Jan. 17th, 2006

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I have to jack out in a few since I have to be up early for work tomorrow... But I had a quiet day off: I got back to writing "This Shouldn't Be Happening...", and of course one of my headspace dwellers was frustrated with me for it, but I *was* working on part of the ending, so his annoyance was short-lived: he's relieved with said ending, but I can't say more. I finished reading "Princess in Training" and I watched "A Christmas Carol" -- fitting, since tomorrow after work, I'm taking the Christmas ornaments off the tree and putting our (my mom's and mine) angel ornament collection on.

Ran the MxO for a little while: Sieges had a much better night than she had in a while; there's an update patch that's coming out sometime this week, probably tomorrow, so I'll probably be around for DegSep'age.

And I just found out the hard way that Live365 will not let you listen to a particular station more than twice without signing up for a paid membership. Grrr. Well, I see what I can pull off tomorrow night. Sorry I wasn't listening tonight, Neo!
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I had a heck of a time trying to get out of work today: first, the kid who was supposed to be my relief didn't show up, since the Tewksbury schools had today off since the teachers had a seminar or something (That is something completely foreign to me, since I was hometaught: my mom was my teacher.). Then, when I finally got some relief and I was trying to get my bag from the courtesy booth, this strange personage got ahead of me and was bickering with "Edna" the courtesy booth manager about trying to use a coupon on something she'd bought two months ago. I kid you not. Nothing Edna could say would get the coupon weirdo to back down, and I'm standing there waiting patiently... Finally, I just went to the lunchroom to get my trenchcoat, figuring Coupon Weirdo would be gone by the time I got back.

No such luck.

And no sign of the MxO game patch yet: I just checked to see if it was availible for download. We're awaiting the new cinematic with bated breath, particularly since today has some significance in the historical Merovingian dynasty, or it might have been le Prieurie de Sion, but I can't recall exactly what it was (anyone know??). Hence, I might be online later tonight, and then again, I might not show up in AIM till around 12.30 or 1 am. Eastern, like last night (depending on how many missions Sieges decides to run: she was red-hot last night, and I think she might be trying to keep her streak of luck going as long as she can).

Which reminds me to keep an eye open in the library tonight (I have a DVD to return), for a new book on the Prieurie: of course it's little more than a non-fiction paralell to the Damned Book by Dan Brown, but there might be some tidbits of useful information.

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