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"Paper or Plastic", or maybe "Baggerz". As it says on the tin, it would deal with folks working grocery retail, starting with getting hired and following them through their training, showing the trials and tribulations of learning the ropes. A lot of it would be "hidden" camera-style stuff, and some of it would be calculated to show how crappy retail customers can be (using actors or "secret shopper"-types. I've learned how to spot those sorts, as they tend to be a little too orderly).
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Just up from a nap that took longer than I expected, but then again I didn't sleep so well last night.

Work was as wacky as I expected: we ran out of D batteries (the kind that go in flashlights) and gallon bottles of water. At least another shipment came in from the warehouse, but people got a bit wibbly over it. And then some old lady started bitching that we needed to ration the water/people are too greedy and take everything for themselves/blah blah blah. I couldn't help wondering somewhat crossly if she really meant it, or if she was the type whose parents used to gouge the petrol rations during the war.

Petrol? I've been watching things from the Beeb a bit too much lately.

One of our cashiers, "Elizabetta", a lovely older lady from Portugal, was asking people who came through her lane if they were "getting ready for company come to visit Sunday". Meaning Irene, natch.
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Finished my work week today, now I get to relax and curl up with a good book or some RP taggage. My Christmas shopping is done, all I have to do now is wrap the packages and decorate our Christmas tree: we'll be putting the lights on it tonight, then I'll decorate it throughout the day tomorrow. I've also told myself, I am changing into my Christmas PJs (this lovely set of snowflake print silver-on-grey flannels that I found at Target: they look almost like something a certain albino energy vampire might wear) and not getting dressed till Christmas morning. And if I do get dressed, I may not go out except for a walk down the street to look at people's Christmas lights.

Speaking of which: my dad has reported seeing the most outrageous blinky lights display imaginable, when he took a detour to visit his friend "Hal" (not his real name) on the way home from work the other night. It apparently has every kind of blinking light imaginable, up to and including a red and a green spotlight blinking at a wreath on the side of the house, and said wreath has -- yep! -- blinking lights on it. Says Dad, "They musta done that on purpose to piss off the neighbors." Says me, "Seizure inducing levels of blinkage?" Says Dad, "Almost. Oh my gawd, you gotta see it t'believe it."

More crazy: We've been getting dustings of snow every day this week. The resident snow-haters at work have been calling it "rain". Funny-looking rain, if you ask me. Never seen white rain that stuck to the ground before.


Feb. 15th, 2010 08:46 pm
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Busy day at work: it's a school vacation week, so people are buying more stuff since the kids are home and in everyone's hair, to say nothing of the snow we're supposed to have tomorrow. I was rather surprised that people were continuing what "Penelope", one of my co-workers lovingly calls "our New England snowstorm tradition" (Really! That's what she says when people jam into the store at the first mention of snow). The last storm ended up being such a bust, I figured people weren't going to bother this time, but I guess the lessons of The Blizzard of 1978 are hard to take lightly.

I've also been taking down the last of our Christmas decorations, mostly the Nativity scenes: Ash Wednesday is in less than a day and a half and I'd better get cracking. I also need to find my "Mardi Gras shirt", this odd blouse with a gold, purple and green design on it.

And before supper my mom and I put out the lovely Valentine's Day tablecloth, napkins and heart-shaped placemats which my dad got for us: I know, it sounds like it's a day late, but I'm still scattering Fanfic Roses (will try to get another one or two typed and posted later) and there's always White Day...
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Or "Is Civilization as We Know It Going to Collapse Because Someone had More Than 12 Items in the Express Lane?!"

About halfway through my shift, two people approached my boss, arguing over the fact that one of them had had more than 12 items in the express lane. I couldn't hear my boss's side of the exchange, since the two combatants were getting loud (loud enough that almost the entire checkout was staring at them with the sort of look generally reserved for screaming/flailing/tantruming two year olds), but I believe they were asked to stop arguing and leave. Either way, it was all I could do to keep from turning around and telling them "Stop it. Right Now. You sound like a couple of kids bickering. How important is it?" But it wasn't my place to intervene; still, I felt bad for my boss having to try and reason with the unreasonable, irrational wonks with the gimmes. And it wasn't like either of them even had more than two or three bags of stuff altogether, between the two of them, so I suspect this was a case of perfectionistic wankery. If it was someone trying to horn through with a full shopping cart, I could understand a certain amount of displeasure, but even then the amount they were displaying -- between the finger pointing and the name-calling -- was disproportionate to the problem.

I feel like biting something right now. Off to find some cranberry juice...
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Inventory last night: They did this differently than they have in previous years. Instead of having all of us gather in the back room and get our assigned aisle there, we had our assignments listed on a sheet near the time clock and when we punched in, we had to head right to our assigned aisles. Except I somehow wasn't on the list, so I had to consult "Joe the Angel" (ie. the assistant store manager) and get an assignment from him: I ended up in the cereal aisle counting organic/gluten-free oatmeal and such.

Today: Because of the snowstorm we had the past two days, people weren't in out shopping. Today they were. I'm in a bit of a cranky mood right now, but it's nothing that can't be cured by some random absurdness. Like people's LJ icons, and my mother asking me if we had any "tacky tacks" when she was looking for some thumbtacks. To which I replied, "Tacky tacks?! Are you implying that our tacks are cheap and ugly-looking and likely to come apart randomly?!" said mischievously.

Typing up an "A.I." fic, which is also the last of the requests/prompts, which will likely go live later tonight (read: "Just after midnight"). I'm undecided about cutting the second Evangelion fic from the 12 Days of Fanfic list: I'll probably type it/post it if I have time, and since I have tomorrow and Wednesday off, I may be able to squeeze it in. Wednesday is likely to be a bit of a fic-dump day, so brace yourselves (especially since I have at least two in mind that day).

Flurry the budgie is continuing to become more personable; he's making up his own sentences now: we definitely heard him say "You're a good parakeet" the other night. My mom says "You're a good bird" to him when he does something cute, but he somehow swapped out "bird" for "parakeet". The look on his face as we praised him for saying his first sentence was comical, as if he were thinking, "Huh? Why are people squeeing over me?" He's a very shy and modest little bird.

Doing a bit of "something old, something new" this week in terms of fannish stuff. The something new: I just started reading "Deathwish", the fourth of the Cal Leandros books by Rob Thurman; I keep chuckling over how much the series reminds me of what you'd get if you crossed "Supernatural" with the Dresden Files and threw it into a setting very like White Wolf's World of Darkness. The something old: I've also started rewatching Cowboy Bebop. Hey It's That Voice moments galore, including the voice of Aramaki from GitS:AC as a random old guy in a market; also had a moment where I jokingly said, "Hey, I know who Faye Valentine is: she's Haruhi Suzimiya, all grown up. Guess her hair and eye color changed because of the cryostorage." (Ie. Wendee Lee voiced both characters).
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The roads are pretty rough, so we opted to go to the noon Mass at St. Joe's in Lowell instead of making the trek to Newton. This gave me an extra twenty minutes or so to work on typing the next 12 Days of Fanfic offering. The chances of me filling out all twelve are becoming less and less likely, since I've gotten so far behind; I'll get everyone's prompts in, but the two I had in mind to fill out the twelve may be falling by the wayside, unless I can somehow catch up in the next three days. Either that, or I'll throw in two that are already written, but need to be typed up (except that they're both -- yep -- Yami no Matsuei fics)

Correction: At Mass, my mind got itself unstuck on the Trinity Blood fic (anime continuity, since I only just got the light novels/more volumes of the manga and just started reading those) I've been poking at, so if I can spare the time, I'll get cracking on writing/typing that. I might even just directly type it up, since my brain has warmed up to it, but that could be hassle since I have to go in to work tonight since it's Inventory. I just hope I don't have to count stuff in the frozen food aisle like that first year I worked at this particular store, and nearly froze to death. Wish me luck!
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...So far I haven't been too frazzled by the chaos that is Christmas week (aside from the hormone-induced hiccup on Monday); I chalk this up to two things: plotting out my 12 Days of Fanfic stories while I'm working and keeping a good flow of chi going through my being. I remembered to practice my T'ai Ch'i form and that's helped immensely. Consequently, I had people asking me if I was tired and why I wasn't tired. I joked about it: "I'm on my second wind/I'm hyper-focused for a change today." This garnered some grumbling, but it was too busy to really notice.

So far I have one fic drafted and ready to be typed, I'm most of the way through another fic (one of three for this fandom and am ditto for another. We'll see how my schedule next week goes since we have New Year's Day, plus my best friend's wedding coming up and the day after that, I have to help with inventory at work; I may wind up running over the 12 days, but my family pretty much celebrates Christmas by the pre-Vatican II calender, ie. we leave the decorations up till Candlemas/the Feast of the Purification of Our Lady, on February 2nd. So if the fics are a bit slow in coming, rest assured, they will pop up on here sometime before then, hopefully before mid-January.
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Finally starting to feel better after the recent bout of sinus trouble. Had a slow morning at work, so I started drafting an "A.I." fanfic based on one of the 12 Days of Fanfic prompts which someone posted: I had to chuckle since said story is a very innocent fic, and on the same pad of paper, I have some notes for a not-so-innocent fic. This made me think, "Talk about finding out who's naughty or nice..."

Also got my first dirty look of the season for humming Christmas carols while I was working. Seriously: just because I'm blowing air through my vocal chords and causing my lips to resonate and shape the sound, does not mean my hands move any slower. In fact, it means I'm in a good mood and I'm working steadily. Next time I get that just ate a lemon look, it'll be all I can do to keep from humming "You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch". We always seem to get at least one Scrooge per year, and their actions can be quite comical in retrospective. Last year it was someone getting in the face of one of the managers... about the Salvation Army bell-ringer's bell being too loud. Buh??

And I have joined yet another fic-writing prompt comm, this time: [ profile] 30_kisses, which I am devoting to a rare pairing, namely Muraki/Ukyou (Yami no Matsuei, manga continuity), as a series I've entitled "Frail Beauty, Pale Beast". I'm even thinking of creating a fic trailer, using images from the manga (slide-show style), but am divided on what music to use: first choice is The Chairman's Waltz, from John Williams's score for "Memoirs of a Geisha", but I'm also inclined toward "Isfahan" by E.S. Posthumus.
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The day started with my boss calling to tell me things were quiet at the store and I didn't have to come in until eleven o'clock. No big deal, as I had to shovel the driveway anyway.

Then, as I'm leaving, the lights blink and go out. So now we have no phone and the circulator had gone out on the boiler, so we have no heat. I headed out to find that the whole street was out, including the traffic light, and since I have to cross the street to get to work, I did so with precautions: I held out both hands in the "Stop" position, and called out "I'm walking here! I'm walking here!" ala Dustin Hoffman in that famous ad-libbed bit involving the cab in "Midnight Cowboy". I got to work and it was dead quiet: I even got a pad and a pen and, in between orders, jotted one of the [ profile] fandom_stocking drabbles I'd decided to write, finished that one and started two others. As of now, I have one already posted, one written out and ready to type up and a third one in the works.
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And so far, people have been fairly well-behaved, aside from the silly person who assumed I must be tired because she felt tired. Buh? I told her, with a smile, that I was just getting my second wind.

Also did more of the "writing at work" thing: I had a half-hour lunch break, only used fifteen minutes of it, and since I've been ordered not to punch in till that half-hour is up, I spent the rest of my lunch hour drafting more of the Twhinelite/YnM crossover.

Words of wisdom of the week: Bagging frozen turkeys is like bagging huge, cold, weirdly-shaped bowling balls.
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It started this morning when I was walking to work and I found one of the shopping carts from the store where I work, shoved into the bushes between the brook on one side of our yard and our neighbors' house on the right. It was common for shopping carts to end up in the brook itself, back when before the metal guard rail was put up, but the pranksters didn't have that luxury this time. Needless to say, I grabbed the shopping cart and muttering a few choice words and also chuckling, I wheeled the cart with me the rest of the way to work, where I deposited it in one of the carriage corrals outside.

It didn't end there: I was walking through the health and beauty aids aisle (HBA in grocery parlance), when I heard this weird buzzing noise coming from a bin. I went to investigate, and found the noise came from a two-pack of battery-operated electric toothbrushes. It looked like someone had smooshed in the plastic over the on buttons and turned them on; I passed them on to the guys in grocery so they could shut the toothbrushes off before the batteries ran down. My efforts to shut the dang things off proved futile.

And ye draggies:

Adopt one today! \\Adopt one today! \\ Adopt one today! \\ Adopt one today!
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"Other duties as assigned" at my job can include some unusual things. Like helping my boss hang up plastic Easter eggs hung on long thin ribbons from the suspended ceiling on Monday. The front end looks very festive now; it took us the better part of five hours (ie. most of my shift) and it was well worth it. We haven't done this before, so people are really excited by it. We've had folks playfully suggest putting gift cards inside and let them drop down. Himself has been joking there's a $100 bill hiding in one. Little kids and their folks love it: a few kids even want some.
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Long day at work today, further complicated by having to go to the bank to get the money order for this month's phone/Internet bill, which might explain why I've got a teensy headache at the moment. Not sure why, but people at work had the spills today. First, someone dropped a gallon jug of cider in the front end, then a bottle of bleach got dumped in the front main aisle, then someone dropped a container of blueberries which burst open in the lane I was working in. Wierd.

I'm making good progress on my re-re-read of the Dresden Files books, as I count down the last month till "Small Favor" comes out. I finished reading "Death Masks" last night -- probably the best TDF book to read during Lent, since it deals with the Shroud of Turin. I'm wondering if Jim Butcher was raised Catholic.... Just started on "Blood Rites", though I'm pretty much skim-reading them. Things are going to get busy with Easter on the way, so I doubt I'll have time for a thorough reading.
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We got new registers installed at work as of yesterday, and thank God, they're AS-friendly: ie. the beep on the scanner is softer in tone, so it's way less hard on my hearing. Also, we got rid of the keypads for the debit card/food stamps cards, so the little tykes in the shopping carts can no longer gum the things up by pounding on the keys: we now have touch-screen keypads, which are way less eye-catching.

Cut for ranting about sexual morality )
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Wore my green elf-hat to work today, but it didn't go over too big: a three-year old kid who was probably in dire need of lunch or a nap or both took one look at me and started howling, which made me a sad grocery clerk.

Also, the ladies in the front end were taking up a collection for a Christmas present for the Major Pain in the Neck. "Lucy", one of the cashiers, was organising it, and when she came up to me, asking me what I'd be able to give... I told her, "Coal, because he's been a naughty boy with the schedule," appended with an eeriely dead-on impersonation of Crispin Freeman's Alucard sniggering eeevilly. Not real coal, of course, but... bubble-gum coal I got at the dollar store that opened in our neighborhood a few weeks ago. This guy needs some lessons in humor and being an expert at dry wackiness, I couldn't be a better teacher for him.

Just got our tree into the house, but since it snowed on it, the tree has to drip-dry before we can even think about putting the lights on it.
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Not the real name of the store where I work, and apologies for the mangled paraphrase of a quote from "Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure".

Thankfully it was the Major's day off, so I had a reprieve from his obnoxiousness for one day. I just have to put up with him the rest of the week.

More delights from him: He's doing away with the notebook we were jotting down our requests for days off. If we want a day off, we have to go directly to him and ask him. I don't even like talking to this jerk since he consistently talks down to me, like I'm a teenager, when for God's sake I'm turning freakin' *30* in five days, dangit!.

Also, he's been grilling people on what they're doing on their days off when they consistently turn down his demands that they come in on said days off. I'm looking for a few good suggestions for things to say to this guy in the event that he tries getting me over a barrel like this.

In better news -- well, funnier anyway... we don't what was going on, but about two this afternoon, two guys in their late teens/early twenties pulled up in front of the building in a convertible with the top down, took a big blanket out of the back seat of the car, spread the blanket on the ground and then started *dancing* on the blanket for about three or four minutes. Long enough for everyone in the front end to turn and stare at them, through the window. Then they picked up the blanket, tossed it back into the car, got in the front seat and sped away. We're not sure what that was about. If this was September, I'd think it was some sort of bizarre initiation ritual for a fraternity at one of the local colleges.
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As I was punching in, I overheard the store director, the head-honcho manager, talking to my boss, aka "the Major" (as in "the Major Pain in the Arse"). And I mean *TAlKING* to him. Giving him the "lighten up, you're making the help feel like peasants" talk. The "You're so hard on the help that even some of the *customers* have noticed and complained to me about it" talk.

Thus, the Major was a lot easier to work with today. I hope this trend continues.
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The Major was not in today, thank God, so I actually had a normal work day for a change. I actually wound up putting away overstock for about an hour, something I love to do which I haven't done in a while. As I was putting away some bottles of barbeque sauce (that time of year again: people are firing up the backyard grills), I discovered a large, blue playground ball sitting on the top shelf, behind some salad dressing bottles. I'm wondering if some kid tossed it up there or if a parent stuck it up there to get it away from a kid who was getting rambunctious with it (we've got playground balls for sale, which is why the ball was in the store to begin with).

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