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I've been erratic about posting lately, due in part to Reading A Lot of Books Lately and Watching a Lot of Things Lately and to having erratic sleep patterns caused by critters. The woodpecker has been up to his tricks, hammering on the white trim of our house (which my dad has recently just repainted). I've been sticking my head out the window or running outside and yelling at him. It seems the best way to drive off Woody, according to various articles I've dug up online.

Finished reading "The Help": usually I tend to steer clear of Very Popular Books since all too often they seem to end up Not Worth My Time, but then I cave in to See What All The Excitement Is About. This time, however, the pattern of Popular Book Turns Out To Be Crappy has been broken: It's very good, like a combination of "The Remains of the Day" and "To Kill A Mockingbird" with a whiff of "Mississippi Burning". I totally relate to all three of the main female characters: like Aibileen and Minny, I work a thankless job where I don't get a lot of respect (though my lot isn't as hard as theirs, of course), but like Skeeter, I'm still trying to get my feet under me and find my niche in life. Dare I say, I'm tempted to bring Skeeter or Aibileen to a certain Mansion, since I need more Normal People on my roster.

Speaking of which, I'm going to RP Hell: I'm putting Alice the sparkle-pire on reserve.

Also have been reading several Doctor Who novels I've picked up here and there: found one set at Halloween in a New England town (featuring Ten and Martha). I think I know what I'm reading for October!

Ordered the next volume of the classic penny dreadful Varney the Vampire, though I probably should read the first one.

Have been watching The Gates, courtesy of AJ at [profile] carpe_ooc: it's kind of like Desperate Housewives meets True Blood, but still fun to watch. Also had a "Hey It's That Guy" moment, when I realized Paul Blackthorne, aka TV verse!Harry Dresden has a role in it.

Also, I'm staying on top of episodes of Torchwood: Miracle Day. I can't say why, at least not right now, but I have a bad feeling about a main character, but I'd have to post a whole entry about my reaction to the series. I'm gonna wait till after this Friday before I jump to any conclusions, though.
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I'm already something of an energy vampire, and I'm content to be that way. As for hunters (and there are a few self-proclaimed ones)? They need to put down the Buffy DVDs and back away from them: most vampires are harmless, with the exception of the "fear my fearsome fangs" types who've played Vampire: The Masquerade/The Requiem or watched Underworld too long and the kinds like That Creepy Creepazoid Who Preys on Twihards, who will remain nameless to starve him for attention.
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Just up after a fun filled Halloween evening. Unfortunately, it was too cold and windy for us to have our annual bonfire and Halloweiner roast, so we lit the fireplace and had an indoor barbecue. We had six trick or treating goblins show up, as well as a few people who just wanted to take pictures of our Jack o'lanterns -- ninety-five all together. It didn't seem like many people in the area decorated their yards as much as they usually do, and even we didn't put up as much as we usually do, since we've been busy moving stuff in the house, getting ready to have new windows put in. Plus we're getting our roof done, so we haven't been putting many decorations up close to the house.

Also, I ended up not going trick or treating: the wind kept blowing off my witch hat, when I stepped out into the yard. Pretty hard to hold onto your hat when you're wearing a bed sheet. But I had fun reading ghost stories and spooky poems to my folks.

Also watched the classic 1931 version of "Dracula". Brrr... Great atmosphere, and I can see why Bela Lugosi is the iconic Dracula: his presence is wonderfully chill-inducing! (Take that, sparkle-'pires) And on Saturday night, I found "Nightmare Before Christmas" on YouTube.
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...While watching the Twhinelite movie, via YouTube. I couldn't get past the first five minutes. The washed-out look might work for Supernatural, but on this it looks like the film negatives got rinsed a couple times too many when it was being developed. And Kristin Stewart's narration... could her voice be any more flat?!

I finally gave up, dug up my DVDs of "Bram Stoker's Dracula" and watched that with the commentary track: Francis Ford Coppola has some interesting stories to tell about the making of that film (the supreme moment of awkward when he and two other guys on the film crew had to tell the girls playing Dracula's brides to remove some of their clothes; his empathy for the little kid whom Lucy was about to gnaw on, as well as the newborn baby that Drac offers to his brides, and how he wants to get in touch with them now that they're grown up and sort of apologize for the weird movie-making stuff these kids got put through). I'd forgotten how weird and surreal and beautiful this version is, though what stayed with me was how closely it follows the book.
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Just got my copy today and whoo... it is going to be a very wild ride. I don't want to spoiler it, but there is an urgency in this book that hasn't been this intense in the previous installments. Harry's world is going to get a lot darker than it's ever been and Jim is not pulling the punches (not that he ever did, but he's got knuckle dusters on this time). I'm finishing up some [ profile] carpe_ho_ras tags before I head out to continue reading it; this is likely to be a late night, even though I've got work in the morning. Though I could give him a friendly wedgie for the "please don't feed the shippers" moment in the fifth chapter. And anything with well-placed Stuff Blowing Up as well as a laugh out loud reaction line at the end of the scene has a lot going for it.

Also some changes of my own: after the hair debacle at work, I got my hair cut, so now it's very short at the nape of my neck and tapering forward toward my jaw, somewhat like the Major's hairstyle in any of the incarnations of "Ghost in the Shell" (lacking the pouffy bangs, plus my hair is brown and not stylized purplish-black).

And on my list of "People to Dip in Honey and Throw to the White Court Vampires" is the author of the so-called "humorous" take on vampires "Dracula Was a Racist". I understand those who don't like vampires: that was me some years ago (thanks a lot, Lamer-ique: you know who you are...). However... please to not be mocking otherwise good vamp lit just because of trash like Twhinelite. We don't like it either, but we don't find your condescending attitude funny at all. And no, my sense of humor isn't impaired, I just don't like people being deliberately offensive and dismissing stuff that I like as "appealing to Asian-obsessed nerdom" (this directed at "Hellsing" and "Vampire Hunter D"; and it's people like you who send me right to the anime, since I like my animation with lovely artwork [eg. "Princess Tutu"], plots that challenge your mind [eg. "Evangelion"] and characters whose personalities and relationships tug at your heart [eg. "Yami no Matsuei"]) or calling it "too dense" and making snarky comments about "no one making their way through it" (this directed at "The Historian"). Rrrr... I don't get offensive mockery as humor. It's the second cousin to ethnic/racial/gender-related jokes, except it's not as pinpointed at one specific group. It's the kind of stuff that isn't politically incorrect, but which is definitely manners incorrect. It's different from snark, which is more mischievous and playful as opposed to condescending and nasty.

Well, enough ranting: I got myself a box of Tazo Green Tea Latte concentrate, which is utterly delicious -- and it's great to get green tea that is *GREEN* as opposed to green-tinted amber or pale green. I'm hoping, once I find someone who sells it, to graduate to matcha, or powdered green tea.
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I suspect we're going to have more street flooding, and there is an off chance I may end up missing work tomorrow: there is about six inches of water in my street, but the cars are still getting through it; the sidewalk isn't impassible yet. Yet.

Managed to get out today and take care of some of the most important errands, namely, the checking account (which only had three dollars left in it, due to Not Having Been Paid Since I Couldn't Work That One Week of Flooding) and the overdue books that had to go back to the Lowell Public Library. Got in about a paragraph of coffeeshop writing: I'm not feeling uninspired, I'm just in a bit of a bad mood due to having to deal with all the negative energy coming off people because of the rain. Yesterday at work, I was ready to start handing out baby pacifiers, for all the crying I had to listen to. Ugh. Might be why I'm hoping for an unexpected day off (also hoping for one so I can type some of the Fanfic Roses, as I only have two left to finish writing). I've also got maybe two more ideas to come up with for the [ profile] story_loterry stories, for the themes "A park bench" and "home sweet home". Not sure what fandoms to use for those, but I'll think of something.

Picked up a copy of Poppy Z. Brite's "Lost Souls" (think "The Lost Boys" set in New Orleans; I believe it was inspired in part by the vampire community in the Big Easy) at the book swap at the Lowell Library: there's a big rip in the back cover, which makes it look like someone tried to stake the book.

Currently reading Anne Bishop's "Black Jewels Trilogy" and I've got some mixed but mostly favorable feelings toward it. The world-building has a slightly cluttered air to it and the book could stand to have a map and a character list. Some of the characters could be construed as Arry Oo's (Jaenelle in particular, at first glance). But I can't help liking it: my reaction while reading it has been, "Hey, this would make a really cool anime...": I tend to allow a lot more leniency for Arry Oo-like quirks if the universe is presented in an anime/manga or graphic novel-like medium; they're somewhat escapist and meant to be larger than life anyway (though I have to say, there are some anime and manga characters whom I find better-written than some prose novel or live-action characters). I've got a bit of a crush on both Saetan SaDiablo (who defines "Badass Grandpa") and Daemon Sadi; Dorothea makes me want to dip her in duck sauce and throw her to the White Court vampires (can one do that with a Queen?).

Entry about the Boston Flower Show on the way, but I wanted to get this much posted, rather than give you all a huge entry...
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Namely, finishing the first of the [ profile] story_lottery stories, which I just need to type up; I did this during a few lulls this morning at work, and I was hard put trying to dodge the questions of the cashier who wondered what I was writing. Hard to describe a fanfic involving a Japanese energy vampire escaping from a sub-dimension he's been stuck in for three days, only to find that four years have passed in his world of origin...

Also finished reading "The Historian" -- Whoa! In some ways, it reminded me of (God help me) "The Da Vinci Code" only minus the swipes at religion (and with much better writing...). If anything, Elizabeth Kostova knows how to feature people of faith (inadvertently, in this case, since the monks, etc. weren't really aware of what was going on, through human error) on the wrong side of the fence without becoming annoyingly offensive or looking like they're demonizing the Church/organized religion/people of the cloth. No stereotyped assassin monks involved (especially improbable amelanistic albino ones who shouldn't be able to see well enough to shoot someone point blank from a distance.). And boy, does she know how to write slow-burn suspense. I don't think I've seen anyone write with this much depth and yet this much intensity and put this much story into it, without it getting top-heavy or causing your interest to wane. Also... sorry, Bram, but your Dracula is just a little bit loud and obvious next to Kostova's. He's good in his own right, but I like the subtlety of Kostova's.

Off to get some Advil, since my head is aching a bit after a long day. May be posting another [ profile] centi_50 fic tomorrow, we'll see. I do hope to get the first of the [ profile] story_lottery fics typed and posted over the weekend, since I have only a smidge over a month left to get those done, and I got six fics with a minimum of a 1000 words for each. Next challenge I do is going to be drabbles. Those don't take so long to physically write and/or type.
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So... I got an email yesterday from Newbury Comics, announcing that, to celebrate the release of New Moan New Moon on DVD, they were having a vampire stuff blowout sale, and a vampire costume contest. I only wish I'd had more white clothing in my wardrobe, since I was tempted to go dressed as Thomas Raith from the Dresden Files. Except that no one would know who I was supposed to be (come to think of it, the Twhinelite characters have some of the most non-iconic costumes imaginable: they dress like regular teenagers, pretty much). And then there's the questions I'd get:

"You can't be a vampire, where's your fangs?"

"White Court vamps don't need 'em: they just take your lifeforce by touching you."

Also, it would be really fun going costumed as -- yep, you guessed it -- the fine fellow in my icon, though I'm still trying to find a place that sells silver cosplay wigs, since that's going to be the hardest part of the costume to acquire. And if there any Edweirds around, it would be the icing on the cake to pull off an impromptu live-action version of "Red Moon/Akatsuki", by flirting with said Edweird (and likely weirding him out). Though I'd still get the "What makes *you* a vampire?" questions. Still, it would make for interesting conversations (and the fun of not breaking character to explain energy vampirism, which puts me in mind of certain conversations in [ profile] carpe_ho_ras, as one gent describes the condition in depth to another fellow academic...).
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And that would be "The Historian", by Elizabeth Kostova. She pretty much blends the Dracula of history with the Dracula of Bram Stoker's creation and yet frames the narrative in one of the most meditative, subtle structures I have ever seen in vampire lit yet. It's a slow, reflective read, but it has a nice rhythm to it. Definitely a book to be read with a sharp mind, as the horror and vampirism elements are handled very subtly, with none of the near-hysteria that Stoker brings to his book (not that there's anything wrong in hysteria, I just felt it got a bit excessive in places, but I could just be looking at it with a modern outlook).

Also: because my dad has night watchman duties on Wednesday night, we decided to have our St. Paddy's Day dinner at Cracker Barrel tonight instead; I got a Reuben sandwich, like I did last year: scrumptious!!

Aaaand, looking forward to watching The Irish R.M. now that Dad got the DVD/VCR combo to play nice with the TV.

Not too thrilled that I only got hours on Wednesday, but perhaps I can score more on Friday.
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I've mentioned the rimless glasses debacle at Wal-Mart; today, since I was going to the Burlington Mall anyway to finish my Valentine's Day shopping, I decided to price rimless and/or half-rimmed glasses.

And I found a unisex (women's glasses cost more and they're frippier-looking) pair of each for less than $US 200 apiece. Ray-Bans, no less. I'm shocked and delighted and will be buying a pair of each stat. (Once I can scrape the money together).

I'm also stunned at how light they are, too: they make my current metal rims seem heavy and awkward by comparison, so once I actually get them, this might take some getting used to!

Also finished reading Rob Thurmann's "Deathwish"; it's a little looser on plotting than some of the previous books in the series, but that's a small quibble compared to the character development going on here. Though she had me on tenterhooks for a moment, re: my one OTP in the series, in an "Uh oh, me widdle heart is crying" sort of way. I'm curious as to where she's going to take the series next, now that she's finished one major story arc (ala Eric Kripke wrapping the Yellow-Eyed Demon story in the first two seasons of Supernatural), and I'm really looking forward to the next one, coming out in March.

Note to self: see about getting a season pass on Amazon for this season of SPN: I am woefully behind on watching it.

Started reading "Vampire Darcy's Desire" by Regina Jeffers, in earnest: I love the concept and while I have a few carps with the execution (though it's a whole lot better than "Mr. Darcy: Vampire", which more or less randomly pasted fangs on some of the Pride & Prejudice characters [MI FANGZ R PASTED ON YAY]), it's the kind of story that just tickles me in many ways: I've often imagined Wickham as a vampire, but Darcy as a dhampire (ie. a daywalker vampire) just makes it that much inciting.

Checking my email, I've discovered I have three notifications that people have Favorite'd "Red Moon/Akatsuki" in as many days. I'm thinking this is someone telling me that I'd better get on the wire and finish the last chapter of that. Most of it is in the can, it just needs to be typed and edited -- specifically a scene with Bella coming face to face with the King of Hades, and I'm juggling two different versions of Charlie Swan getting The Bad News: one is the more pathos-laden version in which Tatsumi and Mercy Falcone do the honors, the other is the more eerie version in which Charlie gets a phone call from the physician who'd treated Bella after she'd had one of her numerous falls. I'm just not sure which one is going to make the final cut, though I'm inclined to go with the second version, since it allows one to see a certain fellow's kinder and gentler side (while still managing to keep his unsettling air...). Decisions, decisions.... What say you, good readers?
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****1/2 out of *****

If you were worried that TwhineliteTwilight had put a stake through the heart of vampire movies, then fear not: this one puts the fangs back into the mouths of the blood-drinkers.

Get ready to root for Team Edward... Edward Dalton, that is... )
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Found this the other night on [ profile] trueblood_tv and I'm giving it a go. Of course I'll be writing Dresden Files and Yami no Matsuei fic (yeah, Big Damn Irony Bomb there...); I imagine they'll be getting plenty from other fandoms:

Vampire Author Auction

Dec 27th, 2009 by Gioia

We’re delighted to announce a new auction coming January 15-18, 2010: The Vampire Author Auction!

The Vampire Author Auction is open to fanfic authors in any fandom which includes vampires. This includes (but is not limited to) fandoms such as Twilight, Southern Vampire Mysteries/True Blood, Angel/Buffy, Van Hellsing, Hellsing, Blade, Vampire Knight, Interview With A Vampire, Bram Stoker and more!

Not a part of a vampire fandom but still want to participate? No problem! First, keep in mind that we will still be holding the April Author Auction for members of any and all fandoms (though it may be taking place the last weekend of March, due to some procedures Stacie is scheduled to have in April. More on this at a later date.). Second, if you’d like to participate in the Vampire Author Auction and you are able to incorporate vampires into your auction fic, you’re welcome to join us! Whether you write a Harry Potter/Twilight crossover or write a Doctor Who fic which features Plasmavores, so long as vampires or vampirism is a part of your story, you are welcome to participate in this auction.

The author application form can be obtained HERE.

The auction dates are as follows:
Monday, January 11, 2010: Deadline for author registration forms
Friday, January 15, 2010, 11:59pm: Auction opens
Monday, January 18, 2010, 9:00pm: Auction closes
All times are Central Daylight Time (-6 GMT)

Auction payments are due no later than February 8, 2010. Within 30 days of the winning bidder’s payment, authors must produce their one-part story or the first chapter of a multi-chapter story, unless other arrangements are made in advance.

For those of you who are new to our auctions, this will be the 5th Author Auction held on behalf of Stacie Holeman (truelovepooh on LJ and in fandom). Stacie has been battling Stage III ovarian and breast cancer since March 2007 without the benefit of medical insurance. Because of her lack of insurance and over $400,000.00 in medical bills she has no access to hospital treatment and is receiving only the bare-minimum of chemotherapy. Stacie has some procedures taking place this spring which we are particularly hoping to pay for with this auction.

Thanks to the $81,048.80 raised by Support Stacie to date, Stacie has been able to pay for life-saving medication and medical care as well as pay for a few necessary surgical procedures. As a direct result of the treatment paid for by these auctions, her breast cancer appears to be improving. We have a long road ahead, though, particularly with the ovarian cancer. The need is great but we know the generosity and kindness of our online supporters is even greater.

The Author Auction serves as a writing challenge to the authors who sign up. Should you decide to join us, you would be auctioned off to write a fic on demand, within the boundaries you dictate. So, for example, you might commit to writing a 2,500-word story that sticks to your OTP. The winning bidder would then be able to send you a fic challenge and you would have 30 days to write the fic (or to write the first chapter, if it is over 2,500 words).

We are not selling fanfic. We are asking authors to continue to do what they have been doing – write public domain fanfic with all rights continuing to belong to the original copyright holders. The only difference is that in this case, the winning bidder is able to stipulate a writing challenge for their favorite author. As with all fanfiction, Support Stacie does not make any legal claims regarding the ownership of any fanfiction which results from these auctions.
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I managed to get a rather nice if simple blouse to wear to the wedding (if we don't get snowed in...), but due to some difficulties catching a bus, I ended up with an hour to kill at the Starbucks inside the Target in Lowell. This became anything but a total loss, as I finished writing another fic for the 12 Days of Fanfic challenge (which I may post tomorrow). The only catch was, I had to deal with the squeeing teenaged girls at the next table:

Random teen #1: "Oh, we went to see New Moon again last night."

Me: :: Internal: Moans, not in a good way::

Random teen #2: "Oh, I've seen it three times!"

Me: :: Internal: There's better movies you could rewatch that many times....::

Random teen #3: "The book is better. Trust me."

Me: :: Internal: Hm. There's some amount of hope...::

This was even more cringe-inducing since I was writing a Dresden Files fic, featuring Harry's brother Thomas the energy vampire; as soon as one of the girls went on about wanting to meet a real vampire someday, I had to restrain myself from by turns cringing and chuckling to myself at the thought of said girls falling prey to the White Court. I also reminded myself that "Daybreakers" comes out next week and it looks like the perfect antidote to the fangless sparkle-pires. That shot in the trailer of the humans in what looks like some kind of Matrix-esque body pods always makes me think, "One way to deal with the Twhinelite fanggurls: feed 'em to vampires with *fangs*." I imagine there's going to be a lot of "Daybreakers" metafiction involving said fanggurls, as well as Photoshoops of said shot in the "Daybreakers" trailer with Kristin Stewart's face superimposed on one of the random humans in the body pods, if there isn't already. I admit I'm even fighting off a plot bunny involving a dhampire of sorts who's caught in between the humans and the vampires in the Daybreakers-verse, but that's going to have to wait till I actually *see the movie.

Also got caught in a surprise rain shower while leaving the library and running to catch a bus... and then it turned into a very pretty snow shower.
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...Though he wouldn't find Eddie-boo very satisfying. It'd be like an adult drinking a thimble-ful of SlimFast.

This pro-TwhineLight Amazon comment on Tod Browning's "Dracula" is genuinely terrifying: Clicky, it's the one at the bottom. For Vlad's sake, Bram Stoker set the standard for vamp lit, and Bela Lugosi's performance is so iconic, anyone with sense practically word-associates him with "vampire".

Also, at the risk of being an elitist: back away from throwing bricks at the Philip Glass score for the remastered version, Philistines. Nobody touches the Glass on my watch (even if I find the looping knock-knock joke parodies of our boy's work amusing; only took me fifteen years to finally find someone else who gets it).
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Not to say that I have anything against anyone being a fan of both: I just find TrueBlood, and it's source, the Southern Vampire mysteries of Charlaine Harris to be perpendicular to a certain almost bloodless series. Definitely created for adults -- particularly the TV series: It's on HBO, so that means "anything but tame and tweenager-safe". The hare-brained comments on which compare it to Twilight make me think, "Huh? are we watching the same series? Bill Compton would drink Edward Cullen like a beer, if the Rattrays didn't find Edwierd first and tap him. One good use for the Rats." Haven't gotten far enough into the box set of the DVDs to see if Eric is in it, but there's a vamp who would not stand for the Cullens' shenanigans. And I would pay good money to see a crossover fic where Tara snarks Dulla into a heap of whimpering protoplasm. I think Sookie would get a cluster migraine from listening to Bella's constant internal whineologue, and tell Lafeyette to drop her food on the floor. Ooh, Lafeyette hitting on Edwierd and creeping him out: made of win!

Yes, the Twhinelight crowd needs to be airlifted into Bon Temps and left there to fend for themselves, stat.


Aug. 4th, 2009 02:12 am
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I've finally watched the entire series, and it actually brought me to tears that the plug was pulled on it: the last episode made me think not a little of Vampire: The Masquerade/The Requiem, with its rules of the Masquerade, and it would have been great to see where the series would have gone. Is there a kind of Camarilla in the Moonlight-verse? I doubt there are stylized bloodlines, but I have a feeling there might be vamps who fall into rough categories somewhat like the bloodlines in V:tM/tR. Mick strikes me as a less maverick than usual Brujah, while Josef could be a Ventrue, and Coraline makes me think of a Toreador.

Loved the "Lost Boys" reference (as in Mick derisively calling the annoying teen vampires "Lost Boys") in Episode 14: Click.

I'm wondering if someone has done a fake Season 2 of fanfics...
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[Error: unknown template qotd]

I've been watching the DVDs of Moonlight, so I have to admit, if I had to choose one vampire, it would most likely be Mick St. John: he's a man of principles and a detective first, and a vampire second, so I know he'd drink from me only out of dire necessity.

As for the rest... Edward, hell no. :: Rolls eyes, takes a stake from behind her back:: Maybe Alucard from any incarnation of Hellsing, but I get the feeling he's more interested in Integra, or draining the undead maggots he takes down. Aside from that? No thanks...
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"Wear the old coat, buy the new book." -- Attributed to Erasmus

Been a bit of a busy book-buying week for me. Tuesday night, my mom had an appointment at Lahey Clinic, so I hitched along and went to the Burlington Barnes & Noble: the "Strange Brew" anthology -- featuring a new Dresden Files short story -- had just come out and I was determined to get a copy. I hear it's currently number 1 in Fantasy books on And it looks like SMeyer has currently fallen off the NYT Bestsellers list, ousted by Charlaine Harris, she of the Sookie Stackhouse mysteries.

And then yesterday, as I was browsing the book section of a local WalMart, I found "Strange Brew" on the shelf next to the Twilight and the House of Night novels! I guess the manager of this particular WalMart realizes that urban fantasy sells -- especially better-written stuff.

Also nipped into the Used Book Superstore in Burlington, since I had a gift card that still had some money on it: there's someone who likes to unload their World of Darkness novels there: I picked up a two-in-one collection of Werewolf: The Apocalypse novels this time, and before, I've found a couple Vampire: The Requiem novels.

Friday at the gift shop at St. Joe's, I picked up two teen novels from Sophia Institute Press's new Imagio imprint: while I might be irritated with the Church, I'm still philosophically and culturally attached to it, so reading well-written Catholic novels helps boost my spirits a little. I just get a little depressed when I find better Catholics between the covers of a book than I do in real life. Well, enough angst: the books are part of their new "John Paul 2 High School" series, dealing with a group of teenagers attending a small group home-school of sorts started by a group of parents who decided to take the matters of their kids' education into their own hands. I've only just started reading them, and so far they're pretty good.
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Just... "John Carpenter's Vampires". I can just hear the Catholic League fuming over the way the Church is portrayed, but if that's the case, they'd better not touch Walker Percy, since he's not above writing about seemingly nice priests who turn out to be bastards and bad Catholics who are in fact good if not exactly nice guys. Move over, Edwierd: Valek would eat you for a snack, if Jack Crow didn't rip your little toushe off and hand it back to you in itty-bitty, tiny pieces. This from John Carpenter, on casting James Woods as a bad-ass vampire hunter: "James Woods is the kind of guy you’d believe could and would chew off the leg off a vampire". Based on that alone, I think I'd better get back to working on my Moonlight/Shark crossover...

Also, this has to be the best bit of expository dialogue on vampires, ever: Cut for naughty language )

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