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Written for [ profile] comment_fic's "Yami no Matsuei, Muraki/Oriya/Ukyou (shipping not required), college innocence"

Summary: In which a college-aged Muraki has to be tricked into attending his own twenty-first birthday party.

Muraki's twenty-first birthday happened to fall about the same time that he had an important paper due. Since the apartment which he, Oriya and Ukyou were sharing was tiny, he'd holed himself up in a closet in the bedroom to work on it. That didn't stop his friend and his soon to be fiancee from continuing to prepare the party they'd been planning for weeks, as well as greeting the guests who arrived.

Every so often during the festivities, Oriya would approach the door to the closet and bang on it; the typing sounds inside would then stop. "What is it?" Kazutaka would reply, his annoyance intensifying at subsequent visits.

"Come on out, you're spoiling your own party," Oriya called.

"I still have a bit left to type," Kazutaka called back.

Finally, Matsuka, one of Ukyou's classmates hit on a plan to lure the guest of honor out of his hiding place. "Ukyou, you know you shouldn't drink so much so early in the evening," he called, loud enough for Kazutaka to hear from the other room.

"This isn't going to work," Ukyou argued, but her eyes were snapping with amusement.

"Hey, don't take yer blouse off," Oriya snarled. "Do you want to make Kazutaka jealous?"

"Oriyaaaa, he's gonna get mad," Ukyou pleaded, trying not to laugh.

"Oh no, not the skirt, too! Aiiieeeee!" wailed Misato, who'd been Oriya and Kazutaka's lab partner for most of the year.

The typing sounds stopped abruptly and they heard the closet door shoot back as Kazutaka stalked into the room. "What are you doing to my girlfriend?" he started to demand, trying to be angry but his eyes said otherwise.

"Well, look, the birthday boy lives after all," Oriya said, dragging him into the midst of the guests.

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