Jan. 30th, 2006

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This just in: In-game!Flood is off the hook. I just did the last critical mission, and unless the wretched devs decide to pull something out of their ears between now and when the next update patch goes through, which will probably be in a month or so, we're probably safe from more headspace-dweller headaches.

So... it was Thursday night when the rumors started to fly that in-game!Flood was the next casualty for the Canon Cannon; I first found out about it when I had "jacked in" for a meeting on roleplaying in the MxO. It wasn't a bad meeting, until one of the other players in the faction I'm part of came in and announced to the rest of the faction that Flood was going down for bungling (accidently or on purpose, it's hard to tell, since Flood -- either version, theirs or mine -- plays his cards so close to his dove-grey silk vest that you never know if he's got any) a meeting with some of the Merv's contacts. As soon as I heard that, I and my player character, Sieges [which I think is pronounced something like "See-gezz",], were both nearly sick. Of course, Siggie blurted out that she's crushing on Flood, even though she's never actually met him yet. (She's somehow never met him in my headspace either, even though the Snarky Exile is in there almost *constantly*, which is really strange: I seem to have some sort of firewall in there, or maybe in-game stuff actually has some bearing on the dynamics of my headspace dwellers, and this firewall will be unlocked once she does meet him, but I digress...) This nearly torched off a catfight between Siggie and another female player-friend of hers -- nice to know that I'm/we're not the only Flood fan(s) out there -- since this other gal was also crushing on him. I could barely focus on the meeting after that.

I unhooked from the damn game and tuned into Radio Zero-One (I've made it a habit to unhook from the MxO before midnight, my time. I even tried to port it into the game, since there's several ingame radio stations out there... but no such luck. I was planning to share the word with everyone I could get ahold of...), and as the night progressed, our Flood, who as I mentioned elsewhere tends to drink more when he's nervous (I recently found out that in-game!Flood is a bit of a drinker as well... Not the first time that's happened with this fellow: I figured out that he's a bit of a ladykiller long before that I found out that's true of his in-game shadow self. Looks like there may be something going on for real in my noggin). Not just his usual several mimosas over the course of an evening. This guy was clearly trying to get himself smashed out of his head... code... whatever. His reasoning, "Well, if my shadow is ending up dead by virtue of the Canon Cannon, I've every right to have one last gaudy night and end up dead drunk." And yes, he started fronting. It was all I could do to keep myself coherent, thus the drunk typing when I was trying to IM people. I shared some of this with [livejournal.com profile] he_dreams_awake, who managed to help me keep my head up... He even devoted a rant on Radio Zero-One, about the way that Paul "Canon Casualities" Chadwick has annoyed him and annoyed us. And he reminded us all that the Marketing Brothers' stuff has less bearing on what really happened in their/our world than it really seems. That helped us (I and Flood) pull our wits together a little... or at least, it did for Flood, until the bourbon he'd been chugging all evening took full effect and he passed out on the floor of the Houseparty's space in my head.

Next morning, when I awoke, I was still trembling with apprehension, and then, around noon when Flood finally woke up and I felt him moving around in my brain, I realized I was getting ghosts of his collossal hangover. Not fun. If anyone thinks I'm doing this for fun, they've got another thought coming. I didn't sign up to have a drunk or hungover Exile in there. I didn't even sign up to have Flood in there to begin with: he just showed up a day or two after I first discovered him, when I read his character sheet over on the MxO website (I thought he sounded interesting, but since I'm really not keen on sarcastic people, I wasn't really fond of him, just from the character sheet alone. Then I started hearing this snarky, dry-witted Exile with a BBC-esque British accent yarking in my headspace... the rest is history).

I have to admit, we started to resign ourselves to the inevitable: considering Morpheus's assassination back in May, we were bracing ourselves for the worst. And the worst seemed inevitable, since people on the messageboard and ingame have been doing nothing but bad-mouth the Monochromatic Metrosexual. I'd even gotten the wacky idea that if in-game!Flood got offed, I was going to create an alternate character, a male redpill this time, model him after Flood (bleached-blond hair, lightly tanned complexion, lean physique and all... even costume him in similar shades of grey and black, with a replica of The Gloves, which our boy wears all the time), and write up a sheet that suggested the new fellow was Flood's illegitimate son by some human. Not sure if the MxO-verse is ready for Exile-human hybrids, but we've got one in DegSep...

Things hit bottom last night, when one of the mission communiques from in-game!Flood ended with this cryptic line: "This is it. I'm finished. [...] I'm taking you down with me if it's the last thing I do!" People on the message board figured this meant the Snarky Exile was about to be deleted by the Machines or castigated by the Merovingian. I was hoping for the latter, but considering that in-game!Merv deleted the leader of a palace uprising among his Lupine and Vampiric guards, I knew what that could mean... I was even considering cancelling my game membership and sending an annoyed message to the game devs, telling them why I quit.

Tonight, I jacked in with a certain amount of trepidation... The details would take way too long to describe, but suffice it to say, he's off the hook. I was rejoicing as I jacked out and logged onto Live365 to listen to Radio Zero-One...

About that same moment, the snarky fellow came into my forebrain, asking me "What kind of preposterous designs do they have levelled against my esteemed self now?"

Said I, "Well, they're letting your shadow-self off the hook."

At first he let out a deep-throated sigh of relief. Then, probably completely embarassed with himself for his lousy conduct the other night, he promptly face-palmed, or face-gloved -- rather -- and left my forebrain fuming.

I'm getting a little tired of being jerked around, and that's why... Interesting plot developments, but someone remind the devs that the Exiles need their peace. There's an obvious Zionite slant in the devs, and it's really starting to bug me. Anyone who knows me, knows that I completely empathize with the Exiles: the Matrix is their home, and if it is taken down, it will be catastrophic for all parties involved. If anything, the humans should be siding with the Exiles in trying to overthrow the Machines; the Matrix would be better off with the Exiles running it. But the problem is there's distrust on both sides: the humans distrust the Exiles since they're, y'know, OMG TEH EV0L AIs!!111111, and the Exiles distrust the humans, since they haven't always fared well at their hands. Our Flood could tell you some horror stories about getting kicked around by some less-than-open-hearted Redpills. But the Exiles, as I know them, are willing to take the necessary risk and try to get the humans to see their point of view.

Sometimes I think I understand my headspace-dwellers' world better than the canon creators do.

And in the spirit of self-parody, since Flood himself is practically a walking parody, I couldn't resist a short headspace-dweller filk:

What do we do with the drunken Exile?
What do we do with the drunken Exile?
What do we do with the drunken Exile?
Living in my headspace?

Throw 'im to the game devs, let them have 'im.
Throw 'im to the game devs, let them have 'im.
Throw 'im to the game devs, let them have 'im.
Get him outta my headspace!"

Kidding, just kidding....
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