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I used to think that the tendency towards bubble-wrapping ones children against criticism or correction was something that happened elsewhere, but not in my area. I'm used to people screaming at their hyperactive munchkins when said munchkins are flailing in my lane because the parent didn't get them a box of Sugar Blasted Choco-Rox. Today, I saw with my own eyes the root cause of the speshul snowflake behavior which I've seen among teen authors of Mary Sue fics.

This obstreperous little six year old boy was coming through my lane: I knew the kid was going to be a pill from the moment he showed up, because he lobbed a can down the register, right toward me and he kept trying to scan things as the cashier is still finishing up scanning the previous order. Then, when the order was actually being scanned, and the mother pushes the carriage down to me to put the bags in, the kid would not stop climbing on the carriage, and then he almost rams me with it, complete with this baby-eating grin on his face. Finally, I told him to please stop playing with the carriage, and I looked him right in the eye as I did so, giving him the "I mean business" look, which wiped the evil widdle smirk off his face. Cue the little urchin running to his momma with the waterworks going. Cue the mother telling him it's all right, "that lady's just mean." And then she goes crying to my boss about that mean bagger who yelled at her kid (when I didn't even raise my voice: if anything, it dropped to a chilly, softspoken deadpan ala Thomas Gibson as Aaron Hotchner in Criminal Minds). Ugh.

No. "That Lady" is just trying to do her damn job, which would be easier if you would actually *DISCIPLINE* your little monster. I'm sorry, but telling your child that everyone who corrects them is "mean" when the child is clearly out of line is not doing them a favor. He's ramming carriages into grocery workers now, what's he going to do ten years from now when he's driving and he gets charged with vehicular manslaughter? Are you going to tell him that the judicial system is just "mean"?!

And I'd been minding my own business imagining the possibility of an anime cosplay-style staging of Gilbert & Sullivan's "The Mikado". Think twenty-something guys costumed like bishounen singing that opening chorus number and girls in schoolgirl uniforms singing "Three Little Maids from School". It would be a hoot! (Though it's likely been done already...)
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