Jan. 11th, 2006

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I should have warned everyone that I was going to our town's library last night. Sorry about that!

I got out:

--Brian Jacques's "A Redwall Winter Feast": I'm a sucker for anything in the Redwall series (even watched most of the lovely Canadian-made animated TV series based on the first book, when it aired for one week on one of the local PBS stations), and when I saw this picture book in the winter books display in the kids' section, I just had to get it.

--"The Physics of Superheroes": which proves that there *are* some credible scientific principles at work in some comic book series (I'd prefer if someone would write a book like this inspired by certain Vertigo Comics series, since we all know I'm a "Vertigeek", but this is still really clever).

--"Princess in Training": the latest installment in the "Princess Diaries" series. It's an improvevment over the last few books and mini-books, but I honestly want to bash Lana Weinberger's teeth in for telling Mia that "college guys expect their girls to Do It" and thus getting poor Mia's little heart in a knot.

--And a DVD I've been going crazy looking for: the 1984 version of "A Christmas Carol", featuring George C. Scott. This one follows the book the most closely of all the different screen adaptations I've seen over the years, even capturing the dark shadows that lurk at the fringes of the narrative.

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