretty good. I'm afraid to check on FF.N for fear of what I might find...
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Dad has to work this afternoon, but we managed to get to Mass at Holy Trinity in spite of this and also the St. Patrick's Day parade in South Boston. I'm taking it easy today: hey, Sunday's a day of rest, after all.

Rule of thumb when trying to rent movies: Never try renting an Irish Mob movie around St. Patrick's Day. Especially if said movie is set in Southie (South Boston) and you live about twenty miles northwest of the city. This will be the third time I've tried to rent "The Departed" and every. Single. Copy. At Blockbuster. Was. Out. I did manage to rent "The Prestige", which I've been trying to rent, and which Mark has highly reccommended to me more than once. Will be watching it momentarily, unless I get a brain flash idea for one of the current writing projects.

Finished reading "Fool Moon" (I wanna see more of the back story on Billy and the Alphas. Those kids are cool! And we know I like werewolves.) and am much of the way through "Grave Peril". And as a sure sign I'm fairly deep into the Dresden Files fandom: I'm already cringing at the thought of bad fanfics showing up. For starters, if Thomas appears in the TV series, I'm anticipating Harry/Thomas slash. This despite the fact that Harry at one point says (in a different context, but it still needs to be pointed out to the would-be slash writers), "I'm not gay."

I can think of more stuff I don't wanna see: Spoilerish cringing ahead )
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Inspired by a post on GAFF, which I'm missing horribly. [ profile] fanficrants comes pretty close as a substitute, but it's not as well-organized:

Cut for potential squick )
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For starters, the very first chapter features a girl bamfing into the "A.I."-verse from the year 2006 and landing smack in Dr. Hobby's office. And I thought this fandom was bamf-proof.

The summary that proceeds the second chapter alone scares me: When Violet is brought to the year 2159 by Professor Hobby, she makes friends with the handsome mecha Joe, is captured by Johnson-Johnson’s Hounds and is sent on a myriad of adventures, but one thing she wonders, will she ever make it home?

And the author'a protest that they don't write Mary Sues is *really* encouraging. /sarcasm Those that protest that they aren't usually are, but they're in denial. If you're gonna be/write a Sue, please embrace it!
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Feeling a lot more like myself. Thanks to a *LOT* of Airborne, I feel like I'm just dealing with a bad case of allergies. Friday and yesterday, I managed to work full shifts both days, but I felt pretty knackered by the end of the shift. Yesterday was especially wild because of the wind/rain storm that blew through: you'd think people would stay home when it's that crazy out, but invariably, rainstorms drive people into the store like we'd suddenly announced we were giving the stuff away.

I haven't seen very many costumes aside from one sleeping baby in a Disney's Winnie the Pooh costume, and a little girl dressed as Sleeping Beauty. Nothing like Batman and Catwoman doing their last minute party shopping like last year. Me, I'm dressing as "not the Grim Reaper, bit the Grinning Reaper". Which I realized amounted to dressing like myself. Nice thing about being gothic: Hallowe'en's the one day you blend in, though there again, I'm more like an old school goth than the kindergothen who try too hard.

And I realized I hadn't trawled ff.n for any badficcage (or the rare good ficcage) in a while, so I went poking in their "Matrix" section.

This one's quite well-written, except I don't see either of the Twins angsting in a journal, but what do I know: Master and Slave But I fear it may turn into the last slash fic I want to see:


No. Just... no.

For starters, even though the Merv would probably boff anything that moves and in some cases he might have one of his minions give something an experimental shove to see if it does, I don't think he'd do the Twins. The guy has *some* principles, however hard to see they may be. They'd probably try to slit his throat with their razors if he did. Plus... right now the Twins are kind of... in pieces with minds of their own. Viz, The Legs running around the Mega-City.

Please, fantwits, every time you write Merv/Twins slash, Morraeon kills and consume a baby Exile. Think of the baby Exiles!

((Edited to fix bad HTML))
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Kind of a follow-up to the last entry, featuring a lovely comment from Ruby, re George Eliot's elucidation of what might be termed the proto-Mary Sue. This is one of my favorite articles on Mary Sue-ism, featuring Mary Sues from 19th century girls' magazine stories:

Once you've read those excerpts, I'm sure you'll agree with me that while the fashions may change, the Sues in their essence stay the same.
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I know, that sounds wierd. Since it's *THAT* time of the month, I need to read some so-bad-they're-funny fics and realize that there are more painful things than... oh, nevermind. I gave up on bad "Supernatural" fanfic: Wincest? Puh-LEEZE! Maybe it's just because of my moral standards or because of the abuse my mother went through, but I can't help feeling that anyone who thinks that sort of stuff is cool needs an incredible amount of therapy.

And don't get me started on all the "long lost Winchester sister/brother" stories (usually sister, but I have seen a handful of "long lost brother" stories. Make that a very small handful.). I swear Eric Kripke has that recap of the pilot episode at the beginning of every episode just to taunt the Sue/Stu-thors. Okay, not to say that there *might* not be another sibling out there: who knows but John Winchester might not have fathered a child before he met Mary, or he might have had an affair with some woman during his wanderings. The problem is the quality of writing. I'm a sincere believer that almost anything can be possible in writing as long as the author gives the idea sufficient thought and they have a good grasp of their craft, but believe me, some of the stuff that the fankiddies toss onto the SPN section on ff.n is so toxicly bad at times, I swear the Winchester Brothers could get rid of The Demon, just by having him/it read that gack.

And so far, the "A.I." fandom has been relatively free of badfic-age, thank heavens.

I'm also of a mind to create a sockpuppet account under the name "Morraeon" (the name of Sieges's shiny new dark side) and use it specifically to target the anNOYing, badly-written vampire/elf/telekinetic/pyrokinetic Mary Sues in the "Matrix" section. Morraeon, like her "daddy" Marrith (WGAnubis's excellent creation), eats Exilic programs and things like it for lunch, and it's all I can do to keep from posting reviews like, "Hey, can I eat yer little Mary Sue? She sounds tasty." Morrae likes to do that in-game: if some problematic being turns up, her usual first response is always, "Hey, Pops, can I eat him?" To which Anubis/Marrith most often replies, "No, he's human." (So far the only exception was the night MadHattah almost screwed up a Live Event; that's the only time the reply was: "Maybe.")
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I'm really fascinated with one of last year's new TV serieses, namely, CBS's "Criminal Minds"; I know I haven't talked about it much, but now that they're running reruns of it and I'm quietly walking away from the next season of "Supernatural" since it looks like they're adding a canon Mary Sue to the mix (namely, a recurring female character who is, a. Dean's girlfriend, and b. another spook-hunter, and c. she's named "Alex", which is almost a cliche Mary Sue name), I thought it was time I affirmed my fondness for this series.

I started watching it mostly because Mandy Patinkin plays the leading character, Agent Jason Gideon, the leader of a team of FBI profilers, but I have to admit, a lot of the supporting characters caught my fancy, particularly Spencer Reed, the youngest member of the team, whom I've dubbed an honorary Aspie since he shows a lot of the earmarks of AS. I like the chemistry among the characters and I love the ultra-twisty, I-didn't-see-that-coming writing, and the at-times cinematographic editing.

But I'm afraid of the badfic this series may spawn... I'm envisioning Gideon/Reed slash, though I've seen signs of a father/son or teacher/student relationship between them. And mind you, Reed seems puzzled by human sexuality except from an intellectional/behavioral analytic POV. He's rather asexual in a "daffy professor"-ish way, aside from the episode where the team is tracking a stalker who's targeted a Hollywood starlet, and said starlet takes a shine to Reed, up to and including pulling him into a pool and snogging him, though mind you, he keeps up his usual intellectual musings while she's trying to smooch him. Priceless! And Gideon is just as slashable as brick, plus, he's seperated from his wife and more married to his work than interested in any romantic interludes.

I would like to see Reed paired with Garcia the girl computer-whiz, though it's been shown in canon that her mischievous snarkiness can go right over Reed's knowlege-crammed head.
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One of the local PBS stations brought back a series -- based on James Herriot's utterly wonderful novels, which I read cover to cover -- I remember watching when I was 12; I think it was the first thing I ever really fangurled, I even had a crush on Peter Davison's hysterically funny Tristan (and that's were my fondness for British guys started...). I had a goofy idea for a fanfiction based off one recently aired episode, but I'm not sure I'd be able to pull it off well.

And that got me to thinking -- cringingly -- that there's probably badfic based off this series. I don't even want to think about it or post about it, in case I curse it into existence...
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Just did some housekeeping (website-keeping? website-mastering?) on the AIFFOA; I added a couple of links to a couple of new fics. And just for spit and giggles, I took a look at ff.n's "A.I." page.


Someone has infiltrated the fandom with a random humor fic. Mind you, I like humor fics that have a certain amount of *inspired* randomness. But randomness of the "everyone-running-around-yelling-'CHEEEEZZZ!!!1111'" variety puts my teeth on edge. As does *this* person's tendency to include random insane muses into the dramtis personae. And a songfic to an Evanesence song. Mind you, I'm a fan of Evenesence, but considering the way the fanbrats abuse their songs, I've had to relegate them to the same category as Orlando Bloom, ie. the "I like them, but considering the way they get fanbratted, I'm ashamed to admit to being a fan" category.

And I finally sat down and watched "Fight Club" last night.

Whoa. One of those rare times when the movie is just as good as the book! And it helped clear my head of the indignation I'd been feeling over the anNOYing "Tuesday Night Book Club" ad on CBS, with someone misappropriating the infamous "The first rule of fight club..." line. Honestly, if Chuck Palaniuk (sp???) could have a quarter for every time some lamer has misappropriated that line....

Heh, I wonder what Project Mayhem would do to TV executives. Though I don't go for the violent aspects, part of me would love to be in on a stunt of that nature.

Okay, folks, your homework assignment is to dream up ways you'd like to bedevil TV execs who let their writers misappropriate good ideas.
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::After trawling FF.N::

The random-humor fic writer known as "PossessedGummyBearInferno" is still at it. I think they post one new random humor fic a week! (I can remember the days when I posted a new fic/chapter a week, but at the risk of sounding proud, we all know I'm a much better writer; I'm even better at random humor than this twit is, but I digress...)

Their latest: The Merv and company going on a cruise. It starts out with the maids trying to finish the laundry and the Merv tripping on a blue sock. Then our ficthor has him singing this:

"99 chocolate cakes on a plate, 99 chocolate cakes!

Soon its gone,into a blonde...

98 chocolate cakes on a plate!"

Now, that gave me a chuckle, but considering whose mouth she put the words into... The Merv doesn't sing stuff like that. He sings opera or French art songs in the shower. If there's anyone in the Merv's household who sings stuff like this, it's probably this guy:

Also, the insane author proceeded to trumpet that she's going on a cruise after her birthday, which inspired the badfic... and come to find out she's my birthday twin. My *EBIL* twin. I think I'm legally changing my birthday to August 3rd, so I'll be birthday twins with Lambert Wilson, instead.

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