Apr. 30th, 2006

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...while my mother was vacuum-cleaning the rugs downstairs yesterday. She was hoovering the rug in the dining room, and upstairs I was typing part of "This Shouldn't Be Happening..." when suddenly I hear this awful crash and my mother lets out a yelp followed by loud giggling. I run downstairs to see what had happened, and I find her paralyzed with laughter, the handle of the vacuum cleaner in her hand, papers scattered all over the floor and the middle part of the vacuum cleaner, the hard case that contains the bag and the filters, on the other side of the room. Apparantly, the clips that hold the case to the body of the vacuum cleaner had worked themselves loose and as she was vacuuming, the case came flying off. Says my mother, "I expected the bag to break open and the dirt to go everywhere. But it's still going and there's air blowing out of it, and there's papers flying everywhere!" We've had problems with an internal plug working loose in the thing so that it turns itself on and off repeatedly while you're running it, but nothing like this!

Aside from housecleaning and working a four-hour closing shift last night, it was pretty quiet yesterday. Oh, yes, one other thing: I got home early enough to watch the last hour of the movie "All the President's Men" on one of the local PBS stations; I've been wanting to see that for ages, especially since the identity of the real "Deep Throat" was revealed last summer. And I have to admit, the fanfiction-writing part of my brain wants to write a "Matrix" fic that uses the tropes of "All the President's Men" (Heh, I suppose if you think metaphorically, the whole mess involving the Watergate scandal was a manifestation of the Matrix that was the Nixon administration...). It could work: a young reporter could notice something odd about his world, he runs a story about it, then he catches the attention of an Exiled Agent (call him Agent Feld, in honor of W. Mark Feld, the guy who was "Deep Throat") who shares more information with him... then wierd things start to happen.

Yeah, I know some fans would whine at me -- probably the PvP wonks who are always spamming me with /duel requests at hardlines when I'm trying to run RP sessions or missions in the MxO -- for writing a NON-action oriented fanfic. They haven't read "A Path Among Stones" or "A Life Less Empty" in the "Matrix Comics" and they need to, though they'd probably whine OH TAHTZ TEH BORINGZZZ!!1111 WHERZ TEH KEWL FIHGT SCEEENZ??????/////!!111111

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