Mar. 14th, 2006

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I practically live in my town's library, but that's certainly not a bad thing, is it?

Nipped in last night with my family, as there's an outside chance we might be going to the Flower Show tonight. And as I walked in, there was a display of books on Ireland and Irish culture, right in front of me. Lo and behold, but in the middle of it all was Max Allen Collins's "Road to Purgatory", the prose follow-up to "Road to Perdition", so I snapped that up before someone else beat me to it.

And I'm typing this from the same library. ::Grinning::
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Or the remaining days of it:

Tomorrow: 10 am. to 3 pm.

Thursday: Ditto

Friday: Ditto

And I might be trying to restart work on the NaNoWriMo novel I had to set aside because of the craziness around Thanksgiving. I don't think that'll happen this month and probably not next month, since I'm thinking of restarting it around the fifteenth, where I'd left off before. Easter comes right smack in the middle of April this year, and I'm not sure of the dates on Passover and Eastern Orthodox Easter, so that means things will be hectic through April. May is out since that's graduation parties and whatnot... Maybe not till June. We'll see.

And I'm already shuddering at the prospect of all the bad "V for Vendetta" fics liable to start popping up after Friday:

--All the Mary Sues whom V rescues.

--All the V/Evey smutfics.

--I'm sure they'll find some way to slash V with some of the government goons.


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