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This is an unofficial gift fic for my mom. We'd both recently watched the 1977 movie version of "Audrey Rose" and the ending left us unsatisfied. We agreed that it seemed a bit short shrift for the characters to go through all that madness only for the title character to die in the end, rather than come to some bittersweet ending. So! That leads me to the joy of the fix fic.

Prompt: How deep is your love?
Word Count: 774

'You talk as though this was a contract that had been broken. Not as if you were talking about your own child.' )
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So! Finally discovered a site which has the 1967 version of "The Prisoner" and started watching it last night: It's fun and weird, but I'm not sure that I like it as much as the new version. For one thing, I can't make jokes about Jesus (Jim Caviezel), Gandalf (Ian McKellen), and Gellert Grindelwald from the Harry Potter series (Jamie Campbell Bower) all being in the same series. For another thing, it seems more linear in its storytelling/plotting. I guess it's a case of apples and oranges and comparisons thereof.

Here's where the irony starts to creep in: I got up this morning to check the news headlines online, and come to find out, film-score composer John Barry has passed away. Probably the most famous thing he wrote is the "James Bond" theme. The irony being that Patrick McGoohan, the star of the 1967 version of "The Prisoner", famously turned down the role of James Bond because he wasn't comfortable with the character's morals.
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[Error: unknown template qotd] Hard to say, but I think the ones I tend to avoid the most are sports movies and westerns, unless they're classics or they've been recommended to me. I'm not much into sports anyway. And I've found just can't get into most westerns (so explain why I like spaghetti western-inspired anime like Cowboy Bebop and Trigun? :: Laughs:: ).
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One of my many plans for next week is going to see the movie version of Neil Gaiman's "Coraline". Here's Neil himself offering a few thoughts on buttons:

What makes this trailer even cooler is that it was filmed in the front room and the library of his rambly Victorian house in Minnesota, where I always imagine "Coraline" taking place.
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Just been watching Masterpiece Theatre's adaptation of "Northanger Abbey": I'm looking forward to reading the book, since it's one that's escaped me, but it think it's one of Jane Austen's most mischievous stories. The way she playfully spoofed the gothic horror/romances of her time gives me a feeling she'd have as much fun doing the same to Anne Rice and Laurell K. Hamiliton... And I'll admit, I might have to do a bit more research, but I think I could do just that.
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My good buddy Mark was finally able to get his car to behave and he's out here for a week. I probably won't see him again till December, but we had a good, long visit, the high point of which was seeing the movie we've both been wanting to see, namely, the film version of Neil Gaiman and Charles Vess's "Stardust". I give it six stars out of five: incredible visuals, great editing, beautiful art design, wonderful adaptation of the story, wonderful acting (Claire Danes as Yvaine the star utterly *sparkles*, while Michelle Pfeiffer as Lamia the witch is deliciously nasty; unfortunately, I didn't get the name of the lovely young fellow played Tristan Thorne, but he's utterly delightful. And Robert DeNiro as the not-so-dread pirate Captain Shakespeare almost steals the show), just an all around *GREAT* film.

We spent the rest of the evening chatting about stories we're working on (Mark told me about a series that blends sci-fi, fantasy and fairy tales he's working on, and I told him about "An Issue of Blood") and watching vids online.
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Reading a book you've been waiting to read for a year. I had today off and it was a hot sticky one, so I spent the day indoors, reading HP 7 to my heart's content. I'm up to Chapter 24 as of now. I'm wishing now I'd re-read the last couple books. It's not that I'm losing my way, I'm just scratching my head once in a while, trying to remember certain small incidents and characters.

Also watched Pixar's "Cars" last night: very lovely, fun film with some suprisingly Chestertonian themes in it, and like all of Pixar's movies, it's a work of art that's fun to watch.
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... unfortunately, I think the dust from my room -- or at least one third of it -- has now migrated to my sinuses, which weren't that great to begin with, thanks to the pollen in the air. But the room looks better than it did, and I was able to clear out some stuff I don't need.

Also, watched the movie "Miss Potter" last night: if you need a cute, sweet movie to watch to get your spirits up when circumstances are getting you down. I've seen one or two other biographical dramas based on Beatrix Potter's life, but this one really goes straight to the heart and, I feel, captures her sense of wonder and the magical realism you find in her books. It inspired me to dig out my one-volume book of the Peter Rabbit stories and also her full-length book "The Fairy Caravan" (one of my favorites when I was a kid) and have a cozy read-through.
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Dad has to work this afternoon, but we managed to get to Mass at Holy Trinity in spite of this and also the St. Patrick's Day parade in South Boston. I'm taking it easy today: hey, Sunday's a day of rest, after all.

Rule of thumb when trying to rent movies: Never try renting an Irish Mob movie around St. Patrick's Day. Especially if said movie is set in Southie (South Boston) and you live about twenty miles northwest of the city. This will be the third time I've tried to rent "The Departed" and every. Single. Copy. At Blockbuster. Was. Out. I did manage to rent "The Prestige", which I've been trying to rent, and which Mark has highly reccommended to me more than once. Will be watching it momentarily, unless I get a brain flash idea for one of the current writing projects.

Finished reading "Fool Moon" (I wanna see more of the back story on Billy and the Alphas. Those kids are cool! And we know I like werewolves.) and am much of the way through "Grave Peril". And as a sure sign I'm fairly deep into the Dresden Files fandom: I'm already cringing at the thought of bad fanfics showing up. For starters, if Thomas appears in the TV series, I'm anticipating Harry/Thomas slash. This despite the fact that Harry at one point says (in a different context, but it still needs to be pointed out to the would-be slash writers), "I'm not gay."

I can think of more stuff I don't wanna see: Spoilerish cringing ahead )
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Had another hellish day at work today: I swear, the little kids are better behaved this time of year than the *GROWN-UPS*. There's times it's all I can do to keep from tearing into the abusive/bad-tempered/demanding above-thirty set and reminding them of the days when their mom or their grandmother or some other adult used to remind them to be on their best behavior or Santa wouldn't bring them anything except some coal.

That said...

A lovely visit from Mark was just what the doctor ordered: he brought over his usual cavalcade of movies, and the two of us watched the entire BBC miniseries of "Neverwhere". I think I prefer the book over the movie, which was a bit unevenly acted (though the fellow who played the Marquis de Carabas was top-notch and utterly spot-on) and suffered a little from a weak production, but it was still fun to watch.
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I decided at the last minute to call in sick today: I just couldn't face the parade of obnoxious people today, plus my allergies are utter hell in my head. I think I've developed an immunity to all known OTC allergy meds, but since I'm off my dad's health insurance -- unless we can convince Blue Cross Blue Shield otherwise -- I can't get the one thing that worked for me, and that was Zytec. So I've been taking it easy today, watching movies, including "The Godfather" (Man, I wish I had connections to the Mob right now. In some ways, it would solve half my problems....) and "The Poseidon Adventure" (which has already given me an idea for a one-shot fanfiction; I watched it on my dad's reccomendation, after one night when a co-worker of his had brought in the DVD of the remake from earlier this year).

To everyone who posted with support to my last entry: Thank you so much, folks. I hope I didn't spook you too much, and I just want you all to know how much you mean to me.

I have to admit, that show of support gave me the impetus to do something I've been meaning to do for a very long time, and that was to write a letter to the editor of a local newspaper a message with the self-exaplanatory heading "Want better service? Try being a better customer". It was a hard fight keeping the vitriol out of the message, but I hope I got the idea across, and I hope it gets published.

Another bit of good news: I just got a lovely new mousepad I'd ordered, featuring the logo of the Devil's Advocates, the MxO faction I'm part of. This gives you an idea of what it looks like.
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Just did some housekeeping (website-keeping? website-mastering?) on the AIFFOA; I added a couple of links to a couple of new fics. And just for spit and giggles, I took a look at ff.n's "A.I." page.


Someone has infiltrated the fandom with a random humor fic. Mind you, I like humor fics that have a certain amount of *inspired* randomness. But randomness of the "everyone-running-around-yelling-'CHEEEEZZZ!!!1111'" variety puts my teeth on edge. As does *this* person's tendency to include random insane muses into the dramtis personae. And a songfic to an Evanesence song. Mind you, I'm a fan of Evenesence, but considering the way the fanbrats abuse their songs, I've had to relegate them to the same category as Orlando Bloom, ie. the "I like them, but considering the way they get fanbratted, I'm ashamed to admit to being a fan" category.

And I finally sat down and watched "Fight Club" last night.

Whoa. One of those rare times when the movie is just as good as the book! And it helped clear my head of the indignation I'd been feeling over the anNOYing "Tuesday Night Book Club" ad on CBS, with someone misappropriating the infamous "The first rule of fight club..." line. Honestly, if Chuck Palaniuk (sp???) could have a quarter for every time some lamer has misappropriated that line....

Heh, I wonder what Project Mayhem would do to TV executives. Though I don't go for the violent aspects, part of me would love to be in on a stunt of that nature.

Okay, folks, your homework assignment is to dream up ways you'd like to bedevil TV execs who let their writers misappropriate good ideas.
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Which is probably going to come out extremely disjointed, since my head is in a knot over the madness with the health insurance. I honestly feel like sending the HMO a copy of that confirmation letter from the Social Security Administration with a note pinned to it reading, "Hey, the federal government recognizes me as a disabled person. Why can't you, or are you above the federal government?!" We still haven't heard back about it and this nearly caused me to have an anxiety attack, something I've never had happen before.

Add to this a bout of dramatics on the MxO: right when I was going to take a two-week long sabbatical from it. This resulted in Sieges deciding to leave the crew she's on and switch to another.... headed by a guy she dislikes the most out of everyone in the faction, though she'd be the first to admit that right now, she detests him less than she does *other* people in her world. For more about it, check this out. She's also been hanging around in my headspace a lot lately: of all the headspace-tenants, she's perhaps the most unusual. She doesn't respond to stuff in my environment the way the others do, but she does have that cross-universe interaction thing going on with some of the folks in there.

Trip to Lowell yesterday for an appointment with my therapist. She's trying to get some leverage for me over the insurance thing, but right now, nothing looks promising. I *did* however, get a stack of DVDs from the Lowell library, including "All the President's Men" (still haven't seen the first hour of it, since I saw the last hour and a half or so when it was on one of the local PBS stations), Fritz Lang's "Metropolis" (the 2002 restoration version), "Roman Holiday", and "Hero". Also got "A History of Violence" and "Munich" at Blockbuster. This should keep me busy during that sabbatical.
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...while my mother was vacuum-cleaning the rugs downstairs yesterday. She was hoovering the rug in the dining room, and upstairs I was typing part of "This Shouldn't Be Happening..." when suddenly I hear this awful crash and my mother lets out a yelp followed by loud giggling. I run downstairs to see what had happened, and I find her paralyzed with laughter, the handle of the vacuum cleaner in her hand, papers scattered all over the floor and the middle part of the vacuum cleaner, the hard case that contains the bag and the filters, on the other side of the room. Apparantly, the clips that hold the case to the body of the vacuum cleaner had worked themselves loose and as she was vacuuming, the case came flying off. Says my mother, "I expected the bag to break open and the dirt to go everywhere. But it's still going and there's air blowing out of it, and there's papers flying everywhere!" We've had problems with an internal plug working loose in the thing so that it turns itself on and off repeatedly while you're running it, but nothing like this!

Aside from housecleaning and working a four-hour closing shift last night, it was pretty quiet yesterday. Oh, yes, one other thing: I got home early enough to watch the last hour of the movie "All the President's Men" on one of the local PBS stations; I've been wanting to see that for ages, especially since the identity of the real "Deep Throat" was revealed last summer. And I have to admit, the fanfiction-writing part of my brain wants to write a "Matrix" fic that uses the tropes of "All the President's Men" (Heh, I suppose if you think metaphorically, the whole mess involving the Watergate scandal was a manifestation of the Matrix that was the Nixon administration...). It could work: a young reporter could notice something odd about his world, he runs a story about it, then he catches the attention of an Exiled Agent (call him Agent Feld, in honor of W. Mark Feld, the guy who was "Deep Throat") who shares more information with him... then wierd things start to happen.

Yeah, I know some fans would whine at me -- probably the PvP wonks who are always spamming me with /duel requests at hardlines when I'm trying to run RP sessions or missions in the MxO -- for writing a NON-action oriented fanfic. They haven't read "A Path Among Stones" or "A Life Less Empty" in the "Matrix Comics" and they need to, though they'd probably whine OH TAHTZ TEH BORINGZZZ!!1111 WHERZ TEH KEWL FIHGT SCEEENZ??????/////!!111111
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Morning shift at work, and Saturday mornings are always insane. Add to the fact that the most obNOXious seven year old boy tried repeatedly to climb up on the register. I have never come so close to konking a kid on the head with a ham (which I was trying to bag). Thankfully, the brat's father hauled him off and dragged him out of the store; at the risk of shocking everyone, I hope to God that the father whupped the little snot's ass raw. Livia Soprano was right: Kids are no different from dogs. To this, I add: why isn't there a leash law for them?!

((Do *NOT* try to convince me otherwise. Anyone gull enough to believe that all children are sweet little lambs has never worked grocery retail and needs to trade jobs with me until they are cured of their errors.))

Plus, *that* time of the month is upon me. And I finally got to watch a movie I wanted to see for a long time, "Judgement at Nuremberg" (which deals with some of the war criminal trials following World War II), when it was on one of the local PBS stations, but while I was fascinated by the moral ambiguities and twists and turns, that basically finished me off emotionally.

Early night for me tonight...
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Rant #1: Re -- My Job )

Yes, it's true, I may yark about my job and the evil customers, but if someone attacks my job, I will defend it.


Rant # 2 -- The Tinkertoy )

Thank God I've got Nox watching my back, so that I won't have to spend the better part of another two months figuring out how to fight off the increasingly nasty hoodlums I've had to deal with (Not just the gang spawn, but those bloody Commandoes, though us Merv operatives now have a secret weapon to deal with *those*...)

And as I'm waiting for the next patch to download tomorrow, I have some good movies to watch: On my way back from the bank where I'd deposited my State tax refund check, I nipped into Blockbuster Video. My therapist had given me some movie rental cards for Christmas, so I figured I'd put them to good use. Bought the widescreen version of "The Exorcism of Emily Rose", and I rented both "Batman Begins" and "Mirrormask". I'd been hoping that they'd have "Mirrormask", since I wanted to see that one so much, and I was a little concerned that Blockbuster might not carry it, since it had such a limited release (If I remember correctly, the movie was originally going to have a direct-to-DVD release). But they left me happily surprised!
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I got the better of the town creep who hangs around my workplace.

He'd been hanging around before noon, and "the Frenchman" (my boss, who looks like a pint-sized Lambert Wilson) had asked him to leave once. According to "Mack the blind guy", who's the only person in town who manages to put up with him, there's been guys in suits around town looking for the creep, so apparantly the creep is in trouble with the law. Again. Let's hope if that's the case, he finally goes down for it.

Then the creep shows up again, around two pm., during the last hour of my shift, and said last hour usually feels like the loooooooooongest. The creep starts telling the front end clerks what to do and how to do it, whereupon "Rick" (not his real name), one of the supervisors, tells the creep to "Just cool it." Says the creep, in his exasperating chalk-on-a-blackboard squeak of a voice, "Whaddayah mean, cool it?" I was in the next checkout lane, putting flats of plastic bags on the bagging frame, so I looked up, looked the creep in the eye (I have a bad problem making eye-contact with people, unless I'm really mad at them; dogs and wolves do that, too, or so I'm told.), and said "Bubba, you're not our boss, you don't work here. Don't tell us how to do our jobs." That shut him up and he went out without another word.

Oh, and my schedule for the week (all times EST):

Thursday: 12 noon to 5 pm.
Friday: 10 am. to 3 pm.
Saturday: 3 pm. to 9.30 pm.

Which including today, totals 21 hours this week but I *NEED* the money.

Or maybe not as urgently as I did, since I got a check in the mail from Social Security; I'm calling the office in Lowell about that tomorrow, since I'm completely stymied by it. I thought my claim got turned down since they couldn't conclude what exactly my disability was, unless my recurring bouts of suicidal ideations (and I haven't had any really bad ones in months) and my exasperatingly low stress threshold somehow qualify.

And some more good news: saw the trailer of "V for Vendetta" the other night. YEAH! Looks *GREAT*! March 17th cannot come fast enough...
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Excellent appointment with my therapist today: I shared quite a bit on my headspace dwellers this time, and she seemed really cool with it. I'm lucky to have her helping me...

Nipped into the library downtown to return some books and take care of some print jobs. Got out two more DVDs:

--"Moulin Rouge!" Yes... Baz Luhrmann's masterpiece, which I've been meaning to see for ages.

--Fritz Lang's "Metropolis", the 2002 restoration edition, which is so far the best restoration yet, or so I've been told.

And one of my all-time favorite books: Michael Ende's "The Neverending Story". I saw the original movie back when I was 12 or 13, when I went through a wierd period. I think I went through some sort of crisis just after I hit puberty: The fact that I'd become an adult physically affected me deeply. I figured it was time I cast off "childish" things, like fantasy and headspace-dwellers/imaginary friends. Occam's Razor to the enth degree, and damned if that thing doesn't cut both ways. Then, on a friend's reccomendation, I watched the movie... and it shook me back into myself, if that makes any sense. It made me realize how much "fantasy" and "reality" depend on each other, and how much we need both to be fully human. So I let my then imaginary friends/headspace dwellers come back home, as it were.

Watched "Corpse Bride" -- wow, what a sweet, macabre-ly funny and touching movie! And now I'm trying to find the soundtrack on Definately got a few Ref Award Noms coming for that!
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Yesterday: I managed to bang out more of the next chapter in "This Shouldn't Be Happening...", and a little more of the piece I promised to [ profile] he_dreams_awake. Plus, I ran a few errands with my mom. And I *KNOW* I said I had to cut back on my spending, but I nipped into Blockbuster Video and rented three DVDS. The "Ref Award" noms are coming up and I need to watch a few things that were on my list, to balance out the noms:

-- "Corpse Bride", which got a good review over on, and it's an interesting twist on an Eastern European folk-tale as well as a departure from the usual sweetness and light romance. Heck, it's Tim Burton. It's Tim Burton being gleefully morbid in his classic Edward Gorey style. Goths rejoice!

-- "March of the Penguins", okay, I like penguins. They're like funny little people when they strut around on the ice.

-- "Sin City", I started reading the graphic novel at Larry's Comics (Gad, when was the last time I was there...) and I've heard the movie is an extremely direct translation of the GN, which reads like a film noir on methamphetamines.

Today: Quiet day at work today. And now the poll result on the Houseparty entries...

As of this moment, I've got nine "Please don't move the entries to another LJ" and three "Yes, please, the paradigm shift is jarring" (Heh, try being me... :: grinning crookedly:: ). I've decided to hit a comprimise: I am going to start putting the Houseparty notes behind a clearly marked LJ cut such as "Paradigm shift: ::Insert catchy intro::"

EDITED TO ADD: Ancient Faith Radio -- Eastern Orthodox prayers and chant, 24/7. This is some of the most beautiful music in the world; special thanks go out to [ profile] cerulianphoenix for sharing this lovely page.
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Which I finally got my mother to watch when it broadcast on ABC... Not sure if she liked it: I'd warned her, but I'd also told her that it was grim but good. Frank and Hal were glad that I'd watched it: Brought back a lot of memories for them.

Boring afternoon at work... But I managed to get the next chapter of "This Shouldn't Be Happening..." posted early this morning; then when I checked my email this morning, I realized there were some holes in the text, so I twiddled with that.

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