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After Mass this afternoon, my dad decided to pop into a small block of antique shops that's a few doors down from the church we've been going to. And when I mean "antique shop" I mean the sort of combination thrift store/jumble store/shop that sells things which actually are antiques which are part of the landscape of many towns in New England. You might find anything from Chippendale chairs to Maxfield Parrish prints in tastefully distressed frames to a Regency-era armoire to a shelf full of paperbacks from 1990. On said shelf full of paperbacks from 1990, I found a three-volumes-in-one collection of Storm Constantine's "Wraethu", which has been tweaking my interest for some time. I'm hoping this trilogy doesn't run out of steam in the third volume the way her Grigori trilogy unfortunately did (not to say that the writing wasn't interesting, since I like her lush way of describing things, it's just that the plot of the third Grigori novel kind of lost its way).

Still looking for an anime/sci-fi convention to attend. I almost went to Arisia this weekend, but I found out about it a bit too late to afford it, plus I need to pay myself back for some Christmas shopping. There's always next year. I still don't think I'll be attending AnimeBoston this year since it's smack dab on the weekend of Easter and I have too much to do that weekend. But I think I've hit upon a very doable costume idea and it came to me as I was putting the final edits on the fic I posted last night: I might very well costume as Tatsumi. I've got the right hair color and the fringe over my eyes is parted about the same way, plus it shouldn't be too hard to hunt up a brown suit from one of the local thrift shops. I've even located a place in Portland, Oregon which sells sleeve garters, and I've been meaning to buy a pair for work anyway. The most costly part of the costume might be getting half-rimmed eyeglasses, but I really need to buy new glasses anyway, since my current metal-rimmed pair are falling apart and the finish has come off them. I was hunting for rimless glasses, but I discovered to my annoyance that they're rather pricey even if they've only got half the amount of metal in them as my current pair. I remember joking, "You have to be as rich as a certain crooked energy vampire to afford these damn things." One thing I won't be doing is the sapphire-blue contact lenses, but that's because I have this bad problem with not being able to get my hand close enough to my eyes to put them in without my eyes all but sealing themselves shut. I think it's because I had sooo many eye doctor appointments and sooo many drops put in my eyes during the first twelve years of my life that my eyes have decided "Okay, enough of that, nothing is coming near us ever again!"
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I had every intention of getting up earlier this morning, since I had errands to run, but the grey skies played a role in causing me to wake up just after noon. Much as I keep vampire hours, I try to get up before noon on days that I'm not working, even if that translates to 11.30 a.m.

One of those errands entailed a run to Wal-Mart for some odds and ends, including pricing rimless eyeglasses. Which aren't cheap: $125 for the frames and another $100 for the lenses, plus I need to have my eyes checked. I'm hoping MediCare will cover them, but this might go over the limit. We'll see.

The flyer for next year's Boskone came today: none of the special guests seem to ring any bells with me, so I'm looking at other cons. Arisia looks neat, though it's in January and that could be a problem, weather-wise. I also looked at AnimeBoston, since I'm looking for a good anime con, but this year it falls on the weekend of Easter, so it's out of the question: better luck next year. And there's a one-day anime con in March at Salem State College, which I might give a go. Which brings me to the wacky costuming ideas, which include:

--Kaworu from Neon Genesis Evangelion. One of the more likely ideas, since much of his outfit is fairly simple, except I'd need a grey cosplay wig. May or may not be a good idea, given the number of fangirls this guy has.

--Muraki from (wait for it...) Yami no Matsuei. Except I'd have to hunt for a white suit and a white top coat as well as investing in a silver cosply wig. And again: fangirls. Though it might be fun to weird them out.

--And then there's the joke Death Note character: "Lambda, L's twin sister just not mentioned in the anime or the manga" This was meant as a commentary on both Mary Sues and the sheer number of L cosplayers which (I'm told) turn up at cons. Plus I look like I ought to be L's twin sister, thus it be almost like dressing as myself.
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In some ways, it was fun sharing the con with Mark, but in other ways, it was a bit stressful. I didn't get a chance to eavesdrop on conversations or lurk in a hallway the way I usually do nor did I really get much of a chance to poke around in the dealers' room as much as I usually do. I wound up tiring quicker than I expected, so we headed home earlier than we'd intended. But we attended several very interesting panel discussions, including one on "Mining the Bible", ie. turning to the Bible for inspiration in writing sci-fi (Jane Yolen, one of my favorite writers/editors was on the panel). This actually inspired one of the classic Mark/Me mildly heated discussions, since part of the panel discussion had glanced upon some of my favorite mystical beasties, the Grigori. Mark, of course, is adamant that angels and humans cannot interbreed since "angels are pure spirits"; I, of course, come back with the argument that if an angel takes on a physical body, that the angel very well could interbreed with a human, which ground his gears a little (and he's the one with the degree in theology...)

Another talk, given by a fairly new author, Elaine Isaak, dealt with "The Ten Mistakes I Made in Publishing (So You Don't Have to Make Them)", which gave me a little more confidence in trying to get published, but also spooked me a little (ie. a mistake with what she called "the Evil Options Clause" on her first contract).

Didn't manage to get any writing done last week, but I am poking at a novella-length tie-in for one of my alts on MxO, namely Sieges's somewhat daffy brother, and with a plot mildly inspired by Wagner's "Tannhauser".

Almost forgot ye dragons:

Adopt one today! || Adopt one today! || Adopt one today!
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And I managed to talk my friend Mark into a nice, romantic Valentine's Day at... a sci-fi convention. Wonder what he'll make of me cross-costuming as Harry Dresden. I'm just back from Wal-Mart where I'd been picking up a dowel to tweak into Harry's blasting rod. My original intent was to dress as "Two Wizards Named Harry" and wear a few articles of clothing that would be easy to recognize (ie. Harry Dresden's mantled duster and a red/black/grey rugby jersey for Harry Potter), but I decided that was too confusing. Plus -- and I don't have to tell my regular readers this -- I'm more of a Dresden Files fan.

And yes, you're seeing that right: I have only two hatchlings and one egg. I'm keeping an eye out for a gold at the moment, and I'm going to start breeding rock dragons in the hope of getting some of the new ones

Adopt one today! || Adopt one today! || Adopt one today!
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Not a big fan of it. I mean, if you treat it as a celebration of love in all it's forms -- friendship, family love, etc -- or if you're giving cute penny Valentine cards to everyone you like, I'm all for it. But when it devolves into snoogy-oogy couples/jewelry and lingerie day, that's when I draw the line.

However... this year, Valentine's Day is going to be interesting: I'm spending the day with my best guy friend Mark, at a nice, romantic... science fiction convention.

No Boskone

Feb. 17th, 2007 03:08 pm
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Because of various things, I won't be attending Boskone this year, I'm afraid, much as I was looking forward to it since David Gerrold was the guest of honor. For one thing, the registration fee went up again, since they're holding it at the new convention center in Boston, instead of the Hynes, as they have in the past. For another thing, they're getting more strict with IDs. So, the other night, my dad and I went to the RMV to get me a state ID... and I found out that my temporary ID can't be used for ID purposes, plus the real ID won't show up in the mail for another five to ten days... So I decided to stay home and avoid a hassle over the ID. :: Sighs::

Consolation prize: I went to the Barnes & Noble in Salem, NH while my mom was at an appointment last night. Bought a few books, including Terry Prachett's "Eric" and Terry Windling and Eileen Datlow's "Snow White, Blood Red", which I've been looking for since forever.
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Wheee!! I think I had more fun this year than I did last year, but of course last year, I was pressuring myself to find a literary agent and then flogging myself for not finding one.

This year... I actually managed to get to and from Boston on the T without any little glitches in transit (Last year, I got off at the wrong stop and had to hop back on). Attended a nifty little panel discussion on Jane Austen and science fiction, how her millieu is practically an alien civilization compared to our own age, and how it isn't much of a stretch to write fantasy set in that sort of world. Also a very lively panel discussion on graphic novels and where they're headed, featuring among other people, Teresa Nielsen Hayden, who's edited some of Neil Gaiman's stuff. Ooh, heard *THE* best one-man filk minstrel, Steve MacDonald: He did one crazy lullaby about "The Demons Under Your Bed", and a Harry Potter filk based on "Pinball Wizard", and one really touching one he'd written for his fiancee; wish I remember the words, but it was something about wandering the earth until he'd found her and how finding her was like coming home.

Thus I just *had* to get one of his CDs in the dealers' room... And this year's Boskone tee-shirt, which features this lovely painting of an android with a dune and a cityscape behind him... and a pile of books including:

--Neil Gaiman's "Stardust", which I've been meaning to get ([ profile] faire_damsel, you'd love this book: I highly, highly reccommend it!), also his audio collection of children's stories and "Tales from the Dream Trade", which includes his "American Gods" weblog and a bunch of his introductions to several different books by other people (This one is hard to come by, since only the New England Science Fiction Association published it).

--The other three "Chicks in Chain Mail" collections put together by Esther Friesner. I utterly *LOVED* the first one, so I had to get the next three. What a hoot!

--Terry Pratchett's "Lords and Ladies", which I've been wanting to read ever since Puck used an extensive quote from it in one of her DegSep fics.

And I got some info from an LARP group in the area: seems they're a wildly mixed genre -- medieval, space opera, cyberpunk, one guy even plays a caveman! I asked if there was room in there for a machine intelligence, and the guy in charge told me they had a few characters like that, but unfortunately said MIs are TEH BAD GUIZ!!!11111 Grr... well, if I ever join, I'll see if I can't turn that around a little.

As I said, I was costuming as Flood: at least three people commented on my costume, but -- perhaps thankfully! -- no one recognized who I was supposed to be (Last thing I need is to have some Zion wackies or "rusty Toasters" chase me down a hallway). But one gal did say, "The gloves really help make the costume". Just as well that I didn't dress as Death: I spotted two gals dressed up as her.
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...And I'm posting to let you all know that I had a *GREAT* time. Longer post to come after midnight, when I'm listening to Radio Zero-One; I've got e-mail to read/reply to and a Tinkertoy to tinker with.
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...Whew, finally figured out the route for tomorrow.

And it looks like the snarky Exile won out: It'll be too cold for me to wear Death's habitual sleeveless top (and I didn't have time or the materials to rig up her Victorian ballet skirt-dress from "Season of Mists"). And I can't seem to find the long black coat that resembles the Merv's "Revs" jacket (Though I have the shirt for that). I guess I'll be Flood's unbleached sister. I'm expecting a certain amount of flack from any MxO players who might show up (Zion crazies, "rusty toasters", ticked-off Merv-ians), though granted, Boskone is more of a literary event and less of a media thing, so the PCgamers are less likely to attend (Not to say the D&Ders avoid the event). People just might not recognize who I'm supposed to be, but that's all right. Either way, I'm equipped to handle it.

I'm unhooking in a few since I have to be in bed by midnight since I'm getting up at eight am. tomorrow. Just gotta take care of a few things here...
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Finally registered for Boskone. I had to put some money into the account before I went any further. I'm starting to get keyed up for that.

And oh yeah, it looks like the weather isn't going to cooperate with my decision to dress as Death from "The Sandman Comics": It's supposed to be cold Saturday, so even though I'll be indoors much of the day, I'll have to nix Death's typical sleeveless top. Ah well... Now I'm trying to settle on which of the other two ideas I'll actually execute. It looks like the Merv might win out, though I'll have to rig the back of my jacket to make it look more frock-coat like. Wish I'd been able to get some decent hair bleach sooner, though my mother would be scratching her head if I went from brunette to platinum... I've been feeling more Flood-ish lately.
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As I mentioned last night, I realized Boskone 43, the NESFA's convention is just a month and a half away, and I need to start planning ahead for that (Planning, as in saving money, figuring out train schedules and getting stuff for my costume).

The last left me scratching my head, since I have several great ideas for costumes, but I can't quite settle on just one. Maybe you folks can help me out?

[Poll #649606]

Granted, I still have to get some supplies for a few of these, and one or two will require a few simple make-up tricks, but they're all fairly easy to pull off. The Merv might be a tough one, since I'll have to scun my hair back with a lot of gel (I might have to invest in the industrial-strength stuff...) and make sure that my widow's peak is plainly visible; and I'll run the risk of being stampeded by older or more mature MxO players/"Matrix" fans, or being clobbered by teenaged fanbrats.

A couple ideas I tossed out right away: I thought of dressing as Flood, but that would require either bleaching my hair or buying a wig, and I didn't want to invest that much into it (Plus, I'm still looking for a pair of black PVC gloves that look like The Gloves). Then I thought of dressing as Desire, but, well, I'm a much more conservative dresser than the golden-eyed fiend, unless I found a white tuxedo, ala first-chapter-of-"Brief Lives"!Desire, plus I'd need colored contact lenses, which I'm all thumbs with, colored or not. I almost resurrected last year's idea of dressing as Orual from C.S. Lewis's "Till We Have Faces", but I'd need to find a Greek toga-dress for that, though I have the black veil for it. Should've bought a boughten Greek goddess costume I saw in one of the shops at Hallowe'en, I'd be all set for that! I had to discard the idea of dressing as Sieges, since my hair isn't long enough (her hair -- well, on her RSI, anyway -- is shoulder-blades-length, but she wears it piled on the back of her head and held in place with Japanese-style hair-sticks), and I'd have to find a toy SMG that looks something like her "New Reliable".
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Continued from my previous post: I had to get a towel because I started drooling over those pics I posted...

We managed to get to Mass at Holy Trinity today: The people of real-world version of Sankt Maria Magdalena's may be finally getting the word across. The heads of the group trying to keep the church open were recently able to speak with Bishop Mallegant's real world counterpart, Archbishop He Who Must Not Be Named in Front of the Matrix Refugee. And he *listened* to them this time. The last time they tried to speak with him, *he* did all the talking and wouldn't let us folks get a word in edgewise. Also, the Vatican may be taking punative action against Archbishop He Who Must Not Be Named: they've found that he handled the reconfiguration to be completely unethical (eg. Police arresting people holding vigils inside churches, closing dates getting moved up, with or without warning, etc.). Stay tuned...

I ended up chatting with a few folks I hadn't seen in a while, so unfortunatly, I missed seeing an incident in the parking lot, involving a pigeon and a plastic bag. Apparantly, one of the pigeons that make their home on the roof of Holy Trinity had gotten the handle of a plastic bag caught around his neck. He kept running around, trying to shake it off, and he tried flying to escape from it, but the bag acted like a parachute and it kept pulling him down. My dad and one of the older kids who come to Mass at HT tried cornering him, but he kept running under cars to get away from this strange predator. My mother managed to coax the bird out from under one car, whereupon the kid put his foot on the bag, and my dad got ahold of the pigeon and pulled the bag off the bird. The pigeon was fine and flew right away. I suspect that's the last time he tries fishing for treats in a tempting plastic bag, though.

And it was one year ago that I went to WorldCon with Mark... My, how the year flew by.... Read here for the whole story: One year ago, I was at the Academy Awards of sci-fi... One year ago I started my admiration for Neil Gaiman... I think the next U.S. WorldCon is supposed to be in Columbus, Ohio, in 2007. Maybe I'll make it! I didn't go this year, since they're holding it in Glasgow, Scotland, which is too far for me, at this point; and next year it's is in Tokoyo, Japan: definately too far, and I don't speak Japanese.

Last, and probably least, the joys of watching DVDs with a soulbond, in this case Ref looking over my shoulder as I watch the behind-the-scenes documentaries on "The Matrix: Revolutions": Cannonballs through Rows of Old Washing Machines )
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I walked into the Salvation Army Thrift Shop in Wilmington and practically put my hand on The Jacket. Yes, *the* jacket I need for my Constantine costume. I tried it on right then and there, and dang if it didn't catch the demon hunter's attention (after he'd been quiet since he and I shouted each other out last night when I was going through my "self-pitying shit mode" -- his words, not mine). Now all I need is the tie and the black-strapped wristwatch and to rig up the stencil for the arm tattoos. And oh yes, the cigarette lighter: I may just get a plain Zippo-type lighter and stick a St. Benedict medal to the side of it. I'm tempted to see if I can't find the right sort of make-up for the scars, but that might be pushing it, in terms of authenticity... Either way, Boskone is gonna be fun: it's a simple matter of donning the costume and letting one of my houseguests ride shotgun in my headspace for the rest of the day. Be just my dumb luck to bump into someone costuming as the Hellblazer: that might make for an interesting (read: painful) encounter. ::Glares at the dumb comic-book purists::

I *tried* to find the tie, but luck was against me: I may have to buy that brand new, which will set me back $25 US at Sears. I spent the better part of ten minutes digging through through a bin full of ties; the only black one I managed to scare up had the sun, moon and stars embroidered on it in gold thread. To quote one of my houseguests, "What the hell is this? Harry Potter?"
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I woke up this morning with my sinuses packed solid, this when I had to get ready to leave for an appointment with the nurse practitioner about getting the neuro-psyche testing done. I think the heat must have come on in the night and blown some dust into the air, which is why my sinuses got so inflamed. Thus, I didn't have much to say to her when I finally got there, and she kept stating the obvious and asking me if I can't get any prescription meds for it, which meant having to tell her the saga of the HMO That Won't Pay for Zyrtec. I'm beginning to think this woman is Paris Hilton's long-lost twin, since she sometimes seems to have the same intelligence level. That and I'm pissed off with her for thinking my introverted tendencies come from my being home-taught. Both my parents are introverts, so I think I may have inherited the tendency and/or learned the behavior from them. I'm a frackin' INFP on the Meyers-Briggs test; we can't all all have an E in our M-B scores... And stop ragging on the homeschooling: the point was to get me an education, and considering how much I freak out/get unnerved when people get in my face, can you imagine how shut down I'd be in a so-called normal classroom environment?! I'd go from Asperger's Syndrome to classic autism, and to be perfectly honest, I'm so fed up with people getting on my case, trying to make me over in their idea of normal, I'm of a mind to just pull into my headspace and stay there.

To quote a tee-shirt I'm trying to get: "I'm in my own little world most of the time, but that's okay: They all know me here."

Well, she's put in the request for the testing, but that's not likely to go through for another six months, so I've got some time to brace myself for it.

The rest of the trip went fairly well: I nipped over to the Burlington Mall to do a little window shopping. I'm looking for a jacket for my Constantine costume; I thought I found it in Macy's, but the cut wasn't quite loose enough, and it was way out of my price range.

And I was looking for a red shirt in case I ever do costume as the Merv. I found one in Filenes that was aaaalmost just right: it was close enough to catch his attention and bring him to the surface of my consciousness, but of course he turned up his hawkish nose at the fact that it wasn't silk and it cost less than a hundred dollars U.S.

I guess odd colored dress shirts are the style this year: I saw a pink shirt with white pin-stripes, with a bright green tie. Then there was the guy wearing the ORANGE shirt with the purple and grey striped tie.... I mean it was *ORANGE*, not burnt orange, not pale orange, it was ORANGE, like the fruit, or a road construction sign. I finally laughed and said out loud, "What are these colors? Angry fruit salad?" Which elicited an empathetic chuckle from the guy next to me, looking through the bins of dress shirts...

And I looked over at the guy to find I was looking at a near-clone of Flood. I wish I were making this up. I've seen this guy before, and I think he's one of the big-wigs for the store I work for, since I saw him there once when a bunch of the company big-wigs were there for an inspection. Wieerd...

Once I got back downtown, I took care of some computer stuff (ie, printing out emails sent to my mother from her crazy penfriend who sends me the same glurge over and over and over again... I found the same email in my inbox *twice*) at the library -- and had to fight off this insane, probably drug-addicted woman who tried to steal the computer I was using, when I got up to collect my printouts. While I was there, I got out a couple graphic novels, including Neil Gaiman's "The Books of Magic" (only the fourth time I've read it, but man, I love it. ::Pats Neil Gaiman's slightly kinder, gentler version of John Constantine:: ) and a fascinating little travelogue by Craig Thompson, whom I *think* did some of the artwork for one of the "Matrix" Comics.

Also went to the Tewksbury Library: I renewed "The Faery Ring" and "Johnathon Strange and Mr. Norrell", neither of which I finished, though I've made some progress with the latter. I also got out the Fodor's travel guide to Los Angeles, since it's got some maps in it which I need to help me out with my "Constantine" fics.

I was so busy, I didn't have a chance to write anything for the [ profile] 31_days challenge, but perhaps I'll do better tomorrow; I might even cheat and back-date the entry. The rules say you have to post the entry on the day of the theme it fits, but it doesn't say anything about back-dating the entry...
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I'm turning in early tonight: I've had a looong busy day.

Started out with going to Lowell, intending to get some computer work done at the MCC Library. Only to find the place was Closed, though the sign they'd hung up on a rope across the steps was backwards and I had to turn it around to read it.

So, I ended up using one of the eeeexxxtrrrrreeeemmmmeeeellllyyy sssslllloooowwww computers at the Pollard Library downtown. And since a bunch of kids were using the regular comps for internet access, I had to use one of the "E-Mail Only" comps, which meant I had only fifteen minutes to check my email. Of course I used up that scant amount of time, waiting for the dumb thing to load the pages, so I only got a couple items printed out for my mother.

I also picked up "Legends II", edited by Robert Silverberg, which features a dozen novellas by contemporary sci-fi/fantasy writers, specifically spin-offs of their best-known novels. The reason I got it: there's a spin-off of "American Gods" in it. Cool! And a nice way to prepare for the release of "Anansi Boys"... I think I have a teeny idea for a fanfic come out of it, but it's only an idea as yet... ::Uses her snazzy new "American Gods" icon::

I managed to squeeze in a trip to the St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store. Bought a hardback copy of Clive Cussler's "Sahara" (with the binding intact! ::memories of having trouble getting that a copy of that book with an intact spine out of the library:: ) and a shirt for my John Constantine costume for Boskone next year. It's a white Brooks Brothers, no less: a $100 US shirt, which I bought for 99 cents. I already have the pants and the oxfords (and the attitude, if I'm in the proper pissed-off frame of mind, which is about half the time anyway...), and I thought I had the jacket when I was looking among the suit jackets, only the pockets were wrong: the openings were vertical when they should be horizontal (yes, I'm a stickler for details). Besides the jacket, I just need the wristwatch and the tie; you'd think finding a black tie at a thrift shop would be easy. Nope: I looked, but all I could find were *LOUD* paisley ones. John Nash's line in "A Beautiful Mind" came to my thoughts: "There has to be a mathematical explanation for how bad your tie is." I guess guys keep their black ties and get rid of the ugly ones. Ah well, I'll try again.

And speaking of Constantine, I finally typed and posted the next-to-the-last chapter of "The Smoke of Satan...", this after putting in a gruelling shift at work: Non-stop bagging, no breaks to do overstock or breaking down aisles. Ah well, I needed the exercise.

Short shift tomorrow: 6 to closing (9.30-ish), which should net me some time to get some writing and hopefully some typing in, around housecleaning.
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I seem to have finally found a way to get over my body-image problem, namely, fuming over the fact that I'm flat-chested. It dawned on me that the fact that I *am* so under-endowed makes it a hell of a lot easier for me to cross-costume at sci-fi conventions. Currently I'm juggling ideas for Arisia/Boskone this winter (I'm trying to find one earlier in the year, just for the heck of it): either the movie-verse version of John Constantine (helps that I'm dark and I habitually forget to comb my hair; only one catch: I don't smoke, and certainly not like a chimney), or -- yep -- the Merovingian, which is the harder of the two, since I'm not having much luck finding a reasonably-priced replica of his frock coat-jacket... As silly a reason it might be, you have little idea how emotionally liberating it is.

And I've been giggling over some snarkage about "chocolate brown" eyes on "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" Mary Sues, which put me in mind of a silly "Matrix" Sue, who also had chocolate brown eyes, but was allergic to chocolate, much to the chagrin of the Merv when he tried slipping her the special dessert... I remember thinking, "God, with those chocolate brown eyes, she must need Visine all the time."

Of course, this talk about chocolate eyes has the Merv, as I know him, sniggering in my headspace. )

In other news, I nipped into Lowell to take care of some computer business... including making a new LJ icon based off a picture of me, for those of you who wondered what I look like:

I also nipped into the Lowell library for the first time in weeks (since they burned me with a phony library fine...): Got out Joan Gould's "Spinning Straw into Gold: What Fairy Tales Reveal about Transformations in a Woman's Life", which I think Becca had reccommended me some time back. Excellent stuff! I haven't read anything as good since Clarissa Pinakola-Estes's "Women Who Run with the Wolves". Of course I gravitated to the chapters on "Beauty and the Beast", which has to be my favorite fairy tale (though "Sleeping Beauty" is a close second)...
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As soon as I posted the entry about Boskone, I remembered a few things I had failed to mention:

Orson Scott Card )

Overheard Conversations )
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This is long, so make yourself a nice cup of hot chocolate...

Boskone Notes )
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...I'm a bit tired and the tickly throat I've been wrestling with for the past week is threatening to come back, so I'll post at length later/tomorrow morning. But all in all, I had a grand time!
matrixrefugee: the word 'refugee' in electric green with a background of green matrix code (Hey_Joe) say that my bag is mostly packed, I've withdrawn the amount of money I'm allowing myself to spend in the dealers' room tomorrow, and that I'm signing off to take a bath and go to bed early. My dad will be dropping me off at the commuter rail station at nine tomorrow morning... I'm excited!!

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