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A week when everything that could go wrong went wrong. Getting chewed out by a bossy co-worker when I couldn't hop fast enough for her. Bought a new alarm clock to replace the one on which the alarm will not work and then not five minutes after I got it working, it gets knocked off the shelf and breaks. Missing the same bus *twice*, then getting chewed out by a bus driver (do those people have some clause in their union contract where they agree to be as nasty and bigoted against people as they can possibly be or something?!). Customers being generally whiny babies due to the hot weather. Having to pay a library fine from *January* that I hadn't been told about and said fine came to five dollars due to them raising the cost of the fine and not telling me about that, either. And some fannish things I'm not going to get into in order to avoid wank.

The Rei/Lilith icon is used with good reason. I'm rather hoping the loon in Florida is right and the world really is going to end in October
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For the record: I'm not much of a fan of Barack Obama. I think it's awesome that an African-American man has been voted to the highest office in this country, and I think he's a good speaker, but I don't think he's really done a good job putting verbs in those sentences, as it were, in my opinion (operating word being "my").

But one thing that bugs me to no end is the whole debacle over the man's birth certificate. I'm personally glad he came out and released the document in an bid to silence the whiny babies on the Right who inSIST he wasn't born on U.S. soil.

Only now those damn fools are claiming it's a 'fake document'. I swear, these people are so entrenched in believing what they want to believe, that (fandom craziness ahead) The Doctor could take them into the TARDIS, whisk to them to hospital where Mr. Obama was born on that very day and hour, and they could be standing right there in the delivery room as his mom is in labor, and hear the obstetrician in attendance tell her she has a beautiful, healthy son, and they *STILL* wouldn't believe it, just because they don't like the guy. I'm anything but his #1 fangurl, but I believe it. What next? Are we going to doubt anyone and everyone's birth certificate? Where will this paranoia end?!!?

Come on. There are other things more pressing. People in Haiti are still living in tents. Japan is still recovering from tsunami and earthquakes and is now dealing with a nuclear catastrophe. People in the Midwest lost their houses to tornadoes. *THIS* Is what we need to be getting upset over, not some niminy-piminy piece of paper. If people want to be passionate about something, get passionate about helping your fellow man or taking care of the planet we all live on.
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:: Takes out soapbox, gets up on it::

A lot of ink and a lot of electrons are being used to comment and puzzle over the recent shooting in Tucson which claimed the lives of six people and left thirteen others injured, including a Congresswoman. I'm praying for everyone involved in this tragedy, but I feel the need to voice my thoughts on it as well.

One commentator on a local TV news broadcast credited the amount of vitriol that has contaminated political debate as part of the reason for this tragedy. Much as I agree with the man, I believe the problem is a lot more widespread than just the political arena. I believe -- no, I *KNOW* we have a problem with people being disagreeable and vitriolic about most *anything*. Not just politics or religion, but on every level of our life, people are being crass, rude and just plain disagreeable towards each other. I know it's impossible for everyone to agree on everything, and it would be just plain unrealistic. *BUT*, it would help settle things if people would learn to phrase their statements in a polite, well-thought, and articulate manner. I hardly expect people to sound like they wandered in out of a Jane Austen novel (though that would be extremely cool...), but using nonconfrontational I statements (i.e "I believe :: Insert statement" or "I think.... :: Insert idea::") instead of the finger-pointing You statements (ie. "You people do :: Insert action phrase:: ) would probably go a long way toward purging some of the vitriol. I sometimes feel you can't discuss *anything* without it turning into an argument or a debate, that everything gets turned into "sriuz biznesz" whether we want it to or not, and it makes it hard to communicate ones thoughts, when one feels like they're talking to crabby Mrs. Tolliver who's so old and set in her ways that she can't imagine any other way of thinking or acting and who's gotten so entrenched in a Screw Manners, I'm a Senior Citizen manner of behavior that you can't make any headway.

Add to the loss of a sense of manners, is a sense of critical thinking. It seems like a lot of people take things at face value, rather than probe into them and look at them from both sides of the matter. It's a gulp it down way of taking in information, rather than a chew it properly way.

Also, simply stopping and thinking and imagining oneself stating what you're about to come out with to someone you truly love and care about and whose feelings you wouldn't want to hurt might be a good thought exercise. I've been known to mentally rehearse some of my more soapbox-y posts (like this one! :: Laughs::) as if I were speaking it out loud to my mother.

I'm also bothered by the fact that people are trying to lay the blame for this incident on any one particular ideology or group that subscribes to it. There were some liberal commentators who wanted to blame this incident on the conservatives, only to find out that the shooter in this case was one of their own, technically (found that out from one vampirism forum I subscribe to). And of course, the gun laws are being argued over. I personally take a middle stance when it comes to Second Amendment rights: I believe that responsible people should be allowed to own and use firearms; permits, trigger locks, licensing and so forth only do so much good, and criminals and the mentally unstable probably aren't going to utilize them. In and of themselves, firearms pose no threat. It's only when they're loaded and there's someone holding the trigger that they become a threat.

I likely will have more to say about this, but the post is starting to go into TL,DR territory, so I'll get back to it in a bit... I have some fics I'd like to post, and I also have headspace dwellers who are clamoring to have a post written in their journal(s)
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Icon directed at the cause of the rant.

So... An old headspace dweller has returned after fifteen years of silence, namely Klingsor from Wagner's "Parsifal". In order to deal with the warlock wars breaking out between him and Muraki, I decided to send the newcomer some place where there are people from his world. And for the heck of it, I've been doing a bit of a canon review, including listening to the opera and reading a relevant chapter on it in a study of the Grail legends, "The Grail" by Norma Lorre Goodrich.

I wonder if she'd actually heard the opera before she wrote the chapter about it. She seems hung up on Kundry as an antagonist, when it's Klingsor who's the one who set everything in motion; like Dracula in the Bram Stoker novel, or Darth Vader in the original "Star Wars" trilogy, he might not be on scene much, but he has an incredible amount of influence over the course of the story. He's the one who started shanghai'ing unwary Grail Knights, the one who filched the Holy Spear, the one who wounded Amfortas. It's almost like Kundry has become the magician's lovely assistant who distracts the audience from what the magician is up to. I don't see Kundry as this anti-feminist figure that the writer makes her out to be, especially when you look at the wider context of Wagner's operas: up until "Parsifal", his operas are about women saving men from the terrible mistakes they've made. It's as if, in this last of his works, Wagner decided to show the favor being returned. Granted, Klingsor uses Kundry as a tool to get his revenge on the Knights of the Grail, but she's not happy about it (the writer somehow mistook *Klingsor's* glee at the prospect of trying to snare Parsifal, for *Kundry's*, which leads me to think she just read the libretto, rather than listened to the opera, or watched a performance of it.). She fights to resist him, she mocks him: listening to their lines at the beginning of the second act is almost like listening to a prostitute arguing with her pimp. Kundry is the victim here, not the victimizer. She's no damsel in distress, but she does need to be rescued. And that, ultimately, is just what Parsifal does...
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One of the first things I started to snark at, at the tender age of twelve, were the people (usually of some kind of fundamentalist Christian bend) who would brand :: Insert fantastical critter/fantasy pop icon/fantasy media of choice:: as being "from the Devil", or in leet-speak "OMG TEH DEVOL!11111" It's been applied to Dungeons & Dragons, unicorns, Rainbow-Brite, the Smurfs, the Lord of the Rings, the Dark Crystal, even the Chronicles of Narnia (I kid you not, even though Jack Lewis himself has stated that Aslan = Jesus).

Now, per's latest update, they're aiming their sights on Hello Kitty. Now mind you, I'm the type who finds the Hello Kitty Hell website immensely funny, both for the author's wacky hyperbole and the sheer amount of bizarre Hello Kitty junk he digs up. I used to despise the little furball, but I've since gotten over that, and I love her to pieces. I credit my mom for this influence. I totally get the people who despise the wee kitty, but honestly... the devil? Puh-leeezee... Offering bogus "proof" doesn't help their case, either (ie. the word "kitty" supposedly meaning "demon" in Chinese, even though HK was created in Japan. Wrong country, and their knowledge of Chinese is worse than mine... the extent of which is -- yep -- cussing in Chinese [Thank you, Joss Whedon].)

I swear, you don't need to go to a comedy club to get a good laugh, you just have to observer human behavior long enough to find some real gut-busters.
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I've been somewhat AWOL from this journal, and for decidedly personal reasons. I'm going to express them here, but first, I feel the need to post a bit of a disclaimer.

The views expressed herein are extremely personal, and of a very sensitive nature, since they are expressed by a very sensitive person. People are free to disagree with them; I only ask for a certain level of respect and politeness toward them. If you feel the need to comment on something therein which displeases you, please stop for a moment and think about what you are planning to say. Please step away from the keyboard, if necessary, and get yourself a glass of iced tea or chocolate milk or your beverage of choice to refresh yourself. One thing that is not allowed here on this LiveJournal, are keyboard smash disagreements. It makes the poster look like an angry gorilla, and it makes me feel like a bad person for upsetting the poster and I start to question if I belong in this world.

Okay, that said...

Cut for content )
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Aka. Little Miss "Fanfiction is Rape". Here's a thought: Try meeting with some real rape victims/survivors. Ask them what it was like, and then try comparing people borrowing your characters to what they went through. Fanfic writers just *BORROW THINGS*. You should be taking this as a compliment, that people are so enthused with your books that they're imagining things that happened in between scenes, not twisting it into something that's just plain rude and which denigrates the sufferings of real people. Or are you the type who wants to have fictional characters declared to be real people and thus subject to human rights? The problem is, they don't exist, at least not in this universe. If that's the case, then I guess we need to start prosecuting some of the villains. But how do you get the charges to stick to, say, Gendo Ikari in the Evangelion series, since he's definitely facing human rights violations, due to, oh, destroying the entire human population just so he could be reunited with his wife? Have fun trying to get those murder, kidnapping, torture, human organ trafficking and rape charges to stick to Kazutaka Muraki: he's got alibis like Teflon, besides being the grandmaster of the Karma Houdini.

I had half an interest in reading her books, now I have zero interest, and to be honest, if I find one of her books in a jumble shop, I'm inclined to buy it and use it as toilet paper. I was having a crappy day to begin with, and now it's got even worse.

Ryuk, hand me that death note.
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Got a call from the bank about my debit card, while I was at work today. If this has anything to do with the virus scare on Sunday, I'm tempted to take legal action against for aiding and abetting in computer crime and identity theft. My mother, who took the call, had a cluelessly sanguine outlook on it, but I had to drum it into her that the bank doesn't call about debit cards unless there is a Big Problem with them. I hope this isn't something huge, and I really don't want to have to get a new card, as that is a hassle and a half and I've got a few bills due online. :: Growls savagely::

Trying to have a good day otherwise, but I am now worried sick as to who has my information now and what they did with it. I personally want to find that person and give them some facial plastic surgery with a sledge hammer. I'm a disabled minimum wage worker who's just trying to live their life. I don't need this. No one needs this. I don't need to take time out of my day, when I could be doing something else I want or need to do, to clean up messes caused by mooks whose consciences are in dire need of a tune up. It's my time, and I don't need to spend it on people who failed to learn to respect other people's rights to security and property. Choke to death on the money you stole, you shiftless wastes of protoplasm.

That goes for you too, I'm not going onto your site ever again, if you let your users' comps get infected and their lives destroyed. I'm going to use a library comp to migrate all my fics onto my Archive of Our Own site as soon as I settle this mess.
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Just got my copy today and whoo... it is going to be a very wild ride. I don't want to spoiler it, but there is an urgency in this book that hasn't been this intense in the previous installments. Harry's world is going to get a lot darker than it's ever been and Jim is not pulling the punches (not that he ever did, but he's got knuckle dusters on this time). I'm finishing up some [ profile] carpe_ho_ras tags before I head out to continue reading it; this is likely to be a late night, even though I've got work in the morning. Though I could give him a friendly wedgie for the "please don't feed the shippers" moment in the fifth chapter. And anything with well-placed Stuff Blowing Up as well as a laugh out loud reaction line at the end of the scene has a lot going for it.

Also some changes of my own: after the hair debacle at work, I got my hair cut, so now it's very short at the nape of my neck and tapering forward toward my jaw, somewhat like the Major's hairstyle in any of the incarnations of "Ghost in the Shell" (lacking the pouffy bangs, plus my hair is brown and not stylized purplish-black).

And on my list of "People to Dip in Honey and Throw to the White Court Vampires" is the author of the so-called "humorous" take on vampires "Dracula Was a Racist". I understand those who don't like vampires: that was me some years ago (thanks a lot, Lamer-ique: you know who you are...). However... please to not be mocking otherwise good vamp lit just because of trash like Twhinelite. We don't like it either, but we don't find your condescending attitude funny at all. And no, my sense of humor isn't impaired, I just don't like people being deliberately offensive and dismissing stuff that I like as "appealing to Asian-obsessed nerdom" (this directed at "Hellsing" and "Vampire Hunter D"; and it's people like you who send me right to the anime, since I like my animation with lovely artwork [eg. "Princess Tutu"], plots that challenge your mind [eg. "Evangelion"] and characters whose personalities and relationships tug at your heart [eg. "Yami no Matsuei"]) or calling it "too dense" and making snarky comments about "no one making their way through it" (this directed at "The Historian"). Rrrr... I don't get offensive mockery as humor. It's the second cousin to ethnic/racial/gender-related jokes, except it's not as pinpointed at one specific group. It's the kind of stuff that isn't politically incorrect, but which is definitely manners incorrect. It's different from snark, which is more mischievous and playful as opposed to condescending and nasty.

Well, enough ranting: I got myself a box of Tazo Green Tea Latte concentrate, which is utterly delicious -- and it's great to get green tea that is *GREEN* as opposed to green-tinted amber or pale green. I'm hoping, once I find someone who sells it, to graduate to matcha, or powdered green tea.
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Jonathon Sharkey is at it again, and his latest "dark bride", a completely brainwashed girl who posts on the Atlanta Vampire Alliance under the handle Audrianna (I post there under the handle "K. Muraki" -- yeah, it was a sickly humorous handle; the K stands for Kozou, in case you were wondering) has vanished. But since she doesn't have a history of running away and since she's not considered a minor, she's not really considered missing. Her mother has posted an item on Craigslist, looking for any information about her daughter's whereabouts:

There's more I'd like to say, but it's going to the Circle of Trust filter....
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I used to think that the tendency towards bubble-wrapping ones children against criticism or correction was something that happened elsewhere, but not in my area. I'm used to people screaming at their hyperactive munchkins when said munchkins are flailing in my lane because the parent didn't get them a box of Sugar Blasted Choco-Rox. Today, I saw with my own eyes the root cause of the speshul snowflake behavior which I've seen among teen authors of Mary Sue fics.

This obstreperous little six year old boy was coming through my lane: I knew the kid was going to be a pill from the moment he showed up, because he lobbed a can down the register, right toward me and he kept trying to scan things as the cashier is still finishing up scanning the previous order. Then, when the order was actually being scanned, and the mother pushes the carriage down to me to put the bags in, the kid would not stop climbing on the carriage, and then he almost rams me with it, complete with this baby-eating grin on his face. Finally, I told him to please stop playing with the carriage, and I looked him right in the eye as I did so, giving him the "I mean business" look, which wiped the evil widdle smirk off his face. Cue the little urchin running to his momma with the waterworks going. Cue the mother telling him it's all right, "that lady's just mean." And then she goes crying to my boss about that mean bagger who yelled at her kid (when I didn't even raise my voice: if anything, it dropped to a chilly, softspoken deadpan ala Thomas Gibson as Aaron Hotchner in Criminal Minds). Ugh.

No. "That Lady" is just trying to do her damn job, which would be easier if you would actually *DISCIPLINE* your little monster. I'm sorry, but telling your child that everyone who corrects them is "mean" when the child is clearly out of line is not doing them a favor. He's ramming carriages into grocery workers now, what's he going to do ten years from now when he's driving and he gets charged with vehicular manslaughter? Are you going to tell him that the judicial system is just "mean"?!

And I'd been minding my own business imagining the possibility of an anime cosplay-style staging of Gilbert & Sullivan's "The Mikado". Think twenty-something guys costumed like bishounen singing that opening chorus number and girls in schoolgirl uniforms singing "Three Little Maids from School". It would be a hoot! (Though it's likely been done already...)
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I've done a bad, bad thing: I know that because of the kerfuffle with Amazon over the fact that they temporarily stopped carrying books published by MacMillan, due to a mess involving electronic book rights, I deleted the link to my Amazon review page from this journal. And I stopped buying used books from Amazon, but... I caved in and bought a used copy of Elizabeth Barrett Browning's "Sonnets from the Portuguese" for a penny, which arrived in the mail yesterday. It's a matter of principle with me: roughly a third to a half of the books I buy are used. I've even been screamed at by one author, via Twitter (who will remain nameless, but several of the [ profile] carpe_ho_ras have heard the story and know who I mean), who somehow got it into their that this meant I was buying this writer's books used and therefore denying them their royalties. Mind you, if a book has recently been published, I'm likely to buy it new from Barnes & Noble or Target or Wal-Mart even. However, there are a lot of books that are hard to find unless you get them used, and I have to admit, I'm not patient about pre-ordering books from B&N, even though I love using their Store Pick-Up option. Not sure why I do this, but it's a personal quirk. Anyway...

But there is something to be said about buying used books: it's a form of going green. It is the equivalent of adopting a pet from a shelter instead of going to a breeder or a pet store. You are taking a book that could very well wind up in a landfill or a recycling bin and giving it a new home where it can continue to enchant and delight its readers. I have to admit to liking used books: some of them I can tell were well-loved volumes, and I've even picked up flashes of energy from some books. We've got this leather-bound copy of John Greenlead Whittier's "Snowbound" which is missing the spine but the pages are still together (my dad picked it up at a yard sale and gave it to my mom and I on the First Day of Winter this past December as a "Happy Winter" present); it appears to be from the 1870s and it's clearly been read a few times and yet was still taken good care of. I was reading it one night and I got this flash of an older man, maybe in his sixties reading it about the turn of the 20th century and talking to his grandson about how winters used to be when he was a kid about the grandson's age. Granted, I've picked up some old books that contained a lot of negative energy as well, and I've even sensed what felt like pain coming from damaged books, so sometimes recycling a book is an act of mercy. But for the most part, most used books are like shelter dogs waiting for a good home and greeting you with a wagging tale, eager to create new memories...
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Based on more than a few rants lately on [ profile] fanficrants, I'm starting to wonder if one needs to post warnings about, well, the whole fic in some cases? Especially since I am sitting here eying one of my [ profile] centi_50 drabbles which went right into R-/M-rated territory (yes, a certain gent whose name begins with M is involved and I'm tempted to Lampshade that as a joke), and for some, it might be NC-17-/MA-rated territory. After a few kerfuffles I've had on here, I'm gun-shy about high-rated fics. And what about the warnings? If I post a warning for the whole thing, it's going to be a bit spoilery. And make the header longer than the damn fic, which causes me to think of the tractor part of a highway tractor-trailer rig towing a small fiberglass trailer carrying a minuscule wooden rowboat.

Back to the M-rated fic, I'm also worried this could also bring the creeps back to this LJ; the last time I wrote the pair involved, there were a few comments that made me cringe a bit, though I could just have been acting over-sensitive. I technically ship said pair, but with reservations, since it defines "unhealthy relationship", or "bad romance" to quote a Lady GaGa song which fits said pair just a little too well. I have to admit, I went a bit over the top, and I'm tempted to think part of me was channeling Hideaki Anno at that point. Instead of it being "Okay, fans, you wanna see a main character die a horrible, messy death? You got it!" (ie. Asuka's horrible death in "End of Evangelion"), it's "Okay, you don't want me to fade to black this time? You got it! And just remember: one of 'em is a borderline pyschopath who likes sharp things..." Maybe I'll succeed as well as Anno did and creep out the creeps. I'm just worried about creeping out everyone else in the process, though trust me, in my case a creepy story is creepy because, rather than be Fetish Fuel, it needed creepy to be a good story.
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I had planned to go out today and make my at-most-twice-a-month trip to the Burlington Barnes & Noble, but considering the extreme wind chills today and the fact that I was up till the wee hours last night typing one fanfiction, writing another and watching anime (not necessarily in that order or all at once, either), I decided to stay home today. So I've been curled up under the covers of my bed writing and reading. I won't say I'm mildly stuck on the 12 Days of Fanfic challenge, but I think I need a mini-break from it, though that means I may need to double up some days or let the challenge run over the time limit, which I hope people will understand.

Also, my mind seems to be cranking out stuff for anything but the 12 Days fics today, including a passage for a decidedly dark Yami no Matsuei fic that's presented itself to me. Lj cut for teal deers )

Aaaand my request to join An Archive of Our Own has been accepted: So far all I have on there are the two YnM fics, but I'm working on importing more of the ff.n fics.
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Rant the First

Name Withheld to Protect Their Identity:

I am (I was)* reading the books. I like some of the supporting characters -- Alice and Jasper especially: they deserve to be in a better series (one reason I wrote the both of them into the crossover fic I'm writing); Charlie Swan, too, is a good if somewhat quiet guy who's been screwed over by the women in his life (well, he's a good character until his personality is assassinated in Broken Down, aka Breaking Dawn, but even some fans consider that book a Wall Banger). I think Stephanie Meyers had some good ideas, she just underused/underdeveloped them horribly.

This does not make me "infected" as you call it. Just because I've gotten past the "OMG kill it with fire!1111" stage does not meant I'm going to start squeeing over the books and gushing over how awesome they are. I still think they're dangerous for impressionable tweenagers and teenagers. I'm thirty-two years old, I've been in a bad relationship before and I know the warning signs. Reading these books is not going to erode that. For pity's sake, I've been watching TrueBlood on DVD lately, and that's practically made of contra-Twilight (it also has an awesome ensemble of actors playing an equally awesome ensemble of characters: I'm crushing on Stephen Moyer as Bill Compton, and Anna Paquin isn't just playing the role of Sookie Stackhouse, she *IS* Sookie Stackhouse: she's just how I imagined the character while I was reading Charlaine Harris's books, and she does that Louisiana accent so well, you'd think she grew up there. And Lafayette cracks me up constantly; the bit where he chews out the rednecks in Merlotte's for sending back the burger he just cooked up is a Crowning Moment of Awesome).

*To those who catch the reference, this was unintentional, but it made me smirk a bit.


Rant the Second

To a certain forum (or the posters thereon):

Just because a fanfic is crossed over with Twilight does *NOT* preclude that the fic-author is necessarily a fan of Twilight. I'm relieved that you copy-pastaed an older listing of crossovers (on ff.n), and thus didn't include mine, because if you had, I would have been annoyed with you for assuming this and I would have registered just to set the record straight. Also, chill pills. Take them.
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While making a random search for Yami no Matsuei fanarts, I ran across a bizarre thread on the infamous forum (the one I had to leave five minutes after I signed up, because the antis on it were as rabid as the fanggurls), I ran across a thread in which someone pretty much compared Muraki to Edward.

:: Brain goes splodey as she emits a wail of disgust and protestation ::

That isn't even comparing apples to oranges, that's comparing bright, shiny Enza apples (the kind that draw all the shinigami for miles around) that just ooze with juice when you bite into them to under-developed oranges with deep grooves on them where a twig was rubbing on the skin.

Cut for fan-rantage and potential spoilers for the manga )
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My one wish this Christmas? That the U.S. copyright laws on fiction and fanfiction would get replaced with the Japanese copyright laws re: same.

There's a discussion on [ profile] lkh_lashouts re: LKH and fanfiction. Now, while I understand why some authors would have "no fanfic plz" clauses in their contracts or have made public statements to that effect, but... I find it annoying when someone who isn't that author decides to be the Fanfic Police and do a "no fanfic plz" on other people. Might be a backlash from the debacle with Lee Goldberg on the original Orange Board version of Godawful Fanfiction, where the guy castigated all of us for being fans of fanfiction and attacked me for my "A.I.: Artificial Intelligence" fics. You could tell the guy had no teeth in his arguments when he yelled at me because I'd written Gigolo Joe as a male prostitute. Duh! Anyone who's watched the movie would know I was in the right because, well, as the green-eyed silicon hottie would say, "It's what I do." ( :: Pauses a moment to chase off a plot bunny for an "A.I."/Evangelion crossover:: Joe/Ritsuko might be really cute and Ritsy-poo might be less bitchy afterward [plus I could totally see her hiring our silicon hottie to try and make Gendo jealous, but we know how badly that would backfire...], but I don't need any more ideas...)

The case at hand: a middle-school teacher saying there is a "no fanfic plz" clause in their classroom, the poster's argument being that it's to protect the kids from plagiarism suits. I think after the file-sharing debacle in which RIAA went batshit on middle-school kids, no lawyer in their right mind would do something like that, if they didn't want the press to do the same thing to them, and make them and their client look like bullies shaking kids down for their lunch money (the case where RIAA tried to get CPS to slap an "unfit parent" charge on the single mom of one kid was an all-time low; thankfully, CPS turned around and said, "What are you talking about? This kid is doing just fine, now stop wasting our time when we could have been saving kids from being molested."). This could have it's upside: it could be protecting us from yet another bumper crop of bad Twhinelight fanfic, but I can't help seeing a lot of kids being denied a pastime that I find dear to my heart. Maybe a "don't ask, don't tell" policy ala Jim Butcher's take on it would be a good compromise.
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I'm sticking up for 'Twilight' again.

There are some among the antis who are down on the books because the main characters wait for the ring before making love to each other. Now, I accept the fact that there are people for whom sex is no big deal, and consider it as ordinary as sneezing or eating. I am not one of them and it irritates me when people act like there is something wrong with you because you'd rather wait for the right person/wait for the ring. It's a very big deal for me, and I wish people would accept the fact that there are a number of people who think this way. And if there's a book where the characters wait for the ring, so be it. That's how the author told the story, and that's the way it is. If you'd rather read about urban fantasy with people jumping each other's bones at the drop of a hat, please go read Laurell K. Hamiliton's stuff.

I'm getting to the point where I'm almost embarrassed to be an anti...
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By now, most of you have probably heard about the Amazonrank debacle. I'll start by posting Neil Gaiman's entry on this inane incident.

Supposedly, it's "a glitch", according to's PR wonks. If it's a glitch, it's a really well-targeted one, and gee, how did books on "curing" homosexuality come to be at the very top of the list, if one searches the "homosexuality" tag? I'm filing that alongside the books on curing your eye color or your skin tone...
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Do not call me an atheist. Do not imply that I am, even when I talk about how my faith in the Church is fragile right now and has been for a while. This does not mean I have lost my faith in God, it just means I'm not thrilled with His fanclub right now and how some of the club officers are running things. It's people like you that are only making my situation worse. You don't know me. You don't know my situation. It's not your place to judge me. For that matter, you say it like it's a bad thing to be an atheist; I've had Pagans and atheists treat me more charitably than some Christians. This includes you. I reported your post, hopefully a mod will give you a little talk about things like being more charitable.

Sorry, just had to get that off my chest.

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