Feb. 8th, 2006

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:: Siiigggh...::

Just as [livejournal.com profile] he_dreams_awake had trouble with internal problems in his group, I'm now having problems with my MxO faction splitting up/people's ships leaving/people in general leaving. At least the ship my character is on isn't going anywhere, thank God. But to quote one of the headspace-dwellers "Jumping from the ship appears to be the contact sport of the moment."

The upside: I finally watched "Sin City" late last night... Whoa... Film noir with all the stops pulled out. It's the kind of thing that I'll bet some of the 1930s directors wish they could have filmed, but they were saddled by the often ridiculous rules of the infamous Hayes Office (I think there's a copy of the Hayes Code somewhere online; if I find it, I'll post a link.).

Paradigm shift: Watching movies with a headspace dweller on board )

Brought books back to the Lowell library just now, but the high school kids must have had a half-day, since I couldn't get to a single computer anywhere in the library, so I headed back toward home, getting off the bus at Staples to price an external floppy drive ($50 US, and I don't quite have enough for that, since I'm still saving for Boskone). Then I made the mild mistake of going into Sears: they had men's dress shirts on sale, so I bought a black shirt (Not just on account of one of the headspace-dwellers: I just like wearing men's shirts; the cut tends to be more sensible than the wierd things they do with women's blouses these days.

Currently at the Tewksbury Library, finishing up some print-out jobs.
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So, the latest MxO madness: the faction I'm in *isn't* folding: One of the leaders left and "Kabel" (not his real name) is resuming leadership. Said ship-jumper then went and started her own faction, but that folded after two days, so now it looks like she wants to Return. ::Sighs::

"Mal", one of my crew members summed it up best when he had a funny banner on the faction message board: "MxO: We Know Drama".

All in all, Siegy had a great evening for a change, aside from getting killed by Level 40 hoodlums and getting into a crazy girlfight (words only, thank goodness) with a friend of hers. Guess what they were fighting about? Leave a comment and I'll update with the gist of the girlfight, behind an LJ-cut.

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