Jan. 20th, 2006

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Despite the howling going on in my head from a certain quarter... Short shift at work today, so I was able to get back to working on a couple writing projects, most notably a piece which I hope to electronically record and have broadcasted on Radio Zero-One (( ::Points to the link in her Links list up above:: )). The Exiles want to have their plight described and broadcast to the world, and this is the perfect forum. The other, much less serious... yep, "This Shouldn't Be Happening". The ending is almost finished, I just have to write the middle of it...

Went poking around in Home Goods: the Merv started drooling when I spotted some $20 throw pillows. Apparantly, he's got this thing for throw pillows, has a pile of them at the head of his bed in the Chateau. I'm of a mind to buy a few, to give him something a little familiar for those moments when he pops into my head as I'm settling down to sleep; that's usually when he shows up (No, he is not trying to cop a feel from the inside; he just chooses this time to compare notes) for the longest stretch, for some wierd reason. and then there's the times when, well, I get a sense of what he and Ref are up to... ::Blushing::

Sieges had a happy evening running missions and clobbering goons. She's got her Dual SMGs and she's so not afraid to use 'em!
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