May. 17th, 2006

matrixrefugee: the word 'refugee' in electric green with a background of green matrix code (Anti-Dan Brown)
The Damned Movie premiered last night and it seems Ron Howard caught the fanbrat behavior bug from Dan Brown: he's using the ol' "DUN LIK DUN REED!!!11111" argument to those who are offended by it. Well, I don't intend to see it in the theatre, unless it's at the dollar theatre and I go see it with Mark, so the both of us can snark at it. I might even wait till it comes out on DVD and rent it from Blockbuster... and tape-record my MST3K-style snarkage. Kinda like what I'm going to do with that copy of the damn book that I ordered from (which still hasn't shown up yet... Betcha it comes the day the Damn Movie is released).

DATELINE: Cannes Film Festival --

The results are in, the critics have cracked the Damned Book Code. To quote a Boston Herald headline:


It seems the critics really tore into it. The general consensus has been "It's too long and too boring." They're down on the script for being weak, and down on the wig that got stuck on Tom Hanks. They're even ripping the casting director for signing on Audrey Tatou, because her English is difficult to understand. And the big crucial revelation.... was met with gales of laughter from the audience. One critic said, "If you want to see a movie about the Holy Grail, watch 'Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade'."

I think the critics would agree with my icon...

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