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Which is pretty much how it's been this week, when I wasn't busy with errands or burning the midnight oil getting the last pages typed of the infamous [ profile] vampirebigbang fic. The corrections/additions for that ended up amounting to twenty extra pages that I had to type. At least it came out in one piece, so I didn't have to go mad trying to figure out where it fit in. I might polish it a bit more and there's a cut scene I might add later, when-if I post it to AO3. The fic master post doesn't go up till sometime in the beginning of October: I'll post something either here or on [ profile] mtxref_fic when it goes live.

Also, my allergies have been bothering me off and on, so I've had trouble sleeping. This has made my nights a bit weird: I've been up late reading or trying to jot short fic for either [ profile] comment_fic or "fic_promptly" on Dreamwidth. I need to get better about typing up things, since they're rather piling up: I've officially retired one of the bound, physical journals I use to draft things. A lot of the time, I draft things longhand: it gives the creative process a bit more of an organic feel to it. Sometimes, I can create a fic on the fly and type it up in one sitting, but not always. Plus, I like to write in odd places, ie. having lunch in a coffee shop or on the bus or during lulls at work.

Been watching a few TV shows marathon style: I mainlined "Castle" all the week before last, preparing for the season premiere. Then this past week, I was watching "White Collar", which is fabulous: it's like seeing a series based on "Catch Me If You Can". Now watching "Doctor Who Confidential", which is a whole lot of fun.


Jun. 22nd, 2011 06:33 pm
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I have not been as sick, in a long time, as I have been the past few days. At first I thought I was coming down with a cold on Sunday, and I started treating it as such by blasting it with Airborne. But to little effect: Monday, I was feverish, ending in a mild delirium with a bit of a religious experience: I had been praying, putting my pain into God's hands and I swear I could *see* the pain rising out of my body, coalescing into a ball of violet energy about three feet above my body and then a pair of hands taking it and cupping it, gathering the pain and drawing it away, but without least until I fell asleep.

Tuesday, I felt more like myself, sort of. I was (and still am) dealing with chest congestion and a cough, but I felt less feverish. I decided to take a bath so I'd feel less sticky -- and then my stomach randomly decided to go into reverse. At least I managed to dive over the faucet of our old clawfoot bathtub to get to the toilet before I lost it. After that, I avoided solids for most of the day, which wasn't a problem as I didn't feel that hungry anyway.

Today, I'm less feverish, but I called in sick to work anyway. Might take tomorrow off as a precaution (plus I have an appointment with my therapist). All in all, I think it's the flu, and also Someone's way of telling me to get a flu shot regularly, since I work with the public (I wonder if Medicaid covers gamma globulin shots, since that's supposed to cover a host of illnesses).

The upside: I've been getting a lot of extra rest and I've been watching off and on marathons of Stargate SG-1. Haven't had much brain to RP tag or write, but yesterday and today, when I felt up to it, I've been typing the [ profile] vampirebigbangfic I've been longhand writing.
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Not often that I promote a comm unless it's a comm for a cause, but this one looks lonely and in need of people.



Just signed up for a lovely new comm for those who have always wanted to gush or meta about a character they love: I'm slowly writing an essay about a certain pale energy vampire ("Hm... I wonder who that could be...") which I hope to finish in a month or so.
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And on top of the writer's block, I have a fic challenge due on the 20th: I'm supposed to write twenty "Inception" drabbles by then (the challenge is even called [ profile] drabbles20in20. I've gotten three done, and the well has dried up. I'm so bad off right now, even RP tagging is hard. I'm trying to do the usual things I do when I have writer's block (ie. take it easy, read things, watch stuff, try not to think about the writer's block, come back to it when the creative juices start flowing again. The problem is, my creativity feels mummified right now.

Add to the fact that I have a Deadline Looming, and this is bugging me. As the days tick by, I keep thinking how many drabbles I have to write each day in order to catch up, which is messing me up even more. I don't even feel comfortable talking about it, as I don't want to sound like the stereotypical whiny, emo artist.

Drabbles are incredibly hard to write. They're the haiku of fic. And trying to get a word picture into this postage-stamp sized space can be a real head-cruncher. Given how my brain has been feeling like something sucked the fluid out of my grey cells (Muraki, you didn't get hungry and start gnawing on my brain? Says His Paleness: "Remember that I am an energy feeder, not a zombie.") this is making the situation seem even worse.
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Lo and behold, a post that is not a signal boost or fanfic, though there will be discussions thereof.

Have been busy with errands or RP tagging or reading. I've ordered a number of books (used) from Amazon, including several of Terri Windling and Ellen Datlow's modern faery tale anthologies, Sarah Monette's "Doctrine of Labyrinth" novels (aka Felix and Mildmay's canon, to the [ profile] carpe_ho_ras folk), and two very different biographies of Mervyn Peake (that's him in the icon, if you wondered who the gent up a tree was) and an anthology of several bits and bobs of poetry and short stories by him, entitled "Peake's Progress". This year being the centennial of his birth, I felt it was in good form to bone up on this fellow whose writings and art I admire.

I'm finding that Peake was every bit as eccentric and gleefully odd as some of the characters he created and it's been a delight discovering the man behind the Bricks, as [ profile] tomboy_typist and I affectionately call his magnum opus (which is getting a canon update in June, since the long-lost "Titus Awake" is going to be released then: I have that on order as an early birthday present for meself). He's also someone I'm coming to admire with little disappointment. A lot is made of his tragic illness, but that mostly seems to be played up since he seems to have had very few of the unpleasant skeletons in the closet which some writers seem to have had. This can get irritating, since it seems a lot of critics let that overshadow the rest of his life, but I'm refreshed to find that his death was balanced by a life full of wonder and eccentric happenings (including nearly getting bitten by a camel when he was eleven, which incited him ever afterward, to make jokes about camels to lighten a mood) and an incredible level of productivity. This guy, it seemed, lived with pencil and paper in hand, sketching and doodling and drawing as much as he could. In many ways, he reminds me of myself...

Work today: I was anticipating having jury duty, as I'd gotten my summons back in January, but after calling in to find out if I was needed, I found that I wasn't. They were looking for Badge Numbers 1 through 91, and since I was Number 153 or 159, I didn't have to go in.

I've been poking at the Hurt/Comfort fics that I owe people, but I have to admit that while the fount hasn't dried up, I just haven't had the energy to post them. Add to this, I've got the deadline for [ profile] love_bingo and I took up the [ profile] help_japan auction as well. The fics will be written, it's just taking some time for it to happen. That and I got stuck coming up with ideas for my last two squares for [ profile] love_bingo: for the life of me, I'm staring at two prompts, trying to match them to fandoms and characters, and those prompts would be:

"When I fall in love" and

"heavenly love".

Any thoughts? I'm open to any ideas now.

To say nothing of being worried for a penfriend of my mother's, in Japan, who lives in the Sendai region. We've been trying to locate her via the people finder that Google has set up, but she's come up as "unspecified", which could mean anything. This wouldn't be the first time that she's lost a penfriend in a natural disaster. She lost contact with a penfriend whose husband was a medical missionary working in Sri Lanka, during the tsunami there a few years back.
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[Error: unknown template qotd]

I'd actually be slightly pleased that someone thought my work was good enough to steal: notice when you hear about art heists, ie. the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum heist about twenty years ago, the thieves take the masterpieces. When's the last time you heard about someone stealing a Thomas Kinkade painting :: Laughs::?? (Not to slam Thomas Kinkade: his paintings are pretty, but to my eyes, they look more decorative than artistic)

But... and there's always a but. If it was something that I had been paid for, I would want the plagiarist to give me half of what s/he made from the piece they had piggybacked onto my work. If it was a fanfiction, and the bulk of my writing is fanfiction, I would prefer that credit is given where it is due. There are a number of writers who consider fanfic and other derivative works based on their work to be plagiarism, an opinion they are entitled to, but which I find restrictive. As long as credit is given, ie. disclaimers (eg. "I do not own Yami no Matsuei/Inception/Firefly, its characters, concepts or other indicia, which are the intellectual property of Yoko Matsushita/Christopher Nolan/Joss Whedon, etc. etc. etc.), there should be no contest about it. I'm all for the protection of intellectual property, but I'm not a fan of what I call the strangler fig school of copyright laws. As long as there are disclaimers in place and the person isn't profiting from the distribution of their creation, the creator of the derivative work should be cut some slack.
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It's still a little humid (possibly as a result of Hurricane/Tropical Storm Earl blowing through), but that's likely from all the rain we had last night. But there's a nice breeze and there's something oddly autumnal about it. Maybe I'm just hoping it is, since this has been a very long, uncomfortable summer for me, since we've had so much warm weather. No offence intended toward those who like it warm: I'm renting the top of my folks' hundred year old, hard to air condition house, so it's been table fans and open windows at night for me, plus having to make sure the house has cooled off to the right temp before closing windows before the sun rises and warms things up again.

But enough about the warm weather: I've got a couple writing projects I'm poking at, one of which might end up being published for real.

The first is a Gormenghast related essay that came about as a result of a conversation with the inspiring [ profile] tomboy_typist: I was describing a moment of Fridge Logic that came about as a result of watching "Life After People", while working on RP tags for [ profile] 77th_earl. It dawned me that, given the kind of decay that Gormenghast has fallen into -- a lake on a roof big enough for a horse and its foal to swim in, a tree growing through a wall with a trunk big enough for the Twins to have a tea table and chairs on it -- that the structure might not be in the best of condition. Thus it dawned on me that there might just be some magic in Gormenghast, that the Rituals of the Law, for all their soul-sucking inanity and the way that Sourdust and Barquentine (or just Barquentine in the BBC mini-series) nitpick over them, might just be supplying the magic that's keeping the elements from conquering the Stones. I can't say more, as I'm saving it for the essay, but it's a very intriguing point to ponder...

The other might be my NaNoWriMo project for this year: I'm hoping to write a Catholic novel dealing with that touchiest of touchy topics, namely, homosexuality and what it's like to be a faithfull Catholic and to be a GLBT person. I'll be focusing on four main characters: a priest (more or less modeled after Father Mychal Judge, the gay priest and NYC FD chaplain who was among the first victims at the WTC Towers on 9/11) wrestling with his own identity and his vocation, a single woman in her thirties (Okay, yeah, Author Avatar, but hey, it worked for the late Shusaku Endo when he wrote "Scandal"), a fifteen year old boy trying to make sense of himself and a male escort who's sort of a Mary Magdalen-like figure. Still trying to come up with a plot, but it'll come when it's ready. I'm likely to get a lot of flack for this, and I'm not sure if I really want to try publishing it, but it's the kind of novel that Needs To Be Written and Published. I'm hoping Ignatius Press with open their doors to it, and given the number of really good Catholic novels they've published in recent years, I have hope for them.

Also got back to reading GRRM's "A Clash of Kings", the second of the Song of Ice and Fire novels. Somebody please tell me that Joffrey dies a hideous, horrible death? The kid is such a *BRAT*, you want to reach into the book and king or no king, spank him and send him to bed without any supper; he might be thirteen, but he acts like he's about *three*.

And on Thursday, I made my monthly trip to the Salem NH Barnes & Noble, where I picked up the new Supernatural tie-in novel "War of the Sons" and the latest issue of SPN magazine: I've heard that they're moving the show to a time slot on Friday nights this season. Plus I missed most of last season, thus I really cannot wait for the DVDs which are coming out on Tuesday the 7th. If I'm extra quiet this week coming, it means I'm likely watching the series marathon-style. Also picked up... "Winnie the Pooh" and "The House at Pooh Corner"; I'm tempted to bring Eeyore to a certain Mansion, and I'm due for a canon review, but my copies seem to have vanished.
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Nicked from [ profile] veleda_k

This made me laugh, since I have some personal connection with this guy (my dad works with a nephew of his).

I write like
Stephen King

I Write Like by Mémoires, Mac journal software. Analyze your writing!

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Or, Why I Need a Laptop or a Blackberry

I love doing "coffeeshop writing", ie. going to the Starbucks in the Target in Lowell and writing there over a cup of chai, maybe a blueberry scone. And by writing, I mean writing longhand in a journal or somesuch. What I don't like, at least right now: typing it up. I'm not sure where this is coming from, but it's the reason I haven't spread any Fanfic Roses in a few days. I have several in the editing room, they just need to find their way into the can, but for some reason, I've been looking at the MSs and cringing. Which isn't helping the situation and is causing a backlog of fics. Wish I could figure out why I'm so loathe to type the fics. :: Mutters at self:: Managed to get a good chunk of an Cal Leandros fic written: I'm getting the hang of Niko's voice, and the story seems to be getting longer than I'd originally planned, but stories need to be as long or as short as they need to be. And I have my Mercy/Tatsumi fic aaaalmost done, though I may just post the middle of it, since it decided it's taking place later in their relationship, when they've moved from "friends with benefits" to something more serious.

Picked up several good deals on marked-down candy and other Valentine's Day things at Target, including a heart-shaped cereal/soup bowl, a heart-shaped snack plate and a cuddly fleece throw blanket printed with red, pink and white hearts.
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I just needed a day to goof off and since I haven't been feeling well, today was the perfect time to do it. Thus I spent parts of the day napping or curled up in bed reading, in this case "A Game of Thrones", which is off to a chilling (and impressive) beginning!

I did manage to get a few bits of writing jotted, though nothing major: a few paragraphs here and there on several fics, a few ideas jotted down for future stories. I'm about a third the way through Mercy Falcone's backstory, and I have a feeling I'm going to get gnawed on by Tatsumi fangurlz, since I'm seeing Mercy and him eventually hooking up, "friends with benefits"-style (though it's more of a result of Mercy going into starving to death energy vampire mode and "vamping out" on the poor guy -- and him actually enjoying it in spite of himself. Well, there's a Tatsumi/OFC fic that's at the top of the listing on ff.n, so I'm not alone.

I'm still open to more ideas for the 12 Fanfic Roses. Right now I have about a half dozen between other folks' ideas and my own, but I'd like to make it a full dozen.
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Well, technically, it isn't. Started working on the rough draft of my first non-fanfic story featuring Mercy and Doyle Falcone. It's a cruddy rough draft, but it's a start. I just need to figure out a plot to work it around. Right now it's an extended character sketch in which the two of them meet for the first time in the three years since Mercy died, plus we get a few tidbits on the Public Security Sector of "the Department of Hades".

And so far, no mention of Mercy's boyfriend in the Summons Sector, though I do have a non-fanfic name for him and that's "Shigeru Kurosaki"; I'm hoping someone gets the tongue-in-cheek reference. Yes, I'll be doing better about filing the serial numbers off when this goes to a second draft.
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Taken from a news item on the Verizon homepage:

"There is a marvelous peace in not publishing," J.D. Salinger told The New York Times in 1974. "Publishing is a terrible invasion of my privacy. I like to write. I love to write. But I write just for myself and my own pleasure."

I have to say, I can't help but agree with him. I've rooted through bookstores and libraries, looking for a book on how to overcome fear of being rejected by publishers, and so far, I have not come up with *any*. That is my one big fear about getting published: the rejection slips. A lot of you saw how I fell apart earlier this week when some canon-Gestapo-wannabe came out of the logpile and browbeat me over a minor detail. Now imagine me trying to get something published and getting rejection slip after rejection slip. My dad's work-buddy "Dana" told the story about his "Uncle Steve", who got twelve or fifteen rejections for his first novel, and in frustration, he tossed his manuscript into the wastebasket. Then his wife, Tab, pulled the manuscript out, dusted it off and sent it to one more publisher, who bought it. I just don't think I have that kind of determination. I can see myself falling apart after the third rejection slip and swearing off trying to get published at all, maybe even swearing off writing entirely. Maybe I take my work too seriously, but I can't help feeling that my work is, in a way, an extension of myself, and that to reject my work is to reject a part of me, and by extension, reject me. Maybe I'm limiting myself, but sometimes, the only way to handle your fears is not to face them. I don't see any shame in admitting your limitations, as long as you can find a way to work and be fulfilled within them. The human spirit doesn't always have to defy the odds in order to triumph: sometimes just wanting what you've got is better than getting what you want.

People tell me I could be a very famous and successful writer, but I look at the tabloids, or even closer to home (sort of), at Dana's Uncle Steve and the crazy things he has to do to maintain his privacy (he's told us stories about fangirls camping on Uncle Steve's lawn and coming to the door at weird times. He's mentioned death threats and the hidden exit that Uncle Steve had built into an office that he used as a place to write, in case someone caused him any trouble. I don't think I could do that. I mean, I would like to be published, and I would like to have my work well known, but there's a too-fragile human behind the words and I'm not sure she's strong enough to handle the rough spots of publishing...
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Long story (and I've Tweeted about it at length; said Tweets should show up here via LoudTwitter later tonight), but I had some of the usual misadventures with buses, so I ended up getting more writing done at one of the Dunkin Donuts downtown. And more incidents where it looked like they ought to be filming a "COPS" segment. Some scruffy fellow was pan-handling in the Dunkin Donuts and being a bit of a pain about it (fortunately he left me alone either, A). because he didn't see me or B). he decided that the tallish woman in the gangster-ish black fedora and black overcoat looked like she's with the Mob; I have had that said to me.). A moment later, two cops walk in and after a bit of a heated conversation ("You can't arrest me! I ain't done nothing!"/"We're not arresting you: we just want you to come outside and have a little talk."/"You got anything to say to me, you say it here!"/"No, we're having this conversation outside, because you're being rude to these nice people.") escorted him outside. I'm starting to wonder a little about these Dunkin Donuts that I frequent: they seem to be magnets for freaks.

Pecked away at three different longer fanfics, and I'm seriously considering writing a series based on Mercy Falcone and her husband Doyle. I'm very fond of Doyle: he's sort of gruff but lovable, can see ghosts and other similar creatures but has a healthy skepticism about it (even though he's a detective working in Salem, Mass. where Weird Things Happen). It will be easy to de-fanfic the series especially since I'm likely writing it from Doyle's POV, though I may make side references to Mercy's relationship with "a gent from the Japanese branch", and just never mention his name or his appearance. (Though if it goes on for more than a few stories, I'm likely to have people going, "When are we going to meet Mercy's boyfriend and how is Doyle going to react to him??")
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I was feeling bad that I missed out on the Vampire Author Auction to Support Stacie, but it seems that another opportunity to use my fanfic-ing talents has presented itself.

[ profile] help_haiti is the brainchild of [ profile] pinkfinity, created -- to quote the user-info -- "as a place for fandomers to help raise money to help in the rescues, recoveries and rebuilding of Haiti following the tragic earthquake on January 12, 2010." You can donate your time and talent, as a writer/artist/vidder, to help raise funds to aide the relief effort for the survivors of this disaster. I've offered to donate my time for "Buy It Now" sale of sorts here:

And my main fic auction is here:

Feel free to post bids/prompts to either one; for the "Buy It Now", I'd appreciate it if you forwarded me a copy of any donation confirmation emails or a screenshot of something along that line (redacted of personal information beyond the initials of your first and last name)

Please help... please? :: Makes puppy-shinigami eyes::
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Or, How, with the Help of a Green-Eyed Love Machine, a Messianic Figure and His Opposite, and Some Handsome Death Gods, and Those Who Like to Write about Them, Along with a Writer whose Name is Pronounced Somewhat Like "Gay Man", I Learned to Stop Being a Rules Lawyer and Start Appreciating Some Pairings and/or the Writers Therof

Cut for length and content. You might want to get yourself a sandwich and something to drink. Here be a big-ol' post )
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It's snowing!! Well, we are supposed to have some unsettled weather over the next few days (up to and including a possible blizzard). It's very pretty to watch it come down.

I should be working on writing a fic involving Evangelion characters getting drunk and having dramatic/comedic arguments at New Year's (well, a few days after, since Third Impact/Instrumentality went down on New Year's Eve); instead I'm at the keyboard with several tabs open, including the highly addictive (on which I'm consolidating some tropes for an anime series or two...), an FF.N page, my InsaneJournal and An Archive Of Our Own (on which I am reading a Bleah/YnM crossover; the mental image of Tsuzuki and Hisoka dressed like Soul Reapers -- yum! Someone has to fanart that one!).

Finished watching the second season of Oh My Goddess! last night: Yet another Hey It's That Voice, this time it was Urd's demon mother Hild sounding eerily like the Major in Ghost In the Shell: Stand Alone Complex (same VA)

Not many New Year's Resolutions, except:

--I want to get some stories published for real in the New Year, however, I am terrified of getting my work rejected, plus the publishing industry has me horribly depressed, considering that they let certain horribly written books get published (I'm looking at *you*, Jenkins and LaHaye, and you too, Ms. Meyers :: Shows her metaphoric fangs:: )

--I am going to go for a walk every day to keep myself in shape and I will also get better about practicing my T'ai Ch'i form.

--I am going to keep posting something in this journal every day (even if it's an anime or fandom Teal Deer) and I am going to get better about replying to comments.

--I am going to do something about the pile of books beside my pillow, ie. Read Them. Even if this means the pile never really goes away.
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And also planning my week: Mark and Kristin's wedding is on Saturday (who knows if we'll make it, since there's supposed to be a blizzard), so I'm shopping for a wedding present for them as well as a new blouse for myself to wear to said wedding. Though I have a funny feeling we may get snowed out (snowed in?), but... at some point I'll need a nice blouse, so it won't be a total loss, plus I'll likely see them during the New Year, at which time I'll give them said wedding present.

Also have to bear in mind that I have work on New Year's Day, which means figuring out an early Mass to go to. :: Mutters:: I should never have told my supervisor that I took the Pledge when I was in my twenties.

One of the fics I'm poking at for the 12 Days of Fanfic is a Dresden Files fic; one of these days, I am going to write something involving the snarky wizard for hire which doesn't revolve around the holidays, though this year the fic also features his brother Thomas the energy vampire, as well as some ...interesting revelations about who else is on the family tree. :: Adjusts eyeglasses, smirks evilly::

I'm trying to get a fic or two ahead, since I'm mostly drafting the fics longhand during the day and typing them up later in the evening. One or two are actually already plotted out in my head, they just need to be typed up, but I'm trying to stagger the fandoms: I've got three "A.I." fics, two set in different permutations of the Matrix universe, two Neon Genesis Evangelion fics (specifically set in my Neon Enoch Evangelion 'verse), two (possibly three) Yami no Matsuei fics, and one each of the Dresden Files and Trinity Blood. Last thing I want to do is have two fics from two fandoms on consecutive days (not sure why, other than spreading out the fun). Though I may post the possible third YnM fic on the same day as another that I am definitely posting, since one fic is slashy while the possible fic is a het fic for those who don't exactly do slash (and that was me a few years ago, though I was open towards slash by writers I trusted; one of these days I'll post a Teal Deer about how I came to be more accepting of slash pairings).
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So in the event that something goes Hideously Wrong with LiveJournal (In the order of the infamous Strikethrough incident) and also to keep up with one or two comms, I've created an InsaneJournal. If any of you have an IJ, don't hesitate to friend me over there: the IJ looks lonely. Not sure how often I will be posting in it, and I plan to use it as a place to post my NC-17 rated fics; I've been tempted to transfer the few adult level fics I have on here to the IJ, but this would result in broken links on LiveJournal, so from this point onward, I will be posting new fics of this nature on the IJ. This includes what I'm calling "the Angelspit remix of chapter three of 'Red Moon/Akatsuki'," which I've started to poke at, but which probably won't go live until after the New Year. At this point, it's shaping up to feature: more explicit detail in that scene in the woods, Bella's dream getting naughtier, and more blood when she falls into the ravine. I'm having to restrain myself from going into Hideaki Anno mode on this one ("Oh yeah? You want to see Bella bleed? You got it!"). I swear he pulled out all the stops in End of Evangelion because he got sick of the otakus whining about how NGE would have been better if he'd featured :: Insert fanboy wish::.
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Word Count: Done

Novel: Maybe half finished. Will keep poking at it for the rest of the month and onwards, till its done.

Me: Relieved, tired and accomplished.

Ironically, the last bits which I wrote were a pair of scenes dealing with creation and birth, as the Grigori Sariel contemplates the prospect of re-clothing the soul of Shemyaza in flesh, and as Fuyutsuki muses about the birth of his son Asato fifteen years earlier.

And my NaNo completion song:

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Only four days left on the challenge and my insane sprints have turned into dull plodding: I'll make it to the finish line soon, but the dashes of +2K words a day seem to have gone out of me. I've got roughly 1,100 words to type up in the journal I've kept within arms' reach all this month, but I don't feel up to transcribing them just now. Hopefully tomorrow will find me in a better frame of mind. Part of the problem: I'm hating my word processor right now. It's not that it's buggy or acting wierd or anything like that, I'm just sick to death of using it. I did manage to draft a bit from scratch using Write or Die, and that seems to have done the trick, at least for tonight.

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