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So, all this week, I have been pecking away at fics to reply to some lonely prompts in need of ficcing. Don't hold it against them that they were posted in Dreamwidth, they still gave me some inspiration to kickstart my brain after it got itself into another rut (and I archived the fics to [ profile] mtxref_fic:

Torchwood, author's choice, why do the Weevils only come out at night?

Yami no Matsuei, Tsuzuki/Hisoka, fleeting beauty

Firefly, River, It's always night in space.

any, any, two characters played by the same actor are related (Inception/Shutter Island)

Author's choice, author's choice, Mpreg. (Yami no Matsuei, Tsuzuki/Muraki)

author's choice, author's choice, when duty contradicts desire (Torchwood: Children of Earth)

Any, any, it's always your favorite sins that do you in. (Yami no Matsuei, Muraki/Tsuzuki)

Author's choice, author's choice, mission report (Yami no Matsuei, mild Tatsumi/Tsuzuki)

Author's choice, author's choice, fucked up pairing (Yami no Matsuei, unrequited Satomi/Muraki)

Sandman, Death, five forms she has taken

Princess Tutu, Ahiru, what she used to daydream about

Yami no Matsuei, Tsuzuki/Hisoka, the fragrance of a cup of tea

Gankutsuou, Mercedes, on display
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Hands down, it would be the pale gent in the icon, better known as Dream of the Endless or The Sandman. GNeil has blogged about trying to get a Sandman movie done, but it seems to be stuck in a Goetic circle in the basement of a mansion belonging to some British Aleistair Crowley wannabe pre-production limbo.

I'd also like to see a live-action version of Yami no Matsuei, but that seems unlikely due to the relative size of the fandom and the fact that the manga has been hiatused for several years due to the creator's illness (though there's supposed to be a new side-story coming out next week, which could be a sign of things to come...)
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Okay, I don't vote Democrat, but I've been rooting for Obama all through the primaries (Never liked Hillary, and the tactics she's been using to try and make her opponents look bad just makes her look a fangurl trying to make her half-arsed RP look better by slamming everyone else's storylines). So naturally, this wonderful animated GIF banner with quotes from the duel of wits in one of the early "Sandman" comics made me laugh out loud.
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I managed to get the lousy paperwork done this afternoon, after pulling in a busy six-hour shift. My nerves are a bit frayed from all that, and from some LJ-related difficulties that I'm really not comfortable discussing.

Notes from last night: My dad and I nipped up to Methuen again. He was trying to buy up some of the marked-down silk Christmas greenery to use in Christmas baskets next year, to help a buddy of his who has a small farm stand/garden center in Woburn, just whistling distance from where my dad works. I wanted to see if the Border's at the Loop Mall still had David Guinn's "The Autobiography of Santa Claus", since I tried getting it at the Barnes & Noble downtown, to no luck. Well, Border's didn't have it either, but they had the two volumes of the "Sandman Comics" that I was missing, namely "A Season of Mists" and "A Game of You", so I snatched those up. Merry Christmas to me!

And I had a lovely RP chat with [ profile] crowdog66, in which we successfully ported Sieges into DegSep, and in which Lucien, the Merv's former secretary/love slave/personal dartboard, had an at-times fearful but mostly touching conversation with the One and the Opposite...

::Jacking into the MxO::
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Whew... scary moment when we were driving to Mass at Holy Trinity this morning: we were driving along behind this bright yellow Mustang -- and my mom had been remarking that the color looked like it belonged on a 1960s or 1970s Mustang -- when the car suddenly stopped short and swerved around a Plymouth Voyager that appeared to have stalled out in the middle of the slow lane. We narrowly missed rear-ending it: My dad managed to swerve around it, going into the breakdown lane and back onto the slow lane. All this at sixty miles an hour. It's a miracle that we didn't hit anything and that we weren't even nicked or bruised, since the sudden movements joggled us around. That bright yellow Mustang probably saved us. We're a little shaken by the incident, but we're okay. Mind you, we were driving in the white 1997 Ford Taurus that my dad recently bought from a neighbor. He's mentioned that it's got really good, tight steering: well, we found out how really good that steering is!

Got my hours for the week: (all times EST)

Monday: 3 pm. to 6 pm.
Wednesday: Ditto
Friday: Ditto
Saturday: 9 am. to 2 pm.

I'm going to have a word with the Frenchman and see if I can't get another day this week to make up for losing five hours last week. ::Kicks the road destructionconstruction crew for blocking off the entrance to the lot::

And in fannish news, I finally typed and posted a fic I've had sitting on my clipboard for some time now:

Now My Dream is Taken From Me

Sandman Comics/Matrix crossover: Morpheus calls upon the Lord of the Dreaming for enlightenment in a dark hour

Which you can read here
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Wow, another fandom besides the three I've been rotating among!

Title: Twins in the Shadows
Day/Theme: September 26: Loneliness and desire
Series: The Sandman
Character/Pairing: Desire, Despair
Rating: PG-13

Note: Contains a non-blatant self-insert. Please don't hold it against me: the Endless go with everything.

Twins in the Shadows )
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Two interesting discussions last night sparked some ideas which my poor, idea-hungry brain could use. I'll break this down into cuts to make it easier to digest:

Fluffybunnies in the Matrix )

Long talk with 'he_dreams_awake' )

Notes on the fanbrat novel )

Whew... not so shabby for someone who got woken up at the crack of dawn by earthmovers shaking her street/house. As my mother said later on, when she was upstairs (while I was at work: she told me about this later on) and the house was shaking, "I couldn't tell if it was an earthquake or the guys working out there!
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And thus am feeling *much* better, now that I got three weeks' worth of emotional crud off my shoulders. Only catch is, I won't be seeing my therapist again for another four weeks, since she's on vacation, and then there's schedule conflicts the third week. I can manage in the meantime.

I know I've said I should stay away from Larry's Comics, but I nipped in to see if they had "Dead Boy Detectives", Jill Thompson's new manga-style "Sandman: Seasons of Mists" spin-off, which came out yesterday. Lo and behold, I walked in and practically put my hand on it. So, I got that and the August issue of "Hellblazer" (One extreme to the other: from kawaii to hellishly dark). They still had the Chibi!Death plushie, which was begging me with her big blue eyes to take her home... so I shook down my wallet and found the money for her. I'm letting my mother "confiscate" her for a few days, till Monday after the dental work, as a little incentive to .. I guess "keep my mouth shut" doesn't apply when you're trying to silence your whining over some dental work. That and the DVD of "Constantine" coming out Tuesday are my incentives/rewards for *not* grumbling. (I must sound like I'm disciplining/rewarding a child, but hey, I consider myself to be only a semi-adult, so I sometimes have to use parenting tactics when I'm dealing with myself.)

Some books had to be dropped off at the Tewksbury Library, so I hung around there a little while on the way home. They were giving away some used books, or "Beach Books" as they call them, thus I picked up a few: Brian Aldiss's "Helliconia Spring" (I like his short-story style, so I'm curious to see how he writes novels), Piers Anthony's "Killobyte" (a clever-looking novel dealing with VR games and diabetes... I've heard talk that Piers Anthony has a touch of Asperger's Syndrome, which makes me all the more curious to read his work), and the strategy guide/walk-through of a 1993 computer game, "King's Quest", which reads more like a novel than a strategy guide: makes me wanna find the software for the game, since I'm curious about computer games lately.
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Hokay... Puck, I've got the disk I promised you *done* in Lowell today, so hopefully I'll be able to get that and another disk I've been promising you, in the mail later this week. Nyks, I'll be sending your disk out about the same time.

I also should remind myself, that since I'm on a short budget, I should stay out of Larry's Comics: I was poking around in the shelves of licensed toys, and discovered, at the tippety-top of a tall shelf, the plushie of Jill Thompson's Chibi!Death, from one of the "Sandman" comics/"The Little Endless Storybook". I've been looking for the little wee sweetie, and there she was, smiling down at me. Awwww...

Library trip tonight: I'm beginning to suspect the library system is short on funds and they're hitting on people with fake fines, in order to balance the budget. Tonight, the check-out librarian told me that I had a CD overdue that I know I brought back, and which I saw on the shelf moments before I went to check out my books.

Took out Buckminster Fuller's "Synergetics", as well as renewing "Sahara"/switching it for another copy with an unbroken binding.
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Just been hanging up birch branches over our porch light against any unwelcome faerie visitors (Or at least I *think* that's why we put them up: it's an old English tradition on the eve of St. John's Day), as well as listening to Mendelssohn's "Midsummer Night's Dream" music (I have *got* to find the complete recording of that...). And I added a new tradition: Reading "The Sandman: A Midsummer Night's Dream", as collected in the third book of the trade paperbacks, "The Sandman: Dream Country". I think I even heard of an English Lit teacher using the comic in a unit study... and with good reason: Neil sure knows how to blend history and myth together.

"Things need not have happened to be true. Tales and dreams are the shadow-truths that will endure when mere facts are dust and ashes and forgot."

-- Dream, speaking in "The Sandman: A Midsummer Night's Dream"
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Despite the intermittent rain, I managed to struggle through the downpour to Larry's Comics. Luckily, something went right today:

The Endless figurines, from the "Sandman" series were still there, but they aren't there any more, since I bought them. So cute... *admires Dream... pats Desire on the head... throws paper wad at Despair... *

I'll post a pic of the figurines sometime...
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...So I'm looking for a window now.

I'm typing this at the library here in town: I've just been enquiring about getting a volunteer position helping out with the summer reading program for the kids department... No such luck: The children's librarian told me very politely that they take volunteers "only for large events like our Teddy Bears' Picnic", and that they have all the help they need for the smaller projects. Translation: We're trying to keep out the pedophiles, even if that means shutting out perfectly harmless decent people.Rant cut for language. Don't click on this unless you know me very well.... )

So, my next step is to go to the Town Hall and see if they have any postings for job openings at the library. After I do a little shopping therapy downtown: I'm getting one of my birthday presents for myself, namely that set of "Sandman" figurines I saw at Larry's Comics a couple weeks back.

Edited at 9.34 p.m. to add: I forgot to add my "[ranting]" tags in the right places. Sorry about that, folks!
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After a tiring day at work, I went with my folks up to the Rockingham Mall. I needed a little shopping therapy: I got Jill Thompson's "Little Endless Storybook", which I'd been going slightly nuts trying to find. ::Huggles it:: I'm thinking of loaning it to my mom, once I read it, to introduce her to the "Sandman" series; she liked the cover artwork! ::Huggles Chibi!Endless, kisses Chibi!Dream. I think I'll call him Dreamykins...::

I also made the huge mistake of going into the Hot Topic up there. Ow. Nasty. That's no way to be Gothic, kiddies!
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I've got another appointment with the nurse practitioner at Lahey Clinic coming up in two weeks, so since I had a free day, I thought I'd make a dry run on the Lahey Clinic/Burlington Mall bus route today. The way my brain works, I often have to make a dry run with some things so that I get an idea of what I'm dealing with. It makes it easier, since it'll familiarize me with the territory and I won't be getting baffled along the way....

I also discovered there's a comic book/sci-fi stuff store in Lowell, so I decided to figure out a bus route there... only to find out that the bus I was told would go down the street it's on, didn't go past the place. So, I ended up walking there, since it turned out to be within walking distance of the downtown area -- I just have to manuever crossing the streets, with an antiquated cross walk light one one corner, that doesn't look like it works; and another, much newer one that yaps at you when you press the button. I know it's for the visually impaired, but it still scared the bejeebers out of me when I pressed the button and the thing said something like "It Is UnSafe To Cross. Please Wait", and then started ticking at me like a bomb on a timer!

But the trip was well worth the bus and traffic light shenanigans: I found the last two "Sandman" compilations, which I snapped up. I almost got "Death: The High Cost of Living" and the latest issue of "Hellblazer", but I was a leetle bit short on cash. Next time! ... I see myself nipping in there at least once a month from this point onwards.
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I'm Dream!
Which Member of the Endless Are You?

I don't get it... Wrong gender... too tall... And I don't have half as active a love life as he does. The only resemblence I share is the wardrobe and the broody personality. Weeerd....
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That wierd headache/leg-cramp/tailbone-ache combo nearly floored me at work today, but I managed to ge through my shift. Fortunately, I mostly did overstocking, or "unshopping", as my dad calls it (I like my dad's term for it better!)... but even *that* had pitfalls, since the store was crowded and people kept bumping into me/my carriage with their carriages, including "the Kamikaze Kid", as I was calling this 12 year old hellion who seemed to think it was "kool" try hitting me with his "kart" after he almost baffed me accidently the first time. Two more near-misses, kiddo, and I start to wonder if you have a death wish against me...

((Now wracking my brains for the funny line in Terry Prachett and Neil Gaiman's "Good Omens", involving "shopping trolleys", which would make a great transition...))

My latest order from showed up in the mail (along with a *huge* pile of letters and packages for my mom, so the mailbox was pretty crammed...): Last week, I'd ordered Max Allen Collins's "On the Road to Perdition: Detour", as well as "The Sandman 8: World's End". I just finished reading "World's End", and I'm about to re-read it (I was going into Sandman withdrawal...).

Also went to the library with my folks: I renewed The Damned Book, since I'm still re-reading it ::Kicks Marie-Suzette -- Sorry!!! -- Sophie Neveu's derriere:: I also found the latest mini-volume in the "Princess Diaries" series "The Princess Present". I used to like this series, but since Mia and Michael hitched up, it's been nothing but wall-to-wall snoogie-oogie crap. Teen snoogie-oogie crap. Which is the worst kind. I keep hoping it gets better... But I'm tempted to write a kind of "elsewhere" fanfiction crossover featuring the Royal Family I created for the "PHUTURE" campaign for the "A.I." RPG. I wonder how Mia would react to getting ogled by a guy who's shorter than her... and who also ogles her boyfriend. Half of the de Meroveque clan is nothing if not frank about their sexuality.... I also managed to get my hands on a copy of Neil Gaiman's "The Wolves in the Walls", which my friend Mark has read and reccommended. Sure, it's a kid book, but Neil wrote it! (I couldn't find his "The Day I Swapped My Dad for Two Fish", but I'll look in Lowell tomorrow)

And oh yes... website work tomorrow: someone sent me a fanfic for posting on the AIFFOA, but I'll have to read it on the CyberCafe comps since my word processor is gagging on their file. Plus, I have to remove a couple dead links... ::sighs:: A webmaster's work is never done...
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...which turned into a bird rescue when a sparrow scurried in under the door of my therapist's office, right in the middle of my session. Apparantly, they were having a door fixed for some reason or other, and the sparrow came in to get warm. He flew around the room for a while before getting into the window, where he got himself trapped between the two sections of the sash (since the air conditioner was still in the window for some reason). One of the office workers got the fellow fixing the door to take the air conditioner out so we could help the sparrow get out safely. Since I helped with "bird rescue consultation", I didn't have to pay for this session. Nice surprise!

And I went to the Lowell Library, partly to take care of computer business (updating the AIFFOA, printing emails, though I didn't get all the print-outs done that I wanted to...), and partly to pick up a book I had put on hold: "Death: At Death's Door", Jill Thompson's manga-style paralell to "The Sandman 4: A Season of Mists". I just started reading it, and I'm loving it! The style is considerably more manic than the main "Sandman" books (but hey, it's a nice contrast to the usually more brooding style of the main series), but I love the artwork. She manages to make Despair look kawaii, which is a relief: if I have to put up with Despair lurking in the corner, I'd rather have *that* version, merci! And Death... ::Huggles!!!:: Love dat perky-goth girl!
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LAST FRIDAY -- Went to First Friday devotions at St. Joseph's in Lowell. I also found a minute to print out a few emails and to nip into the Barnes & Noble to buy Carl Olson and Sandra Meisel's "The Da Vinci Hoax", a book written from a Catholic POV that unravels the snarled-up history and mythology in the infamous "Da Vinci Code" novel, as well as exploding the anti-Catholic canards that fill the book.

TODAY -- Not very eventful, except that I went to work and my dad has gone down to Hershey, PA for the antique car show... He's going for just the one day, he'll be driving back tomorrow afternoon. Part of me wishes I was going, but I gotta work and pay off the money I owe myself for the sci-fi convention....

New LJ icon )
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Dream of the Endless
You are Dream! Many people see you as living in
your own little world. Though you would never
try to harm someone needlessly, you are not
always aware of the consequences of your

Which Sandman Character are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

Okay... the caption applies, but I really don't see myself as Dream...

You Are: Death of the Endless

You are Death, the second oldest of the Endless,
the seven great incarnations.
She is, in outward appearance, a goth with wild
unkempt hair and slightly punkish clothes. But
she is far beyond that mere description. Her
function is much like the "Reaper,"
to collect the souls of mortals as they die.

She is perky, optimistic, and bright, but she also
has a serious side, which shows when she is
angry or upset. She can become quite frustrated
with her brother, when he is being singularly

People fear her because of what she is, and this
can get her down sometimes. But they also love
her, without ever truly knowing why.

What Sandman Character Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

OOh! Now This is a little more like it!! (I think I mentioned in an earlier entry that I'm thinking of dressing as Death for Halloween this year.)

You resemble Lucien, Rule-abiding, proper, and
sensible as any librarian could aspire to be.
Lucien fulfils the measure of his creation
admirably, upholds his responsibilities as
Librarian of the Dreaming, and worries just a
bit more than is healthy for him.

Which supporting character from the Sandman series are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Squee!!! I *love* Lucien! (Maybe because our personalities are somewhat similar...)

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