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Which is pretty much how it's been this week, when I wasn't busy with errands or burning the midnight oil getting the last pages typed of the infamous [ profile] vampirebigbang fic. The corrections/additions for that ended up amounting to twenty extra pages that I had to type. At least it came out in one piece, so I didn't have to go mad trying to figure out where it fit in. I might polish it a bit more and there's a cut scene I might add later, when-if I post it to AO3. The fic master post doesn't go up till sometime in the beginning of October: I'll post something either here or on [ profile] mtxref_fic when it goes live.

Also, my allergies have been bothering me off and on, so I've had trouble sleeping. This has made my nights a bit weird: I've been up late reading or trying to jot short fic for either [ profile] comment_fic or "fic_promptly" on Dreamwidth. I need to get better about typing up things, since they're rather piling up: I've officially retired one of the bound, physical journals I use to draft things. A lot of the time, I draft things longhand: it gives the creative process a bit more of an organic feel to it. Sometimes, I can create a fic on the fly and type it up in one sitting, but not always. Plus, I like to write in odd places, ie. having lunch in a coffee shop or on the bus or during lulls at work.

Been watching a few TV shows marathon style: I mainlined "Castle" all the week before last, preparing for the season premiere. Then this past week, I was watching "White Collar", which is fabulous: it's like seeing a series based on "Catch Me If You Can". Now watching "Doctor Who Confidential", which is a whole lot of fun.


Jun. 22nd, 2011 06:33 pm
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I have not been as sick, in a long time, as I have been the past few days. At first I thought I was coming down with a cold on Sunday, and I started treating it as such by blasting it with Airborne. But to little effect: Monday, I was feverish, ending in a mild delirium with a bit of a religious experience: I had been praying, putting my pain into God's hands and I swear I could *see* the pain rising out of my body, coalescing into a ball of violet energy about three feet above my body and then a pair of hands taking it and cupping it, gathering the pain and drawing it away, but without least until I fell asleep.

Tuesday, I felt more like myself, sort of. I was (and still am) dealing with chest congestion and a cough, but I felt less feverish. I decided to take a bath so I'd feel less sticky -- and then my stomach randomly decided to go into reverse. At least I managed to dive over the faucet of our old clawfoot bathtub to get to the toilet before I lost it. After that, I avoided solids for most of the day, which wasn't a problem as I didn't feel that hungry anyway.

Today, I'm less feverish, but I called in sick to work anyway. Might take tomorrow off as a precaution (plus I have an appointment with my therapist). All in all, I think it's the flu, and also Someone's way of telling me to get a flu shot regularly, since I work with the public (I wonder if Medicaid covers gamma globulin shots, since that's supposed to cover a host of illnesses).

The upside: I've been getting a lot of extra rest and I've been watching off and on marathons of Stargate SG-1. Haven't had much brain to RP tag or write, but yesterday and today, when I felt up to it, I've been typing the [ profile] vampirebigbangfic I've been longhand writing.
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Suddenly I'm feeling cruddy and uninspired, thanks to *that* time of the month. When that happens, it's a good time to reach for the longhand drafted but untyped fics that are sitting in my notebooks. So if there's a sudden explosion of ficcage... that's where it all came from.

Written for [ profile] fuda_100's challenge "What Lies in the Dark"

WARNING: Contains molestation/incest and homophobia. This fic involves a teenaged Muraki and his half-brother Saki, whose arrival into his life gets described by an adult Muraki as "the day the devil came into my house". When Muraki calls someone a devil, they definitely had to have done something awful to deserve it (funny that he ends up as a worse monster than his half-brother...).

Cut for content )
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Which is the greeting one gives when you've barely had a minute all week to put a few words together in your personal LJ. This past week at work was insanely busy: the day before Christmas Eve was as busy as most Christmas Eves, plus I've been doing extra housework. No wonder that I work up Christmas morning with an earache (thankfully the kind that can be treated with a hot water bottle).

But I had a lovely day: shared "A Nightmare Before Christmas" with my folks, got a lovely little book about the Holy Grail legends, and from my dad, a lovely little electric stove that looks like a little log burner. It's even got these simulated logs that flicker like real glowing logs, and simulated flames on a glass screen in the back. My room is going to be nice and cozy this winter! I can even turn it on in the summer to look at the flickering flames, since it has a switch on it that turns off the heating unit.

And now we're getting a blizzard, so I was out earlier, shoveling snow and getting some much welcome exercise.
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I'm still horribly congested because of this cold, but right now, it just feels like nasty allergies... which were troubling me before I came down with the cold in the first place.

Got the latest of the small packages I was expecting from Amazon, namely the third and final volume of the manga version of Gankutsuou. I've been tempted to look for the manga version of Kyou Kara Maou! but given how I missed an entire week of work this week, I simply don't have the funds right now. Still watching the anime, which is keeping me laughing and may have helped with the healing process.

Also discovered the second season of "Life After People" on I'm only on the second episode, but I'm enjoying it as much as the first season, perhaps even more, since they featured an especially heart-warming bit of speculation, namely, Anatolian sheepdogs continuing to guard flocks of sheep for generations, and one comical segment involving raccoons scavenging in a house, helping themselves to the vanished humans' cookies and fruit bowls and rummaging in the drain of a sink! (I love raccoons anyway: they're clever little rascals with permanent bandit masks and inquisitive little hands). Then there was the Great Lakes freighter going over Niagra Falls -- and come to find out some of those boats can be longer than the falls are tall, which somehow made it funnier. And is it me, or does the narrator sound like the late, great voice-over/announcer Don LaFontaine channeling the late, great Shakespearean and horror movie actor Vincent Price? I find the series humbling and thought-provoking, a bit nightmarish (when the fates of animals are involved) and yet a bit funny at times: some of the segments of Things Falling Apart and Going Smash are probably amusing because there are no humans around to be injured or killed, but sometimes there are cases of Conspicuous CGI involved; the bit involving a methane gas explosion under the MetLife building in NYC was an especially obvious case: they seemed to have simply copy-pasted an explosion with a fireball (it was going in the right direction and it was angled properly, but the play of light and shadows didn't quite match up) over some footage of the building. Also very surreal and interesting: the deserted desert town of Kolmanskop, Namibia, featuring buildings with rooms half full of drifted sand (made me think of the Village in the Jim Caviezel version of "The Prisoner").
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Got a call from work: my boss had heard I wasn't feeling well, and he offered to let me have the day off. I'm still a bit feverish, so I decided to take it easy. Had some trouble sleeping since it was unusually warm last night and I just wasn't feeling well.

Still watching marathons of anime in the evening: currently focused on watching the hilarious "Kyo Kara Maou!" It's somewhat in the same vein as "Those Who Hunt Elves", only with a little bit of bromance/shounen-ai. It might seem like it's gently parodying the tropes of modern fantasy, but there is a serious storyline underneath it all. (And I'm now fighting the temptation to bring the bratty but ultimately really caring Wolfram Von Bleifield to a certain Mansion...)
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Lots of unexpected things happened today: woke up this morning to find the water shut off and a backhoe outside my window, because the water main had broken in the middle of the night. Got to work and was Fine for awhile, but That Time of The Month has been imminent and I started feeling exhausted and depressed. At least they let me out early. Stopped at Dunkin Donuts and got myself a nice cup of their new hot apple cider, which perked me up a little. So I headed home -- carefully treading around the workmen digging up our sidewalk -- and took arrest for the better part of the day.

Also got a package today with the first of the three-volume manga version of Gankutsuou, which is a little different from the anime version. It seems to be told from the POV of the Count of Monte Cristo rather than Albert's.
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So... I've been a bit invisible lately due to Not Feeling Like Myself due to That Time of the Month impending and simply crashing after all the emotional roller coaster rides I've been on lately. I've been by turns:

--Watching random classical music vids on YouTube

--Sloooowly catching up on [ profile] carpe_ho_ras tags (Next to Parsifal, Ryuk has had the biggest intro to date of my characters: proof of how popular Death Note is).

--Typing/posting another fic for [ profile] comment_fic; will post to another entry

--Alternating reading chapters of Gormenghast with watching the miniseries (via YouTube): Best way to compare and contrast them (And I like 'em both. Drat the nay-sayers who whine in the YT comments about the Pre-Raphaelite art design and the brighter lighting: I think it creates a better contrast, and in some cases, I find it an interesting foil to the Gothic elements). And phooey on the nuts who gripe about Jonathan Rhys-Meyers: he might be prettier than the book version of Steerpike, but boy, does he have the personality nailed left, right and center (scary....); there is something to be said for good-looking villains: it's that whole "evil looks attractive" thing. ( :: Glares at another good-looking villain, in headspace, for drooling...:: ) Also having some Carpe Horas-related hilarity whilst reading the critical essays in the back of the omnibus (borrowed from the Lowell Library; will likely be returning it once my own copy shows up in the mail -- used via Amazon): One essay describes Steerpike as having "vampiric qualities", which lead me to snerk, "Not quite, but his self-appointed mentor does, and if the cards get played right, he might wind up as a sympathetic energy phage..."

--Rewatching Blood Plus, since Riku Miyagusuku has joined the chorus in headspace, and I think he'd be an interesting new arrival to the Mansion: Nice, sensible, cute little guy who just happens to be a dhampire/chiropteran chevalier. I had forgotten how much this anime plays like what you get if you throw Hellsing, a Robert Ludlam novel, a schoolgirl samurai flick and some warm-fuzzy family drama into a blender. And is it me, or is Van Argiano an Expy of Muraki (and possibly a role Crispin Freeman took up because he'd flaked out taking the role of His Paleness in the dub of YnM)? Also, there seems to be much Talking To Himself in this anime: the guy who voiced Kai Miyagusuku also voices a desk clerk who dickers with him, and then there's Crispin Freeman voicing a mook technician who grumbles at Argiano.
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Ahh, yes, I haven't been posting much of late, due to a lot of factors, including work and just being tired due to getting over this darn cough I've been struggling with all week. Plus my poor mother caught it from me and thus I've been taking care of her. Consequently, I wasn't able to get all my [ profile] story_lottery stories written and typed before the deadline in order to win the round, but at least I can still post what I managed to finish, which should be showing up in the days to come...

I've also been re-watching Death Note, since I'm warming up to bring the "apple-eating, *other* kind of shinigami" to the Mansion. I couldn't resist, especially since one of the gang has recently intro'ed Light Yagami (who's extremely skeptical on meeting the cuter breed of shinigami, and has been exchanging philosophical shots across the bow with Muraki). Gotta say, one of the things that's been keeping me sane lately has been [ profile] carpe_ho_ras, and it's been a while since I could say that in all honesty about an RPG I've been involved in.

Also finally managed to get through the second half of "Repo! The Genetic Opera" without too many squicks, even got a start on the audio commentary (featuring Alexa Vega, Terence Zudunich and a few others -- hilarioua!)
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And I have to thank everyone for all the hugs, kind thoughts and vampire hugs from everyone for helping me pull myself back together. Though now, out of the blue, I have a bit of a cough in my chest. Not enough to floor me, but enough to slow me down a bit. I also discovered, about fifteen minutes after punching in at work, that I'd looked at the schedule wrong and I had the day off. Rather a nice surprise, though it won't look too good on my paycheck next week. But... I'm working on finishing the infamous [ profile] story_lottery stories: I've got maybe one left to finish writing, specifically the EvE Online fic, but I've had that mapped out in my head for a year. Expect to see an insane amount of ficcage popping up for the next few days as I scrabble to meet the deadline.

Also went to the Salem NH Barnes & Noble last night: bit of a disappointing trip, as they didn't have two things I was looking for, though since one was the new Supernatural tie-in novel, it might have gotten scoffed up quickly. I'll try the Burlington B&N. I did get Richelle Mead's "Succubus Shadows", and I'm now fighting the temptation to bring Georgina Kincaid to the Mansion ([ profile] carpe_ho_ras, you are my anti-drug of choice. :: Laughs:: ).

Now re-reading Gormenghast (and skim-re-reading "The Historian", since I'm seriously considering bringing Helen Rossi in at a certain addictive RPG), and I had forgotten how delightfully Byzantine Meryvn Peake's prose is. And I have to snerk at the purists who yell about the Pre-Raphaelite inspired art design on the TV series (which I have been watching via YouTube and trying to ignore the anNOYing comments: I like how they've redesigned the website, but could they find a way to collapse the comments? I swear to God, YouTube has the most inane commenters ever): I can't see any argument against it, and I rather like it.
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I just needed a day to goof off and since I haven't been feeling well, today was the perfect time to do it. Thus I spent parts of the day napping or curled up in bed reading, in this case "A Game of Thrones", which is off to a chilling (and impressive) beginning!

I did manage to get a few bits of writing jotted, though nothing major: a few paragraphs here and there on several fics, a few ideas jotted down for future stories. I'm about a third the way through Mercy Falcone's backstory, and I have a feeling I'm going to get gnawed on by Tatsumi fangurlz, since I'm seeing Mercy and him eventually hooking up, "friends with benefits"-style (though it's more of a result of Mercy going into starving to death energy vampire mode and "vamping out" on the poor guy -- and him actually enjoying it in spite of himself. Well, there's a Tatsumi/OFC fic that's at the top of the listing on ff.n, so I'm not alone.

I'm still open to more ideas for the 12 Fanfic Roses. Right now I have about a half dozen between other folks' ideas and my own, but I'd like to make it a full dozen.


Feb. 3rd, 2010 11:03 pm
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Woke up this morning with a scratchy throat and I have been barely functional all day. I just hope I can pull together a bit so I can make it to work tomorrow. Spent much of the day napping and trawling -- and adding more random YnM entries to the latter. Gotta spread the cute shinigami love; still trying to decide if my list of the understandable-to-"Bzuh?"-inducing edits which the SciFi Channel made to the anime come under Executive Meddling or Bowlderization.
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So, the new half-rims are on order and should be done tomorrow at the earliest, but there was a case of the usual mis-adventures: the appointment I'd made at LensCrafters, via their website vanished into the cracks in the pavement of the Information Superhighway, but fortunately, the eye doctor was still in and was willing to take the appointment. My left eye has weakened, but my right -- the weak one -- has remained stable, thus I had to get a new prescription. And because of the thickness of the lenses, it wasn't possible to get them in fully rimless frames. Ah well, half-rims are just as good (and if I do carry out the plan to costume as a certain crooked energy vampire, they'll still work, since there's a few frames in the manga, where it looks like he's wearing half-rims).

Which reminds me: the one-day anime con at Salem State has been canceled. Grrr! I'm tempted to go to ConnectiCon in the summer, but that's out of state and a bit out of range as far as transportation goes, unless I get a room at the hotel.

Also nipped in to the Borders at the Rockingham Mall, where I picked up George R.R. Martin's "A Game of Thrones", on recommendation from [ profile] tomboy_typist, and Vol 10 of the manga version of Trinity Blood because they didn't have vols. 6 through 9. Odd.
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You've heard of the Straw That Broke the Camel's Back, work today was an instance of the Case of Soda That Broke the Aspie Girl's Back. Or caused her to lose her balance and fall on her toushe, then nearly have a panic attack on the floor. Somehow in the process, I wrenched my left shoulder and now it's killing me. :: Growls::

Positive energy, hugs, Internet cookies, fanfic recommendations, cool fanart (with or without sexy death gods) anything you can throw at me would be greatly appreciated about now.

Also, this is the third day in a row I have been unable to get any substantial amount of writing done, and it's making me a sad panda. I have a [ profile] help_haiti fic to write (two, if you count the winning bid on the main auction), and my brain doesn't feel up to it, even if my heart is.


Jan. 11th, 2010 09:08 pm
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Caution: contains heavy snarling...

Note to my esteemed customers:

No system is perfect. Correction: Nothing in life is perfect. This includes the debit card system. If there is heavy traffic on it, such as today, it causes a bottleneck and slows it down, sometimes it even crashes. Announcing it to the whole store that the debit system is down would cause people to either leave and cost us business that we need in order to sell our products and pay our hard-working employees, or they'd get even more snarly-yarly and possibly start having two year old temper-tantrums. Neither is a fun situation. Please to stop being the definition of Unpleasable Fanbase.

Thank you.

Between that and taking down the Christmas tree (never a fun thing to do, and it's really bugging me today for some reason, which hasn't happened to me since I was twelve), plus I think I'm fighting a scratchy throat from one of the delightful little children who sneezed on me, I'm not having the best of days, and I was doing so good for a while there....
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Not sure why, but my allergies have flared up horribly and thus I've been a bit invisible for the past day or so since I've been resting. But...

I now have a small Christmas tree in my room and just started decorating it. Most of the lights I'd been using have decided to give up the ghost and now I'm using a set of those nifty LED Christmas tree lights that are coming into use. I have an especial fondness for these: the colors are brighter than on regular incandescent lights and yet they're easier on the eyes.

Haven't gotten much done in the way of writing, but I supposed a lull is in order since I've been poking at so many ideas lately.
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My sinuses are utterly haywire, due to the fact that we've barely had any rain all month (and May is generally the monsoon season here), and thus the pollen isn't getting washed out of the air. Thus, I've been miserable the past few days: sneezing, sniffling, my eyes sore and running, my sinuses swollen. Not a pretty picture. Add to this, I've barely been able to sleep, due to all of the above. Yes, I took some Zyrtec. It just seems it's not designed for abominable weather conditions.

The kicker? the whiners at work have been whining about "all this wretched rain". Every time even the smallest cloud passes over the sun, they start whimpering, "oh noez, its going 2 RAIN!!1111". Are they all made out of the same stuff as the Wicked Witch of the West in "the Wizard of Oz" and they'll melt if they get wet? I almost wish they would so I don't have to listen to them and so they'll be put put out of their misery.
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Long story and my typing may get vague, due to my hands shaking from fear...

I was on my way to work this morning, crossing the street to get to the store, when this old guy in a silver Honda came creeping around the corner. I was in a crosswalk. I had the pedestrian light. I had the right of way. Even still, he clipped me, knocked me to the ground and probably would have kept going if I hadn't been screaming my lungs out. He got out and I accosted him, but of course the little rat had to insist he had the right of way, before he took off.

Fortunately there was a witness, who saw more of what was going on than I could have, and I got his address. Once I got into work, I told "Sharon" in the courtesty booth what had happened and she called the police for me, so I could file a report. Three minutes later, one of our town's finest arrived and got my statement.

I'm fine. I've got a few scrapes and bruises, but I'm fine I worked the rest of the day without incident (just to keep on keeping on), other than getting a little emotional, and one of my co-workers kept telling everyone what happened.

There are people driving who shouldn't be. Please, pray that the police find and catch this man and that he is prosecuted to the full extent of the law.


Apr. 9th, 2008 01:41 pm
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Finally, we get some lovely spring weather after it had been cold/rainy/windy/snowy for a while... just in time for me to come down with a *NASTY* sore throat. So, I'm spending today curled up in bed with a few Silouette Nocturnes, a cup of hot tea and some AirBorne. Well, when I'm not here, listening to the latest podcast from "The Butcher Block" or browsing for the older Silouette Nocturne books: I've discovered some folk selling them for as low as a *penny*, which tempts me to buy them at that ridiculously low price.

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