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Just did some housekeeping (website-keeping? website-mastering?) on the AIFFOA; I added a couple of links to a couple of new fics. And just for spit and giggles, I took a look at ff.n's "A.I." page.


Someone has infiltrated the fandom with a random humor fic. Mind you, I like humor fics that have a certain amount of *inspired* randomness. But randomness of the "everyone-running-around-yelling-'CHEEEEZZZ!!!1111'" variety puts my teeth on edge. As does *this* person's tendency to include random insane muses into the dramtis personae. And a songfic to an Evanesence song. Mind you, I'm a fan of Evenesence, but considering the way the fanbrats abuse their songs, I've had to relegate them to the same category as Orlando Bloom, ie. the "I like them, but considering the way they get fanbratted, I'm ashamed to admit to being a fan" category.

And I finally sat down and watched "Fight Club" last night.

Whoa. One of those rare times when the movie is just as good as the book! And it helped clear my head of the indignation I'd been feeling over the anNOYing "Tuesday Night Book Club" ad on CBS, with someone misappropriating the infamous "The first rule of fight club..." line. Honestly, if Chuck Palaniuk (sp???) could have a quarter for every time some lamer has misappropriated that line....

Heh, I wonder what Project Mayhem would do to TV executives. Though I don't go for the violent aspects, part of me would love to be in on a stunt of that nature.

Okay, folks, your homework assignment is to dream up ways you'd like to bedevil TV execs who let their writers misappropriate good ideas.

Date: 2006-06-25 08:51 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
B, but I -like- Evanescence...

Date: 2006-06-25 09:40 pm (UTC)

Date: 2006-06-26 03:38 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
While rooting around in the Virgin megastore the other day, I noticed that Evenesence has more tribute albums than albums of their own, which is an...odd thought, I suppose.
As for the television execs, hmm...considering all the television I seem to watch these days ("What's The Story in Ballamory?", "Rolly Polly Ollie" and about 500 other shows with cutesy rhyming titles) isn't exactly GEARED towards people my age...just in general, then?
Remember the giant Creme Egg from
You know how sickeningly sweet that creme can get, to the point of making your gums ache?
You know how to use a funnel, right?
I think you can finish this thought.

(and no,it wasn't a typo, had to change the name due to legal issues, and if you go onto the projects gallery page, I must say that I think the pimped milk biscuit is perhaps the best, most on-the-mark pimp to date)

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