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I headed downtown today to take care of some bank business, only to realize, once I got to the bank, that it closes early on Wednesdays. ::Headdesk:: Or since I wasn't near a desk ::Headwall:: I wanted to get started on my online Christmas shopping, but I guess that'll have to wait till tomorrow or Friday, when I get my paycheck. I really need to deposit some cash into the debit/credit account, since I just renewed my MxO subscription (more about that in a moment...).

And I badly needed to go to confession (especially since I missed going last Friday, since I had to work), but I realized I was late for the regular times for confession at St. Joseph's. Luckily, as I was sitting on the floor in front of the tabernacle, praying, a priest came along and asked me if I'd tripped and fallen. I replied, "No, Father, I'm just sitting here because I'm comfortable this way {{What I didn't say, is that I do this in honor of St. Mary Magdalen, who sat at Christ's feet when He visited her and her family...). If I'd tripped, you and the whole neighborhood would hear about it," the last bit said with what I hope looked like a self-deprecating smile. But I took the oppurtunity to ask him if I could make a quick confession, if it wasn't too much trouble, and he gladly heard my confession. Funny how these things work out in the end... Come to think of it, I kinda had tripped and fallen, ie. fallen into sin and I needed a hand up.

I'm still trying to buy a printer, so as yet, I'm printing stuff out at the Lowell Library (which was surprisingly quiet today...). While I was there, I checked up on my MxO subscription, which I thought I was having trouble with. When I renewed it last night, it confirmed that the payment went through, but the next billing date didn't click over on my account info page, which left me a little rattled: Last thing I need right now is to have to call up Sony Online Entertainment and try to cut through the red tape with that.

Also prowled around the message board on "danchia"'s "A.I." site There's someone on there who's been posted fanfics, and I'm planning on joining the messageboard and asking his permission to link/archive them to the AIFFOA.

And watch for a gallery of interesting (and funny lines) from the pop-up mission-related communiques from the MxO...
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