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I'm not going to link it up for reasons that will become clear in a moment.

There is a pedophilia fic in the "A.I." section on I only read a few paragraphs, andI've just reported it, but it has me twitching. The writing at least was better than the writing in the gawd-awful thing that I ran across a long time ago (and which I sent to be viciously sporked on GAFF back in the days of the orange boards), but that's still no excuse for it. Yes, I know the David-bots are just robots, but for God's sake, they are still *CHILD ROBOTS*. Implanting certain protocols such as you'd find in a certain hot piece of titanium and silicon doesn't really change things, David is still a *CHILD ROBOT*. Doing that just makes him a robot with protocols beyond his original programming, and it could cause some kind of conflict in his parameters, the way exposing a kid to certain things before they're ready for it can mess them up. Remember my story involving a David model that had been sexually abused by his mother? God and ye gods, was this badficcer used as a sex-toy by his pedophiliac father?! If you have those kinds of urges, either Get Some Serious Mental Health Help before you hurt a kid, or find a short prostitute who specializes in role-playing as a kid. I remember reading a book about one of the regulated brothels in Nevada, where one of the women there specialized in this kind of thing, and she hoped it helped someone from hurting their kid or someone else's.

This actually has me mad enough to write a response of sorts to it. I've been watching "Ghost in the Shell: Stand-Alone Complex" and I'm now tempted to write a story involving Section 9 breaking a child bot-prostitution ring. That might be a bit out of their jurisdiction, but I have a feeling Dr. Allen Hobby (yes, I'm thinking "crossover") wouldn't be thrilled to find out some people are doing horrible things with his creation, and he might have connections. Who knows what kind of strings Aramaki might be able to pull... Plus, I want an excuse for writing a scene where the Major is almost tenderly carrying a troubled little bot to safety, and a bit with Batou beating the prosthetics out of some perv. No doubt this would be a hard case for Togusa to handle since he's got kids of his own, but it might be the sort of thing that cures him of that tiny bit of speciesism that he seems to have towards AIs.

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