Jan. 10th, 2006

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As I mentioned last night, I realized Boskone 43, the NESFA's convention is just a month and a half away, and I need to start planning ahead for that (Planning, as in saving money, figuring out train schedules and getting stuff for my costume).

The last left me scratching my head, since I have several great ideas for costumes, but I can't quite settle on just one. Maybe you folks can help me out?

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Granted, I still have to get some supplies for a few of these, and one or two will require a few simple make-up tricks, but they're all fairly easy to pull off. The Merv might be a tough one, since I'll have to scun my hair back with a lot of gel (I might have to invest in the industrial-strength stuff...) and make sure that my widow's peak is plainly visible; and I'll run the risk of being stampeded by older or more mature MxO players/"Matrix" fans, or being clobbered by teenaged fanbrats.

A couple ideas I tossed out right away: I thought of dressing as Flood, but that would require either bleaching my hair or buying a wig, and I didn't want to invest that much into it (Plus, I'm still looking for a pair of black PVC gloves that look like The Gloves). Then I thought of dressing as Desire, but, well, I'm a much more conservative dresser than the golden-eyed fiend, unless I found a white tuxedo, ala first-chapter-of-"Brief Lives"!Desire, plus I'd need colored contact lenses, which I'm all thumbs with, colored or not. I almost resurrected last year's idea of dressing as Orual from C.S. Lewis's "Till We Have Faces", but I'd need to find a Greek toga-dress for that, though I have the black veil for it. Should've bought a boughten Greek goddess costume I saw in one of the shops at Hallowe'en, I'd be all set for that! I had to discard the idea of dressing as Sieges, since my hair isn't long enough (her hair -- well, on her RSI, anyway -- is shoulder-blades-length, but she wears it piled on the back of her head and held in place with Japanese-style hair-sticks), and I'd have to find a toy SMG that looks something like her "New Reliable".

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