Mar. 6th, 2006

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I got the better of the town creep who hangs around my workplace.

He'd been hanging around before noon, and "the Frenchman" (my boss, who looks like a pint-sized Lambert Wilson) had asked him to leave once. According to "Mack the blind guy", who's the only person in town who manages to put up with him, there's been guys in suits around town looking for the creep, so apparantly the creep is in trouble with the law. Again. Let's hope if that's the case, he finally goes down for it.

Then the creep shows up again, around two pm., during the last hour of my shift, and said last hour usually feels like the loooooooooongest. The creep starts telling the front end clerks what to do and how to do it, whereupon "Rick" (not his real name), one of the supervisors, tells the creep to "Just cool it." Says the creep, in his exasperating chalk-on-a-blackboard squeak of a voice, "Whaddayah mean, cool it?" I was in the next checkout lane, putting flats of plastic bags on the bagging frame, so I looked up, looked the creep in the eye (I have a bad problem making eye-contact with people, unless I'm really mad at them; dogs and wolves do that, too, or so I'm told.), and said "Bubba, you're not our boss, you don't work here. Don't tell us how to do our jobs." That shut him up and he went out without another word.

Oh, and my schedule for the week (all times EST):

Thursday: 12 noon to 5 pm.
Friday: 10 am. to 3 pm.
Saturday: 3 pm. to 9.30 pm.

Which including today, totals 21 hours this week but I *NEED* the money.

Or maybe not as urgently as I did, since I got a check in the mail from Social Security; I'm calling the office in Lowell about that tomorrow, since I'm completely stymied by it. I thought my claim got turned down since they couldn't conclude what exactly my disability was, unless my recurring bouts of suicidal ideations (and I haven't had any really bad ones in months) and my exasperatingly low stress threshold somehow qualify.

And some more good news: saw the trailer of "V for Vendetta" the other night. YEAH! Looks *GREAT*! March 17th cannot come fast enough...

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