Apr. 3rd, 2006

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...From your LJ friends page, that is... I'm still working my way down the page, as well as catching up on some emails and posts over on the "A.I." fanfiction group over on Yahoo!

Just in from returning books at the library here in town. Some of the books I got out include:

-- David Clement-Davies "Fire-Bringer". I remember seeing this listed in the Science Fiction Book-of-the-Month club a while back, when I was part of it, and the concept intrigued me. Sounds like a combination of Felix Salten's "Bambi" with a mix of Jung's "the hero's journey".

-- Jorge Luis Borges's "The Book of Imaginary Beings". More mythic beasties than you can shake a wand at, but alas, no quinotaurs. And the entry on the Chimaera was a little dismissive. Heh. However, the entry on "the Golem" gave me an idea for a "Supernatural" fanfiction/episode idea (I wonder if the producers would be interested at all...). I can't say more. Maybe I'll have this written/started by Passover...

-- "The Extraordinary Adventures of Alfred Kropp". Looks like it has all the suspense and intrigue of a Dan Brown novel, but thankfully without the anti-Catholic sneers and Gary Stu-ism.

-- "Mongo" by Ted Botha. Okay, this was an odd find, and I'll admit that I often pick up anything that looks especially quirky and wierdly appealing. This is an example of that kind of book: it's all about people who dig through other people's trash, either out of necessity or just out of curiosity or for sheer treasure-hunting. My dad picks up odd bits of furniture out of people's trash, so a book like this definately strikes a cord with me. (Oh, the title by the way is NYC slang for something that's been salvaged from the trash for reuse. Apparantly, mongo-collecting is a big thing in NYC, on account of the sheer number of people jammed together, all from different backgrounds and income brackets. Some people have furnished entire apartments from stuff their neighbors tossed out.)

This week's schedule:

Tomorrow: Much needed cleaning of my room, will be online later in the evening. I *might* run the MxO, but if so, I'd do that only for an hour.
Wednesday: Work -- 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. MxO faction meeting, 10 p.m.
Thursday: Work -- ditto. Not sure at this point what my online time will be, but I'll probably be on sometime between 9 p.m. and midnight.
Friday: Going to First Friday devotions in the morning with my mom. Online time: TBD
Saturday: Work -- 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. I'll have my hands full doing housework, and I probably won't be online until around 10 p.m.-ish.

Next week, since it's Holy Week, I decided to cut out going on the MxO entirely. I just have to come up with a work-around for Sieges's absence; I've seen some people come up with really clever ways to work in prolonged absences from the game (it seems the easy-way-out explanation is that the character happened to get kidnapped by enemies, but to my understanding, that's a little over-used): [livejournal.com profile] captstack had to have his computer fixed, so his work-around was that his hovercraft had been seriously damaged and had been brought back to Zion for extensive repairs. And then one time when our own Lit was away for a week, she supposedly had gotten stuck in the Construct Library when she'd opened a bugged book. I'll think of something, I usually do.

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