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Author's Note: Written for [ profile] comment_fic's "any, any, blowing stuff up and then having a glass of wine to celebrate the accomplishment". Set at the end of the King of Swords arc

Summary: In which Muraki broodingly celebrates an explosive accomplishment...

Every asset has the danger of becoming a liability, and the Queen Camellia had become just that. At least Muraki had had the foresight to cut his losses, albeit in a dramatic fashion, and in a way that made it seem he had been victimized by the ordeal.

The hardest part -- aside from reawakening from the torpor he'd dropped into -- had been coordinating his escape via helicopter, but Sakaki, dutiful and precise as always, had managed to fly in, right in the nick of time and pull him to safety.

Now the burning ship lay sinking below them; an aftershock hit them even at their height, like a gust of wind, but they managed to stay aloft. Muraki glanced over his shoulder to Sakaki, seated at the controls, relieved at the older man's presence and cool headedness.

"I knew you would pull through, sir, even when Kakyouin contacted me with the report of your demise," Sakaki said, reassuringly.

"You know my constitution can handle things that would kill most people, but I'm not indestructible," Muraki replied. "I'm famished after all that." The mayhem and the lives he had had destroyed had helped to sustain him, but even then, his energy reserves were low, which, given his nature, was never a good thing.

"There's a bottle of red wine in the cooler by your feet, if you need something to steady yourself," Sakaki said, glancing backward to indicate it.

"A glass of wine to toast a Pyrrhic victory?" Muraki asked, ironically, as he stooped to open the cooler and take out the bottle of blood wine there.

Even still, he raised his glass and silently made a toast to Kakyouin and his blindness, to Tsubaki and her foolhardy innocence, to lives destroyed because one man couldn't keep his conscience quiet at the right time. And to that damned shinigami for tracking him down and confronting him. May they see each other in due time, and perhaps, rather than kissing with an explosion in the background, they would embrace in a shower of roses...

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