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At last, I posted another of these, and while I hesitated about how to write it, I'm pleased with how it came out.

A red rose and a white rose tied together with a golden silk ribbon, for Henry and Monica Swinton;
A tiny pink rosebud and a thick thorny stem without any blossoms at all for Kenpachi Zaraki and Yachiru
A rose so dark a red that it is almost maroon, with heavy thorns hidden under its lush green leaves, and a brighter red rose with few thorns, tied together with a delicate silver chain, for the Merovingian and Neo
A twig of pink and a twig of white wild roses, with thick, brambly stems, bound together with a red velvet cord, for Phedre no Delaunay and Melisande Shahrizai.
A small blue rose and a white and yellow daisy tied together with a big blue ribbon for David and Teddy
A small black rosebud for Rukia Kuchiki
A tiny white rosebud and a brilliant red rose with sharp thorns for Ukyou Sakuraiji and Kazutaka Muraki
A pink single rose and a white one for Rosie Cotton and Samwise Gamgee.

A silver rose and a faded red rose, for Gigolo Joe and Dr. Allen Hobby

"Unexpected Variables"

by "Matrix Refugee"

DISCLAIMER: I do not own “A.I., Artificial Intelligence”, its characters, settings, concepts or other indicia, which are the property of the late, great Stanley Kubrick, of DreamWorks SKG, Steven Spielberg, Warner Brothers, Amblin Entertainment, et al, based on characters and concepts created by Brian Aldiss

Author's Note: I'm almost embarrassed to write this fic, not because of the pairing involved, but because the bar on writing it and writing it with quality and attention to detail has been set very high and this by one of the people whose writing caused me to reconsider slash as an artform. But I'm rather proud of how well it turned out. Written for "Crowdog66" who requested "attraction". This came out as a sister-fic to "Joe as Foster-Father, but precedes Archive Retrieval


Perhaps it was a twinge of conscience that kept Hobby awake, or perhaps it was simple loneliness. But deep in the night, when the rest of Cybertronics lay in darkness tempered only by strips of indirect lighting in the corridors and the soft glow from monitors left on in empty offices, Hobby rose from the bed in his apartment and descended to his office, where Joe sat alone, turned off, seemingly asleep.

Or perhaps it was a twinge of something far different than his conscience. He found himself noticing, perhaps for the first time since the unit had been intercepted and brought back to Cybertronics, how beautiful Joe truly looked. His designers possibly had a Greek statue in mind -- perhaps Eros or Adonis -- when they had shaped the mecha's face and form.

Even under his garments one could tell that he had a lightly yet gracefully muscled form, not too robust, though he knew that more virile-looking models existed, though he tended to consider those an eyesore. But this boyish, almost androgynous beauty made the unit more accessible, approachable, even endearing.

As he pondered all this, he realized that he had stopped looking at Joe with the eyes of a designer, but with the eyes of a human. For perhaps the first time, he felt himself attracted to a male being, albeit one that was male by design. A momentary twinge of something like guilt or shame ran through his heart and

he wondered if these feelings resulted simply from a proximity attraction or from the loneliness which had kept him awake in the first place. As far as Hobby knew, his preferences had always run toward women: He had had a sweetheart in high school, but they had drifted apart after college. He and Carole had met in college, and while it hadn't been love at first sight, or a torridly passionate affair, they had forged a deep connection that had faded only when David -- their son, David -- had died of Sinclair's Syndrome. They still kept up a friendship, but they love they had had flickered and gone out with the light they had kindled together. Since then, he had largely devoted his energy to his work; perhaps the only time he gave much thought to matters of a more intimate matter was when he assisted in the trials of a new companion model, with Sheila as one of the most recent designs. Jokes were made about him being the stereotyped academic married to his work and he knew that the critics delighted in pointing out his lack of a romantic partner, for all his talk about love and introducing the ability to love into the Mecha mind. He generally gave these comments no heed, acknowledging them only to comment that these remarks only proved his point that the next step in Mecha development was to give them something which too many humans had lost sight of.

But as he gazed at Joe, he could not bring himself to switch on the unit and allow him to alleviate, on whatever level, some of the loneliness which kept him awake that night. Though the unit was, as he knew from the literature available, considered one of the best of its kind, adept at seduction and offering solace to a lonely heart and thus one of the most sought-after, he could not bring himself to see what made Joe's kind so desired and desirable. To act on his attraction to this unit was a step toward a boundary that somehow should not be crossed, like carrying on a relationship with the close friend of one's child, even if that friend were an adult who had approached you in the first place. And Joe, it could not be denied, was the closest thing to a friend which David -- the David he had designed -- had had out there in the world.

He wanted to reach out and caress the unit's smooth cheek, but he knew that if he indulged even that small desire, he would likely want more, and he did not know if he could do this in good conscience, knowing where his proclivities lay and knowing what he might have to do later on to this unit, if he was ever to unlock the secrets which David had left behind. There were too many variables involved that he did not know if he wanted to take the risks that he would incur...

Date: 2010-04-04 02:43 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Truly poignant and beautiful. :)

I'd write more, but I'm not feeling very well right now. I'll offer more praise when my belly and head don't hurt as much, and I'm up to putting words together more effectively.

Date: 2010-04-06 05:17 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
:: Offers a huge, if belated hug:: Just knowing that you read it and enjoyed it is praise enough.

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