Feb. 13th, 2006

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Veritas Ex Machina

Some very dear friends of mine are trying to quickly raise $2,000 for the down payment on a house to house themselves and the future members of the community they're trying to form, which I hope to join some day. I've always wanted to join some sort of philosophical community, and this one fits my needs: It's a non-demoninational group, but it espouses the ideals that I have, the ideals of helping people see that they don't have to live with their minds locked into the confines of "the system", and the ideal of protecting the rights of machine intelligences.
matrixrefugee: the word 'refugee' in electric green with a background of green matrix code (Default)
And I needed it trimmed badly, since it was long enough to get caught under my collar and it just generally looked weedy. I feel like I lost a couple pounds! ::Grinning:: Plus, I also asked the gal who did my hair if it was possible to get my hair bleached near-white blonde. She said it could be done, but I'd have to have the process done twice and the ends of my hair would likely be damaged, but it wouldn't be so bad if I grew my hair out and then had the ends trimmed off.

The reason for this strange request? Yes, one of the headspace dwellers, but I'm thinking of one day attending DragonCon and costuming as the snarky fellow (Rather than costume as Siegy, because her usual outfit would be hard to find in a thrift shop). I'll most likely be recognized by the MxO players who attend, and one of two things is liable to happen: I'll either have people trying to clobber me, or I'll have people -- mostly gals -- trying to snog me.

Oh, and watch for a special Valentine's Day treat for you Merv-fans out there...

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