Mar. 9th, 2006

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Whew... Got my income taxes *DONE*, with a little morale support from my mom, who used to do clerical work for the IRS and knows quite a bit about federal tax forms and how to decipher them. Please don't hold that against her, Neo!

And I've been taking a major stab at desnarling the squirrel's nest that is my room. I did something with the bag of gently-used clothes that someone gave me (ie, put most of them in the wash, sorted out a few things and put them in the bag for the St. Vincent de Paul thrift store).

Great news! Sieges just hit LEVEL 25! She's halfway through her training now. ::Hugs her little girl::

And somehow, I now have a new bond forming. I really don't need this to happen, and for some odd reason, they seem to show up in March. That's when John and Flood showed up, last year (John showed up within 12 hours of when I first saw the movie and it was one of those "What the... Him?!" moments; Flood came in within three days of when I first saw -- and dismissed -- his character sheet on the MxO site), and that's when I finally got my bearings with the Merv. But this guy, while he mesmerizes part of me, still terrifies me more than a little, and I'm not sure as if I want him in there....

It's no less than V from "V for Vendetta". I admit to somewhat liking the character -- from a writer's standpoint. But from an ethical standpoint? No. Not at all.

And already, the connection is deep enough that I know his real name.

God. Help. Me.

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