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Had to go to Wal-Mart to buy myself a new pair of pants for work, as one pair got a hole worn through the front of one leg. Now, I'm not much of a fan of clothes-shopping to begin with, thus my frustration got doubled when all I could find was sweatpants, leggings, more sweatpants, jeans, *more* sweatpants, velour leggings and even more sweatpants. I guess they were stocked up for the people who decided to hit the gym in the new year. Fortunately, after much molar-grinding and hunting, I found a pair of canvas pants that should do nicely.

Currently re-reading "Northanger Abbey", preparatory to intro'ing Catherine Morland at a certain Mansion. She's excited about the idea, though she's reticent to admit it. Also trying to readjust Muraki to being on request only status: he's not happy about it and he's starting to get restless already (even though he has 15 active threads), which might explain why he's started to stalk the headspace version of Titus Groan.
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I've been too quiet in here lately, but life has been far from quiet, hence the lack of posting...

Last weekend was a bit of a rough one, since That Time of the Month hit me. Sunday night, my folks and I went to the Topsfield Fair; Monday night, my dad and I went again, this time to watch the demolition derby -- translation: fun ways to recycle cars, to the tune of about four turning over during the shenanigans. Unfortunately, I had to work that morning/early afternoon, so I was pretty tired.

Tuesday, I spent much of the day recovering from the crazy weekend. Wednesday, my check came in the mail, so I decided it was time I'd better get some flannel sheets for my bed. The ones I have, while they've still got a lot of mileage in them, just won't fit the mattress. Thus I headed to Wal-Mart to see what I could find. No flannel sheets to be found, but... I found a unicorn PillowPets plushie. I've seen them advertised, but haven't seen the unicorn anywhere, till I found the fluffy fellow sitting at eye level on a shelf. Also got the first season of "Castle" on DVD: started watching this season on, and I am utterly hooked (not just because Nathan "Mal Reynolds" Fillion plays the leading man, but also for the witty writing and the wonderfully bizarre cases -- and the sly references to "Firefly"...).

Just got back from the monthly trip to the Salem, N.H. Barnes & Noble, mit Target shopping for the infamous flannel sheets. Found four volumes of the manga version of "Kyou Kara Maou!", and got a copy of James Frazer's classic study of myth and magic "The Golden Bough". And at the Target in Salem, I found some lovely flannel sheets with a print of autumn leaves. They look snuggly and I can't wait to put them on the bed!
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As well as dropping off a good stack of books I'd been meaning to get rid of since forever, and even more that I had recently culled out while reorganizing a few shelves (unfortunately, this meant that I misplaced a few Anne Rice books I wanted to read this month, darn it). We had a coupon for the Used Book Superstore in Burlington, so we decided, today being rather dreary which made it a bad day to work on decorating the yard, that we'd get rid of the pile of books -- and get a few more. I fiund several more of Anne Rice's Vampire novels (not the ones I had misplaced, though I was tempted to do the "find what you lost by getting a replacement" trick) as well as a few odds and ends including a book of true ghost stories from Salem. They sold two books that I'd had my eye, so I guess I'll have to look for them used on Amazon.

Got off to a good start on the [ profile] halloween_31 fics, but I need to get cracking at typing them before they really start to pile up. I think I have five out of thirty themes written (it's actually thirty themes and one author's choice, but one of the themes is redundant, so I may do two author's choice, while giving the comm owner the head's up on this little snag). At least they're coming out as short little sketches, though two decided to become longer, more serious fics (one featuring a slightly hair-raising conversation between Tsuzuki and an angry female ghost who turns out to have an indirect tie with his past). I'm a little stuck as to how to write a "trick or treat"-themed fic, since I'm setting these fics in the YnM-verse and as far as I know, trick or treating isn't done in contemporary Japan, though I suppose I could do something featuring Mercy Falcone, the original character from the U.S. branch of the Ministry of Hades.
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Just back from a dental appointment, followed by doing a little shopping with my folks, which ended up being a fairly lengthy trip: we started out going to the St. Vincent de Paul thrift shop in Lowell... where I picked up something I had been looking for off and on since 2003:

A genuine, limited edition Matrix Reloaded tee shirt, featuring the title on the back and a key, which had been distributed only to cinema employees for the premiere of the film. I've seen this item on eBay off and on, running for as much as a hundred dollars. I got it for ninety-nine cents!

Also went to the K-Mart in Billerica, where I picked up a few Hallowe'en music CDs (never can have enough of those) and the two volume "Vampire Archives" anthology, which was likely a one-volume doorstop in hardback, but which got divvied up into two books as a mass market paperback. I have a thing for anthologies, since they're like mini-libraries, plus you can read at least one or two short stories in a sitting, and that gives one a sense of accomplishment. I'm looking ahead to next month and what spooky book(s) I'm going to read in preparation for Hallowe'en.

I live!

Aug. 14th, 2010 02:29 pm
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I've been on a bit of a hiatus from this journal, mostly because I've been busy, partly because I've been trying to let the dust settle after a kerfuffle earlier this week.

One thing that's kept me scurrying around doing errands, even when it was hot out: I needed a new pair of sandals badly, since the pair I was wearing simply were falling apart at the heels. But try finding a pair of *SENSIBLE SANDALS* these days when women seem to be wearing those flippy, frippy, strippy-strappy things that look like they're designed for tooling around the mall or showing off to ones galpals, and not necessarily walking a mile in. I don't/can't drive due to my sensory overload issues (trust me: I am all but a nervous wreck behind the wheel, plus cars are expensive to maintain), thus I buy shoes for their durability and comfort. Unfortunately I had to search through about five or six stores before I found a sensible style, similar to the pair I have. I did, however, get myself a few consolation prizes along the way, including: a Hello Kitty throw pillow with a black and white polka dot hairbow on one ear, and a black and white Hello Kitty throw blanket for the coming cold months, and... a bottle of TruBlood. Really! I have yet to drink it, and right now, it's sitting on my bookshelf, next to (I kid you not) a small crucifix!

Also, have been watching the 2009 version of "The Prisoner", featuring Jim Caviezel and Sir Ian McKellen (otherwise known to the [ profile] carpe_ho_ras gang as "11-12's canon"). Cue yours truly making jokes about "Jesus and Gandalf in the same TV series". I'm rather glad I'm only passingly familiar with the Patrick McGoohan version from the 1960s, as this helped me approach it with a blank slate, though there again, I tend to be open-hearted towards most adaptations, unless it's hopelessly wonky (viz. the 2001 version of "The Time Machine" and the Ralph Bakshi animated versions of "The Hobbit" and "The Lord of the Rings"). I enjoyed it immensely and am planning to rewatch it very soon: the visuals and the acting is utterly incredible. Still trying to figure a few things out, but that's what rewatches are for. Also, their use of some Beach Boys songs made me laugh (sort of a riff on the Patrick McGoohan version and its use of Beatles songs). I also found it rather interesting that 6 in both versions is played by a Catholic actor who's been known to turn down or request adjustments in roles which don't sit right with their comfort levels and their consciences; Patrick McGoohan rather famously turned down the role of James Bond because he wasn't comfortable with the character's more or less loose moral code, and Jim Caviezel has been known to gently insist that love scenes be toned down. (Note: this is by no means a judgment on love scenes in movies/TV; everyone has different comfort levels and consciences of varying sensitivities. I'm not always comfortable with certain things, so I just Look Away on certain bits. But I applaud actors who respect themselves by being true to their consciences, and I applaud directors who are willing to make adjustments in their creation in order to respect their actors.).

Also watching "Gankutsuou [The Count of Monte Cristo]", which I am thoroughly enjoying, even if the color scheme can make my eyes ache at times. The Count makes me think somewhat of a cross between a kinder, gentler Alucard and one of the elves from "Those Who Hunt Elves", while I'm having fun doing "Hey It's That Voice": the girl who voices Orihime in "Bleach" as Peppo, the guy who voiced Jet Black as one of the Count's manservants, Wendee Lee in several roles, the voice actress for the bitchy actress in the King of Swords arc of YnM in several other roles, Liam O'Brien aka. Hisoka from ditto as Albert's rival, Aramaki's VA as a random old man, and I think I might have heard Michael Ross (End of Evangelion!Fuyutsuki) in some random supporting part. To say nothing of increasingly ubiquitous Jonny Yong Bosch as Albert.

Of course this, coupled with re-rewatching the last two episodes of "Gormenghast" over the weekend, preparatory to intro'ing Titus Groan at the Mansion, has caused one headspace dweller to warn me that he's close to having an aneurysm over the sheer number of attractive young men that are in these series, particularly ones he's met at the Mansion.
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Looking at the list of fics and I'm afraid I'm going to have to cut one of the request fics, since it is not coming out the way that I want it to. I hate doing that, since I feel like I'm letting the requester down, but I'd rather not inflict them with the bit of crud that my mind spewed out. Trust me: this is not me being emo, this is me having a bad time writing something. I'm human and I've written stuff that I would not want to show to the world, which is why you haven't seen the really poorly done stuff.

Thus I have only two fics left to write/finish writing and several to type. Things seem to have slowed down in a Certain RP due to people being on hiatus, so this gets a handle on distraction that was getting in the way of me typing up some of those fics.

I had a couple of errands to take care of, including going to the pet shop to get dried fruit for Flurry the budgie (and saying hello to some yellow budgies that are likely his half-brothers and sisters), and I tried to squeak in some coffeeshop writing, but I had to leave due to a very noisy screaming two year old who was running around and being obnoxious. I did, however, think to myself " 'The Screaming Two Year Olds' would be a good name for a novelty band..."
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The past few days have been rather full, so I haven't been posting here, and my Tweets have been a bit sporadic: Thank heaven for LoudTwitter and their options for posting your Tweets to your blog. But I will try to make a run-down of what's been going on: Cut for leeength: I had to jam a week of errands into three days )
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...I get lax about ye journal, and I've even been spotty about posting on Twitter. I will try to rectify this in due time, that and it's been rather quiet here lately, aside from Friday when I went shopping at Target, intending to get socks and a new pair of black jeans. I ended up buying only socks, since the only black jeans where those weird "trendy" pre-distressed ones that make me think of rejects from the St. Vincent de Paul or the Salvation Army thrift stores. I decided I'm gonna keep my worn pair till they really fall apart.

Also got in some coffeeshop writing, to the tone of another Yami no Matsuei shortfic, featuring more dreamwalking (or apparent dreamwalking), only involving Tsuzuki being nibbled on (or so he thinks) by a different energy vampire, namely Mercy Falcone, my OFC from "Akatsuki". It was a crack idea that just popped into my head, and I fell in love with the idea (mostly because I think of Tsuzuki as being bi and I wanted to see what would happen if I threw a pretty girl into his lap) but it's likely to cause some kerfuffling, since some people are likely to think this means Mercy supposedly some distant relative of Muraki, and oh noez, a Mary Sue!111. Not really, as she puts it in another fic I'm working on, "I'm as related to him as a nice mutt is related to a pedigree Akita." In fact, if you hint that she's anything like Muraki, she'll remind you that she just needs to absorb small, non-lethal amounts of energy from people -- usually crowds or Tatsumi when his insomnia is keeping him up at night -- and she has nowhere near the same level of talent as "that pale, one-eyed creep".
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But I'm likely to need it since tomorrow I have an early shift and we're expecting snow, thus it's likely to be a mad house at work. I did, however, go for a walk with my mother: went to the bank and took care of some business with the checking account. We tried to go to the local Osco Drug/Brooks Pharmacy/Rite Aid which was closing down, to see if they were still open, but that is now perma-closed. Also nipped into the Dollar Tree and got more bath petals (cherry blossom-scented ones this time) and a crazy felt St. Patrick's Day hat. My old sparkly green plastic bowler hat has pretty much been around the bend (as in it's gotten cracked and bent) and I needed something to wear to work for the week of St. Paddy's Day.

Also trying to finish typing a Fanfic Rose featuring a high school-aged Ukyou and Muraki -- so cute! Younger!Muraki is the kind of kid you just want to reach in and huggle: he's a lot different from the version we all know, more frail and shy and even a bit angsty, but there are subtle hints of the things to come...
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Or, Why I Need a Laptop or a Blackberry

I love doing "coffeeshop writing", ie. going to the Starbucks in the Target in Lowell and writing there over a cup of chai, maybe a blueberry scone. And by writing, I mean writing longhand in a journal or somesuch. What I don't like, at least right now: typing it up. I'm not sure where this is coming from, but it's the reason I haven't spread any Fanfic Roses in a few days. I have several in the editing room, they just need to find their way into the can, but for some reason, I've been looking at the MSs and cringing. Which isn't helping the situation and is causing a backlog of fics. Wish I could figure out why I'm so loathe to type the fics. :: Mutters at self:: Managed to get a good chunk of an Cal Leandros fic written: I'm getting the hang of Niko's voice, and the story seems to be getting longer than I'd originally planned, but stories need to be as long or as short as they need to be. And I have my Mercy/Tatsumi fic aaaalmost done, though I may just post the middle of it, since it decided it's taking place later in their relationship, when they've moved from "friends with benefits" to something more serious.

Picked up several good deals on marked-down candy and other Valentine's Day things at Target, including a heart-shaped cereal/soup bowl, a heart-shaped snack plate and a cuddly fleece throw blanket printed with red, pink and white hearts.
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So, the new half-rims are on order and should be done tomorrow at the earliest, but there was a case of the usual mis-adventures: the appointment I'd made at LensCrafters, via their website vanished into the cracks in the pavement of the Information Superhighway, but fortunately, the eye doctor was still in and was willing to take the appointment. My left eye has weakened, but my right -- the weak one -- has remained stable, thus I had to get a new prescription. And because of the thickness of the lenses, it wasn't possible to get them in fully rimless frames. Ah well, half-rims are just as good (and if I do carry out the plan to costume as a certain crooked energy vampire, they'll still work, since there's a few frames in the manga, where it looks like he's wearing half-rims).

Which reminds me: the one-day anime con at Salem State has been canceled. Grrr! I'm tempted to go to ConnectiCon in the summer, but that's out of state and a bit out of range as far as transportation goes, unless I get a room at the hotel.

Also nipped in to the Borders at the Rockingham Mall, where I picked up George R.R. Martin's "A Game of Thrones", on recommendation from [ profile] tomboy_typist, and Vol 10 of the manga version of Trinity Blood because they didn't have vols. 6 through 9. Odd.
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I've mentioned the rimless glasses debacle at Wal-Mart; today, since I was going to the Burlington Mall anyway to finish my Valentine's Day shopping, I decided to price rimless and/or half-rimmed glasses.

And I found a unisex (women's glasses cost more and they're frippier-looking) pair of each for less than $US 200 apiece. Ray-Bans, no less. I'm shocked and delighted and will be buying a pair of each stat. (Once I can scrape the money together).

I'm also stunned at how light they are, too: they make my current metal rims seem heavy and awkward by comparison, so once I actually get them, this might take some getting used to!

Also finished reading Rob Thurmann's "Deathwish"; it's a little looser on plotting than some of the previous books in the series, but that's a small quibble compared to the character development going on here. Though she had me on tenterhooks for a moment, re: my one OTP in the series, in an "Uh oh, me widdle heart is crying" sort of way. I'm curious as to where she's going to take the series next, now that she's finished one major story arc (ala Eric Kripke wrapping the Yellow-Eyed Demon story in the first two seasons of Supernatural), and I'm really looking forward to the next one, coming out in March.

Note to self: see about getting a season pass on Amazon for this season of SPN: I am woefully behind on watching it.

Started reading "Vampire Darcy's Desire" by Regina Jeffers, in earnest: I love the concept and while I have a few carps with the execution (though it's a whole lot better than "Mr. Darcy: Vampire", which more or less randomly pasted fangs on some of the Pride & Prejudice characters [MI FANGZ R PASTED ON YAY]), it's the kind of story that just tickles me in many ways: I've often imagined Wickham as a vampire, but Darcy as a dhampire (ie. a daywalker vampire) just makes it that much inciting.

Checking my email, I've discovered I have three notifications that people have Favorite'd "Red Moon/Akatsuki" in as many days. I'm thinking this is someone telling me that I'd better get on the wire and finish the last chapter of that. Most of it is in the can, it just needs to be typed and edited -- specifically a scene with Bella coming face to face with the King of Hades, and I'm juggling two different versions of Charlie Swan getting The Bad News: one is the more pathos-laden version in which Tatsumi and Mercy Falcone do the honors, the other is the more eerie version in which Charlie gets a phone call from the physician who'd treated Bella after she'd had one of her numerous falls. I'm just not sure which one is going to make the final cut, though I'm inclined to go with the second version, since it allows one to see a certain fellow's kinder and gentler side (while still managing to keep his unsettling air...). Decisions, decisions.... What say you, good readers?
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One of the things that sparked yesterday's rant about unplowed sidewalks (and which lead to the entire day almost going down the drain) was the fact that I needed to get out and buy a new purse since the strap on the one I was using (and I only bought maybe three months ago. Damn cheap Wal-Mart purses) had worked loose from the metal link holding it to the body of the purse and I had cobbled it back together using (don't laugh) a Hello Kitty clip-on that my mother had given to me. Well, the cobble-job only worked so well and it had a nasty tendency to come unhooked at the most inappropriate times, such as when I was trying to get to a buried bus stop. Thus I missed the bus yesterday, which lead to the first melt-down I have had in months. I'm not proud of it and I am trying to move on, but right now I'm still somewhat in self-loathing mode on account of it.

Anyway... I finally managed to get out and get to the Target in Lowell, where I found a new -- and much more sturdy-looking -- purse, which I promptly moved my personal effects into since I was sick of fighting with the cobble-job. It seems purses these days have become these small suitcase-sized affairs you could easily stuff a small child into, and since I like to carry a small, discreet one, I was a bit disconcerted, though I managed to find something that didn't look like the kind of rig a professional shop-lifter or kidnapper would use. I'm shocked: not only can I fit all my personal effects in it, I can also tuck in the small pads of paper which I've started carrying with me everywhere to make it easier to jot stories/ideas. And there's even room to fit in a paperback book or two, which frees up more space in the canvas totebag I generally carry in addition to the purse.

I also did the writerly thing and worked on one of the fics in progress while having lunch in the small Starbucks inside the Target: I completed one of the "Daybreakers" fics I've promised for the Lightning Round on [ profile] help_haiti (an Edward Dalton gen fic, in this case, inspired by "Into the Light", one of the cuts on the soundtrack CD) and I started poking at yet another Yami no Matsuei fic (featuring a younger and less corrupt Muraki having a revelatory heart to heart conversation with his grandfather about the way the younger Muraki's proclivities have started to run).
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Had the day off today, plus my check for January showed up in the mail, so I went out to deposit that pronto and take care of the phone/Internet bill.

And I ended up in the dollar store, doing some Valentine's Day shopping -- Note to self: Get a *real* Valentine's Day icon instead of that cynical anti-Valentine's Day icon that is no longer really necessary. I have to admit, it does get irritating when the holiday is reduced to cuddly couple's day, but I've decided not to let this get to me any more. Anyway... besides getting some stuff for my folks and a few others, I treated myself to some new bath stuff, and I have to confess to being particularly goofy for bath stuff (bath salts, bubble bath, bath gel, etc) as long as it's either scented in: rose, lavender, pomegranate or (inexplicably) cherry blossom. It's about the only girly thing I really concede to, and in this case, I picked up a bottle of cherry blossom bath gel and some moisturizing rose petals, since I'd been looking for these like mad lately.

And on returning home, I took down the morbidly dry mini-tree in my room, replacing it with some red and white lights for Valentine's Day.
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Had to get more Airborne since I've been taking it the moment I get home from work lately: a lot of co-workers have been coughing and I don't want to take any chances.

And I also picked up a copy of Charlaine Harris's "A Touch of Dead", which collects her Sookie Stackhouse short stories into one place: nice little volume with some nice pen and ink-wash drawings. I also swung by the library to print out more Yami no Matsuei scanlations (specifically the Oriya/Ukyou arc; I'm trying to get the elusive uncollected chapters printed before the scanlation sites start carrying the collected versions once Vol. 12 is released in Japan next week), but I also found, in the book swap the fourth of Stephen King's Dark Tower novels (I'm still missing the second one), "2061: Odyssey Three" by Arthur C. Clarke, which rounds out that series, and Laurell K. Hamilton's "The Lunatic Cafe". Can anyone tell me whereabouts in the Anita Blake series that LKH started to lose her touch? I'm hoping to read anything from before that point but I want to get the titles straight in my head.

And the last of the 12 Days of Fanfic is set to go live just after midnight; I'm going to miss doing this and I'm wondering now if there is a Valentine's Day-related challenge going on out there. I said I was going to take a break from writing for a day or two, but I'm not sure if my mind will let me. :: laughs:: Especially since I have a fic or two that decided to be something like the Valentine's Day decorations and stuff which show up in the store windows the day after Christmas (one is a follow-up to the last "A.I." fic I posted for the 12 Days challenge, the other is -- yep -- another YnM fic and the first in the [ profile] 30_kisses challenge, though not based on the first prompt).
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For some strange reason (Okay, I was waiting till they went on sale), I neglected to get myself a calender for my room and for my other desk in the computer room. Mind you, the other desk is pretty much a catch-all for books/papers/coffee cups/computer components/etc, and I rarely actually use it for desk-like purposes such as sitting at it or writing on it. I have my Edith Wharton moments when I write best when I'm curled up in bed, or I do the writer-y thing and write in a coffee shop, or I make like my dad's work buddy "Dana"'s "Uncle Steve" (who is a very famous author from Maine; three guesses as to who he is...) and write at the keyboard.

Needless to say, I snagged one calender that I wanted and another that was a surprise. I'd spotted an origami page-a-day calender in the store front Barnes & Noble in downtown Lowell and planned to get that one; I lucked out and they had just one left when I went in this morning. Also picked up a copy of "The Historian" from their bargain table as well as a nifty journal with my favorite Edgar Allen Poe quote on the front: "All there is that we say or seem/Is but a dream within a dream". Not sure what I'll use it for, but I'll think of something.

I tried getting a Tolkien-themed calender from the calender shoplet in the Burlington Mall, but no such luck: someone beat me to it, which is the first time in a while (last year I got a Dresden Files calender featuring Chris McGrath's cover artwork). I scanned around for something good; the "TrueBlood" calenders had sold out, almost got a "Nightmare Before Christmas" calender, but I settled on a Death Note calender. If I can stand two different pics of Misa Amane for two different months. Not sure who I dislike more -- in a healthy way -- her or Light: Light at least is more complex and "in-te-res-ting", while I can never tell if Misa is really so ditzy that she's oblivious to what a jerk Light really is (wow, an in-universe fangirl who's all Draco In Leather Pants for the crooked guy), or if she's really as twisted as he is. Poor Ryuuk, he only gets one page. What can I say? I like shinigami, even when they're weird looking gothic skeleton-bird critters.

One thing I passed on was a Bleach calender: I like the concepts of the series, but the huuuuge cast of characters (especially when the team heads to the Soul Society) is dizzying. I can't keep the names straight with the faces of the Soul Reapers beyond Rukia. Thus I am trying to beat into submission that part of me which wants to start incorporating a few elements from Bleach into some of my Yami no Matsuei fics. This included an otherwise funny yet serious conversation between Tatsumi and Morgan Falcone (my OC) in which Morgan describes her teenaged daughter Allison (the both of them died in the same car accident; Allie didn't want to move on and leave her mother behind when Morgan was selected to work for the Ministry of Hades) trying to sneak over to the Soul Society because Allison thinks she wants to have a kid. I can't decide if Morgan is a borderline Mary Sue or if my Sue-dar is just being over-sensitive. But then again, when is the last time you saw a thirty-five year old Sue in fanfiction?

Trinity Blood fic to be posted in later tonight; I'm pleased at how well it turned out. And I completely surprised myself by managing to scribble out the Evangelion snowball fight fic I've been playing with for a while: it's nice to see these folks actually *enjoying* life for a change (even if that includes Gendo being his usual wet-blanket self in the middle of the snow-nanigans).
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I managed to get a rather nice if simple blouse to wear to the wedding (if we don't get snowed in...), but due to some difficulties catching a bus, I ended up with an hour to kill at the Starbucks inside the Target in Lowell. This became anything but a total loss, as I finished writing another fic for the 12 Days of Fanfic challenge (which I may post tomorrow). The only catch was, I had to deal with the squeeing teenaged girls at the next table:

Random teen #1: "Oh, we went to see New Moon again last night."

Me: :: Internal: Moans, not in a good way::

Random teen #2: "Oh, I've seen it three times!"

Me: :: Internal: There's better movies you could rewatch that many times....::

Random teen #3: "The book is better. Trust me."

Me: :: Internal: Hm. There's some amount of hope...::

This was even more cringe-inducing since I was writing a Dresden Files fic, featuring Harry's brother Thomas the energy vampire; as soon as one of the girls went on about wanting to meet a real vampire someday, I had to restrain myself from by turns cringing and chuckling to myself at the thought of said girls falling prey to the White Court. I also reminded myself that "Daybreakers" comes out next week and it looks like the perfect antidote to the fangless sparkle-pires. That shot in the trailer of the humans in what looks like some kind of Matrix-esque body pods always makes me think, "One way to deal with the Twhinelite fanggurls: feed 'em to vampires with *fangs*." I imagine there's going to be a lot of "Daybreakers" metafiction involving said fanggurls, as well as Photoshoops of said shot in the "Daybreakers" trailer with Kristin Stewart's face superimposed on one of the random humans in the body pods, if there isn't already. I admit I'm even fighting off a plot bunny involving a dhampire of sorts who's caught in between the humans and the vampires in the Daybreakers-verse, but that's going to have to wait till I actually *see the movie.

Also got caught in a surprise rain shower while leaving the library and running to catch a bus... and then it turned into a very pretty snow shower.
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And also planning my week: Mark and Kristin's wedding is on Saturday (who knows if we'll make it, since there's supposed to be a blizzard), so I'm shopping for a wedding present for them as well as a new blouse for myself to wear to said wedding. Though I have a funny feeling we may get snowed out (snowed in?), but... at some point I'll need a nice blouse, so it won't be a total loss, plus I'll likely see them during the New Year, at which time I'll give them said wedding present.

Also have to bear in mind that I have work on New Year's Day, which means figuring out an early Mass to go to. :: Mutters:: I should never have told my supervisor that I took the Pledge when I was in my twenties.

One of the fics I'm poking at for the 12 Days of Fanfic is a Dresden Files fic; one of these days, I am going to write something involving the snarky wizard for hire which doesn't revolve around the holidays, though this year the fic also features his brother Thomas the energy vampire, as well as some ...interesting revelations about who else is on the family tree. :: Adjusts eyeglasses, smirks evilly::

I'm trying to get a fic or two ahead, since I'm mostly drafting the fics longhand during the day and typing them up later in the evening. One or two are actually already plotted out in my head, they just need to be typed up, but I'm trying to stagger the fandoms: I've got three "A.I." fics, two set in different permutations of the Matrix universe, two Neon Genesis Evangelion fics (specifically set in my Neon Enoch Evangelion 'verse), two (possibly three) Yami no Matsuei fics, and one each of the Dresden Files and Trinity Blood. Last thing I want to do is have two fics from two fandoms on consecutive days (not sure why, other than spreading out the fun). Though I may post the possible third YnM fic on the same day as another that I am definitely posting, since one fic is slashy while the possible fic is a het fic for those who don't exactly do slash (and that was me a few years ago, though I was open towards slash by writers I trusted; one of these days I'll post a Teal Deer about how I came to be more accepting of slash pairings).
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Just hit 40K words as of a few moments ago. The end of the scheduled word count is in sight, though the novel is nowhere near finished. Hopefully I can get a good chunk done tomorrow, except that I have a haircut appointment in the morning. I got all this in, despite having errands to run: had to go to the bank to deposit more money into the checking account so I can order the new power supply; also had to get ibuprofen and generic Airborne, which works just as well as the brand name version, and I've also discovered latex free surgical masks at a local pharmacy (just in case...). Also went to the library, where I didn't check out a whole lot except for a few books on haiku (a certain wintry gent likes to compose haiku in odd moments) and the first volume of the classic "The Tale of Genji". I've been generally too busy to read much, except for stuff around the house. :: Growls at New MoanMoon:: Speaking of which: I now love Charlie Swan: he's far from perfect, but he seems like a nice guy who gets shafted by the women in his life. You have to hand it to a guy who tells his mopey, whiny teenaged daughter that she needs counseling; I just wish he'd been a little more ballsy about it and done what my mother did with me: ie. dragged her sorry toushe into therapy. Hm... :: Now fights off a Twilight fix fic featuring Bella in counseling:: Hey, it could work, vampire stuff and all: I've told my own therapist about my own mild psy-vampirism and she's fully accepting of it. The days of "let's lock up everyone who isn't just like everybody else" is passing in favor of "Well, as long as they aren't hurting themselves or anyone else..."

Also, the last package with the final two volumes of the manga version of Yami no Matsuei showed up in the mail; just waiting for the DVD boxed set to show up, but I doubt that'll come any sooner than the beginning of next week, as it's shipping from Fargo, ND. I'll be glad to say goodbye to the vids on the dub sites I've been trawling; all they seem to have is the edited version from the Sci-Fi channel, which (understandably) trims some of Muraki's weird scenes (What can I say? the Nightmare Fuel and the Depraved Bisexual pages on were made for him....) and (curiously) cuts the funny bit of comical underage drunkenness from the first story arc, which kind of makes Hisoka's hangover in the ensuing scenes a bit hard to place.
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...To see about getting yet more Hello Kitty tchotchkes for my mother, along with the just released DVD of the first Rebuild of Evangelion movie at Tokyo Kid, an anime stuff store, which was a delightful adventure indeed: I don't often take the T into Boston and the surrounding areas, so this was a major treat, especially now that they've upgraded the trains -- and washed the windows! One of my big complaints about riding the T was the all but opaque dirty windows (but then again, I usually go in the winter when it's snowy and sandy...).

I had minimal trouble getting in and out, aside from missing the North Station stop on the Orange Line on the way home and having to backtrack. In fact, it went so well, that when I arrived in Harvard Square (pronounced "Ha'ah-vuhd Skway'uh" in this neck of the woods), I was a bit shocked at how smoothly the trip had gone and I almost took a wrong turn finding the mall where the shop was located. This is the kind of shop at which I could easily overdraw on my checking account: every manga you can imagine (some in English, some in Japanese) a crazy amount of anime soundtracks, a floor to ceiling DVD section, action figures and oddball models -- including but not limited to a model Eva Unit-00 entry plug, complete with an itty bitty Rei Ayanami curled up in the cockpit. And then there were the "just damn weird" items, such as some obvious Ecchi-anime figurines and the body pillows silk screened with images of anime babes including Belldandy from "Ah, My Goddess!" (which, despite sometimes being relegated to the adult section, is actually a very cute and innocent romantic comedy) and Misa Amane from "Death Note"; this prompted me to mutter somewhat cheekily, "Come on, why not a body pillow with Asato Tsuzuki from (yep) 'Yami no Matsuei' for the gals and the gay fellows...?" I limited myself to, besides "Rebuild of Evangelion 1.0: You are (Not) Alone":

--A Goth!Hello Kitty mini-plushie (which I am so tempted to keep for myself)

--A Hello Kitty angel Christmas tree ornament and

--A box of Hello Kitty Pocky

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