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Which is pretty much how it's been this week, when I wasn't busy with errands or burning the midnight oil getting the last pages typed of the infamous [ profile] vampirebigbang fic. The corrections/additions for that ended up amounting to twenty extra pages that I had to type. At least it came out in one piece, so I didn't have to go mad trying to figure out where it fit in. I might polish it a bit more and there's a cut scene I might add later, when-if I post it to AO3. The fic master post doesn't go up till sometime in the beginning of October: I'll post something either here or on [ profile] mtxref_fic when it goes live.

Also, my allergies have been bothering me off and on, so I've had trouble sleeping. This has made my nights a bit weird: I've been up late reading or trying to jot short fic for either [ profile] comment_fic or "fic_promptly" on Dreamwidth. I need to get better about typing up things, since they're rather piling up: I've officially retired one of the bound, physical journals I use to draft things. A lot of the time, I draft things longhand: it gives the creative process a bit more of an organic feel to it. Sometimes, I can create a fic on the fly and type it up in one sitting, but not always. Plus, I like to write in odd places, ie. having lunch in a coffee shop or on the bus or during lulls at work.

Been watching a few TV shows marathon style: I mainlined "Castle" all the week before last, preparing for the season premiere. Then this past week, I was watching "White Collar", which is fabulous: it's like seeing a series based on "Catch Me If You Can". Now watching "Doctor Who Confidential", which is a whole lot of fun.
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The author Of the Cal Leandros novels was injured in a car accident earlier this week. She's still in critical condition in an ICU as of now. Prayers and good thoughts needed for her recovery.
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Which Isn't the Same as the First...

So, the case is going before a judge in mid-August. Mustang Thief was dumb enough to show up at the hearing without a lawyer, plus he can't seem to keep his stories straight, and keeps telling ones that contradict each other. I'm minded of something from the "Cutthroat Manifesto" that the James Woods character on "Shark" lived by: "Truth is relative: choose one and stick with it." Something this guy is too dumb to do.

Come to find out, the guy had been dragging his heels getting the proper permits for his "repair shop", which is why the police went to check out his place. If you're going to run a chop shop in plain sight, at *LEAST* Have Your Paperwork In Order, so you can pass it as a legit business. The cops turned up evidence of thirty-six stolen cars, so this guy is really up to his neck. And has the gall to whine that the cops are "harassing" him. Not only is he hopelessly inept as a thief, he's also a big baby. It keeps getting better and better!
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Or, "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star
Someone tell us
Who took our car?"

Cut for Length and possible Ranting )
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For the record: I'm not much of a fan of Barack Obama. I think it's awesome that an African-American man has been voted to the highest office in this country, and I think he's a good speaker, but I don't think he's really done a good job putting verbs in those sentences, as it were, in my opinion (operating word being "my").

But one thing that bugs me to no end is the whole debacle over the man's birth certificate. I'm personally glad he came out and released the document in an bid to silence the whiny babies on the Right who inSIST he wasn't born on U.S. soil.

Only now those damn fools are claiming it's a 'fake document'. I swear, these people are so entrenched in believing what they want to believe, that (fandom craziness ahead) The Doctor could take them into the TARDIS, whisk to them to hospital where Mr. Obama was born on that very day and hour, and they could be standing right there in the delivery room as his mom is in labor, and hear the obstetrician in attendance tell her she has a beautiful, healthy son, and they *STILL* wouldn't believe it, just because they don't like the guy. I'm anything but his #1 fangurl, but I believe it. What next? Are we going to doubt anyone and everyone's birth certificate? Where will this paranoia end?!!?

Come on. There are other things more pressing. People in Haiti are still living in tents. Japan is still recovering from tsunami and earthquakes and is now dealing with a nuclear catastrophe. People in the Midwest lost their houses to tornadoes. *THIS* Is what we need to be getting upset over, not some niminy-piminy piece of paper. If people want to be passionate about something, get passionate about helping your fellow man or taking care of the planet we all live on.
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Thanks to Google's People Finder, I was able to stay on top of any info regarding the whereabouts of Akiko, my mom's penfriend who lives in Sendai, Japan. I recently heard from a penfriend of Akiko's who lives in Belgium, that she just got a letter marked April 1st from her, and that Akiko is doing well. Her furniture was thrown around and there are cracks in the walls of her house, but she and her brother are unharmed. They lost their electricity and water supply for a few days, but both are back up and she's been able to go shopping, but there isn't much in the shops.

This is a great weight off my mind, and I want to thank everyone who kept Akiko and her family in their thoughts and prayers.
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One of the many reasons I've been quiet on here, aside from posts full of Tweets delivered by Twitenesis, is that I have been hard at work migrating my [ profile] comment_fic entries to a shiny new fic journal which I call

[ profile] mtxref_fic

I did this because recently I discovered that a comm that I'd been part of years ago had been rather abruptly deleted and the one or two fics I'd posted on it had been lost with it. I decided that in the off chance that something similar happened to [ profile] comment_fic or some of the other comms I've written for, I should migrate my fics to some place more secure. I almost started posting the fics to my personal LJ, but I didn't want to flood people's flists. So! as a compromise, I created a fic journal and archived all my fics there which I hadn't put on my personal journal already. This is likely to become the new home for my [ profile] comment_fic entries (in fact, I posted an "Inception" fic there yesterday, in reply to a prompt that jumped out at me).

Feel free to friend it and go through the archives: I'll still be posting link dumps of Lonely Prompt Challenge Weekend fics to this journal, the fic itself will just be on the fic journal, rather than in another comm.

Also, yes, I'm a bit short on icons there: I'm working on getting more to represent the fandoms that I write for regularly.
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One of the many reasons I have been quiet lately -- besides the fact that work has eaten my time -- is that I've been brooding a bit over the trouble in Japan. The enormity of this disaster is staggering, but it has a personal side to it. My mom has a pen friend in Sendai, and we're wondering if she's all right. We've been making use of Google's People Finder, but so far the results are a little unsettled. We looked up Akiko, and she was listed as "unspecified", which could mean anything. I've been checking back every day, but it hasn't changed. However, last night, mom dug around in her letters, looking for more information on Akiko's family: she has a brother, Tomoaki, who shares her home, and so I tried looking for him. He's listed as "searching for information", which l suspect means that someone is looking for him, possibly Akiko, who might be lying low as she tries to pull her life back together.

Cut for ranting: we know I go off on tangents sometimes... )
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Lo and behold, a post that is not a signal boost or fanfic, though there will be discussions thereof.

Have been busy with errands or RP tagging or reading. I've ordered a number of books (used) from Amazon, including several of Terri Windling and Ellen Datlow's modern faery tale anthologies, Sarah Monette's "Doctrine of Labyrinth" novels (aka Felix and Mildmay's canon, to the [ profile] carpe_ho_ras folk), and two very different biographies of Mervyn Peake (that's him in the icon, if you wondered who the gent up a tree was) and an anthology of several bits and bobs of poetry and short stories by him, entitled "Peake's Progress". This year being the centennial of his birth, I felt it was in good form to bone up on this fellow whose writings and art I admire.

I'm finding that Peake was every bit as eccentric and gleefully odd as some of the characters he created and it's been a delight discovering the man behind the Bricks, as [ profile] tomboy_typist and I affectionately call his magnum opus (which is getting a canon update in June, since the long-lost "Titus Awake" is going to be released then: I have that on order as an early birthday present for meself). He's also someone I'm coming to admire with little disappointment. A lot is made of his tragic illness, but that mostly seems to be played up since he seems to have had very few of the unpleasant skeletons in the closet which some writers seem to have had. This can get irritating, since it seems a lot of critics let that overshadow the rest of his life, but I'm refreshed to find that his death was balanced by a life full of wonder and eccentric happenings (including nearly getting bitten by a camel when he was eleven, which incited him ever afterward, to make jokes about camels to lighten a mood) and an incredible level of productivity. This guy, it seemed, lived with pencil and paper in hand, sketching and doodling and drawing as much as he could. In many ways, he reminds me of myself...

Work today: I was anticipating having jury duty, as I'd gotten my summons back in January, but after calling in to find out if I was needed, I found that I wasn't. They were looking for Badge Numbers 1 through 91, and since I was Number 153 or 159, I didn't have to go in.

I've been poking at the Hurt/Comfort fics that I owe people, but I have to admit that while the fount hasn't dried up, I just haven't had the energy to post them. Add to this, I've got the deadline for [ profile] love_bingo and I took up the [ profile] help_japan auction as well. The fics will be written, it's just taking some time for it to happen. That and I got stuck coming up with ideas for my last two squares for [ profile] love_bingo: for the life of me, I'm staring at two prompts, trying to match them to fandoms and characters, and those prompts would be:

"When I fall in love" and

"heavenly love".

Any thoughts? I'm open to any ideas now.

To say nothing of being worried for a penfriend of my mother's, in Japan, who lives in the Sendai region. We've been trying to locate her via the people finder that Google has set up, but she's come up as "unspecified", which could mean anything. This wouldn't be the first time that she's lost a penfriend in a natural disaster. She lost contact with a penfriend whose husband was a medical missionary working in Sri Lanka, during the tsunami there a few years back.
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Reposting this here, and not under a cut, because it is a signal boost and the purpose would be defeated otherwise. No matter what people think of Manning and what he did, this is huge and should be all over the place. Let's not forget that Manning is now on the way to being judged by the institution whose war crimes he uncovered. Let's not forget that he has been kept in inhuman conditions for almost 300 days.

Bradley Manning, the gay intelligence analyst charged with leaking U.S. government documents published by WikiLeaks, is facing 22 additional charges including "aiding the enemy," an offense that carries a potential death sentence.

The Army filed the new charges Wednesday against Manning, who is accused of downloading tens of thousands of classified U.S. military and State Department documents that were then publicly released by WikiLeaks.

Pentagon and military officials say some of the classified information obtained by Manning contained names of informants and others who had cooperated with the military in Afghanistan, putting their lives in danger.

Manning, 23, was first charged in July with illegally downloading documents when he worked as a military intelligence analyst in Baghdad. He was also charged with obtaining 150,000 classified State Department cables.

Military prosecutors are recommending a life sentence if he were to be convicted of the “aiding the enemy” charge only. But the military judge would have the power to ignore the recommendation and impose the death penalty.

Article originally posted on
Press release is posted over at Bradley Manning Support.

There's a feed on LJ, for those who wish to follow the updates: [info]bmanningsupport.
If you want to help, you may donate for his defense here.

Please repost if you support the soldier.
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Just discovered that one of my favorite composers, Henryk Gorecki, passed away back in November. Am rather disheartened that I did not find this out sooner, but here's a quote from him that I find particularly moving, on the creative process and ones audience:

I do not choose my listeners. What I mean is, I never write for my listeners. I think about my audience, but I am not writing for them. I have something to tell them, but the audience must also put a certain effort into it. But I never wrote for an audience and never will write for because you have to give the listener something and he has to make an effort in order to understand certain things.

His music, sometimes called "holy minimalism", has been a cause for inspiration and controversy. Inspiration for the children of the modern age like myself, who've embraced their time and place and live in it for the glory of God, and controversy for those who are stuck in the past. The past has its masterpieces, but some people tend to forget that the Palestrinas and Mozarts were once like Gorecki and John Tavener. Before something can be considered a classic, it first needed to be something new and innovative that had not seen the light of day before.
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So! Finally discovered a site which has the 1967 version of "The Prisoner" and started watching it last night: It's fun and weird, but I'm not sure that I like it as much as the new version. For one thing, I can't make jokes about Jesus (Jim Caviezel), Gandalf (Ian McKellen), and Gellert Grindelwald from the Harry Potter series (Jamie Campbell Bower) all being in the same series. For another thing, it seems more linear in its storytelling/plotting. I guess it's a case of apples and oranges and comparisons thereof.

Here's where the irony starts to creep in: I got up this morning to check the news headlines online, and come to find out, film-score composer John Barry has passed away. Probably the most famous thing he wrote is the "James Bond" theme. The irony being that Patrick McGoohan, the star of the 1967 version of "The Prisoner", famously turned down the role of James Bond because he wasn't comfortable with the character's morals.
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Vincent: [voiceover] For someone who was never meant for this world, I must confess I'm suddenly having a hard time leaving it. Of course, they say every atom in our bodies was once part of a star. Maybe I'm not leaving... maybe I'm going home.. "Gattaca"

You were aiming for the stars and inspiring us all to keep reaching for them, but your journey lead you beyond those stars... Godspeed you...
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:: Takes out soapbox, gets up on it::

A lot of ink and a lot of electrons are being used to comment and puzzle over the recent shooting in Tucson which claimed the lives of six people and left thirteen others injured, including a Congresswoman. I'm praying for everyone involved in this tragedy, but I feel the need to voice my thoughts on it as well.

One commentator on a local TV news broadcast credited the amount of vitriol that has contaminated political debate as part of the reason for this tragedy. Much as I agree with the man, I believe the problem is a lot more widespread than just the political arena. I believe -- no, I *KNOW* we have a problem with people being disagreeable and vitriolic about most *anything*. Not just politics or religion, but on every level of our life, people are being crass, rude and just plain disagreeable towards each other. I know it's impossible for everyone to agree on everything, and it would be just plain unrealistic. *BUT*, it would help settle things if people would learn to phrase their statements in a polite, well-thought, and articulate manner. I hardly expect people to sound like they wandered in out of a Jane Austen novel (though that would be extremely cool...), but using nonconfrontational I statements (i.e "I believe :: Insert statement" or "I think.... :: Insert idea::") instead of the finger-pointing You statements (ie. "You people do :: Insert action phrase:: ) would probably go a long way toward purging some of the vitriol. I sometimes feel you can't discuss *anything* without it turning into an argument or a debate, that everything gets turned into "sriuz biznesz" whether we want it to or not, and it makes it hard to communicate ones thoughts, when one feels like they're talking to crabby Mrs. Tolliver who's so old and set in her ways that she can't imagine any other way of thinking or acting and who's gotten so entrenched in a Screw Manners, I'm a Senior Citizen manner of behavior that you can't make any headway.

Add to the loss of a sense of manners, is a sense of critical thinking. It seems like a lot of people take things at face value, rather than probe into them and look at them from both sides of the matter. It's a gulp it down way of taking in information, rather than a chew it properly way.

Also, simply stopping and thinking and imagining oneself stating what you're about to come out with to someone you truly love and care about and whose feelings you wouldn't want to hurt might be a good thought exercise. I've been known to mentally rehearse some of my more soapbox-y posts (like this one! :: Laughs::) as if I were speaking it out loud to my mother.

I'm also bothered by the fact that people are trying to lay the blame for this incident on any one particular ideology or group that subscribes to it. There were some liberal commentators who wanted to blame this incident on the conservatives, only to find out that the shooter in this case was one of their own, technically (found that out from one vampirism forum I subscribe to). And of course, the gun laws are being argued over. I personally take a middle stance when it comes to Second Amendment rights: I believe that responsible people should be allowed to own and use firearms; permits, trigger locks, licensing and so forth only do so much good, and criminals and the mentally unstable probably aren't going to utilize them. In and of themselves, firearms pose no threat. It's only when they're loaded and there's someone holding the trigger that they become a threat.

I likely will have more to say about this, but the post is starting to go into TL,DR territory, so I'll get back to it in a bit... I have some fics I'd like to post, and I also have headspace dwellers who are clamoring to have a post written in their journal(s)
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One of the best-kept secrets I've been sitting on lately is the bookstore-cafe that was opening our town. We've had a history of this town eating bookstores: there have been two that have opened in holes in the wall in various strip malls, but which shut down after a couple of years due to falling business. I have high hopes for this one: it's a stand alone in a historic house on the main road, so it's likely to do well.

It's officially a bookstore-cafe now: they have a writer banging away on a laptop in the cafe. free wi-fi for the win. The staff is very friendly and helpful -- just bought two Doctor Who tie-in novels and the clerk at the register turned out to be a fan; the cafe manager has a voice that sounds absurdly like Neil Gaiman's minus the British accent (and the chai tea is to *die* for).

Only downside: it is *NOISY* in here, but it is opening day, so everyone who's been dying for a bookstore in town is likely here.
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I've been somewhat AWOL from this journal, and for decidedly personal reasons. I'm going to express them here, but first, I feel the need to post a bit of a disclaimer.

The views expressed herein are extremely personal, and of a very sensitive nature, since they are expressed by a very sensitive person. People are free to disagree with them; I only ask for a certain level of respect and politeness toward them. If you feel the need to comment on something therein which displeases you, please stop for a moment and think about what you are planning to say. Please step away from the keyboard, if necessary, and get yourself a glass of iced tea or chocolate milk or your beverage of choice to refresh yourself. One thing that is not allowed here on this LiveJournal, are keyboard smash disagreements. It makes the poster look like an angry gorilla, and it makes me feel like a bad person for upsetting the poster and I start to question if I belong in this world.

Okay, that said...

Cut for content )
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Just got finished making the bed -- which now has a brand new mattress, a slightly late birthday present from my dad. I also decided to get a new comforter: a nice cream-colored one with a print of large blue flowers. However, it's one of these big thick mattresses that are the style these days, so before we could haul out the old mattress (an old-style thinner one) and haul in the new one, we had to get a new mattress cover and new pad for it, which meant a quick trip to K-Mart last night.

And I also discovered that my sheets wouldn't fit, so I had to run out to HomeGoods this morning to buy new sheets. I found a lovely set of Ralph Lauren sheets with a purple and cream stripe print and it looks great.

I know I don't usually talk about this sort of thing, but it's rather a big deal: my bed is sort of my nest, I'm not much of a sleeper (never have been), but I like to curl up in bed with a book or write there.

And it's a seemingly simple project that turned out to have more steps in it than expected, between one thing and another. But it's finished now and I'm delighted with the results.
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...a mental patient escaping from the State Hospital in my town (which generally does not happen often). Yeah.

Apparently, it happened last night, but as I was heading to and from work today, there were police cars driving here, there and everywhere, police helicopters in the air, a couple of news trucks chugging by, and then an official-looking white van with an escort of four or five cars with State Police insignia passing up my street as I was walking home (likely on their way to the Billerica House of Correction). All people could talk about at work was "the crazy man" getting away. Not sure of the circumstances, and it has me a bit on edge, but I am not letting it get to me.

Unlike "Tillie" (not her real name), one of the cashiers who always seems to know exactly what everyone needs to do to fix up her life (and yet she doesn't seem to know how to fix up her own). At least I didn't have to bag for her, but I did have to bag one lane over from hers, and thus I had to listen to her endless refrain about what needs to be done at the State Hospital to "fix their security problem" (which included "firing all the guards and hiring new ones"). Oyyy...

Oddly enough, this seems to have snapped my mother out of her recent funk and she even told me, as I was telling her about the strange goings-on, that she was ready to walk me to work but she figured I'd probably be all right and she didn't want me to worry too much. I told her that I'd had my feelers out a little more than usual on the way back, but that I wasn't letting it get to me.
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Jonathon Sharkey is at it again, and his latest "dark bride", a completely brainwashed girl who posts on the Atlanta Vampire Alliance under the handle Audrianna (I post there under the handle "K. Muraki" -- yeah, it was a sickly humorous handle; the K stands for Kozou, in case you were wondering) has vanished. But since she doesn't have a history of running away and since she's not considered a minor, she's not really considered missing. Her mother has posted an item on Craigslist, looking for any information about her daughter's whereabouts:

There's more I'd like to say, but it's going to the Circle of Trust filter....
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Long story (and I've Tweeted about it at length; said Tweets should show up here via LoudTwitter later tonight), but I had some of the usual misadventures with buses, so I ended up getting more writing done at one of the Dunkin Donuts downtown. And more incidents where it looked like they ought to be filming a "COPS" segment. Some scruffy fellow was pan-handling in the Dunkin Donuts and being a bit of a pain about it (fortunately he left me alone either, A). because he didn't see me or B). he decided that the tallish woman in the gangster-ish black fedora and black overcoat looked like she's with the Mob; I have had that said to me.). A moment later, two cops walk in and after a bit of a heated conversation ("You can't arrest me! I ain't done nothing!"/"We're not arresting you: we just want you to come outside and have a little talk."/"You got anything to say to me, you say it here!"/"No, we're having this conversation outside, because you're being rude to these nice people.") escorted him outside. I'm starting to wonder a little about these Dunkin Donuts that I frequent: they seem to be magnets for freaks.

Pecked away at three different longer fanfics, and I'm seriously considering writing a series based on Mercy Falcone and her husband Doyle. I'm very fond of Doyle: he's sort of gruff but lovable, can see ghosts and other similar creatures but has a healthy skepticism about it (even though he's a detective working in Salem, Mass. where Weird Things Happen). It will be easy to de-fanfic the series especially since I'm likely writing it from Doyle's POV, though I may make side references to Mercy's relationship with "a gent from the Japanese branch", and just never mention his name or his appearance. (Though if it goes on for more than a few stories, I'm likely to have people going, "When are we going to meet Mercy's boyfriend and how is Doyle going to react to him??")

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