Jan. 11th, 2010

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Jan. 11th, 2010 09:08 pm
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Caution: contains heavy snarling...

Note to my esteemed customers:

No system is perfect. Correction: Nothing in life is perfect. This includes the debit card system. If there is heavy traffic on it, such as today, it causes a bottleneck and slows it down, sometimes it even crashes. Announcing it to the whole store that the debit system is down would cause people to either leave and cost us business that we need in order to sell our products and pay our hard-working employees, or they'd get even more snarly-yarly and possibly start having two year old temper-tantrums. Neither is a fun situation. Please to stop being the definition of Unpleasable Fanbase.

Thank you.

Between that and taking down the Christmas tree (never a fun thing to do, and it's really bugging me today for some reason, which hasn't happened to me since I was twelve), plus I think I'm fighting a scratchy throat from one of the delightful little children who sneezed on me, I'm not having the best of days, and I was doing so good for a while there....
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Caution: contains some amount of ranting. This is a big issue full of triggers for me.

Emphatically *YES*. Not that kids should be sequestered away from "the birds and the bees" indefinitely, as some fundamentalist types would try and do, but there's just some things they don't need to see or know about until they've reached a certain age or they show signs that they're mature enough to handle it. And there's some things that people just don't want to see and should not have shoved in their faces if they don't want to view it. Case in point the guy with Asperger's Syndrome whom I de-friended, banned from my LJ and reported, since he inSISTed on posting lolicon and hentai doujinshi frames on his LJ, sans LJ-cut. Either one is a trigger for me, especially the lolicon: I have a family member who was sexually abused as a child and not a day goes by that I wish I could do something to take away her pain (including things that would require an LJ-cut for extreme violence. :: laughs:: ).

I tend to err on the side of caution in rating things, so what's PG-13 to some people would be a soft R for me, and what's R to some people would be an NC-17 for me. I think of rating systems as boundaries for what's acceptable content for a certain age bracket (calender age or emotional age: my mother jokingly says about R-rated movies, "Oops, that's too grown-up for me") and what isn't.

I don't think that requiring warnings, etc. would inhibit the creativity of any person with any amount of consideration for the sensibilities of their fellow human beings. If it's a deterrent, it makes me wonder if they were going for shock-value from the get-go. What people do in their own corner of the universe, behind LJ-cuts or closed doors, is none of my business, but once they pull it out into the open, where everyone from my mom's pen friend's ten year old grandson to one of my ninety-year-old customers at work to the nuns who go to Mass at St. Joe's in Lowell can see it, then it becomes a problem to everyone.
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...And another goes up in it's place. We've started phasing out the big Christmas tree by putting up a smaller tree, this time one of those wire-frame trees with multi-colored lights which usually show up in people's yards. In this case, we've bent up the ends of the branches so that I can hang my mom's huuuge collection of angel ornaments on them. It may not glow quite as brightly as the big tree, but it's a good way to ease away from it. The tree will come down on Candlemas (Feb. 2nd), but for now, I'm in the process of putting it up, which could take a while since we've got a choir's worth of angel ornaments.

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