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None of this is liable to make much sense since I had a cruddy day, up to and including almost having a meltdown because a young man with Tourette's Syndrome was in the lane next to mine and I was overstimulated already. It wasn't his fault: it was the fault of the bad wiring in my head.

Had "one of those days" at work: despite the fact that everyone was going on about how nice it was outside (and it was very nice today: I didn't have to wear my scarf or my thermals for the first time in weeks), they all came crowding into the store. Buh? Shouldn't they be out enjoying the sunshine? (Unless they did that over the weekend and now they need to play catch-up on buying groceries)

Also *wince*, I stumbled across Saki/young!Muraki shipper-fic. Ugh... Incest, unless canonic, is my major pet-peeve for personal reasons (ie. bad stuff along those lines happening in my extended family), and while I don't doubt that Saki probably did some genuinely horrible things to Kazu-kun, which may be yet another reason he's devolved into the monster that he is now (the abused can, on occasion, develop into abusers themselves), please remember these guys are *blood relatives* and *brothers*, even if they have different mothers? It's as bad as lovey-dovey older!Muraki/Hisoka fic (which really bugs me, unless it's made clear that Hisoka is suffering from some kind of Stockholm Syndrome). Really. Please to not be putting the Leather Pants on Draco? I swear, some of these kids need to be obliged to watch marathons of "Criminal Minds" until they get it through their heads: I have a hard time writing Muraki after I've been watching CM (but I suppose the girls who put the Leather Pants on Draco are also cut from the same cloth as the housewives who write love-letters to serial-killers in prison).

Date: 2010-03-09 07:23 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Yeah, people are odd like that.

As for the incest, I imagine it's the classic case of, "two things I'm attracted to doubles the hotness" (which is the mentality of many yaoi fangirls and yuri fanboys.) Also, incest is one of those "forbidden" fantasies, which (like rape and catholic school girls) has a habit of getting people tingly.

... ^^; I don't know why I'm all explain-y today. In either case, I'm sorry you had a bad day. *hugs*

Date: 2010-03-10 01:12 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I actually agree with you on that couple. Young!MurxSaki is terrible. (And this is coming a Muraki fan that loves to sprinkle in InsaneMotherxSon freudian subtext in her fanon. So you know it's wrong.) I did run in on Reawakened!SakixMur fic at one. Which was even creepy since Saki still had a body of a teenager. *shudders* Also I detest Muraki involved fluff fic... (Unless Uykou is involved, and even then... some darkness has to encrouch.)

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