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Which is pretty much how it's been this week, when I wasn't busy with errands or burning the midnight oil getting the last pages typed of the infamous [ profile] vampirebigbang fic. The corrections/additions for that ended up amounting to twenty extra pages that I had to type. At least it came out in one piece, so I didn't have to go mad trying to figure out where it fit in. I might polish it a bit more and there's a cut scene I might add later, when-if I post it to AO3. The fic master post doesn't go up till sometime in the beginning of October: I'll post something either here or on [ profile] mtxref_fic when it goes live.

Also, my allergies have been bothering me off and on, so I've had trouble sleeping. This has made my nights a bit weird: I've been up late reading or trying to jot short fic for either [ profile] comment_fic or "fic_promptly" on Dreamwidth. I need to get better about typing up things, since they're rather piling up: I've officially retired one of the bound, physical journals I use to draft things. A lot of the time, I draft things longhand: it gives the creative process a bit more of an organic feel to it. Sometimes, I can create a fic on the fly and type it up in one sitting, but not always. Plus, I like to write in odd places, ie. having lunch in a coffee shop or on the bus or during lulls at work.

Been watching a few TV shows marathon style: I mainlined "Castle" all the week before last, preparing for the season premiere. Then this past week, I was watching "White Collar", which is fabulous: it's like seeing a series based on "Catch Me If You Can". Now watching "Doctor Who Confidential", which is a whole lot of fun.
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I've been erratic about posting lately, due in part to Reading A Lot of Books Lately and Watching a Lot of Things Lately and to having erratic sleep patterns caused by critters. The woodpecker has been up to his tricks, hammering on the white trim of our house (which my dad has recently just repainted). I've been sticking my head out the window or running outside and yelling at him. It seems the best way to drive off Woody, according to various articles I've dug up online.

Finished reading "The Help": usually I tend to steer clear of Very Popular Books since all too often they seem to end up Not Worth My Time, but then I cave in to See What All The Excitement Is About. This time, however, the pattern of Popular Book Turns Out To Be Crappy has been broken: It's very good, like a combination of "The Remains of the Day" and "To Kill A Mockingbird" with a whiff of "Mississippi Burning". I totally relate to all three of the main female characters: like Aibileen and Minny, I work a thankless job where I don't get a lot of respect (though my lot isn't as hard as theirs, of course), but like Skeeter, I'm still trying to get my feet under me and find my niche in life. Dare I say, I'm tempted to bring Skeeter or Aibileen to a certain Mansion, since I need more Normal People on my roster.

Speaking of which, I'm going to RP Hell: I'm putting Alice the sparkle-pire on reserve.

Also have been reading several Doctor Who novels I've picked up here and there: found one set at Halloween in a New England town (featuring Ten and Martha). I think I know what I'm reading for October!

Ordered the next volume of the classic penny dreadful Varney the Vampire, though I probably should read the first one.

Have been watching The Gates, courtesy of AJ at [profile] carpe_ooc: it's kind of like Desperate Housewives meets True Blood, but still fun to watch. Also had a "Hey It's That Guy" moment, when I realized Paul Blackthorne, aka TV verse!Harry Dresden has a role in it.

Also, I'm staying on top of episodes of Torchwood: Miracle Day. I can't say why, at least not right now, but I have a bad feeling about a main character, but I'd have to post a whole entry about my reaction to the series. I'm gonna wait till after this Friday before I jump to any conclusions, though.
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Sorry for the angry entry that proceeded this one: I've had a bad week and I've been trying to get down from being at the boiling point, but every time I try to, something else comes along to set me off again.

My marathon of watching Stargate SG-1 is on hold for the moment: I'm up to Season 9, and I'm having a few problems with it. Mostly due to the new Big Bads, namely the Ori and their servants the Priors. I'm finding them a bit disappointing and irritating: while it's interesting that their mythos is somewhat based on Gnostic Christianity, it's also a bit irritating for that reason. I mean, I suppose there are some Christians who are going to point at it as a sign of demonizing Christianity, but I don't see it that way, really, since it's clearly not *actual* Christianity. God and/or Christ never get mentioned, and the only thing that could be problematic is the use of the term "Prior" for the chief acolytes of the Ori, but it's not enough to be a real problem, at least for me: considering the context, it's completely divorced from the real-world Earth use of the word. That isn't what's bothering me about the Ori: I guess it's something about the execution, but I can't put my finger on it. I might just have a case of series exhaustion, or it might just be the week I've been having, and so I've decided to to take a break from SG-1 till I feel ready to go back to it.

I will say this: I love how they drew Arthurian legend into the mix (which, if I ever bring Daniel Jackson to a Certain Mansion will get interesting, due to a Merlin being there...), and I utterly *love* Vala Mal Doran, the new gal they brought in: she's like Jack Harkness's twin sister who wandered in from the Firefly 'Verse.

Till I do get back to Stargate, I've gone back to rewatching some anime series that I cut my teeth on, specifically GitS:SAC (Someone tell me *not* to bring a trio of Tachikomas to the Mansion, as cute as they are: Togusa would be a much better fit, and I need someone in law enforcement to balance the rogues' gallery that I have in headspace).

I've also discovered that I'm out of anime recommendations and I'm looking for a few series to watch that I haven't seen before. To the anime fans on my f-list, what say you?? I have a list Here to give you an idea of what I've already seen.
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I've actually posted quite a few Tweets about it, but the Twitter extension on LJ has hiccuped and Twittenesis is suspended for some inexplicable reason.

In short: Saturday was my dad's 62nd birthday, and as he put it "I'm officially old." I keep telling him he isn't old until he starts nit-picking at the baggers in the store where I work.

Sunday was a fairly quiet day, but after last week, between an appointment with my therapist, various festivities and having to work part of Memorial Day weekend (ie. Everyone buying their picnic/barbecue stuff), I needed a quiet day.

And for the first time in a few years, I did not have to work Memorial Day: I actually got to see our town's Memorial Day Parade from start to finish, and despite the heat, I walked up the blocked-off part of Main Street (literally: I was walking down the center line as often as I could) as far as I could go before I met the parade. I got as far as St. William's Church (about a mile from our house) before I heard marching bands in the near distance. And so, after nipping into the church to say a prayer for the souls of all our departed soldiers, I found a shady spot under some trees and watched from there.

At one point, during the parade, there was a bit of a bottleneck which happened in front of me. Several of our town's soldiers and veterans ended up paused close to where I was standing, and I got to witness something interesting: several generations of soldiers, from an eighty year old man in a World War II uniform, a seventy-year old from the Korean War, a sixty-year old from Viet Nam, and some twenty and thirty-year olds from the Gulf Wars, chatting amongst themselves like brothers. Very simple, yet very touching.

Work yesterday ended up being as busy as a holiday: everyone who'd been away for the weekend was coming in to restock their home!

And this morning, I got awakened by a thunderstorm with marble-sized hailstones bonking off my window. I got up and scurried around the house, unhooking electronics that were not on surge protectors (Ie. The iPad, for some odd reason: I've since moved the charger to the surge protector for the TV). I enjoy a good thunderstorm, but getting woken by one, not so much.

Also, am back to watching Stargate SG-1, after finding it on It's hilariously bad and good at the same time, but it never really takes itself seriously, which is refreshing in a way. I swear O'Neill snarking at things is meant to be a bit of an Audience Surrogate for the folks who groan over it, while Jackson's gushing about stuff is ditto for the geeks who love it.

Also, have been watching Anime I'd Said I'd Never Watch, namely Black Butler and Axis Powers Hetalia... And enjoying them. Most of the reason for the swearing I wouldn't watch them? The extreme popularity was despair-inducing. It was impossible to go onto [ profile] dear_mun without seeing an army of Hetalia and Black Butler characters, which had me despairing of ever finding any canon mates for my YnM pups. There again...Black Butler is like what you'd get if you mooshed Hellsing and YnM together....

Dare I say, I have an idea for a Hetalia character: Rebecca "Becky" Corwin, aka. Massachusetts, a feisty, bookish gal with a fierce Boston accent and an impishly rebellious nature (Hey, she dumped her uncle England's tea into Boston Harbor, back in the day). No, she is not a blue-collar sports fan: that's one Massachusetts trope that I've seen someone do before with a Hetalia character, and it annoys me. We're not all rabid Red Sox/Bruins/Patriots fans who trash the street if the team wins.
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Mostly reality shows: TV court shows (which can sometimes have the most hilarious cases: watched one today involving a woman suing a guy for hard-selling her on some defective inflatable moonbouncy-things, like the inflatable castles you see at kid parties and some small carnivals), law-enforcement type things, ie. COPS, which my mother and I like to call "Stupid Criminal Tricks", due to the silly things perps will do to escape, like hiding under beds and in attics or in bushes to evade the police. Supernanny from time to time: some of the kids on there you just want to take over your knee and wallop.

Also, the DiC dub of Sailor Moon. I'm a die-hard watcher of dubbed anime, but that one is so bad, it makes me cringe from time to time.
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Okay, so I'm not doing such a good job keeping my resolution to post *something* every day. Not even doing that great writing a fic or part of one each day, either, but it's not for lack of trying. Being short on inspiration will do that to you.

So! Inventory at work went well, though not as a good as some years, thanks to some stoopid kid using my neurological condition as a pejorative (Needless to say, I ripped him a new one for that, but still. Nice to know that "Asperger" is the new "retard", dammit >.<)

I was supposed to work on Wednesday, but that never happened, due to it being way too snowy and blowy. The weather reports were predicting white out conditions, and when I got up in the morning, I found that was precisely the case: I could not see the trees twenty feet from my window. I called in to see if they really needed me, and warning them that I might be late, but they told me to take the day off since the store was dead. They ended up closing early as well, which my folks discovered later when they tried to go shopping. I spent much of that day shoveling snow or staying inside, tagging RP posts and watching a marathon of the second season of Torchwood.

I've been watching quite a bit of stuff lately: I've been keeping on top of the new episodes of Castle as they come out, and last night, I watched the new NBC show "The Cape" -- it's a bit uneven, but still cool to watch.

More to come about recent book-buying...
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Aside from picking up an apprieciable number of hours of work thus week, I've also got eighteen hours to look forward to next week, since it is Thanksgiving week. The turkey parade actually started earlier than usual this year: I was bagging turkeys all this week. I'm rather looking forward to it, oddly enough, likely because I've been putting myself somewhat in debt buying DvDs at Blockbuster Video. Picked up a stack of random single movies yesterday, including "Groundhog Day" and "The Nightmare Before Christmas". And I'm on my way out to get as many sets of "LOST" as they've got.

I've also been marathon-watching episodes of the 2005 series of "Doctor Who" (particularly the Tenth Doctor episodes -- David Tennant had to be one of the most a-dork-able actors ever) when I can scare them up online, as well as "Torchwood". Can I just squee over Captain Jack Harkness?? He's like Mal Reynolds's hornier cousin from the 51st century.
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Just as our town gets a bookstore (which seems unlikely to close, unlike the two we've had in the past), the local Blockbuster Video is going to close: their sales haven't been good, so the cheapskates like me are taking the advantage of the situation: I've been scoffing up several TV series for US$20 a set, including season 1 of The Mentalist, seasons 1-3 of The Tudors, and HBO's "Band of Brothers" (partly for my dad as a Christmas present).

Except that the clerk forgot to take the security strips out of the cases, and I had to go back and get them removed. Good excuse for a second trip. :: Laughs::
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I've been too quiet in here lately, but life has been far from quiet, hence the lack of posting...

Last weekend was a bit of a rough one, since That Time of the Month hit me. Sunday night, my folks and I went to the Topsfield Fair; Monday night, my dad and I went again, this time to watch the demolition derby -- translation: fun ways to recycle cars, to the tune of about four turning over during the shenanigans. Unfortunately, I had to work that morning/early afternoon, so I was pretty tired.

Tuesday, I spent much of the day recovering from the crazy weekend. Wednesday, my check came in the mail, so I decided it was time I'd better get some flannel sheets for my bed. The ones I have, while they've still got a lot of mileage in them, just won't fit the mattress. Thus I headed to Wal-Mart to see what I could find. No flannel sheets to be found, but... I found a unicorn PillowPets plushie. I've seen them advertised, but haven't seen the unicorn anywhere, till I found the fluffy fellow sitting at eye level on a shelf. Also got the first season of "Castle" on DVD: started watching this season on, and I am utterly hooked (not just because Nathan "Mal Reynolds" Fillion plays the leading man, but also for the witty writing and the wonderfully bizarre cases -- and the sly references to "Firefly"...).

Just got back from the monthly trip to the Salem, N.H. Barnes & Noble, mit Target shopping for the infamous flannel sheets. Found four volumes of the manga version of "Kyou Kara Maou!", and got a copy of James Frazer's classic study of myth and magic "The Golden Bough". And at the Target in Salem, I found some lovely flannel sheets with a print of autumn leaves. They look snuggly and I can't wait to put them on the bed!
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My table fan is running and I've had to use the fan in the stand for the laptop for the past few days because of the disgusting tropical weather we've had for the past three days. I don't mind rain and clouds, since I'm sensitive to the bright sunlight, but do we have to have this over the top humidity?! It feels like the first of July, not the first of October, and thus my motivation to work on the [ profile] halloween_31 fics that I signed up for. :: Mutters::

Last night, I had been planning to type up the ones I'd written, but a sudden windstorm knocked out the power in our neighborhood for over an hour. I had the laptop on, so it kicked over to the battery and managed to get some typing dine, when I wasn't hunting for candles and oil lamps.

Cut for spoilers for this week's episode of 'Criminal Minds' )
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I've been watching The History Channel's "Life After People" in between legs of various anime marathons (as I wait for MegaVideo's timer to cool down: current anime du jour is Fullmetal Alchemist -- Al's canon to the [ profile] carpe_ho_ras crowd -- which I picked up again), and I must say, it's no wonder this is THC's most watched show: it's humbling, it's wibble-inducing, it's exciting, it's thought-provoking, and just plain absorbing. The only times it's been Nightmare Fuel-ish was the segment on Boston (too close to home :: wibbles::) and any time they deal with bad ends for domestic or contained animals (footage shot by the caretakers of the Audubon Aquarium in New Orleans returning after Katrina: I was in tears). But there are a few heart-warming moments, particularly one bit where a marine biologist mused over dolphins possibly passing on legends of humans, through sound pictures, and even one smirk-inducing moment, when an engineer wondered what some alien archaeologists would think if they uncovered a submerged vault under whats left of the Federal Reserve Bank in Manhattan, if they'd take it for some strange, drowned temple. But it's rather fun to watch time taking its toll on famous landmarks and causing things to go "ker-smash!!!" My favorite bits have to be the segments where real-life abandoned structures are shown, including an abandoned amusement park in Pennsylvania, a housing complex for coal miners on an island in Japan, sections of Gary, Indiana, and an Abandoned Hospital in New York City that housed the infamous Typhoid Mary at one point (though these can be poignant as well: case in point a segment on Centralia, Pennsylvania, which had to be evacuated due to an underground anthracite fire that's made the place just unlivable since the 1980s, and a segment on Prypiat [sp??] near Chernobyl, in the hour and a half documentary that the series spun off from).

The first season of the series is on, while I managed to find the documentary on YouTube: just ignore the comments, which are mostly the usual YouTube idiocy. I'd like to smack the idiots who kept asking "werz teh kewl myootantz???////" on the segment about Chernobyl. Real Life Is Unrealistic, punks, and the only mutants that came out of Chernobyl are some unfortunate kids with serious health issues, such as Down's Syndrome and chromosomal glitches and thyroid cancer. Some of them won't live beyond their teens (and I can't help wanting to take the health from the hoodlums and trade it with the Chernobyl kids' illnesses...)

I'm also of a mind this could be a prequel to "Firefly", since it's deliberately never specified *how* the humans vanished, but they very well could have left to colonize what becomes the 'Verse.

I live!

Aug. 14th, 2010 02:29 pm
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I've been on a bit of a hiatus from this journal, mostly because I've been busy, partly because I've been trying to let the dust settle after a kerfuffle earlier this week.

One thing that's kept me scurrying around doing errands, even when it was hot out: I needed a new pair of sandals badly, since the pair I was wearing simply were falling apart at the heels. But try finding a pair of *SENSIBLE SANDALS* these days when women seem to be wearing those flippy, frippy, strippy-strappy things that look like they're designed for tooling around the mall or showing off to ones galpals, and not necessarily walking a mile in. I don't/can't drive due to my sensory overload issues (trust me: I am all but a nervous wreck behind the wheel, plus cars are expensive to maintain), thus I buy shoes for their durability and comfort. Unfortunately I had to search through about five or six stores before I found a sensible style, similar to the pair I have. I did, however, get myself a few consolation prizes along the way, including: a Hello Kitty throw pillow with a black and white polka dot hairbow on one ear, and a black and white Hello Kitty throw blanket for the coming cold months, and... a bottle of TruBlood. Really! I have yet to drink it, and right now, it's sitting on my bookshelf, next to (I kid you not) a small crucifix!

Also, have been watching the 2009 version of "The Prisoner", featuring Jim Caviezel and Sir Ian McKellen (otherwise known to the [ profile] carpe_ho_ras gang as "11-12's canon"). Cue yours truly making jokes about "Jesus and Gandalf in the same TV series". I'm rather glad I'm only passingly familiar with the Patrick McGoohan version from the 1960s, as this helped me approach it with a blank slate, though there again, I tend to be open-hearted towards most adaptations, unless it's hopelessly wonky (viz. the 2001 version of "The Time Machine" and the Ralph Bakshi animated versions of "The Hobbit" and "The Lord of the Rings"). I enjoyed it immensely and am planning to rewatch it very soon: the visuals and the acting is utterly incredible. Still trying to figure a few things out, but that's what rewatches are for. Also, their use of some Beach Boys songs made me laugh (sort of a riff on the Patrick McGoohan version and its use of Beatles songs). I also found it rather interesting that 6 in both versions is played by a Catholic actor who's been known to turn down or request adjustments in roles which don't sit right with their comfort levels and their consciences; Patrick McGoohan rather famously turned down the role of James Bond because he wasn't comfortable with the character's more or less loose moral code, and Jim Caviezel has been known to gently insist that love scenes be toned down. (Note: this is by no means a judgment on love scenes in movies/TV; everyone has different comfort levels and consciences of varying sensitivities. I'm not always comfortable with certain things, so I just Look Away on certain bits. But I applaud actors who respect themselves by being true to their consciences, and I applaud directors who are willing to make adjustments in their creation in order to respect their actors.).

Also watching "Gankutsuou [The Count of Monte Cristo]", which I am thoroughly enjoying, even if the color scheme can make my eyes ache at times. The Count makes me think somewhat of a cross between a kinder, gentler Alucard and one of the elves from "Those Who Hunt Elves", while I'm having fun doing "Hey It's That Voice": the girl who voices Orihime in "Bleach" as Peppo, the guy who voiced Jet Black as one of the Count's manservants, Wendee Lee in several roles, the voice actress for the bitchy actress in the King of Swords arc of YnM in several other roles, Liam O'Brien aka. Hisoka from ditto as Albert's rival, Aramaki's VA as a random old man, and I think I might have heard Michael Ross (End of Evangelion!Fuyutsuki) in some random supporting part. To say nothing of increasingly ubiquitous Jonny Yong Bosch as Albert.

Of course this, coupled with re-rewatching the last two episodes of "Gormenghast" over the weekend, preparatory to intro'ing Titus Groan at the Mansion, has caused one headspace dweller to warn me that he's close to having an aneurysm over the sheer number of attractive young men that are in these series, particularly ones he's met at the Mansion.
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I had had no plans for the day: just needed a down day after all the emotionally drained feelings I've been dealing with: however, my dad took part of the day off since a roofer was coming to give us an estimate on how much it will cost. Afterward, we went to the Used Book Superstore in Burlington (we had a coupon come in the mail): picked up the usual crazy stack of books, including, but not limited to the first book of Tony Kushner's "Angels in America" (aka "Belize's canon" to the [ profile] carpe_ho_ras crowd), C.S. Lewis's "Poems" (did not know he wrote poetry at any length...), Charlotte Perkins-Gilman's "Herland", and Norma Goodrich's "The Grail" (a study on Grail lore and various incarnations thereof).

Saw something rather strange, and I wonder if someone working there did this on purpose as an educated joke: On not one, not two, but three different shelves in the Classics section, there was a copy of Macchiavelli's "The Prince" right next to a copy of St. Thomas More's "Utopia". There couldn't be two more vastly different books, from the same era, and yet here they are, cheek by jowl. What made this even funnier is that last night I'd watched the second episode of season one of "The Tudors", in which the King and Sir Thomas discuss both those very books. Which made me laugh out loud, since a lot of commentators will point immediately to Macchiavelli when they're describing a certain anti-hero/anti-villan/sneaky little character who was also played by Jonathon Rhys-Meyers. And I've read that part of JRM's preparation for said role was reading Macchiavelli. Of course this is triggering much hilarity in headspace -- as does watching "The Tudors": when I'm not snarking about the historical revisionism (though kudos to the costume designers for including a hairshirt as part of Jeremy Northram's wardrobe, since St. Thomas actually wore one), "the boys" are making wacky comments ("Hey, the skinny kid grew into himself...").
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Nicked from [ profile] savepureness

let's make a magical wave throughout lj.

when you see this entry, post a picture (OR .GIF) of the show to your own journal.


I'd only watched the show a little bit when NBC was airing it over the summer (I had to stop watching it due somebody in my family -- not mentioning any names or identities -- muttering "This is the stupidest stuff" while it was on and we've only got the one TV at this point), but I loved what I saw!
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Finally! An entry that isn't heavily laden with woe...

I just recently started watching NBC's new series "Kings", which I heard about at Boskone and was intrigued by the premise. The fact that it's an updated retelling of 1st and 2nd Samuel from the Old Testament was eyebrow-raising enough. Then when I heard that one of my favorite directors, Francis Lawrence (he of "Constantine" and "I Am Legend", whom I suspect is Catholic or was raised Catholic: he tends to include subtle Catholic overtones in his films, though "Constantine" was more overt) is directing it, I just had to watch it.

And I'm glad I did. In a lot of ways it reminds me of Evelyn Waugh's "Brideshead Revisited"; Mr. Lawrence and his writers are unafraid to revamp the familiar Biblical figures of the prophet Samuel (or Reverend Samuel), David (David Sheppard, here a farm-boy turned soldier) and Saul (King Saul Benjamin) as noble but flawed people, very human, but no less fascinating, just as Evelyn Waugh portrayed the Marchmain family. The visuals are incredible and the scripts are tight as the bark on a tree (I love how the pesky, comedic B-story pigeons in the second episode wound up being an important element at the very end). Well worth watching, and the episodes are available on for your consideration.
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Major toss-up among three:

"The Dresden Files" -- Hands down. I miss Terrance Mann as Bob the Skull and the brunette alti-verse version of Murphy. I even miss Harry's hockey stick wizard staff. And it's a good way to tide us over between book releases. :: Checks calender to see when "Back-Up" is coming out...::

"Moonlight" -- I never even got to see all of the first season for various reasons, and I want to see more of the intricate world the writers were creating for the children of the night walking in sunny LA. And I wanted to see how Mick and Beth ended up: just friends or a May-September romance?

"Shark" -- I'll admit, I'm glad how the last episode turned out; I loved how Sebastian turned the tables on his and his daughter's stalker/kidnapper and the final image of Sebastian hugging Julie like he'll never let her go is burned into my mind. But... I would like to see more justice rendered through morally grey twists and turns and more snarky humor from a certain snarky lawyer...
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You have no idea how glad I was to hear that the writers' strike was over as of the end of February, especially since the serieses I regularly watch have been jam-packed with engaging continous storylines.

I was also delighted to hear that "Criminal Minds" was one of the first shows to go back into production right away. I'm looking forward to the new episodes, and I'm hoping to God they resolve some of this season's plot twists amicably. The sub-plot involving Hotchner's marriage going on the rocks makes me want to scream. Reason? I hate divorce sub-plots. They're over-done and since I believe marriage is forever, unless one of the partners is abusive, adulterous, or too immature and unwilling to get help for themself for any or all of the above. I think Haley Hotchner fits the last category, sort of, if she's unable to accept the fact that she's married to a modern day St. George or a human version of St. Michael, and that his work helps keep her safe from the dragons out there; don't know what happened to her, she seemed fine with her husband's wonky work schedule for the first two seasons, now all of a sudden she can't deal with it. I'm tempted to write a Dresden Files (book universe)/Criminal Minds crossover in which Haley meets Charity Carpenter, who gives her a lit-tle talk about being fortunate to be married to a metaphoric dragon-slayer. I'm speaking as a kid whose dad worked crazy hours, thus I don't see that it's a collossal big deal: when I was younger, I sometimes didn't see my dad for days during May and December, since those were the busy seasons. I'm hoping the season finale features a case in which Haley falls into the talons of one of those metaphoric dragons and either gets eaten (and thus the divorce nonsense becomes moot point, but then poor Hotchner has to raise his son by himself, but that could make for a "Lone Wolf and Cub"/"Road to Perdition" scenario) or Hotchner saves her life and *HOPEFULLY* she gets over her little hissy fit and realizes how bloody lucky she is to be married to this guy.

Hoo, that was a long rant, but I needed to get it off my chest. Other serieses I'm on the edge of my seat waiting to see where they go:

"Moonlight" -- How long is Mick's cure going to last? Is Beth going to get over being mad at him for not turning her boyfriend after he was attacked? I remember when the most recent episode aired, back around Christmas, in the prologue, there was a clip of this bit, and I remember calling out, "He won't do it because this isn't 'Hellsing'!" just as a geeky thing to do. But seriously (If you can be serious about the mythos of a series...), I think Mick did the decent thing, since it wouldn't have been Beth's boyfriend's choice to become a vampire, and I think he'd probably rankle a little at being the childe to the guy he suspects of being a rival for Beth's affections. That and... well, I don't think he'd take too well to being one of the walking undead.

"Supernatural" -- I was concerned that the strike would cancel out the ending to this season and ruin the clever time constraint that the Winchester Brothers are running against. I like the "real-time" idea we have going on the time Dean has to find his way out of the deal he made with the Crossroad Demon, and it would have been a terrible shame if they'd had to quickly commission a novel or something to keep up the element of realism in this little twist, though if they'd had to resort to that, it would be better than just leaving us hanging. The question remains, how are the boys going to pull it off? In the meantime, the new episode, set to air April 25th, sounds like a hoot: it's supposedly going to involve a "reality" show about ghost hunting, and I've heard that it's Eric Kripke's way of taking a playful swipe at those annoying "reality" shows, since he's not a fan of them by any account.
matrixrefugee: the word 'refugee' in electric green with a background of green matrix code (Dresden Files)
Despite the heavy rain tapering to drizzle then abruptly changing to patchy sun and clouds, we went to the Connecticut Trolley Museum in East Windsor, Connecticut this afternoon. I have never seen a museum with more Hallowe'en decorations in the yard along with the couple dozen trolley cars from around the world, in various states of repair and disrepair... Had a lovely ride on a 1920's era New Orleans streetcar -- and I swear I was getting a vibe off the spirit of a regular passenger. I don't usually talk about things like this, but around this time of year when the line between the here and the hereafter gets thin, I sometimes have these little odd moments. I kept getting this strong mental image of a old Creole woman who'd worked as a laundress/voodoo priestess who used to ride on that very streetcar.

And if someone could tell me where I could download episodes of "Moonlight", I will be one very happy urban fantasy fan: I had a minor squabble with my mother over watching this new series. She thought it looked "too scary", when to me it looks no scarier than "Supernatural". My only other solution is to get my own TV, though for some reason, I really don't want one.

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