Mar. 17th, 2006

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Back from the Boston Flower Show! The joint exhibit which Mahoney's did with a couple other growers got a gold medal, so my dad's all thrilled about that. They did an excellent job: the theme this year was "Welcome Home", so the big main exhibit was the inside and outside of a simulated house. In the "yard" of that house is a little stone castle covered with moss and tiny foliage plants, which one of my dad's co-workers built.

And the "gimmick" garden this year belonged to Bartlett's: a sand dune with a lighthouse and simulated fog blowing in. My dad said sometimes the fog would really get going some nights and be streaming into the next exhibit and even out the front door of the Expo Center! There was this wonderful video on a plasma TV nearby, which showed the crew from Bartlett's setting up the dune... first at a reasonable speed, then speeded way up: my mother was giggling at the guys scurrying like elves, putting in the dune grass, while I was laughing like a nut at the fog zooming by in the background. Said me, "Hey, get a load of that fog zooming around!" Said my mom, "Nothing like zooming fog to get you laughing."

Then over in the flower arrangement exhibit was a group of themed arrangements; one of the categories was "Dream Weavers": the winner for that theme was this striking arrangement with red flowers, orange rattan and a blue glass head on top of a birdbath. Looked like a Dave McKean collage: the lady who'd arranged it happened to be standing right nearby and I commented to her about it. She told me, "I figured everyone else was going to do something with dreamcatchers or Native American things, but I thought I'd do something they didn't expect."

Another exhibit had live peacocks, geese and pigeons. There was a lovely moonlight garden with a backdrop of shining stars. One garden had a gazebo with water running over one edge of the roof. Right in the entry way was a lovely mini garden with a "Wizard of Oz" theme -- a yellow-brick path up to a door, a crystal ball in amongst the plants, even a wire-frame scarecrow in among some corn plants. There was a water garden with goldfish and a turtle. And then there was the garden with a *golf green*. I know, it looked as wierd as it sounds.

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