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Autumn! I live in New England, so the leaves turning colors can be quite dramatic, particularly if we've had a good summer (not to wet, or the leaves drop off easily; not too dry, or the colors aren't quite as brilliant). I love the days getting shorter and cooler. I love the atmosphere: the earth is slowly going to sleep and as the trees drop their leaves, there's a lot of ambient energy being released. I love scuffing my feet through freshly fallen leaves.

Pumpkins and dried cornstalks in fields. Orchards that offer Pick Your Own Apples. The first minor frost when the plants start to look a little off, but aren't frozen outright.

An October wind blowing leaves around at twilight.

Going to the Topsfield Fair and taking in all the sights and sounds and smells.

Going to Salem, Mass. close to Hallowe'en, when things ramp up for their Haunted Happenings: I had a blast when I went for a walk through the side streets, seeing people walking around in costumes.

And of course: Hallowe'en!! My second favorite holiday after Christmas: costumes, ghost stories, spooky things going bump in the night. The way the twilight seems to close in especially quickly that night. That odd feeling that just hangs in the air the whole day, intensifying at night, till that black period of time between midnight and three a.m., when it feels like the physical world and the world of the spirits have melded.
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