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Unfortunately, I am on the fence about taking part in NaNoWriMo this year: I signed up, but the past week has been so chaotic due to us moving stuff in the house to make way room for the workmen who just installed our new replacement windows, that I haven't had time to think much about it. I've signed up and I know what I want to write, but I haven't been able to settle down long enough to work on it. My plan is to write a pre-series Yami no Matsuei fic, dealing with Muraki's troubled past and how he became the monster that he is. But things are just plain conspiring against me and I'm going to have to hold off until I can focus better.
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Word Count: Done

Novel: Maybe half finished. Will keep poking at it for the rest of the month and onwards, till its done.

Me: Relieved, tired and accomplished.

Ironically, the last bits which I wrote were a pair of scenes dealing with creation and birth, as the Grigori Sariel contemplates the prospect of re-clothing the soul of Shemyaza in flesh, and as Fuyutsuki muses about the birth of his son Asato fifteen years earlier.

And my NaNo completion song:

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I can has eighteen hours, with Monday off -- after my boss asked me if I could work Monday. This gives me a reprieve on getting my NaNo done over the weekend, but... I'm within inches of finishing: I'm likely to get it done tonight. Well, the word count will be done, the book is faaaar from being finished, though I have the general plot outlined in a certain amount of detail. Monday I think will be a day to rest and read and not think of any writing except maybe the fanfic plot bunnies that have been gnawing at my feet all month.
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Only four days left on the challenge and my insane sprints have turned into dull plodding: I'll make it to the finish line soon, but the dashes of +2K words a day seem to have gone out of me. I've got roughly 1,100 words to type up in the journal I've kept within arms' reach all this month, but I don't feel up to transcribing them just now. Hopefully tomorrow will find me in a better frame of mind. Part of the problem: I'm hating my word processor right now. It's not that it's buggy or acting wierd or anything like that, I'm just sick to death of using it. I did manage to draft a bit from scratch using Write or Die, and that seems to have done the trick, at least for tonight.
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I managed to get up to 42 between last night and now, and that included going to the hairdressers to get my hair cut and have it given to Locks of Love for a donation: they got a 12 inch sample from me and now my hair is bit below jaw-length. Amazingly, it did not cost me a dime to have it cut!

And I actually have a good section to excerpt from my NaNo novel:

In Which Sabia Valiant tells a bedtime story to her son )
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Just hit 40K words as of a few moments ago. The end of the scheduled word count is in sight, though the novel is nowhere near finished. Hopefully I can get a good chunk done tomorrow, except that I have a haircut appointment in the morning. I got all this in, despite having errands to run: had to go to the bank to deposit more money into the checking account so I can order the new power supply; also had to get ibuprofen and generic Airborne, which works just as well as the brand name version, and I've also discovered latex free surgical masks at a local pharmacy (just in case...). Also went to the library, where I didn't check out a whole lot except for a few books on haiku (a certain wintry gent likes to compose haiku in odd moments) and the first volume of the classic "The Tale of Genji". I've been generally too busy to read much, except for stuff around the house. :: Growls at New MoanMoon:: Speaking of which: I now love Charlie Swan: he's far from perfect, but he seems like a nice guy who gets shafted by the women in his life. You have to hand it to a guy who tells his mopey, whiny teenaged daughter that she needs counseling; I just wish he'd been a little more ballsy about it and done what my mother did with me: ie. dragged her sorry toushe into therapy. Hm... :: Now fights off a Twilight fix fic featuring Bella in counseling:: Hey, it could work, vampire stuff and all: I've told my own therapist about my own mild psy-vampirism and she's fully accepting of it. The days of "let's lock up everyone who isn't just like everybody else" is passing in favor of "Well, as long as they aren't hurting themselves or anyone else..."

Also, the last package with the final two volumes of the manga version of Yami no Matsuei showed up in the mail; just waiting for the DVD boxed set to show up, but I doubt that'll come any sooner than the beginning of next week, as it's shipping from Fargo, ND. I'll be glad to say goodbye to the vids on the dub sites I've been trawling; all they seem to have is the edited version from the Sci-Fi channel, which (understandably) trims some of Muraki's weird scenes (What can I say? the Nightmare Fuel and the Depraved Bisexual pages on were made for him....) and (curiously) cuts the funny bit of comical underage drunkenness from the first story arc, which kind of makes Hisoka's hangover in the ensuing scenes a bit hard to place.
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...Is better than none at all.

I was called in early to work and ended up taking a longer shift than usual, plus it seemed everyone was getting a jump on buying their turkey/stuffing mix/cranberries/yams/ potatoes/asparagus/squash/canned cranberry sauce/gravy mix. Thus I ended up feeling rather exhausted in spirit when I got home, so I settled on typing only about half of the day's quota. Hopefully tomorrow I can catch up (though I think *that* time of the month is imminent, hence the draggy feeling).

Several bright spots, though:

--The price dropped drastically on the boxed set of Yami no Matsuei which I have had my eye on, via Amazon, so I snarfed that up (yes, I know, I need to buy that power supply for the comp; one thing at a time and the power supply is next).

--Also found a plug in for Firefox which allows one to bypass the time limits on MegaVideo et al, so this should make things easier as I hunt for dubbed anime online, plus, it takes the "grrr, time limit" out of watching movies that are more than 72 minutes long.

--And at long last, after the better part of a year and a half, I finally finished reading TwhineliteTwilight and have started New MoanMoon. A few things:

* Stephanie Meyers comes up with good supporting characters: I like Alice and Jasper (who makes me think of a psy-vamp). Too bad they get eclipsed (get it?) by Dulla and Edwierd.
* Drinking games inspired by how many times Edwierd's "perfect" beauty, or the "marble" texture of his skin is referred to should be limited to a handful of chapters. Doing the whole book would likely cause alcohol poisoning.
* Do all the windows in the Twilight-verse have vertical blinds???
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The problems with the comp turned out to be:

A bunch of dust, and the bearings are starting to go in the fan for the power supply. I'm ordering a replacement for the power supply, but I think we're going with "hang onto the part until the power supply actually quits" since, according to the nice guy from Geek Housecalls who came last night, I might have another six months to a year on the power supply.

Had to work a long shift this morning and I'm a bit tired. Not sure how much I'll get done on the NaNo today, and while I'm a week ahead on my word count, I really don't want to fall behind since they want me to come in at nine on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of next week. In theory, if I can keep up the momentum I've had most of this month, I may be able to finish my word count by this coming Sunday. I did manage to scribble down a couple hundred words while I was on my lunch break.
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Managed to get myself a week ahead on my word count, but now the NaNoWriMo computer bug seems to have hit my comp: I got up yesterday morning, went to check my email and I discovered my comp was making noises like a weed-whacker. So I made a slightly frantic call to Geek Housecalls to set up an appointment: they're sending a guy over today to take a look at it. The general consensus is that it might be the hard drive, but I think it's a fan on the GFX card, since that's been acting wierd for some time now. Hopefully we can get this straightened out without too much of a hassle...
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The "Book Report" song from "You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown":

Linus and Lucy's word padding are very, very, very much in the spirit of hitting your NaNo word quota...
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I'm hoping I can bang out three hundred more words in the next hour, but I'm feeling a bit tired after a long day.

Mostly dealt with Asato and his discovery of his true nature, and I finally found a use for the chopstick-fu scenelet: it precedes a bit where Enniel offers to become Asato's patron, which triggers Fuyutsuki's Papa Wolf mode. A very fun scene indeed!
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400 words shy of the 2K I've been unwittingly aiming for, but I'm getting close to the 30K mark. I won't say I'm running out of ideas, I think I'm just running out of steam (and a certain time of the month being imminent is probably partly to blame). That and some of the fanfic plot bunnies I posted about yesterday have decided to start hopping around, especially the Twilight crossover -- I even drafted the big reveal scene toward the end of the "second act". Turns out there's a creature in Japanese legend known as nukekubi which vaguely resembles a vampire, at least in the sense that it's a human-like nocturnal predator which attacks humans. I had a little too much fun making a reference to this creature and using it as a bit of freakish humor. I'm tempted to take some time off from the NaNo project to work on jotting stuff for this fic, but I'm afraid it might cause me to completely lose steam on the NaNo project.
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But then again, I had work today -- and tomorrow, on the Federal holiday, which means time and a half pay: yay! I need it so I can buy more Hello Kitty stuff for my mom's birthday and also the Rebuild of Evangelion 1.0 DVD which has been soft-released to some anime stuff stores, including the one in Cambridge. Plus I had fake jack o'lantern removal detail today, and I needed to wash my hair.

But... I am still clicking along with the story: new character, in the form of Victor Temeraire, an ICC agent who's been assigned as Fuyutsuki's parole officer -- and who does not like Fuyutsuki. Also, Enniel does not like Agent Temeraire, which is Not a Healthy Thing (can't decide if Enniel hates him becase Temeraire has it in for his (Enniel's) 'son in law' or because it's just a case of Enniel being Enniel. I have visions of Asato pranking Temeraire. Also found a use for the dim sum theft dialogue I posted a few days back.
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As of a few moments ago, I broke the 25K mark, and I am in utter shock (besides being a bit tired, as well). I'm going to (try and) slow down over the next few days, and keep my word count to around the 1,667 that I should be cranking out in a day, but I fear if I do slow down, I may lose my momentum. That's doubtful, as I'm having too much fun with it.

That and the quantum Rei army of plot bunnies is attacking me. Here's a few fics I may write after WriMo:

--A Death Note/America's Most Wanted crossover. This can be done, as John Walsh has lent his likeness to a 2005 issue of DC Comics' "Outsiders" which had the titular team of superheroes appearing on AMW in a bid to catch some child-slave traders. I recently (finally) finished watching Death Note, and one night, as I walked through our living room to find America's Most Wanted was on, I had the loopy idea that some well-intentioned person who happened to get ahold of a Death Note, could very well have a bit of a field day with it: watch AMW, jot down -- on scratch paper -- the names of the criminals featured and then write them into the Death Note, along with some detailed instructions about said deaths...

--This is an old bunny that has decided to start hopping again: before I decided to leave [ profile] twilight_sucks a bunch of people had had an inordinate amount of fun suggesting possible cracked Twilight crossovers. There were the usual obvious ones (Supernatural, with the Winchester boys tracking them some sparkle-pires; The Dresden Files, with the sparkle-pires as rejects from the White Court; Blade, which has already triggered a memetic photoshoop), and then there were the weird ones I proposed, including a crossover with Descendants of Darkness, aka Yami no Matsuei. The problem is, much as I might despise Edwierd, having him fall into the clutches of the diabolical Muraki might be overkill in every sense of the word, considering the ghastly things which the not-so-good doctor likes to do to beautiful young men...
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...who's the naughty mouse who broke the NaNoWriMo site?!

Kidding... The NaNoWriMo site is currently down for maintenance, which made me wonder if so many people had logged in that the site broke itself somehow. I was about to update my word count and ask a question on the forums, but that's going to have to wait till the site comes back up.

Spent most of the day shopping for ...Hello Kitty party stuff for my mom's 60th birthday which is coming up later this month. I had half-jokingly suggested to my mom that we throw her a Hello Kitty-themed birthday, but she demurred... But when I proposed the idea to my dad, he hopped on it like a kid on a merry go round. I am even planning to see if the anime stuff store in Cambridge has any unusual Hello Kitty stuff (though I won't be going for some of the more bizarre items, as seen on the "Hello Kitty Hell" weblog). I managed to get a good chunk of the NaNo novel written while I was riding the bus hither, thither and yon, which I should be typing instead of browsing the Hello Kitty Hell blog (which I haven't looked at in months).
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But were good for the word count. To whit, a long conversation between Fuyutsuki and Kashday, one of the Grigori leaders, about Kashday's unwilling involvement in some experiments on Nazi concentration camp inmates (though it does give a lot of background on the Anakim, the Grigori core-enhanced humans who figure in this section), and on a much lighter note, this hysterical scene involving my three male leads at a sushi bar:

Cut to save f-lists )
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I've managed to patch several gaping plot holes (including my "why do they send Asato out to take on Shemyaza instead of Azazel or Kushiel??" Fridge Logic moment). I finally have the entire plot mapped out from start to finish and this is making writing a lot easier, since the grand tapestry is now hanging on the wall of my mind. All I have to do now is describe its intricate details...

Other than that, a quiet day of housework and errands, including getting next week's schedule at work: I managed to score a few more hours. And also, come to find out that it appears my workplace arch-nemesis, "Wanda the Queen of Whining", no longer works there (which I'd suspected for several weeks now); I suspect it had everything to do with her creating a hostile work environment. This gal would literally complain about everything, and if nothing bad was happening, she'd amplify the little problems into huge ones. Like... paying bills. As if she was the only person in the world who had bills to pay. I tried once to point out that she's not alone:

Me: "I got bills to pay, too: I've got my cellphone and my Internet access, plus I'm paying rent to my parents."

"Wanda": "Your own parents make you pay rent?! That's not fair!" (And "fair" was pronounced in three syllables, like a whiny ten year old saying it, so it came out "fay-ur-uh" Add to this: Wanda turned 50 this past February. Yeah. This is why I'm not sad to see her go.)

Me: "Well, I'm living in their house, eating their food and using their utilities, the least I could do is pitch in to help with the bills."
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I hope to get a few more typed, as I have several conversations written down which I could easily get typed soon:

One tearjerking conversation between Asato and Fuyutsuki on the passing of a loved one, and one heavy convo where Fuyutsuki succeeds in getting Enniel to give him his word, on pain of death, that Enniel won't be sniffing around Asato ever again: that was fun to watch!

I've also been fighting off armies of plot bunnies. It started when, just for the hell of it, I went looking for good Descendants of Darkness/Yami no Matsuei Mpreg fic -- since Mpreg is a guilty pleasure of mine, though I like it *only* in universes that can support it, ie. where magic or weird science or a combination of the two may be involved (but if it's in a universe that closely resembles this one, I tend to walk away from it before my brain goes splodey) -- but I didn't find much, and the ones I did find were a bit sub-par. Naturally, this means my brain is being pestered by plot bunnies which I Don't Need when I am neck-deep in NaNoWriMo.
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I'm technically about four days ahead and I hope I can keep this up, maybe even gain even more ground. I'm almost shocked at how much progress I've made in such a short amount of time. I think writing a fic a day for most of September was good training, even though I didn't see it that way at the time I was doing it.

Today, Fuyutsuki and Enniel had a somewhat "Bzuh?"-inducing discussion about Grigori physiology and with Sabia joining the conversation, they speculated as to what SEELE's successors might have planned for a reborn Shemyaza. Also Asato had a brain-bending experience during a parkour stunt that looked like it was about to go painfully wrong.
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To Fuyutsuki: Keep up the good work of being the sane mind among the crazies; your pithy but poetic statements keep me smiling and I love peeking into your journal. Do you mind if I include the love poems you leave on Sabia's pillow the morning after the two of you have, ah, been intimate? They're quite touching and they help dispel the fan-held belief that you're a stodgy old duffer.

To Gendo: Trust me, much as I generally despise you (yes, I know you're used to not being liked; yes, I know I share the same sentiments as Fuyu-sensei; yes, I still think said Wintry Gentleman was a better match for Yui than you were) I did not want to kill you off, but the Annakim and the successors to SEELE had other ideas. Plus, you *did* have a transfusion from a Grigori in 'Under the Winter Moon'; you're going to live a lot longer than most people, so do you really want to spend that time in prison for crimes against humanity?

To Kajii: All right, you little backstabbing prick, I don't know how you're going to be killed off this time, but it's going to be painful. I know you did what you did just to protect your kids, but dammit, you don't sell people down the river to do that.

To Sabia: It was hard for me to find out what happens to you, and I know that Penemue, your inner self, will return, but I know you made the right decision and you did so to protect your family.

To Asato: Hey, stop teasing your dad like that, it's probably not good for his blood pressure (even if he has been enhanced with Grigori genetics...), and can you try not to get yourself banged up so badly with those parkour stunts?

To Hal McGeever: You're in the wrong universe, dumbhat! Okay, okay, you can be in the fic for *ONE SCENE*. Just don't so your usual shtick of Hitting On Everyone. Enniel does that, and one horndog per novel is a tolerable ratio.

Speak of the devil... To Enniel: I know Grigori have fluid boundaries when it comes to sexual preferences, but Judas Priest on pogostick, can you go for one scene without making someone cringe by getting in their personal space and chatting them up?! Also... Mpreg?? I know it's a guilty pleasure of mine, but dammit

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