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Now I just have to copy-paste all the fragments together, though [personal profile] tomboy_typist has suggested that I do the post-modern thing and leave it in fragments. I said I'd think about it, then I almost decided "Naaah...". But now a part of me is thinking it might be a good idea: I have a framing story that the text was supposedly discovered by the Public Security Division of the Ministry of Hades when they obtained a search warrant for Muraki's family mansion. And who's to say that a certain clumsy shinigami didn't drop the file and scatter the pages.

It also fits since it mirrors Muraki's own madness, as he loses himself to his inner demons.

I'm still thinking about the possibility of leaving the fic as is, but I'm not sure the folks in charge of the challenge, or the artist who's doing the artwork for it, would really cotton to the experimental writing. I might keep one copy for myself and make another copy of the file that is the "edited" version. The thing is, I'm having trouble copy-pasting large amounts of text on the laptop, since I'm having trouble with the touchpad. I might invest in a mouse for the laptop. Or I might take the file to the library and patch it all together there, though it's likely to be s bit time-consuming (not that I mind). We'll see...
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So yes, one of the many reasons I've been quieter than usual on here is due to working on the rough draft of my entry in [ profile] vampirebigbang which is going to be a kind of extended back story/character memoir of Muraki. It's been insanely fun to write and I've been filling a wire-bound journal with it (said journal featuring a wintry Hokusai print on the cover. His Paleness approves this choice in a journal!)

Cut for discussions of slash )
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One of the many reasons I've been quiet on here, aside from posts full of Tweets delivered by Twitenesis, is that I have been hard at work migrating my [ profile] comment_fic entries to a shiny new fic journal which I call

[ profile] mtxref_fic

I did this because recently I discovered that a comm that I'd been part of years ago had been rather abruptly deleted and the one or two fics I'd posted on it had been lost with it. I decided that in the off chance that something similar happened to [ profile] comment_fic or some of the other comms I've written for, I should migrate my fics to some place more secure. I almost started posting the fics to my personal LJ, but I didn't want to flood people's flists. So! as a compromise, I created a fic journal and archived all my fics there which I hadn't put on my personal journal already. This is likely to become the new home for my [ profile] comment_fic entries (in fact, I posted an "Inception" fic there yesterday, in reply to a prompt that jumped out at me).

Feel free to friend it and go through the archives: I'll still be posting link dumps of Lonely Prompt Challenge Weekend fics to this journal, the fic itself will just be on the fic journal, rather than in another comm.

Also, yes, I'm a bit short on icons there: I'm working on getting more to represent the fandoms that I write for regularly.
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Lo and behold, a post that is not a signal boost or fanfic, though there will be discussions thereof.

Have been busy with errands or RP tagging or reading. I've ordered a number of books (used) from Amazon, including several of Terri Windling and Ellen Datlow's modern faery tale anthologies, Sarah Monette's "Doctrine of Labyrinth" novels (aka Felix and Mildmay's canon, to the [ profile] carpe_ho_ras folk), and two very different biographies of Mervyn Peake (that's him in the icon, if you wondered who the gent up a tree was) and an anthology of several bits and bobs of poetry and short stories by him, entitled "Peake's Progress". This year being the centennial of his birth, I felt it was in good form to bone up on this fellow whose writings and art I admire.

I'm finding that Peake was every bit as eccentric and gleefully odd as some of the characters he created and it's been a delight discovering the man behind the Bricks, as [ profile] tomboy_typist and I affectionately call his magnum opus (which is getting a canon update in June, since the long-lost "Titus Awake" is going to be released then: I have that on order as an early birthday present for meself). He's also someone I'm coming to admire with little disappointment. A lot is made of his tragic illness, but that mostly seems to be played up since he seems to have had very few of the unpleasant skeletons in the closet which some writers seem to have had. This can get irritating, since it seems a lot of critics let that overshadow the rest of his life, but I'm refreshed to find that his death was balanced by a life full of wonder and eccentric happenings (including nearly getting bitten by a camel when he was eleven, which incited him ever afterward, to make jokes about camels to lighten a mood) and an incredible level of productivity. This guy, it seemed, lived with pencil and paper in hand, sketching and doodling and drawing as much as he could. In many ways, he reminds me of myself...

Work today: I was anticipating having jury duty, as I'd gotten my summons back in January, but after calling in to find out if I was needed, I found that I wasn't. They were looking for Badge Numbers 1 through 91, and since I was Number 153 or 159, I didn't have to go in.

I've been poking at the Hurt/Comfort fics that I owe people, but I have to admit that while the fount hasn't dried up, I just haven't had the energy to post them. Add to this, I've got the deadline for [ profile] love_bingo and I took up the [ profile] help_japan auction as well. The fics will be written, it's just taking some time for it to happen. That and I got stuck coming up with ideas for my last two squares for [ profile] love_bingo: for the life of me, I'm staring at two prompts, trying to match them to fandoms and characters, and those prompts would be:

"When I fall in love" and

"heavenly love".

Any thoughts? I'm open to any ideas now.

To say nothing of being worried for a penfriend of my mother's, in Japan, who lives in the Sendai region. We've been trying to locate her via the people finder that Google has set up, but she's come up as "unspecified", which could mean anything. This wouldn't be the first time that she's lost a penfriend in a natural disaster. She lost contact with a penfriend whose husband was a medical missionary working in Sri Lanka, during the tsunami there a few years back.
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I've been getting a LOT of weird spam lately (and I may have to activate the thing that would require people to respond to a CAPTCHA widget before posting a comment: sorry, people, I didn't disable non-friend commenting because I cross-post fics to various comms). Most of it has been the usual Trying To Sell Stuff postings, but then I get these two in response to some Yami no Matsuei fics I'd posted on [ profile] comment_fic. It appears to be someone attempting to RP with me, but they appear to have been high or drunk, given the word salad quality. I've gotten some irritating comments from yaoi fangurlz who whined about pairings or my fade-to-blacks, but these are ridiculous. Here are the comments in their entirety, including subject lines:

New comment "Re: Yami no Matsuei, Muraki/Tsuzuki" on an entry in [info]comment_fic.
kanoto I love you tsuzuki you now putict you baby dont for get that talking to you and I wont let you for get bout me.

New comment "muraki " on an entry in [info]comment_fic.
want me its me karoto tsuzuki big brother to lil baby tsuzuki.

Also, went to the Salem, NH B&N: picked up a few new journals (I seem to go through about one every four to six months, depending on how much writing I'm doing: I've just about used up the one I was using to draft [ profile] carpe_ho_ras posts/jot down ideas for future posts/etc, and one journal I was using for miscellaneous fanfics, mostly [ profile] story_lottery and [ profile] comment_fic), Vol. 4 of "Black Butler", and after Much Rummaging Around, Max Brooks's "World War Z". Also got some cafe writing in: I got most of my next [ profile] love_bingo fic done, this one being an Inception fic written from shade!Mal's POV, if she were tailing Cobb and Ariadne somewhat obsessively during one of Ariadne's training sessions (and there's a teeny part of me that suspects Cobb may have been literally haunted by Mal: hauntings often happen when a person's spirit is unwilling or unable to let go of a place where they lived during life, and I suspect that could have happened to Mrs. Cobb after her death...). No, this is not a Cobb/Ariadne fic: I don't see anything more than a mentor/student relationship between them
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Currently have the first chapter almost finished, plus bits of the middle and the entire final scene. I've tossed 2,150 words onto a document posted on Google Docs. It needs a lot of polishing, but I'm in the throw-everything-on-the-page draft stage. Not sure if I'll be releasing chapters as I go along, or if I'll draft it all at once and edit it before posting chapters. Might just write it all out, go back and polish, and then post it. However, I'd be lying if I didn't admit that I want to get this thing out there and fast.

It's a cold story, I'll give it that. Lots of references to snow, ice, cold, chills. I think Thomas will be wanting that proximity with Muraki, though that's certainly no consolation. The headspace version of His Paleness is crabbing because I tossed a guy who's about his own age at him, instead of someone young and impressionable. I keep reminding him that he gets to mess with Vincent Cassel, who'd the definition of easy on the eyes, so he's dealing with it.
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From my mom, no less...

Last night, during a discussion about, of all things, sexual harrassment laws in the workplace, my mom challenged me to write a sequel to "Black Swan", in which Thomas, the dance master, winds up getting what's coming to him for messing with his proteges. I said I'd consider it, but I had enough on my plate writing-wise right now, especially since there's another Lonely Prompt Challenge Weekend coming up on [ profile] comment_fic this weekend, plus I just intro'ed Catherine Morland on [ profile] carpe_ho_ras and it's shaped up into one of the biggest intros I've had since I intro'ed Ryuk.

But then this morning, as I was looking out the window at the fresh coat of snow that's falling, the idea came back to me, and the plot spread itself in front of me:

"Black Swan Continues: The Snow Queen". In which Nina is recovering from her horrible mental ordeal, a mysterious albino Japanese surgeon ("Hmmm... I wonder who that could be.") is treating the brain tumors that caused her madness, and Thomas is trying to launch a radical new production of "The Snow Queen". Mom wanted it to be more of a legal thriller, but I explained to her that the adult fairy tale gone horribly wrong in all the right ways is the way to go. Even if it means it includes slash (Muraki/Thomas and it's rather unsettling), which she isn't big on. I'm now researching the Snow Queen, looking to see if it's been done as a ballet and by whom, and if I can find the score on CD. I may fall back on the soundtrack from "Black Swan", which I utterly love anyway: too bad said score has been disqualified from the Academy Awards on the grounds of it being a heavy adaptation of Tschaikovsky's score for "Swan Lake".
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In which I've been working, planning our annual Hallowe'en trip to Salem, MA (which will be taking place next week, when Dad and I have some time off from work), digging up more lights and things for our Hallowe'en yard haunting, poking at various fanfic projects (which I should type up), watching various anime or TV serieses online (currently "Castle" and "Yu Yu Hakusho") and tagging [ profile] carpe_ho_ras RP threads.

Re: Fanfics: I'm slowly poking away at the [ profile] 31_halloween fics, but it's rather slow-going, as I'm writing YnM fics, and Hallowe'en is a fairly recent import to Japan (from what I've heard), so I've had to handwave a few things in order to make some of the prompts work.
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As well as dropping off a good stack of books I'd been meaning to get rid of since forever, and even more that I had recently culled out while reorganizing a few shelves (unfortunately, this meant that I misplaced a few Anne Rice books I wanted to read this month, darn it). We had a coupon for the Used Book Superstore in Burlington, so we decided, today being rather dreary which made it a bad day to work on decorating the yard, that we'd get rid of the pile of books -- and get a few more. I fiund several more of Anne Rice's Vampire novels (not the ones I had misplaced, though I was tempted to do the "find what you lost by getting a replacement" trick) as well as a few odds and ends including a book of true ghost stories from Salem. They sold two books that I'd had my eye, so I guess I'll have to look for them used on Amazon.

Got off to a good start on the [ profile] halloween_31 fics, but I need to get cracking at typing them before they really start to pile up. I think I have five out of thirty themes written (it's actually thirty themes and one author's choice, but one of the themes is redundant, so I may do two author's choice, while giving the comm owner the head's up on this little snag). At least they're coming out as short little sketches, though two decided to become longer, more serious fics (one featuring a slightly hair-raising conversation between Tsuzuki and an angry female ghost who turns out to have an indirect tie with his past). I'm a little stuck as to how to write a "trick or treat"-themed fic, since I'm setting these fics in the YnM-verse and as far as I know, trick or treating isn't done in contemporary Japan, though I suppose I could do something featuring Mercy Falcone, the original character from the U.S. branch of the Ministry of Hades.
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Why yes, it's another Gormenghast ramble: I guess this is my latest Aspie fixation, and it's certainly a rich one...

One of the latest in a series of packages of things bough via Amazaon showed up today, bringing a collection of short stories by Mervyn Peake, including most prominently "Boy in Darkness", a kind of side-story to the Gormenghast novels. There's an interesting point which Maeve Gilmore (Mrs. Mervyn) makes in the preface:

"[N]o book, however long, can possibly chronicle every incident in its character's life. There are many events, and adventures or meetings with people which take place outside the book, just as we, however close we are to our families or friends, can only know a small part of what makes up other people's lives."

You could definitely use that as an apologia for fanfiction writing. We fanfic writers are merely writing the bits that the canon creator didn't write, didn't think to write, or decided not to write. There's apparently a notebook in which Peake had jotted a bunch of ideas for Gormenghast, which never made it into the bricks, including the possibility of making the Steerpike/Fuschia pairing fully canonic (up to and including SP impregnating Fuschia, which leads to her suiciding; I can't help wondering if the "SP as a Groan bastard" theory which mini-series canon strongly yet subtly supports is in there as well, because if it isn't, it was a lost opportunity on Peake's part since it puts the story into the same league as Greek tragedy). Which leads me to add that I'm poking at a pair of very short "missing scene" fanfics: one which explains why Fuschia in her mid-twenties is described as "no longer a virgin" (ie. I reveal who her lover/bed-buddy is; not telling till I post it) and the other is a rather tragic sketch set after her suicide, in which Prunesquallor has to do a post-mortem examination.

Also, I have (technically) finished reading the bricks! Though I had a moment of "Hey, wait, what?" when I happened to open the omnibus and find that "Titus Alone" was several chapters longer than my stand-alone paperback edition (the Ballantine paperback from the 1970s). I was more than a little irritated, since I don't tend to like the edited version of anything. However, it turns out the edits were made in order to make the narrative more coherent. Which lead me to think, "Okay, I can get that from an editorial standpoint, but from a thematic and creative standpoint, it kind of goes against the grain of a world where madness and eccentricity dominate and where things losing their meaning is the order of the day."

I have to admit, I rather liked "Titus Alone", not quite as much as the first two books, but I still enjoyed it immensely. And as I move toward intro'ing one version of Titus Groan at a Certain Mansion, I'm thinking of making some strong references to elements in it, although his entry point will be coming at the end of the books/end of the mini-series, since I'm combining book and mini-series canon (it's sort of book continuity with the trappings of the mini-series, thus he won't be expecting an Evil Albino when he meets our SP).
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Wouldn't you know: the week that I decide to start archiving my ff.n fics on An Archive of Our Own is also the week that their otherwise handy Import function has an IP conflict with ff.n. :: Sighs:: Thus it's been slow going, and I've also been sorting what fics I want to have on the AO3 page. Most of the "A.I." fics are making the cut, but some of the others... I still like them, but somehow, they don't have the sparkle that they had when I first wrote them, and I'm willing to let them stay on ff.n. I've moved the Dresden Files fics and the Sandman ones already, and they've been garnering quite a few hits in just the 24 hours they've been there.

Also, I got my first "Loved when Eddie-kins bit it" review for "Red Moon/Akatsuki":

Wow, awesome story. Really well written and especially love the part where
Edward dies n.n You MUST continue this and soon! Please! It's really great X)

Now if I could just get the first frothing-at-mouth fanit review, I'd feel like I accomplished what I'd partly set out to do when I wrote the damn thing (the other reason, or one other reason, anyway, was to make my peace with the bloody books). I'm tempted to use Muraki's account to start trawling the fanggurl comms and see what happens. I may make some converts, or I might just be contributing to the (well-deserved, in some cases) hatedom that His Paleness has.

[ profile] carpe_ho_ras shenanigans: Per the Tsuzuki/Melisande exchange, I've been begged to write a fic with Tsuzuki reading some kind of really naughty romance novel, with or without Hisoka chewing him out for wasting his eyesight on such "trash". This also helped me finally decide what would go with the prompt "a park bench" on [ profile] story_lottery. Also, if a villain can creep out Steerpike (from "Gormenghast", albeit the somewhat more sympathetic version from the BBC mini-series adaptation), that can only mean said villain is pretty effin' *CREEPY*.
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...I get lax about ye journal, and I've even been spotty about posting on Twitter. I will try to rectify this in due time, that and it's been rather quiet here lately, aside from Friday when I went shopping at Target, intending to get socks and a new pair of black jeans. I ended up buying only socks, since the only black jeans where those weird "trendy" pre-distressed ones that make me think of rejects from the St. Vincent de Paul or the Salvation Army thrift stores. I decided I'm gonna keep my worn pair till they really fall apart.

Also got in some coffeeshop writing, to the tone of another Yami no Matsuei shortfic, featuring more dreamwalking (or apparent dreamwalking), only involving Tsuzuki being nibbled on (or so he thinks) by a different energy vampire, namely Mercy Falcone, my OFC from "Akatsuki". It was a crack idea that just popped into my head, and I fell in love with the idea (mostly because I think of Tsuzuki as being bi and I wanted to see what would happen if I threw a pretty girl into his lap) but it's likely to cause some kerfuffling, since some people are likely to think this means Mercy supposedly some distant relative of Muraki, and oh noez, a Mary Sue!111. Not really, as she puts it in another fic I'm working on, "I'm as related to him as a nice mutt is related to a pedigree Akita." In fact, if you hint that she's anything like Muraki, she'll remind you that she just needs to absorb small, non-lethal amounts of energy from people -- usually crowds or Tatsumi when his insomnia is keeping him up at night -- and she has nowhere near the same level of talent as "that pale, one-eyed creep".
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But I'm likely to need it since tomorrow I have an early shift and we're expecting snow, thus it's likely to be a mad house at work. I did, however, go for a walk with my mother: went to the bank and took care of some business with the checking account. We tried to go to the local Osco Drug/Brooks Pharmacy/Rite Aid which was closing down, to see if they were still open, but that is now perma-closed. Also nipped into the Dollar Tree and got more bath petals (cherry blossom-scented ones this time) and a crazy felt St. Patrick's Day hat. My old sparkly green plastic bowler hat has pretty much been around the bend (as in it's gotten cracked and bent) and I needed something to wear to work for the week of St. Paddy's Day.

Also trying to finish typing a Fanfic Rose featuring a high school-aged Ukyou and Muraki -- so cute! Younger!Muraki is the kind of kid you just want to reach in and huggle: he's a lot different from the version we all know, more frail and shy and even a bit angsty, but there are subtle hints of the things to come...
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Continuing from a previous post...

Paige Brewster is now safely in custody (and hopefully having some kind of counseling to retrain her brain and help her care for her own well-being more); it (unfortunately) seems our boy picked up another would-be "dark bride". I have a feeling this may have caused her to leave this (grave)dirtbag. Granted, there's another girl out there who needs help, but if things went down as I suspect they did ("I tawt i wuz ur WUN TWOO DARK KWEEN!!!111"), no doubt Paige is likely to sing like a canary and bring the boys in blue onto her kidnapper's doorstep. With or without the pitchfork and torch mob, or using those taser-collars on a six-foot long rod seen in "Daybreakers". I'm almost hoping someone goes vigilante on this jerk, stakes him and cuts his head off for (poetic) justice.

Of course this has me in a vile mood (partly due to hormones) and I've been doing a bit of writing therapy, in the form of a semi-RPF crossover with Mercy Falcone threatening to go postal on Sharkey, and Tatsumi trying without much success to talk her down from her fury, succeeding only when he breaks out of Concerned Gentleman Friend mode and orders her to turn over her badge and her service rifle. I doubt I'll finish this one or post it where anyone can see it, even though it's rather good. Either that or I'll file off the serial numbers and publish it as original fiction, maybe even bring Mercy's (widowed) husband Doyle into the picture.
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Blustery cold day today, which meant having to bundle up good -- and endure a parade of people asking me if I was cold and watching their bewilderment when I told them it wasn't really bugging me.

Still trying to figure out what's up with LoudTwitter and it's a bit worrisome, though of course you can follow my Tweets at:

Back to watching Bleach, with more "Hey, It's That Voice" moments: Batou's VA from GitS:AC as both a Soul Reaper and a Bount. Also Orihime sounds like a slightly less helium-esque (and therefore less hard on me sensitive ears) version of Mikuru in "The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzimiya". Unfortunately the credits have been chopped out of the streaming vids I'm watching, but I think that's Crispin Freeman as the leader of the Bounts, which prompted me to say, "Does Crispin Freeman always voice vampire-like critters??" And I'm starting to think I've heard Uryuu's VA somewhere else, but I can't place it. I'm rather fond of Uryuu, maybe because he pasted my least favorite character, though it took a Heroic BSOD to accomplish it, maybe because he seems to get a lot of unwarranted hatred and part of me wants to tip the balance in the poor Quincey's favor. It's hard for me to hate a guy who can *sew by hand* and also is (or was) a crack shot with a bow and arrow.

Also drafted good-sized chunks of several longer YnM fics: I seem to have taken on another YnM fic archetype that requires delicate execution and that's the "redeeming Muraki" idea. Yeah. While I believe *anyone* can be redeemed if they let go of what they've done wrong and admit to their guilt and try to do right, it's a hard sell with this guy because he's so perverse and he clearly enjoys being perverse (though I don't doubt he has his moments when he can't meet his own gaze in a mirror, knowing he's looking at a total monster...). But it dawned on me that there's one thing that might cause him to at least scale back some of his wrong-doing, especially if someone really held his heels over the fire, and so I decided to run with it. I can't say more, but it does tie in with the "He Who Hunts Monsters" plot I've been toying with as well, or at least one take on it. I have a much, much darker angle on it, but I cannot bear to write it *that* way, since the darker rendering involves one character having to decide which he values more: preserving the new family and the new world he's found, or destroying the man who destroyed the world he'd lost, and how he finds that he can't have it both ways.

I also decided to remix "Baby, It's Cold Outside" and, ah, extend it past the fade to black. Yes, that version will be going on the InsaneJournal, though it's nowhere near finished, since like Neil Gaiman writing "Tastings", I keep getting embarrassed with it and putting it aside. It'll be finished when I stop being embarrassed with it.
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So I took a look at the traffic report for my fics on and I'm surprised and delighted with the results:

Cut to fit a table )

This is just the top ten of my fics on there, and I'm surprised and delighted that my one "Truman Show" magnum opus is in the top slot. I'm also pleased that my two "Gattaca" fics ("Flesh of My Flesh" and "Blood of My Blood") are in the top ten. Three of my Cecie Martin stories ("Conversations...", "Runnin' Loose..." "One of THOSE...") are in the top ten, as well; I'm puzzled as to why "The Shadows Between the Neon" isn't there, as it's the best of the series, but it is a long (and somewhat gruesome) story. I'm pleased at how well my two personal favorite "Yami no Matsuei" fics ("Akatsuki" and "Tale of the Kun-Lun Slave") are doing. And the sheer number of people reading my "A.I."/"Harry Potter" crossover is making me realize I need to get back to that one, though I have to say, I'm still not sure where I was going with that one; I've got the climax written, but the hard part is *getting there*. We'll see...

I'm also glad I signed up on "An Archive Of Our Own": I like the interface immensely (being able to upload your fic from *anywhere* online -- that alone is priceless and well worth the waiting period I had to go through when I signed up) and I like the extremely high quality of the writing on there. Granted, a lot of the fics tend to be copied over from LiveJournal, but there's a lot that aren't anywhere else online. I wish there was a little more traffic, and that people would comment on things I've posted, but it's like a little known hideaway in a big city: you know that the people who go there really value the place and the service it provides.

Also have been poking around on and found a DVD of (don't laugh) one of my favorite Sesame Street specials ever, "Big Bird in Japan"; I was getting older (middle-school/junior high school) when this one first aired on PBS, but I remember it fairly well, up to and including having one of the songs from it ("We're Going to Kyoto") come back to me. Well, to quote C.S. Lewis "When I became a man, I put away childish things, including the fear of childish things", so I've ordered a copy.
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I mentioned recently that I got the inspiration to write a semi-songfic based on "Behind Blue Eyes" by the Who when the song happened to pop up on the radio the other day. I know it's probably just a case of the song just happening to be in the current rotation of the radio station involved, but I put the radio on just now and guess what was playing as I did so? That makes the third time in two days I've heard "Behind Blue Eyes" just as I flick the radio on. It's creepy, like someone is trying to tell me something, or I'm being compelled to write the damn thing (especially since I'm being annoyed by the memory of a bad OOC!Angsty!Agent Smith fic based on it from back in the day).

It's coming out more as a character sketch of sorts, or a series of vignettes with some of the lyrics as a framing device, dealing with the inner angst and self-loathing that a younger Muraki is hiding from the world. As arrogant and vain as our boy might be, I get the feeling that a part of him despises himself for allowing himself to be consumed by his own inner demons, a part of him that only maybe one or two people (Sakaki and/or Oriya) has ever seen up close and personal. It's a challenge to write, mostly because younger!Muraki is so different from the creepy bastard fandom knows, plus there's elements creeping in that some people are likely to object to, specifically a bit involving a suicide attempt that's as much a case of our boy being theatrical as it is a case of his self-loathing turning to self-destruction. I can just hear the angry comments, "Muraki wouldn't do that." Well, yes, the Muraki known from the anime and the manga, the confident, practiced killer who's honed his abilities into an artform wouldn't do that, but what about a younger, sadder version who's still trying to cling to the last fraying shreds of his innocence, even as his idealism has decayed to despair and anger?
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One of the things that sparked yesterday's rant about unplowed sidewalks (and which lead to the entire day almost going down the drain) was the fact that I needed to get out and buy a new purse since the strap on the one I was using (and I only bought maybe three months ago. Damn cheap Wal-Mart purses) had worked loose from the metal link holding it to the body of the purse and I had cobbled it back together using (don't laugh) a Hello Kitty clip-on that my mother had given to me. Well, the cobble-job only worked so well and it had a nasty tendency to come unhooked at the most inappropriate times, such as when I was trying to get to a buried bus stop. Thus I missed the bus yesterday, which lead to the first melt-down I have had in months. I'm not proud of it and I am trying to move on, but right now I'm still somewhat in self-loathing mode on account of it.

Anyway... I finally managed to get out and get to the Target in Lowell, where I found a new -- and much more sturdy-looking -- purse, which I promptly moved my personal effects into since I was sick of fighting with the cobble-job. It seems purses these days have become these small suitcase-sized affairs you could easily stuff a small child into, and since I like to carry a small, discreet one, I was a bit disconcerted, though I managed to find something that didn't look like the kind of rig a professional shop-lifter or kidnapper would use. I'm shocked: not only can I fit all my personal effects in it, I can also tuck in the small pads of paper which I've started carrying with me everywhere to make it easier to jot stories/ideas. And there's even room to fit in a paperback book or two, which frees up more space in the canvas totebag I generally carry in addition to the purse.

I also did the writerly thing and worked on one of the fics in progress while having lunch in the small Starbucks inside the Target: I completed one of the "Daybreakers" fics I've promised for the Lightning Round on [ profile] help_haiti (an Edward Dalton gen fic, in this case, inspired by "Into the Light", one of the cuts on the soundtrack CD) and I started poking at yet another Yami no Matsuei fic (featuring a younger and less corrupt Muraki having a revelatory heart to heart conversation with his grandfather about the way the younger Muraki's proclivities have started to run).
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Jim has adjusted his policy on fanfiction:,15307.0.html

I've posted mine on there and I'm tempted to go forward with the Dresden Files/Yami No Matsuei crossover that wants me to write it. Except I can't come up with a decent plot for it, though I came up with a climax where the White Council has Muraki pinned down and they're about to execute him (since he's pretty much broken every one of the Laws of Magic), when something happens to interfere (possibly our boy pulling a Houdini). And I also had the mental image of Tatsumi giving the Merlin one of his subtle verbal bitch-slaps. To say nothing of Molly crushing a teeny bit on Tsuzuki, who'd be happy to reciprocate, but I don't think Michael would take too well to it given the age and religious differences.
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Now to finish reorganizing the "writing" tag, though I'm taking a break, since there's about 200 entries to go through.

Started watching Trigun in earnest: gotta love Vash the Stampede, he's like Abel Nightroad's goofy kid brother who stole Alucard's red duster and orange sunglasses, then modded them a little. Also had more Hey, It's That Voice moments: Vash sounding like The Other Shinigami Named Kurosaki (Ichigo, in Bleach, which I need to get back to); Aramaki as yet another Random Old Guy; Meryl sounding suspiciously like Rit-chan from Those Who Hunt Elves, and a cameo of Mistress Celcia's VA from ditto.

One project that I ditched: adding more tropes to the Yami no Matsuei page on TVTropes. I realized there were way too many tropes (particularly eye-related ones) that fit Muraki too well and I got sick of it.

I also came up with a theory on the identity of the mysterious Edward McLeod, who voiced a certain crooked energy vampire: I remembered something from the commentary on the Evangelion DVDs, where Matt Greenfield came forward as the VA for Huyuuga, and described how he'd stepped in, under a stage name to fill the role when the guy they'd contracted just never showed up for the recording sessions. I wonder if something similar happened when they were dubbing YnM, only in this case, the VA who was supposed to voice Muraki ditched the role after he read through all the scripts, probably thinking to himself, "I can't voice this character, he's an evil [expletive][deleted] in every sense of the words!"

Also banging away on the last full chapter of the Twhinelite crossover: I'd started to write one bit that hinted that something might be going on between Tatsumi and Mercy while the boys were out chasing vampires and whiny girls, but then I remembered that Mercy had been out looking for Bella, though I suppose it's logical she could have gone back to the crummy hotel after she found Bella had gone missing from the hospital. Still, it was fun to imagine the boys' suspicions when one of them notices that the buttons of a certain meticulous fellow's vest are somehow buttoned crookedly...

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