Jan. 27th, 2006

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WARNING: Headspace-dweller related rantage. May contain bad typing.

They're drawing a bead on Flood.

First the Merv, now his 2IC. What. The. Felch. Never heard of "don't shoot the messanger", devs?!

I only heard it from my friends in The Devil's Advocate (the Merv faction I run with), who've run more of the latest critical missions, that apparantly something wierd looks like it's gonna go down.

I don;t need to have two of my headspace dwellers in the gunsights, s'il vous plait. Stop putting a big red target on the back of the Merv's jacket, and don't put one on the Snarky Exile, the Monochrome Metrosexual, the Iceman... It shows up too easily: the Merv can take off his jacket and let the damn thing blend in with the red silk shirt he usually wears.

Sorry, I had to make a lame joke to make myself laugh.

Thus, Flood is in his own panic mode, and considering that this guy is a nervous drinker (ie. when he's nervous, he drinks more than his usual several mimosas spaced out in the course of an evening. A lot more.), he's proceeding to get himself pasted as fast as possible.
matrixrefugee: the word 'refugee' in electric green with a background of green matrix code (Constantine)
The latest rumor is that the church is suppposed to close by March 31st. Smack in middle of Lent. Can't they hold off till Easter (ie. April 16th this year)?! Besides, spring can be unpredictable, and do they really want to toss out the old folks who rely on the Cardinal Mediros Center that early? Maybe we can push this as far as Easter... and Trinity Sunday, our patronal feast... Maybe another Christmas, we *are* the "Christmas Church" after all...

The good news: O'Regan the wretch is resigning as pastor. Thank. God. Let's hope that the quietly charismatic Father Charles Higgins, a proponent of the Latin Mass who's also a really good priest and human, gets assigned to take his place. There's supposed to be some kind of reception for Father O'Regan this Sunday coming, but I can guarantee *I* won't be there. I couldn't keep a civil tongue in my head, for what he did to us.

And some crazy work stuff:

I was bagging at this one register, toward the end of my shift, when "Phuong" the supervisor pages me to come to the checkout. I finished up the order I was bagging, then turned around and called out, while waving my arms over my head, "Yoo-hoo, Phuong! I'm over here, bagging! Hell-LO!" I said it laughingly, in order help him "save face".
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Well, if there was anything to convince me I probably made the right decision when I took the Pledge when I turned 21, besides the much more important reason that there's bad alcoholism on both sides of my thankfully estranged extended family, it would be having a hungover Exile in my headspace. This isn't fun. Neither was having him trying to front all last night when I was trying to IM people. Sorry about the occasional drunk typing last night, people! I barely managed to get him back under control, but thankfully, he passed out. Then the headspace crazies, including Adrien his brother, and Feronus the werewolf, decided to have some fun with him. They wanted to strip Flood naked and chain him to a street sign smack in the middle of Downtown in the Mega-City, but I told them that might make him an easy mark for whoever's trying to bump him off. Then they almost took [livejournal.com profile] he_dreams_awake's suggestion to "Cover him with mustard and tell him you have no idea what happened to him." I put in a comprimise: strip Flood and put some of his brother's cheap, off-the-rack clothes on him.

Needless to say, he didn't stir till noon, aside from waking up when I woke up at 9.30 and in a weakened voice begging me to "Please shut the blinds before [he] went blind". I replied, "I can't, there's a balsam fir with red and white Christmas lights on it in the way. And you can't be too bad off if you can still do word play." but he'd gone back under before I got all that out.

So... I've had to put up with a ghost of a headache and ghost nausea all day. If he ever does this again, I just might throw him to the mercy of the Tinkertoy devs and tell them "Have at it!" No, really, I'm managing to keep my sense of humor. Thank heavens that "Psychology Today" magazine ran a cover article on dealing with narcissists... one of the cardinal rules: If you keep a narcissist in the right perspective, they're actually very funny.

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