Apr. 12th, 2006

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I noticed this display of chocolate cream-filled Easter eggs at work today, and on getting a better look at them and read the label, I nearly let out a kvitch of horror:

The name on the label: Mary Sue's Cream-Filled Chocolate Easter Egg.

Various entities in MR's headspace: "AAAAAAHHH!!!!"

MR: "Yipes..."

So I bought a few to put in people's Easter baskets. Plus, I want to see if it really is Mary Sue candy, ie. so sugary-sweet that it could induce instant diabetes in a marathon runner. Thus the power of TEH SUE!!1111111

Okay, yeah, I'm rather anti-Mary Sue in fanfiction. *BUT* if the writing is good, I can let my guard down. I'd rather read a well-written Mary Sue than one of those utterly inane random humor fics, or those dreadful things written in 1337 sp33k. For that matter, I'm not completely against random humor, either, as long as *THAT* is well-written. But if it's the kind of fic where the story is re-written with Mary Sue instead of ::Insert canon character::, or if the canon characters and/or the universe has been warped beyond all recognition, I will have to retire from reading it and start snarking about it.

For that matter, there's a few Sues I'd love to see: For instance, I'd love it if someone wrote a Mary Sue/Merovingian fic, because you never see Mary Sue falling for the King of the Exiles -- she's usually try to kill him, instead. I mean, he's the one canon character in the whole "Matrix" series who's likely to be interested in someone's little Sue, he's just not gonna fall in TWU WUB with her; Himself would be more likely to make a pretense of being in love with her, just to keep her in his power.

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