Apr. 17th, 2006

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The Mary Sue egg was a hit with my mom when she found it in her Easter basket. The three of us went to Mass at Holy Trinity: the choir could not have been in better voice, and they really pulled out all the stops. They even had a violinist up there, alongside the men's choir (who usually sing the Gregorian chant), the mixed choir and the young folks' choir. I love the music they usually use, in this case selections from Mozart's "Missa Brevis", Borghese's "Haec Dies" (a lovely piece that reminds me oddly of the Minuet from Mozart's "Don Giovanni"), and for the postlude Handel's "Halleluiah Chorus". Yep, I was singing along with the last one, though I kept fumbling with the alto part (I'm actually an odd sort of mezzo-soprano).

Easter dinner was delicious! My mom cooked mashed potatoes and a small ham which we glazed just a bit, and I cooked glazed carrots, from a ridiculously simple recipe I'd run across in "Taste of Home" magazine.

We watched about half of the movie "King of Kings" (someone gave us the VHS for Christmas). Okay, the wigs are a little goofy and some of the acting is flat -- hey, it's one of those 1950s sword and sandal epics, that's kinda par the course -- but the actor who plays Jesus... wow! He's got the same kind of quiet radience that Jim Caviezal had in the less gruesome parts of "The Passion of the Christ".

Oh, and because of all the dry weather we've had, and because of the high winds yesterday afternoon, there was a fire ban, so we couldn't have our Easter bonfire, waah...
matrixrefugee: the word 'refugee' in electric green with a background of green matrix code (Flood_ORLY)
Paradigm Shift: Or is it just great minds thinking alike? )

EDITED TO ADD: Fun with mimosas and headspace dwellers...

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