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It seems some group of wonks who call themselves the Literate Union have taken it on themselves to clean up all the badfic on FF.N. They've somehow hacked into and tweaked the site to add a bot that will arrange for the mass deletion of tons of fics, mostly for bad grammar, and they're also targeting M-rated fics wholesale, and there are reports that slash fic is being deleted "by the truckload".

I'm going to start moving the rest of my fics (or at the least, the "A.I." fics and the Matrix fics) to AO3 this week, not because of the proposed boycott of FF.N which the poster of that article has suggested, but as a security measure. I'm not perfect, and spell checks are not infallible.

Mind you, I'm all for correcting wonky grammar, but no one has the right to hack a site so that they can delete wonky-written fics en masse. Granted, there are slash fics out there that make even the most perverted member of my headspace collective cringe in disgust, but that does not give anyone the right to delete all slash en masse. I hate to think what this group would do to the Yami no Matsuei fanfics, since the bulk of that is slashy to some degree. And mature fics... I'm all for parental vigilance, but that is reserved to the actual parents, not some Media Watchdog Group that would erase anything higher than a PG rating from the face of the earth: adults need media that is geared toward their age bracket, too, even if that media isn't entirely "family friendly".

One reason I'm glad I've been posting my more recent work to AO3: they have a much better interface, much more understanding maintainers, and their tag system helps you know exactly what to expect in the fic...

If you have fics on FF.N, or you have friends that do, spread the word, warn them to move their fics before they're deleted, repost the link above to your LJ, FaceBook, Twitter, etc.
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I'd thought about going for a walk today/running some errands downtown, but I realize I just need a day to goof off and relax. write/type some fic, catch up on RP tags, read, that sort of thing. I've got two short Gormenghast fics waiting to be typed up, and which likely will show up later on, courtesy of Write or Die. One of them is a reply to a [ profile] comment_fic prompt, and I hope it's slashy enough for the OP: the pairing is Steerpike/Titus, and I personally find that pairing to be somewhat "Mmmm... no, not likely". Jonathan Rhys-Meyers notwithstanding, I don't see SP as a very sexual being to begin with, never mind one that would be conducive to slash-ficcage (*cough-cough*Freudian Excuse*cough-cough*). That and if it's BBC mini-series canon, that makes the pairing a bit squicky to those who take note of the "SP as a Groan bastard" element that's in play and who, like me, aren't big on that sort of thing, unless it's handled like Greek tragedy.

Now reading the first of Naomi Novak's "Temeraire" novels (Iskierka's canon to the [ profile] carpe_ho_ras crowd); the reviewers who compare it to Christopher Paolini sort of need their heads checked, as the writing is a lot better and considerably less derivative, though I had to smile when someone compared it to Jane Austen. If I was to compare it to anything, I'd say Ms. Novak did with dragons what Susannah Clarke (she of "Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell) did with wizards.
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Ahh, yes, I haven't been posting much of late, due to a lot of factors, including work and just being tired due to getting over this darn cough I've been struggling with all week. Plus my poor mother caught it from me and thus I've been taking care of her. Consequently, I wasn't able to get all my [ profile] story_lottery stories written and typed before the deadline in order to win the round, but at least I can still post what I managed to finish, which should be showing up in the days to come...

I've also been re-watching Death Note, since I'm warming up to bring the "apple-eating, *other* kind of shinigami" to the Mansion. I couldn't resist, especially since one of the gang has recently intro'ed Light Yagami (who's extremely skeptical on meeting the cuter breed of shinigami, and has been exchanging philosophical shots across the bow with Muraki). Gotta say, one of the things that's been keeping me sane lately has been [ profile] carpe_ho_ras, and it's been a while since I could say that in all honesty about an RPG I've been involved in.

Also finally managed to get through the second half of "Repo! The Genetic Opera" without too many squicks, even got a start on the audio commentary (featuring Alexa Vega, Terence Zudunich and a few others -- hilarioua!)
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The debit card incident turned out to be a bit of a false alarm: turns out something did try to jack the account, but they kept it out and they wanted me to make sure that several recent transactions were legit. Whew. Glad to know they're vigilant about this.

However, the day wasn't the best anyway: mom is having some major emotional issues due to mail harassment from her relatives. I know this is a deep-seated issue for her and it sets off a lot of triggers, but I wish she wouldn't get so worked up about it. Thus, I'm still feeling some of her pain and it's making things hard for me. Things like writing and RP tagging and reading.

I did manage to get most of another [ profile] story_lottery story written today. For "Home Sweet Home", I somehow got the inspiration to write an alternate ending to Joanna Harris's "Chocolat". I love the rich, redolant style of that book, but the condescending sneers directed at the Catholic Church was a bit much, even if some of it was marginally justifiable (the parish priest bordered on being a bit of a Manichaeist and I kept wanting Vianne to give him a big ol' smooch to soften him up and remind him that he's a *man* as well as a priest). The movie toned that down considerably, but I didn't like how Pere Reynaud pretty much got run out of town. I mean, can't Christianity and "the Old Ways" coexist?? For someone of the Old Ways to sneer at Christians, that to me is simply doing what too many Christians do to said followers of the Old Ways, and shouldn't someone be the one to be the bigger person and not stoop to that? So I decided to write an epilogue with a forlorn Reynaud coming back and having an interesting confrontation with Vianne, in which she helps him to see where he belongs in his self, as well as in the world. "Home Sweet Home" isn't just a place, it's a part of your self, too...
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Namely, finishing the first of the [ profile] story_lottery stories, which I just need to type up; I did this during a few lulls this morning at work, and I was hard put trying to dodge the questions of the cashier who wondered what I was writing. Hard to describe a fanfic involving a Japanese energy vampire escaping from a sub-dimension he's been stuck in for three days, only to find that four years have passed in his world of origin...

Also finished reading "The Historian" -- Whoa! In some ways, it reminded me of (God help me) "The Da Vinci Code" only minus the swipes at religion (and with much better writing...). If anything, Elizabeth Kostova knows how to feature people of faith (inadvertently, in this case, since the monks, etc. weren't really aware of what was going on, through human error) on the wrong side of the fence without becoming annoyingly offensive or looking like they're demonizing the Church/organized religion/people of the cloth. No stereotyped assassin monks involved (especially improbable amelanistic albino ones who shouldn't be able to see well enough to shoot someone point blank from a distance.). And boy, does she know how to write slow-burn suspense. I don't think I've seen anyone write with this much depth and yet this much intensity and put this much story into it, without it getting top-heavy or causing your interest to wane. Also... sorry, Bram, but your Dracula is just a little bit loud and obvious next to Kostova's. He's good in his own right, but I like the subtlety of Kostova's.

Off to get some Advil, since my head is aching a bit after a long day. May be posting another [ profile] centi_50 fic tomorrow, we'll see. I do hope to get the first of the [ profile] story_lottery fics typed and posted over the weekend, since I have only a smidge over a month left to get those done, and I got six fics with a minimum of a 1000 words for each. Next challenge I do is going to be drabbles. Those don't take so long to physically write and/or type.
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Not a whole lot happening today, but quiet days are good days in and of themselves. I just seem to have been having a lot of those lately and it's wearing on me since I feel a bit unproductive.

I managed to get all but one of the [ profile] centi_50 drabbles typed, and the last one I'm hesitating on, probably since the last time I wrote the pairing it entails, I got a bit creeped out by some of the comments I got for it. I've finally started to break the dam-up that happened with the Fanfic Roses, and I hope I can finally get something posted later tonight, though I'm running out of "short" fics to type up. I did try to make these shorter than some of the 12 Days of Fanfic stories, but a few of them got longish.

Though part of the reason for my troubles getting fully motivated to type is, I got up to an especially intriguing part in A Game of Thrones... and I am in Can't Put the Book Down mode.
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Just working on the last of my [ profile] centi_50 fics and I have now officially signed up for [ profile] 10_shakespeare, with lines from the Sonnets for my prompts. Yes, they're going to be Yami no Matsuei fics, and I started by selecting the last two lines of Sonnet 147:

"For I have sworn thee fair, and thought thee bright,
Who art as black as hell, as dark as night."

Which fit Tsuzuki and Muraki a Little Too Well (especially if one takes the anime version of their first encounter into consideration).

I've also posted a comment to an announcement of the next round of [ profile] story_lottery. Not sure what possessed me to do that, but we'll see what comes of it.

And I restrained myself from joining [ profile] 10_whores, even though it was soooo tempting to use it to Lampshade Tsuzuki's status as the Little Black Dress of the YnM-'verse. I started running out of people to pair him, unless I paired him with Terazuma (which is made of crack since they dun like each other) or Konoe (which is hard to see, much less write and sort of makes me go "Errrm..." since I think of Konoe as being straight: he's an older guy who passed away in the Meijii period, after all).

And dammit, I gotta finish these 12 Fanfic Roses first! GRR!! Get on it, self!
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I could have managed to get by starting at nine this morning, and mind you, I'd *tried* to finagle going in at that hour: the store was dead until then and didn't really pick up till 10.30. And I swear to God, if I heard one more person whinging about the snow, I was about to turn them around and point out the fact that it Wasn't Sticking To The Ground At All (oddly enough, until about now the only place it's been sticking has been in my very sheltered yard).

But enough grumbling about people grumbling. I managed to get a couple more fanfic roses written -- only to have two more decide to tack themselves on to the list, meaning I'm up to fifteen roses. The hard part is trying to stagger them, since a goodly number come from the same fandom: at this point, I've got four "A.I." fics and three Yami no Matsuei fics, besides the assorted other fandoms, so I just have to figure out how to space them. Don't ask me why, I just feel odd about posting fics from the same fandom on consecutive days. I guess it's a form of wanting to spread out the fun. The hard part, though, is the fact that I have to be in the right frame of mind to write in certain fandoms, so sometimes they don't get written out in the order that I'd like to, so making sure I've got them staggered to my liking can be a bit of a juggling act. I'm also finding that, despite the fact that I'm writing shorter fics than I did for Christmas, I'm having a harder time getting them written, though I suppose getting asked to take on extra hours today didn't help (one reason I've been so out of sorts about it). And then there's the nine bjillion prompt comms I keep making the mistake of looking at, when I have yet to finish the [ profile] centi_50 prompts I picked up, to say nothing of typing up the [ profile] 30_kisses fics I have in the editing room.
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Cleaned a bathroom, did some laundry, made the bed for the first time in a few days (since I was crawling into it every chance I got), vacuumed the entire upstairs of the house. My cold seems to have diminished to occasional coughing fits and some congestion, but I am doing immensely better today.

I also managed to write/finish:

--One of my [ profile] 30_kisses fics, featuring much-younger versions of Muraki, Ukyou and Oriya: I like writing the college-era version of this trio, since there's a more innocent quality to them (well, the two gents anyway: Ukyou manages to stay innocent without being naive the whole time) Younger!Muraki is a dear to write, but he's rather tragic, since I know this shy, gentle, slightly nerdy fellow is going to vanish almost completely as soon as he gives in to his inner demons. I'm also fond of the big brother/little sister connection between Ukyou and Oriya: I suspect they might have been an item briefly during high school, but they let it fade into "just friends" since her parents didn't approve.

--The darn scene with the King of Hades in the Twhinelite X-over, which might seem like a quiet scene, but winds up being very harrowing for Bella (though she could just be acting all dramatic and emo over it)

--Started drafting a Tatsumi/Mercy (OFC) fic for the 12 Fanfic Roses challenge -- and I've got a baker's dozen of pairing prompts now, to my delight. I'm loving the pairings people have suggested, and a number of them are in fandoms I haven't written before, but never thought to do so, thus the experiment was a rousing success!! I still might throw in a few more of my own, we'll see, but I'd better get cracking writing the ones I've got. Granted, they're mostly going to be flash fics or ficlets, but those are fun to write, albeit harder, since my brain goes into "plot with beginning, middle and end" mode all too often and I have to remind myself that a character sketch can be just as good as a plotted out story. Brian Aldiss based his whole writing career on this very kind of writing (Met him briefly at WorldCon years ago, and for those of you who know him as the author of the story on which "A.I." is based on, he's as sweetly gruffy as Teddy, has as bright-eyed an outlook on the world as David, and he's as polite as Joe -- even has a darling British accent, too.)

Also managed to get in several chapters of "A Game of Thrones" -- I am loving GRRM's style and his characters to the point that my head is doing a little mental voice-casting (either John Hurt or Jeremy Irons as Eddard Stark, Cate Blanchett as Catelyn, Anthony Hopkins as the king) and I'm even imagining a symphonic with subtle metal elements soundtrack, ala "300" or "Beowulf".
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I mentioned recently that I got the inspiration to write a semi-songfic based on "Behind Blue Eyes" by the Who when the song happened to pop up on the radio the other day. I know it's probably just a case of the song just happening to be in the current rotation of the radio station involved, but I put the radio on just now and guess what was playing as I did so? That makes the third time in two days I've heard "Behind Blue Eyes" just as I flick the radio on. It's creepy, like someone is trying to tell me something, or I'm being compelled to write the damn thing (especially since I'm being annoyed by the memory of a bad OOC!Angsty!Agent Smith fic based on it from back in the day).

It's coming out more as a character sketch of sorts, or a series of vignettes with some of the lyrics as a framing device, dealing with the inner angst and self-loathing that a younger Muraki is hiding from the world. As arrogant and vain as our boy might be, I get the feeling that a part of him despises himself for allowing himself to be consumed by his own inner demons, a part of him that only maybe one or two people (Sakaki and/or Oriya) has ever seen up close and personal. It's a challenge to write, mostly because younger!Muraki is so different from the creepy bastard fandom knows, plus there's elements creeping in that some people are likely to object to, specifically a bit involving a suicide attempt that's as much a case of our boy being theatrical as it is a case of his self-loathing turning to self-destruction. I can just hear the angry comments, "Muraki wouldn't do that." Well, yes, the Muraki known from the anime and the manga, the confident, practiced killer who's honed his abilities into an artform wouldn't do that, but what about a younger, sadder version who's still trying to cling to the last fraying shreds of his innocence, even as his idealism has decayed to despair and anger?
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One of the things that sparked yesterday's rant about unplowed sidewalks (and which lead to the entire day almost going down the drain) was the fact that I needed to get out and buy a new purse since the strap on the one I was using (and I only bought maybe three months ago. Damn cheap Wal-Mart purses) had worked loose from the metal link holding it to the body of the purse and I had cobbled it back together using (don't laugh) a Hello Kitty clip-on that my mother had given to me. Well, the cobble-job only worked so well and it had a nasty tendency to come unhooked at the most inappropriate times, such as when I was trying to get to a buried bus stop. Thus I missed the bus yesterday, which lead to the first melt-down I have had in months. I'm not proud of it and I am trying to move on, but right now I'm still somewhat in self-loathing mode on account of it.

Anyway... I finally managed to get out and get to the Target in Lowell, where I found a new -- and much more sturdy-looking -- purse, which I promptly moved my personal effects into since I was sick of fighting with the cobble-job. It seems purses these days have become these small suitcase-sized affairs you could easily stuff a small child into, and since I like to carry a small, discreet one, I was a bit disconcerted, though I managed to find something that didn't look like the kind of rig a professional shop-lifter or kidnapper would use. I'm shocked: not only can I fit all my personal effects in it, I can also tuck in the small pads of paper which I've started carrying with me everywhere to make it easier to jot stories/ideas. And there's even room to fit in a paperback book or two, which frees up more space in the canvas totebag I generally carry in addition to the purse.

I also did the writerly thing and worked on one of the fics in progress while having lunch in the small Starbucks inside the Target: I completed one of the "Daybreakers" fics I've promised for the Lightning Round on [ profile] help_haiti (an Edward Dalton gen fic, in this case, inspired by "Into the Light", one of the cuts on the soundtrack CD) and I started poking at yet another Yami no Matsuei fic (featuring a younger and less corrupt Muraki having a revelatory heart to heart conversation with his grandfather about the way the younger Muraki's proclivities have started to run).
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Yes, I know this week has been a messy one between work injuries and snowstorms and unplowed sidewalks and missed appointments with one's therapist, but we've got... three fics for the [ profile] help_haiti challenge to write. Please get your neurons together in a timely fashion and focus on those instead of on other fandoms! That includes the borderline song-fic inspired by The Who's "Behind Blue Eyes" and the till now thankfully forgotten memory of the OOC!Angsty!Agent Smith-fic based on said song which we read back in the day. I could see using this song for a fic about a younger and less corrupt Muraki (even though his eyes are silvery-grey and not exactly blue, though some frames in the anime give them a bluish tinge depending on lighting or the animator), but not an Agent: they don't get angsty since they don't quite have emotions, except for Smith, but then then again, he actually has them and hates them. If you're going to write about blue-eyed characters, you've got a AU "A.I." fic about David to write.

MR's brain: But we wrote half of it, what about jotting a few notes on --

MR: Not another word!
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Thus I put the Barnes & Noble gift card, which my dad gave me for Christmas, to good use: I got

--The other four (currently available) volumes of the Trinity Blood light novels;

--The soundtrack to "Daybreakers" (which includes the song from the trailer);

--Vol 3 of Neon Genesis Evangelion: The Shinji Ikari Raising Project (which I just plain love: it's like the happier, gentler sibling to the Sadamoto manga. Even the artwork is eerily similar);

--Also yet another blank journal, this time with a print of cherry blossoms on the front and back covers (perfect for the plethora of Yami no Matsuei fics that are flying out of my head: I came up with two more ideas on the way home, one being the backstory on Mercy Falcone and how she ended up working for the American division of the Ministry of Hades [Warning: it decided to turn into a mild Bleach crossover]; the other is sick humor piece in which Tsuzuki gets a strange Valentine's package from an admirer. :: Adjusts eyeglasses, smirks:: Hm, I wonder who that could be...).

And a package with someone's Valentine's Day present arrived in the mail. Note to the previous owner of the book: Sidney is a perfectly normal girl's name, and it's been used as a gender-neutral name since the late nineteenth century; there was no need to redact the name through the first story in the book and substitute "Cindy". There are no girls named Cindy in an L.M. Montgomery book; unless a Mary Sue has invaded her world...
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I'm burning to write more fics in the Lightning Round of the auction, and so far, I've gotten one bid in for the main auction. I have a feeling if this bidder wins the auction, it's going to be a "Daybreakers" prompt, and that's one fandom I'm itching to write in, though I need a little nudge to get my mind out of Yami no Matsuei-fic-writing mode. There's still time and plenty of chances to buy a piece of my time and talent and to help the survivors of the earthquake:
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Not a happy energy-phage right now: I cannot seem to find the manuscript of the first chapter of "The Changing of the Guard", except for three pages from the middle of it. :: Sighs:: I guess I'll have to try reconstructing it from the little that I've got, but I don't feel very inspired, due to my throat still feeling scratchy and... accidentally biting into a piece of moldy coffee cake. Bleah!!

I also have two or three Yami no Matsuei fics (well, one is a remix of one fic...) that want to be typed up first, so I'm trying to focus more on pending current projects that are all but complete, before I turn to reviving an old project. To say nothing of the last chapter of the Twhinelite crossover; frankly, I've made my peace with the whole Twilight thing (Yes, it is possible; no, this does not mean I'm "infected"), and right now, it's more a matter of completing a project and finishing the tale I was telling than anything else.

Sadly, I missed the deadline on the Vampire Author Auction and I'm kicking myself for it. I'm tempted to donate anyway, just to help out, even if I missed the chance to offer my talent as a means to help.
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A while back, I'd written a fake/fic trailer for a possible "Constantine" fanfic, called "The Changing of the Guard", inspired by such random things as the passing of Pope John Paul II and the autocephalic "branches" of the Catholic Church (translation: oddball groups who have had such a disagreement with the Pope that they decide to take matters into their own hands and elect one of their own as a bogus Pope; there's at least three or four that I know of, including a French priest and a group of wack-job Traditionalists in Pennsylvania who "consecrated" a nineteen year old seminarian as their "Pope". Normally, I'm open-minded about how people choose to live their faith, but if they're going to start pulling things like this, I have to start drawing the line on their credibility.), but I later shelved the project for various reasons. I'd started thinking about it again recently, most notably because I'd re-read some of my "Constantine" fics and I thought about picking this one back up again. Well, this morning, I found I'd gotten a glowing review for "The Smoke of Satan in Your House" and the person who posted it asked me if I was ever going to post that one. Well, I took this as a sign to start working on it again, though this means having to dig up the notes for it, including the draft of the first chapter (which seems to have gone AWOl.

To say nothing of finding some way to chase the darn shinigami out of my head: the shadow-caster and the snarky empath actually listen when I push them back, but that puppy-dog one with the sweet tooth (and his Stalker with a Crush the crooked energy vampire) persists on staying in my head and being bloody cute about it.
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Namely the last chapter of the Twhinelite/Yami no Matsuei crossover. Since I've been airing some of my grievances with Twilight by way of this fic (I used Muraki's habit of monologuing as a chance to work in an Author Filibuster about the Cullen clan's environmentally unfriendly eating habits, with a bit of a Shinto slant on it, though Mercy Falcone also mentioned the skyrocketing deer population in the Forks, WA area), I managed to work in a counter to the character assassination of Charlie Swan in the last two books of the series. I like Charlie Swan; he's a good man who's been shafted by the women in his life, and I honestly wanted to reach into the book, hug him and give him a sympathetic ear for him to pour out his frustrations with his daughter and her poor taste in men. He didn't deserve to have his personality riddled with bullets by his own creator, so I'm giving him a scene toward the end. I just can't seem to decide if he gets The Bad News from either 1.) Mercy and Tatsumi showing up on his doorstep, claiming to be from the respective US and Japanese embassies, or 2.) the physician attending Bella. I'm inclined to go with the latter, since it makes for a more shivery exchange, from readers In the Know, though there again, said physician is on his best professional behavior, and yet I still managed to make it creepy... Though I like the idea of Charlie getting some much-needed sympathy from two sympathetic characters. I'm inclined to just write both and save one version for the Omake chapter.

If I could stop tossing off YnM one-shots. :: Growls, facepalms, laughs::

I did get an interesting response to this fic, from a level-headed Twilight fan on one of the anime boards I've been poking around on, to the effect that I was doing a great job with the Twilight half of the story. This is a relief, since I wasn't sure if I was half-assing the thing or if I was doing a good job. Like I said, I've been trying to avoid the usual excessive use of obvious bashing that plagues a lot of anti fic, and I'm glad it passed muster with a fan, albeit one who has their eyes open to the inherent -- and glaring -- flaws in the Twilight series.
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Had to get more Airborne since I've been taking it the moment I get home from work lately: a lot of co-workers have been coughing and I don't want to take any chances.

And I also picked up a copy of Charlaine Harris's "A Touch of Dead", which collects her Sookie Stackhouse short stories into one place: nice little volume with some nice pen and ink-wash drawings. I also swung by the library to print out more Yami no Matsuei scanlations (specifically the Oriya/Ukyou arc; I'm trying to get the elusive uncollected chapters printed before the scanlation sites start carrying the collected versions once Vol. 12 is released in Japan next week), but I also found, in the book swap the fourth of Stephen King's Dark Tower novels (I'm still missing the second one), "2061: Odyssey Three" by Arthur C. Clarke, which rounds out that series, and Laurell K. Hamilton's "The Lunatic Cafe". Can anyone tell me whereabouts in the Anita Blake series that LKH started to lose her touch? I'm hoping to read anything from before that point but I want to get the titles straight in my head.

And the last of the 12 Days of Fanfic is set to go live just after midnight; I'm going to miss doing this and I'm wondering now if there is a Valentine's Day-related challenge going on out there. I said I was going to take a break from writing for a day or two, but I'm not sure if my mind will let me. :: laughs:: Especially since I have a fic or two that decided to be something like the Valentine's Day decorations and stuff which show up in the store windows the day after Christmas (one is a follow-up to the last "A.I." fic I posted for the 12 Days challenge, the other is -- yep -- another YnM fic and the first in the [ profile] 30_kisses challenge, though not based on the first prompt).
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Three fanfics to go: I realized that if you count Christmas Day as one of the days of Christmas, you end up with the 13 Days of Christmas, so you'll be getting the last three on the last day of Christmas. I'll be posting one in the morning when I first check my email, one in the afternoon after I come back from running errands, and the last will turn up tomorrow evening, probably at or just after midnight.

After this: I'll be taking a mini-break from fanfic writing and posting -- perhaps for a couple of days, since I just wrote thirteen fics in thirteen crazy days -- and then I'll be turning my attention to the prompt challenges I have sitting waiting for me to take them up. I'd taken the [ profile] fanfic100 challenge when I started writing "Neon Enoch Evangelion" and I'll be aiming to finish one or two of those a week; same goes for the [ profile] 30_kisses challenge I'd taken on, with Muraki and Ukyou, from the manga continuity of Yami no Matsuei as the pairing of choice. And then there's the Vampire Author Auction, which I'm in the process of signing up for. Lots to do, but I've been on such a creativity craze lately, it doesn't seem like a lot of work at all.
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For some strange reason (Okay, I was waiting till they went on sale), I neglected to get myself a calender for my room and for my other desk in the computer room. Mind you, the other desk is pretty much a catch-all for books/papers/coffee cups/computer components/etc, and I rarely actually use it for desk-like purposes such as sitting at it or writing on it. I have my Edith Wharton moments when I write best when I'm curled up in bed, or I do the writer-y thing and write in a coffee shop, or I make like my dad's work buddy "Dana"'s "Uncle Steve" (who is a very famous author from Maine; three guesses as to who he is...) and write at the keyboard.

Needless to say, I snagged one calender that I wanted and another that was a surprise. I'd spotted an origami page-a-day calender in the store front Barnes & Noble in downtown Lowell and planned to get that one; I lucked out and they had just one left when I went in this morning. Also picked up a copy of "The Historian" from their bargain table as well as a nifty journal with my favorite Edgar Allen Poe quote on the front: "All there is that we say or seem/Is but a dream within a dream". Not sure what I'll use it for, but I'll think of something.

I tried getting a Tolkien-themed calender from the calender shoplet in the Burlington Mall, but no such luck: someone beat me to it, which is the first time in a while (last year I got a Dresden Files calender featuring Chris McGrath's cover artwork). I scanned around for something good; the "TrueBlood" calenders had sold out, almost got a "Nightmare Before Christmas" calender, but I settled on a Death Note calender. If I can stand two different pics of Misa Amane for two different months. Not sure who I dislike more -- in a healthy way -- her or Light: Light at least is more complex and "in-te-res-ting", while I can never tell if Misa is really so ditzy that she's oblivious to what a jerk Light really is (wow, an in-universe fangirl who's all Draco In Leather Pants for the crooked guy), or if she's really as twisted as he is. Poor Ryuuk, he only gets one page. What can I say? I like shinigami, even when they're weird looking gothic skeleton-bird critters.

One thing I passed on was a Bleach calender: I like the concepts of the series, but the huuuuge cast of characters (especially when the team heads to the Soul Society) is dizzying. I can't keep the names straight with the faces of the Soul Reapers beyond Rukia. Thus I am trying to beat into submission that part of me which wants to start incorporating a few elements from Bleach into some of my Yami no Matsuei fics. This included an otherwise funny yet serious conversation between Tatsumi and Morgan Falcone (my OC) in which Morgan describes her teenaged daughter Allison (the both of them died in the same car accident; Allie didn't want to move on and leave her mother behind when Morgan was selected to work for the Ministry of Hades) trying to sneak over to the Soul Society because Allison thinks she wants to have a kid. I can't decide if Morgan is a borderline Mary Sue or if my Sue-dar is just being over-sensitive. But then again, when is the last time you saw a thirty-five year old Sue in fanfiction?

Trinity Blood fic to be posted in later tonight; I'm pleased at how well it turned out. And I completely surprised myself by managing to scribble out the Evangelion snowball fight fic I've been playing with for a while: it's nice to see these folks actually *enjoying* life for a change (even if that includes Gendo being his usual wet-blanket self in the middle of the snow-nanigans).

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