Jan. 8th, 2006

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WARNING: Major ranting here....

Second time in a week. I go on [livejournal.com profile] fanficrants to vent about the sheer number of fics that push or at least poke my squick buttons in a particular fandom, and I get jumped on for it. I admitted to not being comfortable with "A Knight's Tale" slash and people come back with stuff like this and this and This or especially This. The other time it was people jumping on me for being uncomfortable with incest fics in the "Supernatural" fandom, but I took that rant down because I felt like a fight was breaking out and I didn't feel like ending up on Fandom_Wank *again*. I thought this was a community where you could air out your fanfic griefs and get a certain amount of support, not get stomped on for not being "OH KEWL!!!!!1111" over certain fics/types of fics/pairings. I go through periods when I'm not comfortable with slash, or I just don't like seeing it in a certain fandom. I don't know why I get this way, but it happens. I'm not asking people to agree with me, I just want to find a safe, non-judgemental place to vent and have my fannish feelings respected. I just feel like, God forbid anyone should want gen or -- quelle horreur!!! -- het fics. [/sarcasm] They're just shy of acting like those wankers who get all "U R TEH H0M0PH0BE!!111111" if you're not comfortable with certain slash pairings. Unfortunately, it's people like this who only cause my discomfort with slash to get worse, and then I start getting uncomfortable with explicit het fics and sometimes with romance at all. Does every fic have to involve romance (all right, I admit to writing romance fics myself, but I try to make it more about the characters and their relationship with each other and less about the hormones)? Does every character have to be paired off? Is it at all possible that some characters might be straight or even asexual?!

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