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A week when everything that could go wrong went wrong. Getting chewed out by a bossy co-worker when I couldn't hop fast enough for her. Bought a new alarm clock to replace the one on which the alarm will not work and then not five minutes after I got it working, it gets knocked off the shelf and breaks. Missing the same bus *twice*, then getting chewed out by a bus driver (do those people have some clause in their union contract where they agree to be as nasty and bigoted against people as they can possibly be or something?!). Customers being generally whiny babies due to the hot weather. Having to pay a library fine from *January* that I hadn't been told about and said fine came to five dollars due to them raising the cost of the fine and not telling me about that, either. And some fannish things I'm not going to get into in order to avoid wank.

The Rei/Lilith icon is used with good reason. I'm rather hoping the loon in Florida is right and the world really is going to end in October
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About a half hour ago, I was typing away happily, tagging RP tags, rewatching the first season of Supernatural, and musing about what fics I was going to work on, when out of the blue, I cannot get a single letter to appear on the screen. I figured it was a momentary hang-up, but even after waiting a few moments, I could not get any letters to appear on the screen. I tried restarting it, but It Got Worse. I can't even type in the password field to log into my laptop. :: Sighs:: I haven't had the best of times for the past few days, either, between working crazy hours due to storms, and having to walk on the street due to unplowed sidewalks, and getting pushed out of my slot at work by an out of control guy with OCD who insists on trying to ring up his own groceries and/or bag them himself. Now this. I know everyone has their runs of bad luck, but does it have to all come at once? ::Grinds molars::
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Okay, so I'm not doing such a good job keeping my resolution to post *something* every day. Not even doing that great writing a fic or part of one each day, either, but it's not for lack of trying. Being short on inspiration will do that to you.

So! Inventory at work went well, though not as a good as some years, thanks to some stoopid kid using my neurological condition as a pejorative (Needless to say, I ripped him a new one for that, but still. Nice to know that "Asperger" is the new "retard", dammit >.<)

I was supposed to work on Wednesday, but that never happened, due to it being way too snowy and blowy. The weather reports were predicting white out conditions, and when I got up in the morning, I found that was precisely the case: I could not see the trees twenty feet from my window. I called in to see if they really needed me, and warning them that I might be late, but they told me to take the day off since the store was dead. They ended up closing early as well, which my folks discovered later when they tried to go shopping. I spent much of that day shoveling snow or staying inside, tagging RP posts and watching a marathon of the second season of Torchwood.

I've been watching quite a bit of stuff lately: I've been keeping on top of the new episodes of Castle as they come out, and last night, I watched the new NBC show "The Cape" -- it's a bit uneven, but still cool to watch.

More to come about recent book-buying...
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Lots of unexpected things happened today: woke up this morning to find the water shut off and a backhoe outside my window, because the water main had broken in the middle of the night. Got to work and was Fine for awhile, but That Time of The Month has been imminent and I started feeling exhausted and depressed. At least they let me out early. Stopped at Dunkin Donuts and got myself a nice cup of their new hot apple cider, which perked me up a little. So I headed home -- carefully treading around the workmen digging up our sidewalk -- and took arrest for the better part of the day.

Also got a package today with the first of the three-volume manga version of Gankutsuou, which is a little different from the anime version. It seems to be told from the POV of the Count of Monte Cristo rather than Albert's.
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Hooo, where did that week go?

The past seven days have been peculiar: rainy days when I was curled up under the covers with a book, reading and snuggling with the twelve-inch Eeyore plushie which I adopted (while I was shoe-shopping with my mother at Kohl's). Work days when I just felt too tired to post, plus I doubt you really want to hear about the eedjit customers bitching about the rain, even though We NEEDED Rain BADLY. And days when I've been by tagging RP tags and watching marathons of anime.

Finished watching Revolutionary Girl Utena, and I think Ohtori Academy has Gormenghast beat for sheer weirdness per square foot. (Also trying not to crush on Akio; what is it with me and White Haired Pretty Boys??)

Finished watching Black Lagoon and enjoyed it way more than I expected I would. It was one of those cases of watching a series to familiarize myself with one RP character's canon and coming away from it as a bit of a fan. I may even pick up Rock as a character someday, though I know our Eda will be all over him (I love that, though, and hey, she's got every reason to hit on him: he's a good guy and a good catch).

Rewatching Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo, after watching it through once, and I have to say, this is one of my favorite adaptations, right next to the version with Jim Caviezel. The plot pretty much follows the plot of the original (aside from it being told largely from Albert's POV), but the conceits have been science fictionalized and given an often classic anime upgrade as well: the Chateau D'If becomes a futuristic prison IN SPACE, the Carnival in Rome becomes Carnival in a city on the Moon, Haydee becomes an exotic alien princess from a planet in "Eastern Space", and classic anime fans are gonna love the riff on the duel at the turning point of the narrative. And I utterly love the riff on Edmond Dantes (which put me in mind of an explanation I made on a creepy character whom I brought the Mansion); sure it puts it in the realm of fantasy, but hey, there's references to Dantes being somewhat vampire-like in the book, so it seems the writers and the director (who also did "The Animatrix: Second Renaissance", as I suspected, since it has the same 3D CGI background/cel-shaded characters scheme, though I suspect the wacky patterns in the costumes were rotoscoped in) decided to run with the idea. I've got the DVDs on order from Amazon (used), which is sheer proof of how much I love this anime.

Friday, after accidentally getting on the wrong bus, I ended up going downtown and hung out at Brew'd Awakenings, a small coffeehouse I've been meaning to hang out in to get some writing done, though they also have Wifi, which may not be a good thing, since I'm likely to tag instead of write. I did manage to get a couple more Gormenghast fics written there, including a character sketch of Mr. Flay and the Wild Thing, and a Fuschia/Prunesquallor ficlet that I'm still revising, since I'm not sure how well it turned out as I kept giggling and feeling awkward about it.
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But then again, I didn't think you wanted to hear me grumbling about whiny people whining at work about prices or how it's supposed to be warm this weekend, or how one family member has been outdoing themselves whining. Yes, I know that's complaining about complaining, thus I'm avoiding any further discussion on that subject.

Busy at work lately: the store in Andover has closed for renovations, so the customers from there have been coming to my store. Good for me in that I'm getting more hours, but bad in that it's been busier (also due to the holiday this weekend).

Finished reading "Boy in Darkness": I can see why some people would interpret it as an allegory against organized religion, or fascism, but I think it's also another case of Completely Missing the Point, since Peake (like Tolkien) was more about telling a good story than about applying any Deep Meaning to it. The style is a bit different from that of the main series, but that's likely to be expected.

Also, the TV Tropes page on Gormenghast makes me want to rage. Yes, I agree, there's a certain element of Draco in Leather Pants in the fandom (or directed towards one anti-villain in particular...), and yes, a certain casting choice in the mini-series is responsible for this, however before you bitch about Steerpike's Freudian Excuses, please re-read a certain relevant passage in the books, which I've pointed out in an earlier posting. Also... have we read the same books? The series is about as gloomy as an Edward Gorey drawing (why so serious, fandom?). And yes, there was Creator Breakdown, however, it wasn't just Parkinson's Disease that caused it, but also a form of encephalitis that had, it seemed, lain dormant in Mervyn Peake's system for years (probably contracted when he was growing up in China), hence why he seemed to lose control of the writing on the third book. And no, "Boy in Darkness" is not set between the first two books, since Titus is described as being about age twelve or fourteen in it, while he's age six or seven at the start of the second book (either that, or he's one glib seven year old, considering how he fast-talks the Goat and the Hyena, and how obsequious he is to the Lamb).

Though I did learn something interesting from the TV Tropes page: it seems that Peake had planned a volume dealing with an interregnum at Gormenghast, in which Dr. Prunesquallor becomes the Countess's right-hand man, which only raises Prune even more in my esteem.
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Have been trying to log onto the pirate signal all afternoon and evening, but it didn't manage to go through until just now at the stroke of ten PM. Odd since this is my usual hour to hop on to tag RP entries, etc.

Two long, tiring days at work, back to back (I specifically asked to work the holiday yesterday, as it's time and a half and I need the cash). Still have not called Verizon as I have just been too darn busy between work, etc. The three of us went to the cemetery last night to put flowers on my grandfather's grave. Dad even went to the trouble of adding a curved stone above the headstone to keep the soil from washing down and filling in the lettering on it (as it's apt to do).

Finished reading the first third of the Gormenghast trio and am quite a bit of a way through book two (whilst waiting for the pirate signal to become clear), surprised at how much I'd forgotten, but then again, it was ten years ago that I first read the bricks, and that wasn't the best time in my life, either so those two years are a bit of a haze anyway (broken engagement, working, etc.). In case anyone's wondering how I first found out about it, it was from seeing the previews for the miniseries on the local PBS station, and then spotting the omnibus edition at the Pollard Library in Lowell a week or two later.

And yes, I was a bit of a Steerpike fangirl from the start.

The night I got the laptop, I'd also hit up the Salem Barnes & Noble, where I'd picked up the first of Richard Kadrey's "Sandman Slim" series, aka "Stark's canon" to the [ profile] carpe_ho_ras crew. You know you're part of it when you think of something as "so and so's canon".
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My Twitter tweets have been spotty, this is how far into hermit-mode I've been: plus, I've been up to the eyes with work, Easter, and shenanigans at Carpe Horas -- the last has been keeping me sane when the first started to eat me alive.

--Easter: Had a fairly quiet Easter Sunday; we had a late supper at Cracker Barrel, and my dad and I spent much of the day cleaning up the yard after winter and all the windstorms we had (lots of downed branches and twigs in the grass). Gave my mom a Hello Kitty Easter plushie in her Easter basket.

--Work: crazy hours last week due to the holiday, also being asked to come in earlier and earlier on one day in particular. I understand it's busy and they need me, and I did miss a day due to that flood, but I ended up feeling a bit put-upon, especially after I waded through six inches of receding flood water on my sidewalk to get in to work one of those days. Forgive me for feeling a bit entitled: I just felt like I'd stuck my neck out for them and my efforts weren't being recognized.

--Also, a word of advice to No more ads with viruses, I mean it. I couldn't hit the Ad Block fast enough to keep from getting hit. I did not need a virus scare at one in the morning, which kept me up till three trying to calm down. I am not going to archive my fics on your site any more, as I'm scared to death of your buggy site now.

Unfortunately, this means I can't read fics on there any more, and some of my favorite fics are on there. :: Sighs:: Someone needs to come up with some kind of plug-in to make ff.n safe to surf, or to collect fics from there and disinfect them. There was a new YnM fic that I'd just started reading and enjoying.

But there's been some good things, too:

--Mom's parakeet: The past week or so, Flurry the budgie has suddenly started to get very friendly: he's coming up to the side of the cage to say hello to us, even getting close enough to give "bird kisses" (ie. teeny nibbles on our noses, if we get close enough to the bars of the cage). He's also getting much better about sitting on and staying on fingers -- and not biting them, either.

--[ profile] carpe_ho_ras shenanigans: Crack plots a plenty, both the spooky and the silly! Practical jokes have been played on people by two twin elf boys, to the delight and annoyance of many. The moon turned blood red over the Mansion, leaving people scrabbling for an explanation. And I've introduced a character from one of my earliest serious fandoms, namely, Parsifal from the opera by Wagner; the guileless knight has been a hit at the Mansion and there is much plottage being planned.
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By some happy accident, my dad left his wader boots at home today, and so he called to let me know that I could borrow them to wear as I went to work; the water on the street is now across the street and over parts of the sidewalk, specifically what we're now calling "the dippy-doo by Dunkin Donuts", where it dips down to admit a drive-thru driveway. So I put them on -- and considering that they were five sizes too big for me, it was like walking with a pair of wastebaskets on my feet. I managed to shuffle down the street to the dippy-doo, and I got about a third the way across before the water started to ship almost as high as the waders, and I still had a ways to go. To say nothing of the waves being made as people driving through crept past me. I finally gave up after three tries and clomped back home to call my boss and let her know that my street was impassible again. I kind of needed the day off anyway, since I need to brace myself for the onslaught tomorrow and Friday.

And so I'm about to start typing one of the Fanfic Roses which I'd finished. Hopefully I can get at least one typed and posted today, if not two of the shorter ones. Maybe I can get one of the [ profile] story_lottery stories done as well, and there's always the [ profile] centi_50 fics. I might just slap all of those up here this week and get the dang things out of the way.
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I used to think that the tendency towards bubble-wrapping ones children against criticism or correction was something that happened elsewhere, but not in my area. I'm used to people screaming at their hyperactive munchkins when said munchkins are flailing in my lane because the parent didn't get them a box of Sugar Blasted Choco-Rox. Today, I saw with my own eyes the root cause of the speshul snowflake behavior which I've seen among teen authors of Mary Sue fics.

This obstreperous little six year old boy was coming through my lane: I knew the kid was going to be a pill from the moment he showed up, because he lobbed a can down the register, right toward me and he kept trying to scan things as the cashier is still finishing up scanning the previous order. Then, when the order was actually being scanned, and the mother pushes the carriage down to me to put the bags in, the kid would not stop climbing on the carriage, and then he almost rams me with it, complete with this baby-eating grin on his face. Finally, I told him to please stop playing with the carriage, and I looked him right in the eye as I did so, giving him the "I mean business" look, which wiped the evil widdle smirk off his face. Cue the little urchin running to his momma with the waterworks going. Cue the mother telling him it's all right, "that lady's just mean." And then she goes crying to my boss about that mean bagger who yelled at her kid (when I didn't even raise my voice: if anything, it dropped to a chilly, softspoken deadpan ala Thomas Gibson as Aaron Hotchner in Criminal Minds). Ugh.

No. "That Lady" is just trying to do her damn job, which would be easier if you would actually *DISCIPLINE* your little monster. I'm sorry, but telling your child that everyone who corrects them is "mean" when the child is clearly out of line is not doing them a favor. He's ramming carriages into grocery workers now, what's he going to do ten years from now when he's driving and he gets charged with vehicular manslaughter? Are you going to tell him that the judicial system is just "mean"?!

And I'd been minding my own business imagining the possibility of an anime cosplay-style staging of Gilbert & Sullivan's "The Mikado". Think twenty-something guys costumed like bishounen singing that opening chorus number and girls in schoolgirl uniforms singing "Three Little Maids from School". It would be a hoot! (Though it's likely been done already...)
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None of this is liable to make much sense since I had a cruddy day, up to and including almost having a meltdown because a young man with Tourette's Syndrome was in the lane next to mine and I was overstimulated already. It wasn't his fault: it was the fault of the bad wiring in my head.

Had "one of those days" at work: despite the fact that everyone was going on about how nice it was outside (and it was very nice today: I didn't have to wear my scarf or my thermals for the first time in weeks), they all came crowding into the store. Buh? Shouldn't they be out enjoying the sunshine? (Unless they did that over the weekend and now they need to play catch-up on buying groceries)

Cut for fandom ranting, with possible triggers )
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I suspect everyone was in the store today, getting their shopping done, so they could enjoy the spring-like weather that we're supposed to have tomorrow. Everyone's all ready for spring, and here I am feeling like the first day of winter was just yesterday. The problem with spring is, that means summer is coming, and that means mosquitoes, hot, humid weather, more mosquitoes, bright sunlight that blinds me, even more mosquitoes, kids getting rowdy in parking lots across the brook, and did I mention mosquitoes??

So I'm enjoying what's left of winter by curling up beside the fire while reading Roadkill, which is shaping up to be all kinds of awesome. Except that one bit in Chapter 2 which broke the brains of two of my headspace dwellers, including one guy who's a freak: you know something has to be freakin' freaky if it freaks out a freak. Also, four words: Road Trip From Hell. It's gonna be a fun, bumpy ride. If I could just stop imagining Richard Speight, jr. aka the Trickster from Supernatural as the Puck.
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I could have managed to get by starting at nine this morning, and mind you, I'd *tried* to finagle going in at that hour: the store was dead until then and didn't really pick up till 10.30. And I swear to God, if I heard one more person whinging about the snow, I was about to turn them around and point out the fact that it Wasn't Sticking To The Ground At All (oddly enough, until about now the only place it's been sticking has been in my very sheltered yard).

But enough grumbling about people grumbling. I managed to get a couple more fanfic roses written -- only to have two more decide to tack themselves on to the list, meaning I'm up to fifteen roses. The hard part is trying to stagger them, since a goodly number come from the same fandom: at this point, I've got four "A.I." fics and three Yami no Matsuei fics, besides the assorted other fandoms, so I just have to figure out how to space them. Don't ask me why, I just feel odd about posting fics from the same fandom on consecutive days. I guess it's a form of wanting to spread out the fun. The hard part, though, is the fact that I have to be in the right frame of mind to write in certain fandoms, so sometimes they don't get written out in the order that I'd like to, so making sure I've got them staggered to my liking can be a bit of a juggling act. I'm also finding that, despite the fact that I'm writing shorter fics than I did for Christmas, I'm having a harder time getting them written, though I suppose getting asked to take on extra hours today didn't help (one reason I've been so out of sorts about it). And then there's the nine bjillion prompt comms I keep making the mistake of looking at, when I have yet to finish the [ profile] centi_50 prompts I picked up, to say nothing of typing up the [ profile] 30_kisses fics I have in the editing room.
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Step One: Find copy of "A Game of Thrones" and hold it open to a chapter set near the Wall.

Step Two: Grab whiners by their collar, possibly with tweezers.

Step Three: Drop whiners into the book.

Step Four: Slam book shut.

I'm also amusing myself with cross-fandom shenanigans, trying to decide what creepy bastard I'd like to serve Prince Joffrey up to. Gotta love the part where he gets 0wn3d by a thirteen year old *GIRL* armed with a broom-handle (and then he wails the ever popular "I'll tell mother!". What a big fricken baby.). I'd love to see him go up against, say, Kenpachi from Bleach, though the Big Guy wouldn't find the fight any fun at all, since all he'd have to do is *look* at Joffrey funny to send the crown prince crying for his mommy.

Yeah, rough day at work, and I've agreed to a short and very early shift tomorrow since we're expecting a snowstorm.
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You've heard of the Straw That Broke the Camel's Back, work today was an instance of the Case of Soda That Broke the Aspie Girl's Back. Or caused her to lose her balance and fall on her toushe, then nearly have a panic attack on the floor. Somehow in the process, I wrenched my left shoulder and now it's killing me. :: Growls::

Positive energy, hugs, Internet cookies, fanfic recommendations, cool fanart (with or without sexy death gods) anything you can throw at me would be greatly appreciated about now.

Also, this is the third day in a row I have been unable to get any substantial amount of writing done, and it's making me a sad panda. I have a [ profile] help_haiti fic to write (two, if you count the winning bid on the main auction), and my brain doesn't feel up to it, even if my heart is.


Jan. 11th, 2010 09:08 pm
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Caution: contains heavy snarling...

Note to my esteemed customers:

No system is perfect. Correction: Nothing in life is perfect. This includes the debit card system. If there is heavy traffic on it, such as today, it causes a bottleneck and slows it down, sometimes it even crashes. Announcing it to the whole store that the debit system is down would cause people to either leave and cost us business that we need in order to sell our products and pay our hard-working employees, or they'd get even more snarly-yarly and possibly start having two year old temper-tantrums. Neither is a fun situation. Please to stop being the definition of Unpleasable Fanbase.

Thank you.

Between that and taking down the Christmas tree (never a fun thing to do, and it's really bugging me today for some reason, which hasn't happened to me since I was twelve), plus I think I'm fighting a scratchy throat from one of the delightful little children who sneezed on me, I'm not having the best of days, and I was doing so good for a while there....
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Or "Is Civilization as We Know It Going to Collapse Because Someone had More Than 12 Items in the Express Lane?!"

About halfway through my shift, two people approached my boss, arguing over the fact that one of them had had more than 12 items in the express lane. I couldn't hear my boss's side of the exchange, since the two combatants were getting loud (loud enough that almost the entire checkout was staring at them with the sort of look generally reserved for screaming/flailing/tantruming two year olds), but I believe they were asked to stop arguing and leave. Either way, it was all I could do to keep from turning around and telling them "Stop it. Right Now. You sound like a couple of kids bickering. How important is it?" But it wasn't my place to intervene; still, I felt bad for my boss having to try and reason with the unreasonable, irrational wonks with the gimmes. And it wasn't like either of them even had more than two or three bags of stuff altogether, between the two of them, so I suspect this was a case of perfectionistic wankery. If it was someone trying to horn through with a full shopping cart, I could understand a certain amount of displeasure, but even then the amount they were displaying -- between the finger pointing and the name-calling -- was disproportionate to the problem.

I feel like biting something right now. Off to find some cranberry juice...
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And a rather spotty one at that: it was a bit stop and go. I suspect people think the store isn't open on New Year's Day, when really it's only banks, the post office and "packies", ie. liquour stores, that aren't open New Year's. Thus it was rather quiet: I'm doing well so far with smuggling in pads of paper to jot on as we're waiting for someone to come through the check out (have yet to twig the boss as to what I'm doing during the lulls between orders, but I'm generally discreet with the pad and the pen, and I keep an ear open for the next customer); I got a running start on another "A.I." fic and I poked a little at another Yami no Matsuei fic, both for the 12 Days of Fanfic challenge, but I'm probably going to fall behind in posting stuff, as I have a busy weekend. We're still undecided about going to the Wedding of the Decade tomorrow, since we're smack in the path of the blizzard. And then on Sunday night, I'm on for Inventory at work. Not sure when I'm going to get in the time to type fanfics (unless we do wind up taking a raincheck, or in this case a snowcheck tomorrow). I'm considering axing a few of the non-request fics for the fic challenge, which makes me a bit of a sad panda. Can't do everything, and I should have started writing these things a lot sooner than I did if I was going to get a good head start on this. Better luck next year, but it looks like I'll get ten out of twelve posted anyway this year; not bad for the first time (better than the odds when I did my first NaNoWriMo, when I had to bail halfway through because of illness, work and my mother getting sick the day before Thanksgiving).
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And also planning my week: Mark and Kristin's wedding is on Saturday (who knows if we'll make it, since there's supposed to be a blizzard), so I'm shopping for a wedding present for them as well as a new blouse for myself to wear to said wedding. Though I have a funny feeling we may get snowed out (snowed in?), but... at some point I'll need a nice blouse, so it won't be a total loss, plus I'll likely see them during the New Year, at which time I'll give them said wedding present.

Also have to bear in mind that I have work on New Year's Day, which means figuring out an early Mass to go to. :: Mutters:: I should never have told my supervisor that I took the Pledge when I was in my twenties.

One of the fics I'm poking at for the 12 Days of Fanfic is a Dresden Files fic; one of these days, I am going to write something involving the snarky wizard for hire which doesn't revolve around the holidays, though this year the fic also features his brother Thomas the energy vampire, as well as some ...interesting revelations about who else is on the family tree. :: Adjusts eyeglasses, smirks evilly::

I'm trying to get a fic or two ahead, since I'm mostly drafting the fics longhand during the day and typing them up later in the evening. One or two are actually already plotted out in my head, they just need to be typed up, but I'm trying to stagger the fandoms: I've got three "A.I." fics, two set in different permutations of the Matrix universe, two Neon Genesis Evangelion fics (specifically set in my Neon Enoch Evangelion 'verse), two (possibly three) Yami no Matsuei fics, and one each of the Dresden Files and Trinity Blood. Last thing I want to do is have two fics from two fandoms on consecutive days (not sure why, other than spreading out the fun). Though I may post the possible third YnM fic on the same day as another that I am definitely posting, since one fic is slashy while the possible fic is a het fic for those who don't exactly do slash (and that was me a few years ago, though I was open towards slash by writers I trusted; one of these days I'll post a Teal Deer about how I came to be more accepting of slash pairings).
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I can has eighteen hours, with Monday off -- after my boss asked me if I could work Monday. This gives me a reprieve on getting my NaNo done over the weekend, but... I'm within inches of finishing: I'm likely to get it done tonight. Well, the word count will be done, the book is faaaar from being finished, though I have the general plot outlined in a certain amount of detail. Monday I think will be a day to rest and read and not think of any writing except maybe the fanfic plot bunnies that have been gnawing at my feet all month.

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