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Hoo, where to start, since I've been an avid reader since age two (Mom read aloud to me, up to and including street signs as she pushed me in the stroller)?? I'll try and keep the list short:

The Arch Books Bible stories series: lovely picture book retellings of stories from the Old and the New Testament, with very lively writing.

Father Lovasik's St. Joseph Picture Books, particularly the Lives of the Saints.

Fifty Saints for Boys and Fifty Saints for Girls: very cleverly written short stories about the lives of the saints; I can't remember the author's name, but she's a British writer with an almost Jane Austen-like gift of snark.

The Color Faery Books by Andrew Lang: I might be annoyed with the way he sanitizes and bowlderizes some of the stories, but they're still good to start kids on, just for the sheer diversity of stories.

Anything by Edgar and Ingrid D'Aulaire, especially their Greek Myths and Norse Myths

Beatrix Potter: 'Nuff said, particularly The Fairy Caravan, which was my favorite book as an eleven year old.

Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass, particularly the version with illustrations by Mervyn Peake: his drawings just add a whole new level of weird to the story.

Coraline, and The Graveyard Book, both by Neil Gaiman. More weirdness!

A Wonder Book by Nathaniel Hawthorne

Little Women, et al by Louisa May Alcott

Anything by Laura Ingalls Wilder

Anything by Lucy Maude Montgomery (which, if you really look at them, are darker than they seem...)

Anything by Anne Pellowski

The Redwall novels by Brian Jacques (Granted, his stories can be a little bit all of a kind, but they're still a lot of fun)

Anything by J.R.R. Tolkien. Even the Silmarillion. Really. Because every kid needs some Elf soap opera to keep their life in perspective.

The Vampire Academy books by Richelle Mead, once they're a bit older

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