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The problems with the comp turned out to be:

A bunch of dust, and the bearings are starting to go in the fan for the power supply. I'm ordering a replacement for the power supply, but I think we're going with "hang onto the part until the power supply actually quits" since, according to the nice guy from Geek Housecalls who came last night, I might have another six months to a year on the power supply.

Had to work a long shift this morning and I'm a bit tired. Not sure how much I'll get done on the NaNo today, and while I'm a week ahead on my word count, I really don't want to fall behind since they want me to come in at nine on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of next week. In theory, if I can keep up the momentum I've had most of this month, I may be able to finish my word count by this coming Sunday. I did manage to scribble down a couple hundred words while I was on my lunch break.
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I've managed to patch several gaping plot holes (including my "why do they send Asato out to take on Shemyaza instead of Azazel or Kushiel??" Fridge Logic moment). I finally have the entire plot mapped out from start to finish and this is making writing a lot easier, since the grand tapestry is now hanging on the wall of my mind. All I have to do now is describe its intricate details...

Other than that, a quiet day of housework and errands, including getting next week's schedule at work: I managed to score a few more hours. And also, come to find out that it appears my workplace arch-nemesis, "Wanda the Queen of Whining", no longer works there (which I'd suspected for several weeks now); I suspect it had everything to do with her creating a hostile work environment. This gal would literally complain about everything, and if nothing bad was happening, she'd amplify the little problems into huge ones. Like... paying bills. As if she was the only person in the world who had bills to pay. I tried once to point out that she's not alone:

Me: "I got bills to pay, too: I've got my cellphone and my Internet access, plus I'm paying rent to my parents."

"Wanda": "Your own parents make you pay rent?! That's not fair!" (And "fair" was pronounced in three syllables, like a whiny ten year old saying it, so it came out "fay-ur-uh" Add to this: Wanda turned 50 this past February. Yeah. This is why I'm not sad to see her go.)

Me: "Well, I'm living in their house, eating their food and using their utilities, the least I could do is pitch in to help with the bills."
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Had to work an afternoon shift today: and Fridays in a grocery store can be like one of the outer rings of Dante's Inferno. Gaah...

Also, a note to Please stop accepting malware in your advertising. Thank you.

At least AVG caught the bug before it could do any damage, but it's ticking me off, as I was in the middle of reading a very funny yet touching and surprisingly IC alternate take on Episode 20 of Evangelion: in this case, Shinji re-emerges from Unit 01... as a *baby* and Misato has to knuckle down and get more serious about being a guardian... with some help from Rei, who proves she might just have some memories left over from her genetic template...
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...Someone on the EvaGeeks forum pointed me toward an eBay listing for NGE vols 8 & 9: the dealer wants to unload them stat, so thankfully there's a Buy It Now price. The downside is, he's in England and I'll have to pay extra postage, *if* the dealer is willing to change his standard operating procedure and ship overseas. Wish me luck and put out good vibes (who's the patron saint of bookselling? I want to think it's my crabby, snarky "friend" St. Jerome) that I finally land this (Okay, yes, that means I'll have a duplicate vol 8, but I can probably sell it to Larry the Comics Guy. Maybe not, since it does feature the wintry one's backstory...).

Cut for work woes )
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I'm on call for work tomorrow, so good news and bad news: I may get called in so I can score more hours, but that means I have to stick close to home.

Also had to deal with bagging for "Wanda the Whiner" first thing this morning: my God, she sounds like a thirteen year old girl sometimes. Clinical depression aside, I swear, a person is only as happy as they decide to be, and she is one of those cases. If she isn't having a bad day, she finds a reason to. Fortunately "Mick" the supervisor found me someone else to bag for, plus it was quiet and I ended up doing overstock for most of the shift.

Lack of writing motivation: I have maybe a handful of paragraphs left for the second of my two [ profile] 31_days Amnesty Day fics, but I cannot seem to get myself into the right frame of mind. Might be because this chapter ties into the dreaded Episode 22, aka the mind-rape set to Handel's "Hallelujah Chorus". I've rewatched the episode twice this week and I'm still having trouble finishing this damn thing. It's not for lack of motivation, I guess it's because this is such a grueling segment to deal with. Heaven help us, I've gone over it so many times, I am almost starting to not just feel bad for "that little red-haired girl", but also feel some of the mental anguish she endures. (No, I don't like Asuka: I've come to an understanding of her, but I still really don't like her. That's one reason she's been glaringly absent from Neon Enoch Evangelion, the main reason being, Sabia really doesn't cross paths with the Eva pilots much.)

So I've been digging around looking for Evangelion tchotchkes I may or may not buy: found a NERV logo coffee mug which would look snazzy on my desk. Also found a NERV logo journal, which would be perfect as a project bible for "NEE", though I found a quicker and dirtier way to make a journal: just print out the "PROPERTY OF NERV" logo in this journal entry and slap it onto a plain ol' notebook. I'm tempted to make a mock-up of Sabia's personal journal using this.
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Either my sinuses have flared up royally, or I have another cold >.< At least I have today off, so I can rest a bit and try to recuperate (though I'll probably wind up nose-deep in more fanfiction). Sad thing is, I only have one day of work this week, so I've either got to have another little talk with my boss, or I need to find another source of income: I've noticed that LiveJournal is now working in tandem with another new print on demand service, so I'm wondering if I should try and get moving with some older projects, case in point "Motion to Deactivate", which began life as a crossover between "A.I.: Artificial Intelligence" and a small bit in "The Animatrix: Second Renaissance, Part One", and which I'd later filed all the serial numbers off...

Other than that, it's been fairly quiet all weekend. I've started to get worried that I scared people away from this journal, what with the copious amount of fanfic I've been posting. I'd post it to the usual places (, the one or two NGE comms I frequent), but the fragmentary nature of the beast gives me reason to be prudent and wait on that. Maybe I'm limiting myself by following the [ profile] 31_days prompts, though I'm having too much fun matching things up to said prompts. Maybe I should find more prompt comms and try working with what they have to offer. I know how the story begins, I just have to commit it to the page and in the meantime, I have to work out a few logic bugs.
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My sinuses are utterly haywire, due to the fact that we've barely had any rain all month (and May is generally the monsoon season here), and thus the pollen isn't getting washed out of the air. Thus, I've been miserable the past few days: sneezing, sniffling, my eyes sore and running, my sinuses swollen. Not a pretty picture. Add to this, I've barely been able to sleep, due to all of the above. Yes, I took some Zyrtec. It just seems it's not designed for abominable weather conditions.

The kicker? the whiners at work have been whining about "all this wretched rain". Every time even the smallest cloud passes over the sun, they start whimpering, "oh noez, its going 2 RAIN!!1111". Are they all made out of the same stuff as the Wicked Witch of the West in "the Wizard of Oz" and they'll melt if they get wet? I almost wish they would so I don't have to listen to them and so they'll be put put out of their misery.
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Pre-Easter 2009 craziness at work, that is. We have a new front end manager at work, and he's considerably more of a stickler about hours than "the Major" was: he was really insistent that we all work the four days leading up to Easter, which I wasn't really a fan of doing, thanks to my well-documented neurological issues, and the usual craziness at the holidays. I managed to work out a compromise, and I only worked yesterday and today, besides Monday and Tuesday. Which meant I just pulled in a twenty-hour work week with a brain that can really handle only five hour shifts three or four days a week. If I sound a little ragged and if there are any typos in this entry, this is why: my hands feel like someone's been hitting them repeatedly with boxes of cereal, because that's what's been happening to them, and my brain feels like it's wrapped in cotton wool with shards of glass embedded in it.

More in the next entry, which I decided to save for those whom I really trust...
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Inventory night, and I think I need a break from work. The question is, if I can afford it. Money isn't much of an issue, as much as my sanity is. And frankly, the environment at work is toxic. People lately, co-workers and customers alike, seem whinier than ever, and I really am tired of hearing about everything that's wrong in the universe, when I have enough of my own darkness to deal with. When I just want to hear about something good and uplifting. I come home from work feeling like I've been crawling through raw sewage. A fall of snow can give me reasons to be joyful, but that joy is soon destroyed under a barrage of howling from people who seem to have forgotten that childhood feeling of glee...

I don't feel like I'm meant for this world, and I wish I could find one where I fit...

But I have one thing to be happy about: My draggies hatched in the night!

Adopt one today! || Adopt one today! || Adopt one today! || Adopt one today! || Adopt one today!
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... and your co-workers have joined the legions of the whining undead, reach for the Evangelion random humor your brain generates! In order to filter out the whinging, my mind decided to play with mash-up names (ala TomKat or Brangelina in the tabloids) for the strange Gendo Ikari/Kouzou Fuyutuski fanart. At last count I came up with:


Gonzo (but that's already the name of an anime production company and/or one of Jim Henson's Muppets)

And the cringe-inducing Fuyukari.

And yes, someone in my headspace was facepalming. I need another member of the Houseparty like I need a hole in my head.

Then an old woman was going on about how she rarely gets to see her grandkids; my first thought was, Gee, maybe all your whining makes your kids not want to bring their kids near you. Which got me to thinking of the old bat who thinks global warming is great since -- her words -- "There won't have to be any more winter."

So my EoE-scarred mind got to thinking, "There's probably some old bat in the Third Impact sequence who thought, 'Instrumentality is great! Then I won't have to miss my grandkids.' And then the grandkids reject Instrumentality... If things go back to normal post-EoE, Shinji Ikari should never get a job bagging groceries! There are worse things you can do for work, than piloting a temperamental 500-meter tall biomechanoid robot and fighting weird-looking creatures!"

...Someone could draw a very funny omake based off that last paragraph...
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I honestly hope I either die young and painlessly, or that 2012 really is the end of the world (My luck it winds up looking like the Instrumentality sequence in End of Evangelion. :: Gases up the motorboat to run it across the sea of LCL...:: [Yes, currently rewatching Evangelion, due to an attack of the killer Eva plot bunnies of doom])

First customer of Thanksgiving Insanity 2008 was a "Mrs. Tolliver", ie. what I call those evil nit-picky old ladies, who then went whining to management about a bagging job that I screwed up. How the hell am I supposed to know what the frig the old bat mumbled at me when there's registers beeping/people talking/babies crying all around me, and I have Sensory Integration Problems?! I can't hear an old lady mumbling her orders on how her friggin' bags are supposed to be bagged over all that racket.

:: Growls::
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Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
8,453 / 50,000

Emotionally not having a good day. Devastated by the election results, and that's all I want to say about it. To quote Bert Brecht's "Schweyk in the Second World War": "Drink your liquor and drink your beer/But talk no politics in here."

Thus, did not have a good day at work. Hearing a cashier say there's no such thing as ADHD ("Mick", one of the supervisors, said something jokingly about him having "an ADHD moment" and he has the condition), just because the condition hadn't been identified when she was a kid, felt like someone had come up to me and shot me in the face. I had a touch of it when I was a kid, but I grew out of it. I suppose, on that note, there's no such thing as infectious disease because the microbes that cause it weren't identified until the 1800s.

I feel like crawling into a hole and hiding from the human race for a while, so I'm using this time to get very much ahead on my novel.
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...Oddly enough, the heead-in-a-vise feeling happens either when I'm at work or when my mother is yattering at me, thus this has been leading to more than the usual computer-room dwelling.

SUNDAY: Inventory night, and thankfully for the third time in a row, I didn't have to help inventory the freezer cases. One of the teenaged chickies who insist on wearing boobie blouses in the dead of winter had to. Instead, I was inventorying about twenty feet of the pasta sauce aisle (which went like the proverbial well-oiled machine, since I was with a group of well-organized people) and about four feet of the canned vegetable aisle (which took longer because I was working with teenagers who kept bickering over who was counting what).

YESTERDAY: I think I'm fighting the cold my mother has, so I ended up calling in sick. Usually, she yatters at me for not sleeping enough, today she yattered at me for sleeping too much. I can't win.

TODAY: Tried working on some writing, but I kept getting interrupted by my mother bugging me. Any ideas how to keep her from bothering me when I'm trying to write, and then explain to her why I can't get stuff done, after she kept bugging me? Locking the door to my room, putting on AC/DC to near-blasting levels, notes on the door, nothing seems to work. Now I know why Neil Gaiman has a writing cabin he retreats to when he's working...
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All  I'm going to say about my day so far is this quote from someone's forum signature:

"Be kind to other people: the rest of the human race outnumbers you 6 billion to one."

With this added codicil:

"This applies to retail workers. Especially ones more than half your age, since they will be the ones voting whether or not euthanasia should be legalized, particularly for decrepit free-loaders who have worn out their welcome on this planet..."
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Thanks to a bagging frame falling right on my toes. Owch. I'll be taking it easy the rest of the day. :: Limps away from the keyboard::
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I went looking at the local pharmacy for kava-kava, which like valerian root, is supposed to be good for depression. Two very nice, helpful clerks came to my aid as I hunted through the nine bzillion different vitamin and herb supplements... and lo and behold, I spotted three bottles of 5-HTP. I bought one, and I'm planning to buy the other two tomorrow, thus stock-piling it while I work on finding the kava-kava as well as looking into some of the other suggestions you folks sent. Just took a caplet and I'm feeling more like myself already.

This sure makes up for cutting my finger at work on someone's dumb paper bags. Unfortunately, it has to be my righrt index finger that;s now bandaged, which is making my typing even more erratic than usual. Ah well, the bandages'll be off in a day or two.
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"Phuong", my supervisor at work, convieniently forget to send me home until I'd been there an hour more than I was scheduled for -- I wonder if he convieniently forgot on purpose...

Also, he and "Lola", one of the assistants, shook down this week's schedule and found five and a half more hours for me. This will definately help my situation: not sure how soon it'll rebalance my budget. I'm still going to suspend my MxO account at least for next month.

Little bit of sad fannish news: The new episodes of "Supernatural" won't be airing till October (good time of the year for it, though). And I've heard that "Law & Order" won't start up till January, 2008. Strange.
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Yesterday: a certain evil manager's day off, so I actually had a decent day. But there is some good news: Nosferatu Jr.'s second-in-command, "Phuong", asked me if I could come in Friday, since they're a little short-handed that day. I could have hugged and kissed him for that, but watch Nosferatu Jr. put the bite on him tomorrow for calling in extra help.

Also, the husband of one of my co-workers passed away very unexpectedly: we haven't been told why, but if you could keep her in your prayers, that would be a blessing for her.

In the meantime, I'm still working on "An Issue of Blood", and now I'm starting to get a few ideas for a sequel of sorts to it, in which the protagonist adjusts to her new state of existence.
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Not the real name of the store where I work, and apologies for the mangled paraphrase of a quote from "Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure".

Thankfully it was the Major's day off, so I had a reprieve from his obnoxiousness for one day. I just have to put up with him the rest of the week.

More delights from him: He's doing away with the notebook we were jotting down our requests for days off. If we want a day off, we have to go directly to him and ask him. I don't even like talking to this jerk since he consistently talks down to me, like I'm a teenager, when for God's sake I'm turning freakin' *30* in five days, dangit!.

Also, he's been grilling people on what they're doing on their days off when they consistently turn down his demands that they come in on said days off. I'm looking for a few good suggestions for things to say to this guy in the event that he tries getting me over a barrel like this.

In better news -- well, funnier anyway... we don't what was going on, but about two this afternoon, two guys in their late teens/early twenties pulled up in front of the building in a convertible with the top down, took a big blanket out of the back seat of the car, spread the blanket on the ground and then started *dancing* on the blanket for about three or four minutes. Long enough for everyone in the front end to turn and stare at them, through the window. Then they picked up the blanket, tossed it back into the car, got in the front seat and sped away. We're not sure what that was about. If this was September, I'd think it was some sort of bizarre initiation ritual for a fraternity at one of the local colleges.
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Warm weather has descended on us: I had to take the flannel sheets off the bed the other night; I'll miss them till next fall (I love the feel of flannel). Now I'm trying to dig out my electric fans, but my dad seems to have buried them under the Christmas stuff.

And in other news, it looks like the Major is striking back after the store manager told him to lighten up: he left a note attached to the schedule stating 1.) we have to have our day off requests in by *Tuesday* of the previous week, when it used to be Thursday; and 2.) you can no longer call in for your hours. Now, I can bear with the first, but the second... what the yell do you do if you're out of town and you don't get in till late Sunday night for some reason?! And people accuse *me* of not living in the real world...

Well, I'm consoling myself with these four funny "Hellsing" humor-fics:
A Day in the Lives of Walter and Integra

A Day in the Lives (?) of Seras and Alucard

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