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A baker's dozen of fics for you: I would have had one more, but I ran out of energy:

Watership Down, Bigwig, licking his wounds

Author's choice, any (+ or / any), "Caught between fire and flood, he ran back and forth, uncertain of whether to burn or drown." (Gormenghast)

Norse mythology, Tyr and puppy!Fenris, playing fetch with a pup the size of a carthorse meant finding interesting things to throw

Any, any, "Why do all the things I talk to not exist? Why?" (Black Jewel Trilogy)

Author's choice, author's choice, discovering Robot Unicorn Attack (Death Note)

Firefly, companions-in-training; they all saw Inara running away from the Operative in the Training House with her dashing pirate lover.

Firefly, Mal, Yearning for something more

Dracula ; Jonathan/any ; Jonathan did some things while trapped in Dracula's castle that he will never tell Mina about

Inception, pre-Arthur/Eames, "Eames, this my point man, Arthur."

Supernatural, Sam & Dean, "A good salad is not one part lettuce and nine parts toppings!"

Any, any, friends discover he/she has a secret genetic engineering lab in the basement... and what he/she has been creating there (YnM)

Supernatural/Twilight, Edward & Castiel, confusion.

Author's Choice, Author's Choice, "What sort of topping do you prefer?" "Oh, I dunno... Rough, yet giving and just a tiny bit sadistic. Would I be bound?" "Not that sort of topping!" (YnM)
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Another weekend's worth! and I'm very surprised and proud at how well these came out, since I was feeling oddly tired all weekend. If anyone wants to adopt any of these and donate USD$5 to help the relief effort in Japan, feel free to do so: just send me the screencaps as a PM

Author's choice; author's choice; I'm drunk And right now I'm so in love with you (Yami no Matsuei, Muraki/Tsuzuki)

Egyptian Mythology, Thoth & Anubis, Thoth isn't fond of modern day communication methods - like texting

Inception, Any, The ___ Job

Yami no Matsuei, Hisoka, coming too close to a fellow rape victim

American Gods, Shadow, monkey suit

Supernatural/Death Note, Tessa + Ryuk, they've known each other a long time.

Narnia; Caspian/Edmund; A snowball is a handy thing for when your companion is sinking into dark thoughts

Twilight/Inception, Cullens, They wake up to find their lives as vampires was a dream-experiment gone horribly wrong.

Any, any, "...two paths diverged..." (Gormenghast)

SPN, Girl!Dean/Castiel -- After making one too many sexist comments, a witch turns Dean into a girl as payback. And the only way to turn Dean back into a man is for him to have sex as a woman. Cue Castiel to the rescue.

Castle, Castle/Beckett, They discover the Nikki Heat fandom...and keep coming back

Author's choice, any,
"Well I am Death, none can excel,
I'll open the door to heaven or hell."
~ O' Death, Jen Titus (Yami no Matsuei, evol!Tsuzuki/Muraki)
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I think I may have won today's challenge: fourteen fics, either written today or typed up. Not bad at all! I'm hoping to eventually get it up to twenty four fics in twenty four hours...

Any, Any, 'Always forgive your enemies; nothing annoys them so much.' (Oscar Wilde) (Yami no Matsuei, Muraki/Tsuzuki)

Any, any villainous character, his/her perfect world. (Yami no Matsuei, Muraki/Ukyou, Muraki/Tsuzuki)

Author's choice, author's choice, cherry blossoms (Yami no Matsuei, Tatsumi/Tsuzuki)

Yami no Matusei, Muraki/Oriya, the ritual of getting dressed

Yami no Matsuei/Repo! the Genetic Opera, Rotti Largo & Muraki, "An easy trade, isn't it?"

author's choice, author's choice, there's something soothing about shopping for office supplies (Yami no Matsuei, Tatsumi/Tsuzuki)

Gankutsuou, author's choice, Chocolat (The Count/Albert)

Firefly, Mal, He remembers his ranch

Firefly, crew, "Wait, our job is to transport a zoo?!"

Author's Choice, Author's Choice, vampire AU (Gormenghast, Steerpike/Fuschia)

King Lear, author's choice, the first scene in LOLspeak

Supernatural/Twilight; Dean, Sam, Cullen Vamps; "Why the hell are these vampires all sparkly!?!"

Supernatural/Death Note, Sam + Dean + Ryuk, the boys find a Death Note.

Twilight/Daybreakers, Edward/Edward, a meeting of the emo vampires ;)
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...While watching the Twhinelite movie, via YouTube. I couldn't get past the first five minutes. The washed-out look might work for Supernatural, but on this it looks like the film negatives got rinsed a couple times too many when it was being developed. And Kristin Stewart's narration... could her voice be any more flat?!

I finally gave up, dug up my DVDs of "Bram Stoker's Dracula" and watched that with the commentary track: Francis Ford Coppola has some interesting stories to tell about the making of that film (the supreme moment of awkward when he and two other guys on the film crew had to tell the girls playing Dracula's brides to remove some of their clothes; his empathy for the little kid whom Lucy was about to gnaw on, as well as the newborn baby that Drac offers to his brides, and how he wants to get in touch with them now that they're grown up and sort of apologize for the weird movie-making stuff these kids got put through). I'd forgotten how weird and surreal and beautiful this version is, though what stayed with me was how closely it follows the book.
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My table fan is running and I've had to use the fan in the stand for the laptop for the past few days because of the disgusting tropical weather we've had for the past three days. I don't mind rain and clouds, since I'm sensitive to the bright sunlight, but do we have to have this over the top humidity?! It feels like the first of July, not the first of October, and thus my motivation to work on the [ profile] halloween_31 fics that I signed up for. :: Mutters::

Last night, I had been planning to type up the ones I'd written, but a sudden windstorm knocked out the power in our neighborhood for over an hour. I had the laptop on, so it kicked over to the battery and managed to get some typing dine, when I wasn't hunting for candles and oil lamps.

Cut for spoilers for this week's episode of 'Criminal Minds' )
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I've been a bit busy starting some of the birthday festivities: I have to work the day after my birthday, so I've had to rearrange my schedule a bit.

But, among other things, I've been doing a bit of shopping, some practical, some fun. Among other things I have acquired:

--Several DVDs, including both the Tod Browning and the Francis Ford Coppola versions of "Dracula" -- I've never seen the whole thing of the Tod Browning version, so I'm rectifying that, stat -- also the complete set of "Firefly", which I was watching over the weekend via Hulu, and which I enjoyed so much that I picked that and "Serenity" up at Newberry Comics in Burlington.

--A Fangtasia tee-shirt, also at Newberry Comics; I almost bought a bottle or two of TrueBlood, but my finances wouldn't allow for that at that time.

--Do not shoot me, but I also bought a copy of the new Twhinelite novella, the proceeds from which are going to the Red Cross to help the relief effort in Haiti and in Chile. I've only just started reading it, and so far it's pretty good (compared to the rest of the series).

--Also have been getting several packages in the mail, more books on order from Amazon, including the light novel version of Blood+ (essentially a novelization of the anime; just waiting for the third one so I can triple-check the facts on Riku's death since I am introing him at the Mansion this week) and the art book based on the BBC version of Gormenghast (proof of how obsessed I am. Stephen Fry's introduction in it should be waved under the noses of all the purists whinging on Youtube about the miniseries: he pretty much slaps all their arguments with a dead fish).

I'm also figuring out the webcam on this laptop, and thus I maaay be posting video bloggage via YouTube. We'll see: I haven't yet set up an account there, but in due time.
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Just back from Target where I was picking up a few odds and ends for the laptop -- which I have named "Francis Xavier", in honor of the first Jesuit missionary to Japan. I needed a laptop case to carry it in, and I've also bought a few odds and ends: AVG software (when the trial version of MacAfee runs out), surge protector, even a cooling base (which I'm currently using to raise the keyboard up a bit: the crate I'm using as a desk is just a little low). Also picked up Season 2 of True Blood on DVD, though I never did finish watching the first season, oddly enough. And the peace I'd made with the whole Twilight thing nearly was disrupted: come to find out Ms. Meyer is releasing a new Twilight-verse novella. I'm hoping it might actually be good, since it does not focus on Dulla and Edweird. Definitely one for the "get it used on Amazon" list. Only good thing about it is at least the proceeds from the sales of the novella are going to help the Red Cross.

God help us if we ever got a Dulla and/or Edweird at the Mansion. Riku might be cool with them (since he tends to be friendly with everyone) and the same would go for Tsuzuki for the same reasons, but it would likely be hard to keep Muraki from trying to consume either or both of them (plus he and Aramat would likely fight over who gets to dissect them). And I think I would have too much fun letting Ryuk bedevil Eddie-kins. I'd love to see Adrian Ivashkov snark the either of them down. I think Paul has had some exposure to them, since [ profile] tomboy_typist and I have spoken about him and Muraki eventually having a conversation involving the nature of sparkle-pires.
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Wouldn't you know: the week that I decide to start archiving my ff.n fics on An Archive of Our Own is also the week that their otherwise handy Import function has an IP conflict with ff.n. :: Sighs:: Thus it's been slow going, and I've also been sorting what fics I want to have on the AO3 page. Most of the "A.I." fics are making the cut, but some of the others... I still like them, but somehow, they don't have the sparkle that they had when I first wrote them, and I'm willing to let them stay on ff.n. I've moved the Dresden Files fics and the Sandman ones already, and they've been garnering quite a few hits in just the 24 hours they've been there.

Also, I got my first "Loved when Eddie-kins bit it" review for "Red Moon/Akatsuki":

Wow, awesome story. Really well written and especially love the part where
Edward dies n.n You MUST continue this and soon! Please! It's really great X)

Now if I could just get the first frothing-at-mouth fanit review, I'd feel like I accomplished what I'd partly set out to do when I wrote the damn thing (the other reason, or one other reason, anyway, was to make my peace with the bloody books). I'm tempted to use Muraki's account to start trawling the fanggurl comms and see what happens. I may make some converts, or I might just be contributing to the (well-deserved, in some cases) hatedom that His Paleness has.

[ profile] carpe_ho_ras shenanigans: Per the Tsuzuki/Melisande exchange, I've been begged to write a fic with Tsuzuki reading some kind of really naughty romance novel, with or without Hisoka chewing him out for wasting his eyesight on such "trash". This also helped me finally decide what would go with the prompt "a park bench" on [ profile] story_lottery. Also, if a villain can creep out Steerpike (from "Gormenghast", albeit the somewhat more sympathetic version from the BBC mini-series adaptation), that can only mean said villain is pretty effin' *CREEPY*.
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So... I got an email yesterday from Newbury Comics, announcing that, to celebrate the release of New Moan New Moon on DVD, they were having a vampire stuff blowout sale, and a vampire costume contest. I only wish I'd had more white clothing in my wardrobe, since I was tempted to go dressed as Thomas Raith from the Dresden Files. Except that no one would know who I was supposed to be (come to think of it, the Twhinelite characters have some of the most non-iconic costumes imaginable: they dress like regular teenagers, pretty much). And then there's the questions I'd get:

"You can't be a vampire, where's your fangs?"

"White Court vamps don't need 'em: they just take your lifeforce by touching you."

Also, it would be really fun going costumed as -- yep, you guessed it -- the fine fellow in my icon, though I'm still trying to find a place that sells silver cosplay wigs, since that's going to be the hardest part of the costume to acquire. And if there any Edweirds around, it would be the icing on the cake to pull off an impromptu live-action version of "Red Moon/Akatsuki", by flirting with said Edweird (and likely weirding him out). Though I'd still get the "What makes *you* a vampire?" questions. Still, it would make for interesting conversations (and the fun of not breaking character to explain energy vampirism, which puts me in mind of certain conversations in [ profile] carpe_ho_ras, as one gent describes the condition in depth to another fellow academic...).
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I *am* trying to get back to work on my Yami no Matsuei/Twhinelite crossover. Well... turns out someone has created a crazy fanvid in which they took the audio from one of the Twilight movie trailers and they fit several YnM clips to it:

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Cleaned a bathroom, did some laundry, made the bed for the first time in a few days (since I was crawling into it every chance I got), vacuumed the entire upstairs of the house. My cold seems to have diminished to occasional coughing fits and some congestion, but I am doing immensely better today.

I also managed to write/finish:

--One of my [ profile] 30_kisses fics, featuring much-younger versions of Muraki, Ukyou and Oriya: I like writing the college-era version of this trio, since there's a more innocent quality to them (well, the two gents anyway: Ukyou manages to stay innocent without being naive the whole time) Younger!Muraki is a dear to write, but he's rather tragic, since I know this shy, gentle, slightly nerdy fellow is going to vanish almost completely as soon as he gives in to his inner demons. I'm also fond of the big brother/little sister connection between Ukyou and Oriya: I suspect they might have been an item briefly during high school, but they let it fade into "just friends" since her parents didn't approve.

--The darn scene with the King of Hades in the Twhinelite X-over, which might seem like a quiet scene, but winds up being very harrowing for Bella (though she could just be acting all dramatic and emo over it)

--Started drafting a Tatsumi/Mercy (OFC) fic for the 12 Fanfic Roses challenge -- and I've got a baker's dozen of pairing prompts now, to my delight. I'm loving the pairings people have suggested, and a number of them are in fandoms I haven't written before, but never thought to do so, thus the experiment was a rousing success!! I still might throw in a few more of my own, we'll see, but I'd better get cracking writing the ones I've got. Granted, they're mostly going to be flash fics or ficlets, but those are fun to write, albeit harder, since my brain goes into "plot with beginning, middle and end" mode all too often and I have to remind myself that a character sketch can be just as good as a plotted out story. Brian Aldiss based his whole writing career on this very kind of writing (Met him briefly at WorldCon years ago, and for those of you who know him as the author of the story on which "A.I." is based on, he's as sweetly gruffy as Teddy, has as bright-eyed an outlook on the world as David, and he's as polite as Joe -- even has a darling British accent, too.)

Also managed to get in several chapters of "A Game of Thrones" -- I am loving GRRM's style and his characters to the point that my head is doing a little mental voice-casting (either John Hurt or Jeremy Irons as Eddard Stark, Cate Blanchett as Catelyn, Anthony Hopkins as the king) and I'm even imagining a symphonic with subtle metal elements soundtrack, ala "300" or "Beowulf".
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:: Cue the "something goofy is going on" music from the Bleach OST::

Just got a notification that someone on ff.n has tagged me as a Favorite Author.

They've written one Twilight fic, their Favorite Stories list is full of Twilight fics, and their profile features a transcript of an interview that their friend did with them for a class assignment and she's mostly talking about Twilight and the fanfics she wants to write. I take it she's either seen or read "Red Moon/Akatsuki", but she hasn't read That Third Chapter. Yet. Ho boy, raise shields, I may be getting my first flame. Maybe not, as it seems most of the fics in her Favorites list contain an affectionate amount of bashing (including one with Bella getting sent to boot camp. I wish!). And she likes Jasper, so that might be why she favorite-ed me (I think I admitted in my notes for "Akatsuki" that I'm fond of Jasper and Alice).

Come to think of it, I don't think I've linked "Akatsuki" here, which I'll remedy pronto: <--ff.n version <--Archive Of Our Own version (I may be replacing the third chapter with the more explicit version, once I finish the revisions, though that won't be till I've finished my [ profile] help_haiti fics).
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Namely the last chapter of the Twhinelite/Yami no Matsuei crossover. Since I've been airing some of my grievances with Twilight by way of this fic (I used Muraki's habit of monologuing as a chance to work in an Author Filibuster about the Cullen clan's environmentally unfriendly eating habits, with a bit of a Shinto slant on it, though Mercy Falcone also mentioned the skyrocketing deer population in the Forks, WA area), I managed to work in a counter to the character assassination of Charlie Swan in the last two books of the series. I like Charlie Swan; he's a good man who's been shafted by the women in his life, and I honestly wanted to reach into the book, hug him and give him a sympathetic ear for him to pour out his frustrations with his daughter and her poor taste in men. He didn't deserve to have his personality riddled with bullets by his own creator, so I'm giving him a scene toward the end. I just can't seem to decide if he gets The Bad News from either 1.) Mercy and Tatsumi showing up on his doorstep, claiming to be from the respective US and Japanese embassies, or 2.) the physician attending Bella. I'm inclined to go with the latter, since it makes for a more shivery exchange, from readers In the Know, though there again, said physician is on his best professional behavior, and yet I still managed to make it creepy... Though I like the idea of Charlie getting some much-needed sympathy from two sympathetic characters. I'm inclined to just write both and save one version for the Omake chapter.

If I could stop tossing off YnM one-shots. :: Growls, facepalms, laughs::

I did get an interesting response to this fic, from a level-headed Twilight fan on one of the anime boards I've been poking around on, to the effect that I was doing a great job with the Twilight half of the story. This is a relief, since I wasn't sure if I was half-assing the thing or if I was doing a good job. Like I said, I've been trying to avoid the usual excessive use of obvious bashing that plagues a lot of anti fic, and I'm glad it passed muster with a fan, albeit one who has their eyes open to the inherent -- and glaring -- flaws in the Twilight series.
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I managed to get a rather nice if simple blouse to wear to the wedding (if we don't get snowed in...), but due to some difficulties catching a bus, I ended up with an hour to kill at the Starbucks inside the Target in Lowell. This became anything but a total loss, as I finished writing another fic for the 12 Days of Fanfic challenge (which I may post tomorrow). The only catch was, I had to deal with the squeeing teenaged girls at the next table:

Random teen #1: "Oh, we went to see New Moon again last night."

Me: :: Internal: Moans, not in a good way::

Random teen #2: "Oh, I've seen it three times!"

Me: :: Internal: There's better movies you could rewatch that many times....::

Random teen #3: "The book is better. Trust me."

Me: :: Internal: Hm. There's some amount of hope...::

This was even more cringe-inducing since I was writing a Dresden Files fic, featuring Harry's brother Thomas the energy vampire; as soon as one of the girls went on about wanting to meet a real vampire someday, I had to restrain myself from by turns cringing and chuckling to myself at the thought of said girls falling prey to the White Court. I also reminded myself that "Daybreakers" comes out next week and it looks like the perfect antidote to the fangless sparkle-pires. That shot in the trailer of the humans in what looks like some kind of Matrix-esque body pods always makes me think, "One way to deal with the Twhinelite fanggurls: feed 'em to vampires with *fangs*." I imagine there's going to be a lot of "Daybreakers" metafiction involving said fanggurls, as well as Photoshoops of said shot in the "Daybreakers" trailer with Kristin Stewart's face superimposed on one of the random humans in the body pods, if there isn't already. I admit I'm even fighting off a plot bunny involving a dhampire of sorts who's caught in between the humans and the vampires in the Daybreakers-verse, but that's going to have to wait till I actually *see the movie.

Also got caught in a surprise rain shower while leaving the library and running to catch a bus... and then it turned into a very pretty snow shower.
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A few days ago, I'd discovered I've been friended by someone called [ profile] twihard_fan. It's likely a troll account, but funny!troll is funny and I decided to play along with it and see what happens.

Come to find out they have a Twhinelite community with the posting privileges open to anyone. And seeing a crime of opportunity presenting itself, I decided to post to it, namely a link to my Twhinelite/YnM crossover...

:: Folds her hands Clasp Your Hands if You Deceive-style and sits back to watch what happens::
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Just had to cut a paragraph from the next chapter of the YnM/Twhinelite crossover: Meyer-pires apparently don't bleed when cut, thus I had to axe a description of Muraki utterly covered in blood after he's done with a certain whiny little fangless wannabe. I may be a contra and I may be deconstructing some parts of the Twhinelite mythos as I'm writing this, but I want to at least have some respect for the source and its mechanics, even if I disagree with it and find it badly crafted. Ah well, that's what the omake chapter at the end of the fic is for...

I've also found that if I'm going to keep this next chapter within a T+ rating, I'm going to have to draft another version of this chapter for mature and post it here on this LJ: not my fault that a certain energy vampire likes to do sickening things to his prey. I tend to avoid M ratings when I post on ff.n (mostly because I get less traffic/comments to fics with this rating). Plus LJ has the LJ cut feature which allows me to veil the content and put in plenty of warnings. Thus if anyone squawks about the content, they have less of an excuse since The Mature Content Warning Was There Before and In the Cut Text. I guess this is the equivalent of the SciFi Channel's edited/censored version of the anime, while the uncut version will be what you find on the DVDs.
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Rant the First

Name Withheld to Protect Their Identity:

I am (I was)* reading the books. I like some of the supporting characters -- Alice and Jasper especially: they deserve to be in a better series (one reason I wrote the both of them into the crossover fic I'm writing); Charlie Swan, too, is a good if somewhat quiet guy who's been screwed over by the women in his life (well, he's a good character until his personality is assassinated in Broken Down, aka Breaking Dawn, but even some fans consider that book a Wall Banger). I think Stephanie Meyers had some good ideas, she just underused/underdeveloped them horribly.

This does not make me "infected" as you call it. Just because I've gotten past the "OMG kill it with fire!1111" stage does not meant I'm going to start squeeing over the books and gushing over how awesome they are. I still think they're dangerous for impressionable tweenagers and teenagers. I'm thirty-two years old, I've been in a bad relationship before and I know the warning signs. Reading these books is not going to erode that. For pity's sake, I've been watching TrueBlood on DVD lately, and that's practically made of contra-Twilight (it also has an awesome ensemble of actors playing an equally awesome ensemble of characters: I'm crushing on Stephen Moyer as Bill Compton, and Anna Paquin isn't just playing the role of Sookie Stackhouse, she *IS* Sookie Stackhouse: she's just how I imagined the character while I was reading Charlaine Harris's books, and she does that Louisiana accent so well, you'd think she grew up there. And Lafayette cracks me up constantly; the bit where he chews out the rednecks in Merlotte's for sending back the burger he just cooked up is a Crowning Moment of Awesome).

*To those who catch the reference, this was unintentional, but it made me smirk a bit.


Rant the Second

To a certain forum (or the posters thereon):

Just because a fanfic is crossed over with Twilight does *NOT* preclude that the fic-author is necessarily a fan of Twilight. I'm relieved that you copy-pastaed an older listing of crossovers (on ff.n), and thus didn't include mine, because if you had, I would have been annoyed with you for assuming this and I would have registered just to set the record straight. Also, chill pills. Take them.
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While making a random search for Yami no Matsuei fanarts, I ran across a bizarre thread on the infamous forum (the one I had to leave five minutes after I signed up, because the antis on it were as rabid as the fanggurls), I ran across a thread in which someone pretty much compared Muraki to Edward.

:: Brain goes splodey as she emits a wail of disgust and protestation ::

That isn't even comparing apples to oranges, that's comparing bright, shiny Enza apples (the kind that draw all the shinigami for miles around) that just ooze with juice when you bite into them to under-developed oranges with deep grooves on them where a twig was rubbing on the skin.

Cut for fan-rantage and potential spoilers for the manga )
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[Error: unknown template qotd]

:: Looks toward her copy of New MoanMoon, with all the snarky comments and scathing corrections written in the margins. In ballpoint pen.::

:: Looks toward the journal full of notes for a Twilight/Yami no Matsuei (aka Descendants of Darkness) crossover fanfiction, adjusts her glasses and emits an evil, insane laugh worthy of Muraki::

I'm sorry, but the logic holes in SMeyers's world-building are so wide, you can drive a Mack Truck through them. Vampires whose skin sparkles, and the process of turning causes your cells to turn to stone? Please: they wouldn't be able to *WALK* let alone run so fast they're like a blur.
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Just hit 40K words as of a few moments ago. The end of the scheduled word count is in sight, though the novel is nowhere near finished. Hopefully I can get a good chunk done tomorrow, except that I have a haircut appointment in the morning. I got all this in, despite having errands to run: had to go to the bank to deposit more money into the checking account so I can order the new power supply; also had to get ibuprofen and generic Airborne, which works just as well as the brand name version, and I've also discovered latex free surgical masks at a local pharmacy (just in case...). Also went to the library, where I didn't check out a whole lot except for a few books on haiku (a certain wintry gent likes to compose haiku in odd moments) and the first volume of the classic "The Tale of Genji". I've been generally too busy to read much, except for stuff around the house. :: Growls at New MoanMoon:: Speaking of which: I now love Charlie Swan: he's far from perfect, but he seems like a nice guy who gets shafted by the women in his life. You have to hand it to a guy who tells his mopey, whiny teenaged daughter that she needs counseling; I just wish he'd been a little more ballsy about it and done what my mother did with me: ie. dragged her sorry toushe into therapy. Hm... :: Now fights off a Twilight fix fic featuring Bella in counseling:: Hey, it could work, vampire stuff and all: I've told my own therapist about my own mild psy-vampirism and she's fully accepting of it. The days of "let's lock up everyone who isn't just like everybody else" is passing in favor of "Well, as long as they aren't hurting themselves or anyone else..."

Also, the last package with the final two volumes of the manga version of Yami no Matsuei showed up in the mail; just waiting for the DVD boxed set to show up, but I doubt that'll come any sooner than the beginning of next week, as it's shipping from Fargo, ND. I'll be glad to say goodbye to the vids on the dub sites I've been trawling; all they seem to have is the edited version from the Sci-Fi channel, which (understandably) trims some of Muraki's weird scenes (What can I say? the Nightmare Fuel and the Depraved Bisexual pages on were made for him....) and (curiously) cuts the funny bit of comical underage drunkenness from the first story arc, which kind of makes Hisoka's hangover in the ensuing scenes a bit hard to place.

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