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Just up from a nap that took longer than I expected, but then again I didn't sleep so well last night.

Work was as wacky as I expected: we ran out of D batteries (the kind that go in flashlights) and gallon bottles of water. At least another shipment came in from the warehouse, but people got a bit wibbly over it. And then some old lady started bitching that we needed to ration the water/people are too greedy and take everything for themselves/blah blah blah. I couldn't help wondering somewhat crossly if she really meant it, or if she was the type whose parents used to gouge the petrol rations during the war.

Petrol? I've been watching things from the Beeb a bit too much lately.

One of our cashiers, "Elizabetta", a lovely older lady from Portugal, was asking people who came through her lane if they were "getting ready for company come to visit Sunday". Meaning Irene, natch.
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I've actually posted quite a few Tweets about it, but the Twitter extension on LJ has hiccuped and Twittenesis is suspended for some inexplicable reason.

In short: Saturday was my dad's 62nd birthday, and as he put it "I'm officially old." I keep telling him he isn't old until he starts nit-picking at the baggers in the store where I work.

Sunday was a fairly quiet day, but after last week, between an appointment with my therapist, various festivities and having to work part of Memorial Day weekend (ie. Everyone buying their picnic/barbecue stuff), I needed a quiet day.

And for the first time in a few years, I did not have to work Memorial Day: I actually got to see our town's Memorial Day Parade from start to finish, and despite the heat, I walked up the blocked-off part of Main Street (literally: I was walking down the center line as often as I could) as far as I could go before I met the parade. I got as far as St. William's Church (about a mile from our house) before I heard marching bands in the near distance. And so, after nipping into the church to say a prayer for the souls of all our departed soldiers, I found a shady spot under some trees and watched from there.

At one point, during the parade, there was a bit of a bottleneck which happened in front of me. Several of our town's soldiers and veterans ended up paused close to where I was standing, and I got to witness something interesting: several generations of soldiers, from an eighty year old man in a World War II uniform, a seventy-year old from the Korean War, a sixty-year old from Viet Nam, and some twenty and thirty-year olds from the Gulf Wars, chatting amongst themselves like brothers. Very simple, yet very touching.

Work yesterday ended up being as busy as a holiday: everyone who'd been away for the weekend was coming in to restock their home!

And this morning, I got awakened by a thunderstorm with marble-sized hailstones bonking off my window. I got up and scurried around the house, unhooking electronics that were not on surge protectors (Ie. The iPad, for some odd reason: I've since moved the charger to the surge protector for the TV). I enjoy a good thunderstorm, but getting woken by one, not so much.

Also, am back to watching Stargate SG-1, after finding it on It's hilariously bad and good at the same time, but it never really takes itself seriously, which is refreshing in a way. I swear O'Neill snarking at things is meant to be a bit of an Audience Surrogate for the folks who groan over it, while Jackson's gushing about stuff is ditto for the geeks who love it.

Also, have been watching Anime I'd Said I'd Never Watch, namely Black Butler and Axis Powers Hetalia... And enjoying them. Most of the reason for the swearing I wouldn't watch them? The extreme popularity was despair-inducing. It was impossible to go onto [ profile] dear_mun without seeing an army of Hetalia and Black Butler characters, which had me despairing of ever finding any canon mates for my YnM pups. There again...Black Butler is like what you'd get if you mooshed Hellsing and YnM together....

Dare I say, I have an idea for a Hetalia character: Rebecca "Becky" Corwin, aka. Massachusetts, a feisty, bookish gal with a fierce Boston accent and an impishly rebellious nature (Hey, she dumped her uncle England's tea into Boston Harbor, back in the day). No, she is not a blue-collar sports fan: that's one Massachusetts trope that I've seen someone do before with a Hetalia character, and it annoys me. We're not all rabid Red Sox/Bruins/Patriots fans who trash the street if the team wins.
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Okay, so I'm not doing such a good job keeping my resolution to post *something* every day. Not even doing that great writing a fic or part of one each day, either, but it's not for lack of trying. Being short on inspiration will do that to you.

So! Inventory at work went well, though not as a good as some years, thanks to some stoopid kid using my neurological condition as a pejorative (Needless to say, I ripped him a new one for that, but still. Nice to know that "Asperger" is the new "retard", dammit >.<)

I was supposed to work on Wednesday, but that never happened, due to it being way too snowy and blowy. The weather reports were predicting white out conditions, and when I got up in the morning, I found that was precisely the case: I could not see the trees twenty feet from my window. I called in to see if they really needed me, and warning them that I might be late, but they told me to take the day off since the store was dead. They ended up closing early as well, which my folks discovered later when they tried to go shopping. I spent much of that day shoveling snow or staying inside, tagging RP posts and watching a marathon of the second season of Torchwood.

I've been watching quite a bit of stuff lately: I've been keeping on top of the new episodes of Castle as they come out, and last night, I watched the new NBC show "The Cape" -- it's a bit uneven, but still cool to watch.

More to come about recent book-buying...
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Which is the greeting one gives when you've barely had a minute all week to put a few words together in your personal LJ. This past week at work was insanely busy: the day before Christmas Eve was as busy as most Christmas Eves, plus I've been doing extra housework. No wonder that I work up Christmas morning with an earache (thankfully the kind that can be treated with a hot water bottle).

But I had a lovely day: shared "A Nightmare Before Christmas" with my folks, got a lovely little book about the Holy Grail legends, and from my dad, a lovely little electric stove that looks like a little log burner. It's even got these simulated logs that flicker like real glowing logs, and simulated flames on a glass screen in the back. My room is going to be nice and cozy this winter! I can even turn it on in the summer to look at the flickering flames, since it has a switch on it that turns off the heating unit.

And now we're getting a blizzard, so I was out earlier, shoveling snow and getting some much welcome exercise.
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It's still a little humid (possibly as a result of Hurricane/Tropical Storm Earl blowing through), but that's likely from all the rain we had last night. But there's a nice breeze and there's something oddly autumnal about it. Maybe I'm just hoping it is, since this has been a very long, uncomfortable summer for me, since we've had so much warm weather. No offence intended toward those who like it warm: I'm renting the top of my folks' hundred year old, hard to air condition house, so it's been table fans and open windows at night for me, plus having to make sure the house has cooled off to the right temp before closing windows before the sun rises and warms things up again.

But enough about the warm weather: I've got a couple writing projects I'm poking at, one of which might end up being published for real.

The first is a Gormenghast related essay that came about as a result of a conversation with the inspiring [ profile] tomboy_typist: I was describing a moment of Fridge Logic that came about as a result of watching "Life After People", while working on RP tags for [ profile] 77th_earl. It dawned me that, given the kind of decay that Gormenghast has fallen into -- a lake on a roof big enough for a horse and its foal to swim in, a tree growing through a wall with a trunk big enough for the Twins to have a tea table and chairs on it -- that the structure might not be in the best of condition. Thus it dawned on me that there might just be some magic in Gormenghast, that the Rituals of the Law, for all their soul-sucking inanity and the way that Sourdust and Barquentine (or just Barquentine in the BBC mini-series) nitpick over them, might just be supplying the magic that's keeping the elements from conquering the Stones. I can't say more, as I'm saving it for the essay, but it's a very intriguing point to ponder...

The other might be my NaNoWriMo project for this year: I'm hoping to write a Catholic novel dealing with that touchiest of touchy topics, namely, homosexuality and what it's like to be a faithfull Catholic and to be a GLBT person. I'll be focusing on four main characters: a priest (more or less modeled after Father Mychal Judge, the gay priest and NYC FD chaplain who was among the first victims at the WTC Towers on 9/11) wrestling with his own identity and his vocation, a single woman in her thirties (Okay, yeah, Author Avatar, but hey, it worked for the late Shusaku Endo when he wrote "Scandal"), a fifteen year old boy trying to make sense of himself and a male escort who's sort of a Mary Magdalen-like figure. Still trying to come up with a plot, but it'll come when it's ready. I'm likely to get a lot of flack for this, and I'm not sure if I really want to try publishing it, but it's the kind of novel that Needs To Be Written and Published. I'm hoping Ignatius Press with open their doors to it, and given the number of really good Catholic novels they've published in recent years, I have hope for them.

Also got back to reading GRRM's "A Clash of Kings", the second of the Song of Ice and Fire novels. Somebody please tell me that Joffrey dies a hideous, horrible death? The kid is such a *BRAT*, you want to reach into the book and king or no king, spank him and send him to bed without any supper; he might be thirteen, but he acts like he's about *three*.

And on Thursday, I made my monthly trip to the Salem NH Barnes & Noble, where I picked up the new Supernatural tie-in novel "War of the Sons" and the latest issue of SPN magazine: I've heard that they're moving the show to a time slot on Friday nights this season. Plus I missed most of last season, thus I really cannot wait for the DVDs which are coming out on Tuesday the 7th. If I'm extra quiet this week coming, it means I'm likely watching the series marathon-style. Also picked up... "Winnie the Pooh" and "The House at Pooh Corner"; I'm tempted to bring Eeyore to a certain Mansion, and I'm due for a canon review, but my copies seem to have vanished.
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Which means I can at last wear the Fangtasia tee-shirt I got just before this maddening heat wave we've been having. I'm trying not to grumble about the weather, or grumble about people grumbling about the weather. Or about people whining in general ( :: Glares at people commenting on the LJ News comm:: ). There seems to have been a rash of it lately and it's wearing on my nerves as much as the weather is. I don't know what the cause behind it is, but it's caused me to be a bit more hermetic than usual.

Did a little retail therapy to ease my frazzled nerves: went to the Burlington Barnes & Noble for the first time in a month and picked up a couple of odd volumes of Naomi Novik's Temeraire series (aka "Iskierka's canon" to the [ profile] carpe_ho_ras crowd).

Still watching "Dexter" and I'm on the third season already. For a series that has plenty of Nightmare Fuel, it's got it's share of Crowning Moments of Heartwarming, particularly this season. Gotta love how Dexter proposed to Rita. He's not just asking her to marry him, he's asking to be a dad to her kids. Awwwww!!!

I'm also taking tentative pokes at another Showtime series, namely, "The Tudors". I blame the red-hot shortfic that one of the Carpe folks wrote for it, as well as a certain headspace-dweller's fondness for Jonathan Rhys-Meyers. :: Glares at Muraki:: I'm well aware that it's a highly romanticized view of history, but I'm a little leery of it: my biggest concern is how Sir Thomas More gets portrayed. He's one of my heroes and I'd hate to see him get warped into a sanctimonious jerk or something just as tedious.
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By some happy accident, my dad left his wader boots at home today, and so he called to let me know that I could borrow them to wear as I went to work; the water on the street is now across the street and over parts of the sidewalk, specifically what we're now calling "the dippy-doo by Dunkin Donuts", where it dips down to admit a drive-thru driveway. So I put them on -- and considering that they were five sizes too big for me, it was like walking with a pair of wastebaskets on my feet. I managed to shuffle down the street to the dippy-doo, and I got about a third the way across before the water started to ship almost as high as the waders, and I still had a ways to go. To say nothing of the waves being made as people driving through crept past me. I finally gave up after three tries and clomped back home to call my boss and let her know that my street was impassible again. I kind of needed the day off anyway, since I need to brace myself for the onslaught tomorrow and Friday.

And so I'm about to start typing one of the Fanfic Roses which I'd finished. Hopefully I can get at least one typed and posted today, if not two of the shorter ones. Maybe I can get one of the [ profile] story_lottery stories done as well, and there's always the [ profile] centi_50 fics. I might just slap all of those up here this week and get the dang things out of the way.


Feb. 15th, 2010 08:46 pm
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Busy day at work: it's a school vacation week, so people are buying more stuff since the kids are home and in everyone's hair, to say nothing of the snow we're supposed to have tomorrow. I was rather surprised that people were continuing what "Penelope", one of my co-workers lovingly calls "our New England snowstorm tradition" (Really! That's what she says when people jam into the store at the first mention of snow). The last storm ended up being such a bust, I figured people weren't going to bother this time, but I guess the lessons of The Blizzard of 1978 are hard to take lightly.

I've also been taking down the last of our Christmas decorations, mostly the Nativity scenes: Ash Wednesday is in less than a day and a half and I'd better get cracking. I also need to find my "Mardi Gras shirt", this odd blouse with a gold, purple and green design on it.

And before supper my mom and I put out the lovely Valentine's Day tablecloth, napkins and heart-shaped placemats which my dad got for us: I know, it sounds like it's a day late, but I'm still scattering Fanfic Roses (will try to get another one or two typed and posted later) and there's always White Day...
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I could have managed to get by starting at nine this morning, and mind you, I'd *tried* to finagle going in at that hour: the store was dead until then and didn't really pick up till 10.30. And I swear to God, if I heard one more person whinging about the snow, I was about to turn them around and point out the fact that it Wasn't Sticking To The Ground At All (oddly enough, until about now the only place it's been sticking has been in my very sheltered yard).

But enough grumbling about people grumbling. I managed to get a couple more fanfic roses written -- only to have two more decide to tack themselves on to the list, meaning I'm up to fifteen roses. The hard part is trying to stagger them, since a goodly number come from the same fandom: at this point, I've got four "A.I." fics and three Yami no Matsuei fics, besides the assorted other fandoms, so I just have to figure out how to space them. Don't ask me why, I just feel odd about posting fics from the same fandom on consecutive days. I guess it's a form of wanting to spread out the fun. The hard part, though, is the fact that I have to be in the right frame of mind to write in certain fandoms, so sometimes they don't get written out in the order that I'd like to, so making sure I've got them staggered to my liking can be a bit of a juggling act. I'm also finding that, despite the fact that I'm writing shorter fics than I did for Christmas, I'm having a harder time getting them written, though I suppose getting asked to take on extra hours today didn't help (one reason I've been so out of sorts about it). And then there's the nine bjillion prompt comms I keep making the mistake of looking at, when I have yet to finish the [ profile] centi_50 prompts I picked up, to say nothing of typing up the [ profile] 30_kisses fics I have in the editing room.
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The roads are pretty rough, so we opted to go to the noon Mass at St. Joe's in Lowell instead of making the trek to Newton. This gave me an extra twenty minutes or so to work on typing the next 12 Days of Fanfic offering. The chances of me filling out all twelve are becoming less and less likely, since I've gotten so far behind; I'll get everyone's prompts in, but the two I had in mind to fill out the twelve may be falling by the wayside, unless I can somehow catch up in the next three days. Either that, or I'll throw in two that are already written, but need to be typed up (except that they're both -- yep -- Yami no Matsuei fics)

Correction: At Mass, my mind got itself unstuck on the Trinity Blood fic (anime continuity, since I only just got the light novels/more volumes of the manga and just started reading those) I've been poking at, so if I can spare the time, I'll get cracking on writing/typing that. I might even just directly type it up, since my brain has warmed up to it, but that could be hassle since I have to go in to work tonight since it's Inventory. I just hope I don't have to count stuff in the frozen food aisle like that first year I worked at this particular store, and nearly froze to death. Wish me luck!
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The day started with my boss calling to tell me things were quiet at the store and I didn't have to come in until eleven o'clock. No big deal, as I had to shovel the driveway anyway.

Then, as I'm leaving, the lights blink and go out. So now we have no phone and the circulator had gone out on the boiler, so we have no heat. I headed out to find that the whole street was out, including the traffic light, and since I have to cross the street to get to work, I did so with precautions: I held out both hands in the "Stop" position, and called out "I'm walking here! I'm walking here!" ala Dustin Hoffman in that famous ad-libbed bit involving the cab in "Midnight Cowboy". I got to work and it was dead quiet: I even got a pad and a pen and, in between orders, jotted one of the [ profile] fandom_stocking drabbles I'd decided to write, finished that one and started two others. As of now, I have one already posted, one written out and ready to type up and a third one in the works.

First snow!

Dec. 6th, 2009 01:09 am
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The first real snow of the winter (and I'm the sort who believes that winter starts on December 1st, if not the first snow of the season, though this would mean that winter started back in October): we've got maybe an inch or two out there and it is so pretty to look at. Best of all, it's snowing overnight, meaning we'll have that magical white light tomorrow morning when the sun rises. I always love it when it snows overnight, and you go to bed with the earth cold and muddy and bare, but you wake up to find it covered in white and silvery-blue in the shadows...
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Or it's supposed to, at least... It's supposed to start as rain and end as snow tomorrow. First real snow of the season (unless you count the freak snow storm that turned up in October).

In the meantime, I have most of chapter two of the infamous Yami no Matsuei/Twhinelite crossover banged out, I just need to patch a couple of scenes, particularly one long scene where Muraki starts messing with Edward's head. I had a whole lot of fun with that, particularly when Edward tries listening in on the smirking bastard's thoughts, with no results (I get the feeling that Muraki is be well-versed in blocking out interference from other supernatural beings) and with Eddie-kins getting mortified when he tries listening in on Oriya's thoughts, or at least until Oriya starts thinking in a Kansai dialect, and Eddie-kins only understands standard Japanese.
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Don't look now, but the nor'easter that blew through our area has left a dusting of snow on the ground and it's still coming down! Our plastic jack o'lanterns and ghosts have little lace caps on their heads.

Just been giving Flurry the budgie a "sit on fingers" lesson, though he decided he was going to go for a fly and explore the tops of our kitchen cabinets. My dad and I managed to catch the little widget and get him back to his cage, or at least the roof of it. Flurry then decided to explore the outside of his cage: he was very puzzled and curious as to why he could see his dishes and toys, but he couldn't quite get to them. He climbed around the outside, till he found his door and hopped inside, whereupon he started chittering triumphantly as if to say, "Hooray! I figured out how to get to my stuff!"
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Finally! The heat has broken and it feels like autumn really is just around the corner. I was actually able to get out and run some errands today, including taking care of bank stuff and getting cockatiel seed for Oz (who still does not like Flurry the budgie). And ye book buying including:

--"Vampire Academy: Blood Promise" by my friend Richelle from the Jim Butcher Forum. I was surprised and delighted to see it was in hardcover: that's generally a good sign when a series goes to hardcover, as it means the publisher is taking it more seriously.

--"Watchmen and Philosophy" from the same pop culture and philosophy series which brought us "The Matrix and Philosophy". I'm surprised the book wasn't twice as thick as it is, since there's a banquet of food for thought in this one graphic novel, but I'm enjoying the essays in it.

Also got in the mail, by way of Amazon, "A Halloween Reader" featuring several dozen short stories, folktales, poems and quirky news items centering around the Spookiest Time of the Year. I've only poked at it: I won't be reading it until October actually starts, though with weather like today's it's hard not to.

Also picked up a few used DVDs at Blockbuster, including "Coraline" and "The Spirit", which I still think is nowhere as cruddy as some critics made it out to be: I even crossed the movie-verse version of The Spirit with my own original character Francis "Frank" J.X. Sweitz, aka the Heroic Reporter to create Spirit of the Press, on the Pinnacle server of City of Heroes.


Dec. 17th, 2008 04:39 pm
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The first significant snowstorm of this year came to us last night. We got a dusting one Sunday morning a couple weeks back, but nothing to really write about. Something I noticed last year: we never had that magical winter morning, when you go to bed and the world outside your window is cold and brown and dull... And when you wake up, that cool, soft silvery light is peeking around the shade, and when you lift it, a blanket of white snow has descended in the night...

:: Realizes she needs a nice snow icon, goes looking for one::
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As in our house current. The lights went out quite suddenly earlier this evening, thanks to everybody in the area trying to run their dishwasher and their air conditioner at the same time, so I'm not sure how this evening's going to go. Tonight's the official last night of my MxO subscription, so I plan to jack in for a bit to say "See you around" to everyone still on there. Suddenly, that's a very hard thing to do....

Bought the last two bottles of 5-HTP and my dad has suggested we try making the rounds of the drugstores in the area and buy up what's left, if there's any left elsewhere. Right now, I've got enough to last me four months (the two I got today are 45-count bottles, and the one I got yesterday is a 30-count one), but I had the thought to just take the stuff as I need it, or take it every other day and make it last longer that way.
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Warm weather has descended on us: I had to take the flannel sheets off the bed the other night; I'll miss them till next fall (I love the feel of flannel). Now I'm trying to dig out my electric fans, but my dad seems to have buried them under the Christmas stuff.

And in other news, it looks like the Major is striking back after the store manager told him to lighten up: he left a note attached to the schedule stating 1.) we have to have our day off requests in by *Tuesday* of the previous week, when it used to be Thursday; and 2.) you can no longer call in for your hours. Now, I can bear with the first, but the second... what the yell do you do if you're out of town and you don't get in till late Sunday night for some reason?! And people accuse *me* of not living in the real world...

Well, I'm consoling myself with these four funny "Hellsing" humor-fics:
A Day in the Lives of Walter and Integra

A Day in the Lives (?) of Seras and Alucard
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But there was still a small pile of snow left over in the back corner of the parking lot at the Wal-Mart here in town. Very strange. Wonder how long it'll take to melt.

Nipped in to Burlington to sell some old DVDs and CDs at the record store there; turned out it was more lucrative to get a credit than to get cash, so I have a coupon from them which I'll see if I can put toward getting the boxed set of the TV version of the Dresden Files, when it comes out (or the "Hellsing" OVA, if they ever get it in...). Also tried to work on "The Death-God's Daughter..." but I'm feeling a bit uninspired at the moment. Dratted monthly, draining my creativity out.

Well, there's worse things than that. There's things like this clip of my crazy friend "Vanil", on the MxO, singing. At least, I think he's singing: You Have Been Warned... I think this guy had better stick to RPing deliciously malevolent vampires, and not try auditioning on "American Idol"....
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Got to confession and Mass at St. Joe's today, and I needed both, badly. This despite the wet, splonky mix of sleet/snow/rain/freezing rain falling in fits and starts today. It's supposed to clear out by tomorrow. I don't mind seeing snow in April: I'm used to it (I was a baby during the Blizzard of 1978, I thought freak snowstorms late in the season were normal). It's the whinging from other people that I can't take, and God knows I've heard plenty of that. I just hide behind my copy of "Dead Beat" (Book 7 of the Dresden Files) and ignore the whingers. I'll admit, I'm having a leetle trouble getting into this one, unlike the others, for some odd reason (probably merely the fact that I haven't been sleeping well, due to how tired I've been from work. I didn't think there was such a thing as being too tired to sleep, but this is one of those cases.).

And my last chance at Easter shopping wasn't too fruitful, however, the trip to Burlington was worth it since:

1.) I actually laid a hand on a copy of "White Night" and --

2.) More importantly, while I was waiting for the bus back to Lowell, I bumped into an old friend I knew from Middlesex Community College, namely, Matt "the Magician", a computer programmer in training with an encyclopedic knowlege of every computer game out there and an incredible knack for slight-of-hand tricks. He's this tall, thin, gangly fellow with a shock of dark hair and an almost skull-thin face, and I'll admit, he's been my mental image of what book-verse!Harry Dresden looks like. He's even got the likable, snarky personality. I even was really fond of this guy, but he's now happily married and he and his wife now had a six-month old daughter that he dotes on: baby pictures in his wallet and all. I'm happy for him, but I'll admit, there's a little pain in my heart for what might have been. I'm just not letting it hold me down.

Got a haircut yesterday, and I was in dire need of one, since I was starting to have a bit of a shock mane ala Alucard in the "Hellsing" manga, which I've started reading. :: Curses her crazy friends in the MxO for getting her into more fandoms than she needs::

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