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Have been trying to log onto the pirate signal all afternoon and evening, but it didn't manage to go through until just now at the stroke of ten PM. Odd since this is my usual hour to hop on to tag RP entries, etc.

Two long, tiring days at work, back to back (I specifically asked to work the holiday yesterday, as it's time and a half and I need the cash). Still have not called Verizon as I have just been too darn busy between work, etc. The three of us went to the cemetery last night to put flowers on my grandfather's grave. Dad even went to the trouble of adding a curved stone above the headstone to keep the soil from washing down and filling in the lettering on it (as it's apt to do).

Finished reading the first third of the Gormenghast trio and am quite a bit of a way through book two (whilst waiting for the pirate signal to become clear), surprised at how much I'd forgotten, but then again, it was ten years ago that I first read the bricks, and that wasn't the best time in my life, either so those two years are a bit of a haze anyway (broken engagement, working, etc.). In case anyone's wondering how I first found out about it, it was from seeing the previews for the miniseries on the local PBS station, and then spotting the omnibus edition at the Pollard Library in Lowell a week or two later.

And yes, I was a bit of a Steerpike fangirl from the start.

The night I got the laptop, I'd also hit up the Salem Barnes & Noble, where I'd picked up the first of Richard Kadrey's "Sandman Slim" series, aka "Stark's canon" to the [ profile] carpe_ho_ras crew. You know you're part of it when you think of something as "so and so's canon".

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